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Summary: Few months passed since Setsuna died, and no one remembers her. One day she comes back with two new kids and no memory of being with the class or anyone else! Will Konoka and Setsuna forever forget their love for each other or will the kids slowly help them remember it? Please read and review! Konosetsu!

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Chapter 1: The Meeting

A few months passed since Setsuna 'disappeared' and everyone in class 3-A doesn't remember her.

'Who sat here before?...I can't remember…' thought Konoka, sitting where her 'friend and protector' once sat as a student a few months before.

"Hey who sat there before?" whispered Asuna.

"I don't have any idea, but I have a feeling that it was someone close to Konoka-san…" Nodoka whispered back.

With Konoemon:

"So your name is Kamishiro Ayuki? Is there anyone else with you that is going to join our school?" said Konoemon, reading Kamishiro Ayuki's files.

"Yes, two others. One doesn't want to be here now and the second one should be arriving now." replied Ayuki.

As if on cue, a girl wearing the Mahora school uniform and has her hair tied to the left side of her head walked in.

"Ah, you must be….Sakurazaki Setsuna." said Konoemon.

Setsuna just nodded.

"Well I'll tell Shizuna-sensei to tell Negi-kun about you to. You two will be in class 3-A, have fun.

"Ok." The girls left his office.

After a few minutes, they went into class 3-A.

"Who're they?"

"Are they lost?"

Whispers started to fill the room. Then Asakura Kazumi went up to them, "Are you two lost?"

"No, we're the new students." said Ayuki.

"Really?! Then do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" Kazumi waited until they nodded.

"First: what are your names?" Kazumi got her paper ready.

"My name's Kamishiro Ayuki. She's Sakurazaki Setsuna."

"Second: do you have any boyfriends or girlfriends?"

Ayuki blushed, "I have a close friend that's a boy."

"I don't have any." said Setsuna, "I'm not interested in relationships."

"Hmmm….Last question how old are you and when's your birthday?"

"I'm 14 and it's on December 24." said Ayuki.

"15, January 17."

"Ok thank you for your time."

Kazumi returned to her seat and talked to Aisaka Sayo. Few minutes later Negi came in.

"Hello, take your seats." He looked at Ayuki and Setsuna, "You two must be the new students."


"Let's see….Sakurazaki-san you can go sit next to Madoka-san and Kamishiro-san can sit behind Chisame-san."

Setsuna and Ayuki went to their assigned seats.


'Looks like Ayuki and Sakurazaki are starting class…oh well, until they're done, I guess I'll stroll around.' thought a boy, jumping out of the tree that he was in and walked into the forest.

He as he walked he stared into the sky.

'If I…we had the chance…we would've avoided this…now that she's back, the nightmare will start soon…Ayuki would get mad but…it's for them…'

The boy stopped in his tracks, feeling followed.

"Get out here. I hate feelin' stalked!" he growled.

"Oh sorry…I j-just thought that you were lost…." said Aisaka Sayo.

'A ghost?' he thought, "Uh sorry 'bout that. I'm not used to bein' around hu-…other people."

"Oh no, it's my fault….wait, you can see me?" Sayo said, a little surprised.

The boy looked at her from top to bottom then bottom to top, "Very clearly."

Sayo blushed, "My name's Aisaka Sayo, what's yours?"

"I'm Nakashima Kousuke. Shouldn't you be in class?"

"It's lunch break right now, so I'm taking a walk." said Sayo, "Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Uh…I was supposed to, but I didn't go. Bet that Ayuki is kinda mad right now."

"Ayuki? As in Kamishiro Ayuki?"

"Yeah, you know 'er?"

Sayo nodded and led him to class 3-A. Kousuke gulped as he neared the school.

"She and Sakurazaki-san are new to this class." Sayo floated into the class as Kousuke stood outside the door, not wanting to go in.

"Really?!" The door flew open with a very happy Ayuki standing there, "Kousuke! You did come after all!" She jumped into his arms.

"Do me a favor and get off me!" Kousuke wasn't very happy with her actions.


"Shut up." Kousuke looked around and saw some girls staring angrily at him.

"Who are you?! You just can't talk to a girl like that!" said Yukihiro Ayaka.

"You stay outta this blondie!" he growled.

"Nakashima, that wasn't a very smart thing to do." Setsuna whispered to him.

"What the hell was I supposed to do then?" Kousuke eyes narrowed, "20 demons north and south-east from here. You take the north side!" Kousuke ran out the class.

Setsuna ran out after him.

"Where are they going?"

"Mou, Kousuke tells Setsuna about the demons but not me!" pouted Ayuki.

About 30 minutes later, Setsuna came back, few scratches on her arms, face and neck.

"Sakurazaki-san! What happened?!" exclaimed the class.

"It's nothing." Setsuna shook them off and closed her eyes.

She felt a warm and gentle hand on her shoulder, looking up she was staring into Konoka's worried brown eyes, "You can at least let me help you tend your wounds."

Setsuna shrugged her shoulders and let Konoka lead her to the nurse's office.

"You know, I kinda have a feeling that they were always together." said Asuna.

Ayuki laughed and said to herself, "You'll know soon enough."

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