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When Arranged Marriage Applies

by: Fujiwara Yuri

Rated T for teens


Summary: He never wanted to marry a girl that was idiotic and homely girl like her. He wanted someone who is as beautiful and sexy as the girls he played with. Yet, no matter what he does, she is still his wife.



The Unexpected Wedding

Have you ever wondered if arranged marriage still exists in this world? If you think that there are no arranged marriages that still happen in this world then think again for this story is where arranged marriage was applied to two young people who are completely different in terms of personality. Well arranged marriages are arranged because of family pride.

That is one thing that I have to say.

Well it all started when the Hyuuga Clan decided to arrange a marriage for Mikan and Natsume. Mikan was part of the Sakura Clan. The Sakura Clan is the family wherein the Hyuugas may choose whoever they like to marry but because Natsume was terribly upset, he doesn't care on whoever he marries. So the elders picked the girl that they thought best suited him.

And so there poor Mikan Sakura was. Walking towards the altar with her beautiful and designer made wedding gown. Her silver colored high stiletto shoes were making her feel even worse every minute she walks and the veil that covered her face was concealing her embarrassed face. Nevertheless, she continued to make her way to the red-eyed man.

She walked on a vast place where she can see pink gowns and tuxedos worn by guests. Petals were scattered just on the side and not on the way. Mikan's face scrunched when she found the egoistical guy she has ever met in her whole life, Hyuuga Natsume. They were getting married because of a stupid family pride. And damn it, why did the elders chose her and not her sister Misato. Misato likes him and besides, Misato is prettier.

Natsume took her by the hand and kneeled down. The priest went on with the blessings and so on. Both of them said the traditional 'I do's' without passion in it. Both were even scared with what was happening. It was too early to be married. For goodness sake, Natsume was still nineteen and Mikan was seventeen but it was part of the Clan's rules. The eldest of the family should be married at the exact age of nineteen. Well, that applies to Natsume actually.

"You may kiss the bride..." A flustered look made its way on Mikan's face. Natsume? Well, he just had the same stoic, cocky face but his eyebrows were furrowed. Guests were waiting for the groom to kiss the bride. It was a happily-ever-after sight on the guests eyes but if only they knew that it was just an arranged marriage.

Natsume lifted the veil and saw Mikan's face. His lips was getting near as Mikan caught her breath.

"Shut the hell up. I'm not even interested in these kinds of things." he whispered.

Their lips didn't even touch. Yet, it was like a kiss in the guests eyes, even for the priest who was near to both of them. It didn't even barely touch her lips. An applause was heard throughout the church. Tears of joy escaped from overly acting women and smiles were plastered on the groom's parents.

The bride's parents just faked a smile. They knew that the Hyuuga groom didn't touch Mikan's lip. They read Mikan's face. With the fake smile that was etched on her face and the tears that were obviously the 'tears of anguish'. Nevertheless, they smiled. It was the only thing that they could do to support their daughter. To smile.

A tear escaped from Mikan's eyes. It was not 'tear of joy' nor was it a 'tear of sadness'. It was the tears of anguish. She knew that she was not too good enough for Natsume. She couldn't actually surpass Natsume's standards of a girl. Considering how many rich and beautiful girls he dated, it was impossible for her to reach.

It was as if her heart was broken. She cried ignoring the whispers that she could barely hear. She smiled trying to prove to them that she cried because she was happy. But what she felt inside can never be changed.

In a blink oh an eye, Natsume walked out of the church. The applause, the tears and the smiles were all fake on his point of view. One thing is for sure, he's going to the bar having his great time with his friends and his girlfriends. He doesn't care for his now-called-wife. He doesn't care even the slightest bit of her. She was just a nuisance. A disturbance to his freedom.

The bride stood still, petrified. Thinking,

"I'm not also interested in these kinds of things"




End of the chapter






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