Few years later

Kagurazaka Asuna, age 29, married to Negi, the most powerful partner in the world, and has a son named Hikaru now age seven.

Negi Springfield, age 24, married to Asuna, the most powerful mage in the world, and has a son.

Konoe Konoka, age 28, married to Setsuna, the second most powerful mage in the world, and has a daughter named Ayuki now age five.

Sakurazaki Setsuna, age 28, married to Konoka, the second most powerful partner in the world, and has a daughter. A few months ago, they found a boy named Kousuke and decided to adopt him and Ayuki quickly grew fond of him.

"Ah Karu-kun!" said Ayuki happily running towards him with Kousuke behind her. Setsuna and Konoka followed behind them smiling.

"Hey Yuki-chan! Kousuke!" they said as they gave each other a hug, "Wanna find Nire, Kris, and Kat?"

"First one to find them gets the chocolate pandas!"

They all ran towards the usual meeting place knowing that Nire, Kris and Kat would be there.


Kris and Kat threw some water balloons at them and, unfortunately, they didn't dodge it in time making them soaking wet.

"That wasn't nice Kat! And Kris I thought that you were the smart one!"

"Hey shut up!" said Kris, throwing another water balloon at them.

"Now now kids. Luckily we brought towels, but you five shouldn't be playing like that." scolded Asuna.

"Sorry mom." said Hikaru.

Ayuki laughed and saw a kid about their age sitting alone a few yards away from them. Feeling sorry for the kid, she went towards her.

"Hey, my name's Ayuki. What's yours?"

The kid looked at her and gave her a small smile, "Kim….my name's Kim…

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