Asuma's Hardest Mission

Chapter 1--The Mission is Assigned

(A/N: Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment in my Naruto series of stories. This is the third one I've done. The first being "Love Doctor of Konoha" and the second being "A Party for a Lonely Heart." You don't need to read those to understand this however. Anything from a previous story that I may use in this one will be in a convenient flashback the staple of Naruto ;) I know something terrible happens to Asuma later in the real story, but I don't know the details of it nor do I want to know until I read/watch it for myself. As such this story doesn't take those recent events into account and won't have any spoilers. If this story is contradicted by canon that I am not aware of yet, consider this story AU if it will make you happy. That being said I hope you enjoy!)

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Sarutobi Asuma had just left the Hokage's office after a quick meeting with Tsunade. He saw the beautiful face of his lover, Yuhi Kurenai smiling at him as he walked out.

"So…what did Hokage-sama want, Asuma?" Kurenai asked.

"Sorry Kurenai, top secret," Asuma smiled as they walked out arm-in-arm.

"Are you sure? It's awfully convenient that you just came out of there with a mission after we just went to Hokage-sama for personal reasons," Kurenai replied.

"You know the rules Kurenai. It's an A-class mission and it's top secret. It's also a solo mission. That's all you're allowed to know. That and it may take me a while," Asuma said.

"Is this to get out of what we were arguing about earlier?" Kurenai asked.

"I thought you were just over that," Asuma said desperately. Just before Asuma received his mission parameters, he and Kurenai were arguing about whether or not they should move in together. Kurenai really wanted to, but Asuma was reluctant since they weren't married yet and he didn't want to send the wrong message to their young students…or his even younger nephew for that matter.

"I am. I just want to know how long I have to wait before we can continue to discuss our future plans," she said, hinting at Tsunade's solution to their problem.

"I know I said this mission may take a while but I hope it won't..."

"You better be careful Sarutobi Asuma," Kurenai said sternly, "and you better come back sooner rather than later."

Asuma moved in closer and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek, "Hey it's me," he said reassuringly, "and I promise one more thing. I will be able to tell you all about it after the mission is over…on our next date."

"Really?" Kurenai asked.

"It's a promise. And I already know where I want to take you, but I had better go now," Asuma said heading towards the village gates.

"One last thing before you go," Kurenai wrapped her arms around Asuma's neck and kissed him passionately on the lips. They stayed like that for a while and were both smiling when they finally broke apart, "A little good luck charm for you…and some incentive for you to come back," she smiled, caressing her boyfriend's cheek.

"That's plenty of both. I know this mission will go well," Asuma said as he waved one last time to his lover. When he felt he was far enough away he breathed a sigh of relief, "That was close. I was worried she was going to figure out what the 'mission' was…finding the perfect engagement ring for her. Even though Tsunade-sama came up with the idea of a 'mission' for a cover for conspiring to get me to finally propose to Kurenai, she isn't a fool. She's as smart as she is beautiful. She deserves the best and even though I'm not worthy, I'm glad she chose me…God how I love her. Better hurry to the next town to get some info…" with those thoughts in his mind, Asuma headed out to find what he hoped would be the ring of Kurenai's dreams.

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