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The Rise of Legends

Chapter 1: A Change of Fate

Naruto was walking in the rain heading towards the village gates in the north section of Konoha with his backpack and all his items in there from jutsu scrolls to pictures. Why you may ask. It was because of the Sasuke retrieval mission he had brought Sasuke back all up in a critical condition. As he headed towards the gates he saw the hateful stares of the villagers as they parted from his path. They were whispering hateful comments about our blonde friend. He then saw the village gates. There were people standing there waiting for his arrival but not jus any people it was the shinobi council of Konoha and his friends. There was Kakashi staring at him with a look of pity, then Shikamaru who had his head down staring at the ground, Jiraiya was there comforting Tsunade as she wept about his banishment. Then Homaru spoke up.

"Well Uzumaki we will ask you for the last time how do you plead" Homaru asked.

Naruto just stared at her with a blank gaze and spoke "Guilty" then the people who were there gasp except Homaru and the rest of the council who just remained impassive.

"Well then Uzumaki Naruto you are now banished from Konoha. You are to never show up in Konoha or anywhere near the fire country or else you'll be killed immediately do you understand?" said Hiashi with his ever so cold gaze though if you looked into his eyes and not his cold looks then you would've have seen the regrets.

Naruto just nodded and walked towards the gate. Then Danzou stopped him. "Your hiate-te Uzumaki-san." Danzou said pointing at his headband. Naruto took it off slowly right before he handed it in he 

looked it one last time seeing his reflection. He then turned back towards the gate and began walking towards the exit, he then stopped and he turned towards Tsunade.

"Oi baa-chan…"he said weakly as if he just lost someone close to him. Tsunade looked up and stopped weeping for a moment as Naruto's soft voice reached her ears. Naruto then took off his necklace and threw it to Tsunade who caught it was a shocked and confused expression.

"I told you would become hokage one day…"he said "…it looks as if I was wrong. All the things I have done for this village and they still treat me like shit. Baa-chan..." he picked up his head and stared at her in the eyes. "...I realized that was all just a dream. I could never become hokage. So I need you to take this back." He said in a monotone voice sounding like a man whose dream has been broken. This made Tsunade weep more than she was before. Then Jiraiya then reached into his pocket and pulled out a scroll and threw it to Naruto who skillfully caught it. He inspected it and saw that there were some seals on there none that he has ever seen before. He then gave a questioned gaze towards Jiraiya "It's the least I could do for you Naruto." Jiraiya said in a serious voice seeing as Naruto has never heard him say his name before unless it was a serious matter.

"Naruto" Jiraiya said sternly. "I want you to hold to that for me don't let anyone touch it hold it or anything. This was your old mans scroll Naruto." the white haired man whispered to Naruto making him go wide eyed.

"Don't worry the seal on there is a blood seal but you can't just use yours it's a synchronization blood seal you need someone that your father knew that was close to you to open it by mixing your blood and their blood." Jiraiya whispered. Naruto just nodded and continued to walk out the gates as everyone watched his back as he left. As he left the gate it started to pour harder. Jiraiya looked towards the sky and mentally told himself 'The gods are crying for another lost hero the hero of Konohagakure and the hero of the Fire Country.'With that a lone tear left his eye mixing with the rain as the rain continued to fall down.

With Naruto

He was running as fast as he could away from that wretched place. His hair matted down from the rain. It was shadowing over his eyes. If anyone looked closely they would've noticed the tears falling from his eyes. It began to mix in with the rain. Then he heard a twig snap he looked around the dull forest noticing there was no one there he continued to run faster. He heard footsteps and kept increasing his speed as he went. He also went higher and higher as well. He then stopped at a branch to look behind him and sighed noticing no one was there.

Naruto then turned his head only to see chocolate brown eyes staring into his eyes. He then stumbled back slipping on the branch he was on falling. He then clothes his eyes. The last thing he saw was the person racing to catch him. Then his world went black.

In Konoha

Tsunade just called in all the Konoha genin that Naruto had known. Shikamaru was standing against the wall was in hands in his pockets. He too was thinking about what was happening to Naruto from that look on his face. Jiraiya had left as soon as Naruto had left over the horizon, he claimed that he had to keep watch on Akatsuki and Orochimaru. She was wondering how he was right now. Was he ok? What if Akatsuki got him? Would he have revenge upon Konoha? All these thoughts were interrupted as the Konoha genin came through the room. Neji, Sasuke, and Chouji were in wheelchairs due to their critical conditions.Everyone was quiet that was until Sakura spoke up.

"Hokage-sama where is Naruto?" she asked wondering about her teammate. After he had brought Sasuke back all she had done was hit at him and scream at him for hurting her "Sasuke-kun" she didn't even notice that hole in his jumpsuit. She had felt terrible making him go through all that. It was all for her selfish desires she didn't even think once about the blonde all she cared about was Sasuke. All she wanted to do was apologize to him.

"Yeah, where is the dobe?" asked one Uchiha Sasuke. He had bandages all over him. After his battle with Naruto they were more serious about the influence of the Juin no Ten. So the council asked Jiraiya to seal it up. After that was done Sasuke was back to his usual self;emo and broody. He still remembered all those things he did while the Juin no Ten was in control and couldn't help but feel regret. He wanted to thank Naruto for bringing him out of the clutches of Orochimaru but he couldn't seeing as the nurses and doctors of the hospital wouldn't let him leave.

Tsunade then looked at each one of them before she sighed. She then turned her back towards the genin and stared at the face of the Hokage's on the Hokage monument. She stopped on the Yondaime. "14 years ago the Kyuubi attacked Konoha... "She started.

"Yeah we know this already Hokage-sama but what does this have to do with Naruto?" asked Kiba.

The Godaime ignored Kiba and continued. "It was stated that with one flick of its tail made mountains elevated and created tsunamis. The shinobi of Konoha held it back waiting for the Yondaime to arrive. As the Yondaime arrived they cheered him on as he started to defeat. Though as most demons they couldn't simply be killed. So the Yondaime sealed it." She stated.

Everyone's eye widened. Then a girl with 2 buns on head spoke up "W-where did he seal it h-hokage-s-sama?" she asked through her stutters.

At this Neji, Shino, and Shikamaru simultaneously asked "It was sealed in Naruto isn't it?" at that Tsunade nodded.

"It explains why most of the people in this village were happy about his banishment" Shikamaru added his two cents in. At this everyone turned to Shikamaru except Tsunade who held her down.

"Mendoukusai…." Shikamaru sighed. "You see after the retrieval mission after seeing what happened to the Uchiha" he spat the name out like poison "the council had found a way to get rid of Naruto all these years he won't be back for a long time thanks to Uchiha over there" Shikamaru said as he pointed at Sasuke lazily who just hung his head from the shame.

"A-ano… where is N-naruto right now?" asked a timid Hyuuga. Everyone looked at her seeing as she didn't add the "-Kun" to his name. Tsunade raised a brow at that but answered her anyways.

"Probably far away from the village by now he didn't take banishment that easily. The next time you see him if you see him that is he will probably be changed. Anyways that is all you are all dismissed." With that all the Konoha shinobi left the room. As soon as they left Jiraiya stepped out from the shadows with a serious expression.

"I see your back Jiraiya any news on Akatsuki?" Tsunade asked with hope.

"Hai. It appears they won't be active for three years." The Hermit replied

"So Naruto is safe till then?" asked Tsunade worrying for Naruto. Jiraiya just smiled back at Tsunade making her worries vanish and replied.

"Oh he's safe alright."

With Naruto

Naruto was waking up. He rubbed his head trying to remember what happened. He got in a defensive position. He looked around to see where he was at. It looked like he was in a cave he looked around to see some firewood, a fire, some equipment , and some clothes scattered across the floor as if the person was about to have sex or they were just dam lazy. Then he looked outside and saw it was still raining so he sighed about to sit down when he heard a voice cut through the atmosphere.

"Geez kid calm down you're acting as if someone's about to kill you." Said the anonymous person. Naruto then turned around to see the person there poking at the fire. He had a black hair with blonde highlights it was wild and untamed like his hair though it was longer than his by a few inches. He had on a white T-shirt and some black jeans. He seemed civilian enough that was if he didn't have a kunai hollister and two katana's strapped onto his back and the scrolls strapped around his waist. Naruto then tightened his grip on the kunai and stared at him hard.

"Who are you and what do you want?" asked Naruto gripping onto the kunai tighter. Then Naruto felt cold metal pressed against his neck and moved his eyes downwards to see a ninjato.

'How many weapons does this guy have?!'Naruto mentally exclaimed.

"You know when you want to know somebody's name, it considered polite to give yours first." The man said as he gripped his ninjato tighter. Naruto gulped and felt his skin get nicked slightly by the ninja's blade.

"T-the names U-uzumaki N-naruto" He stuttered out. Then the man loosened his grip and dropped his guard and smiled in a way that reminded him of well him.

"Names Kazama Satoshi" he said as he walked back to the fire. Then he took out a bag of marshmallows as Naruto refrained from sweat dropping as he took a seat across from the man. Naruto watched Satoshi as he was roasting the marshmallow.

"So what's a kid like you doing out in the woods at a dangerous place like this?" asked Satoshi with marshmallows in his mouth. Naruto looked away with his head down and mumbled something that Satoshi couldn't hear.

"What was that kid? Speak up." Satoshi said still devouring on the white soft plushies known as marshmallows

"I said I was BANISHED!" Naruto exclaimed screaming the last part out.

"That's good" Satoshi yawned out bored as he gazed at the flames of the fire. Naruto just sat there trying to figure out what was going on. This stranger just got some info out of him and it looked like he wasn't trying.

"You can tell me what's going on with you if you'd like kid, I'm here for you." The black haired man voice penetrated the silence starring at the blonde shinobi concerned. Naruto just stared at the man with a confused look he then looked to see if there were any ill intents but he just saw concern and curiosity. He felt safe. Naruto sighed and began to tell him from the day he was born to now.

2 Hours Later

Satoshi watched the sleeping form of the young blonde. After hearing his story he wanted to go to Konoha and tear it down to shreds but that wouldn't do it would only add more on his bounty. The young Kazama smirked. He looked over at the Uzumaki who was shivering. He took his cloak that was on the ground and ran through as quick fuuton jutsu making the dirt and other stuff get off from the white cloak as he placed it over the shivering form of the blonde and smiled warmly. He then walked over to his spot and laid down letting his mind wander and whispered one thing before he drifting into his dreaming state.

"Sleep tight kid you'll be in for one hell of a day tomorrow" and with that the two shinobi rested.

Early the Next Day

Naruto was waking up he took off the cloak from his body and smiled slightly recognizing the cloak that belonged to Satoshi. He then looked around seeing hoping to find Satoshi but found nothing. Naruto then panicked slightly and realized that Satoshi would not leave without his items so where could he be? Naruto then stood and thought for a moment till he heard a faint noise. The sound was deep in the cave. It sounded like a guitar. He followed the noise. He went deeper into the cave then after about ten minutes of travel he found some light and then the noise got closer as well. It was so calm and soothing it made him feel as if he had nothing to worry about. It was as if he all his worries had vanished. He then 

scanned the area around him. The area around the place was also had peaceful look to it. A few sakura trees and a pond with a variety color of koi fish in it. Then the music stopped and a voice that Naruto recognized pierced through the air.

"I see you're up kid." Satoshi said as he got up dusting himself as he pulled a scroll from his scroll holder. It glowed for a sec and then faded out. He then sealed his guitar back into a scroll and put it back in the holder.

"Yeah that was the greatest the sleep I've had in years. Even thought it was on the ground" Naruto said smiling sheepishly rubbing his neck. Satoshi couldn't help but grin at his comment.

"Soooo what are we gonna be doing today?" asked Naruto

"We?" asked Satoshi with a brow raised as he stared at Naruto.

"Well I thought that we could travel together I mean you do seem lonely if it's ok with you" Naruto asked looking down at his feet as he shuffled them around as if he was shy or something.

'Smart Naruto very smart pulling a Hinata damn it now he'll think I'm weird' Naruto mentally screamed at himself.

"Sure no prob kid…" Naruto cheered and leapt for joy as he heard his answer but froze as he spoke again "…on one condition" Naruto stared at him holding in his breath. What did he want Naruto asked himself. "I want you… to get the fuck out of those clothes. If you're traveling with me you might as well travel in style after all we're gonna become famous." Satoshi stated

"Famous? How?" Naruto asked him he didn't even disagree with Satoshi there the only clothes he had was this since the stores wouldn't let him in and if they did they would charge him the regular price. He was too young to know how to transform and when he was old enough they had already installed the new chakra detectors.

"Well kid I want world peace and we can't have peace now can we? The other nations are too stubborn to hold a treaty for awhile. So I'm starting an organization up. Bout 12 people tops at first. With me and you that's two people already we just need ten more people. I mean if you wanna join I ain't forcing ya"

Naruto was giddy at being famous. 'Screw being hokage I'm gonna be known across the world!' Naruto grinned but then frowned.

"But people won't know about us how are we going to get famous?" at that Satoshi smirked.

"Well… we'd have to get in the bingo book for that…" With that Naruto let out a screech which Satoshi just laughed and continued on.

"Or we could become mercenaries doing whatever jobs we want. Either one is fine with me cause I'll still be kicking ass and taking names" Satoshi said. Naruto then got in a thinking position musing over the decision.

"Hmmm either way we're gonna be hunted down. So why not be in the bingo book eh? I'm sure we'd be pretty good probably better than the Copy Cat Ninja and all the rest" Naruto said with a grin. Surpassing his mentor was the first step in becoming a legendary ninja. Naruto was then ranting on about how people would then respect him and Konoha would let him back and select them as their next Hokage. Satoshi then let out a huge sigh. Naruto turned to him with a concerned look in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" ask Naruto with concern in his voice. Satoshi who had leaned against the sakura tree during Naruto's rant and closed his eye opened one of them.

"Your concern for your village is what is wrong, Naruto. They're never going to accept you. You must face it Naruto. The world's a cruel place. If you can't bear the fact that Konoha will never accept you then I can't let you join me." Satoshi said calmly. With that the two went silent. Naruto knew they were never going to accept him but still it pained him. He then dragged out a long deep sigh.

"You're right Satoshi. I dwell on in the past. Those dreams are long gone. It's time to make new ones, better ones. Time to start out fresh." With that he put on a proud grin "Watch out world here arises a new Legend the Legend of Uzumaki Naruto!" he said. Naruto then turned to Satoshi to see him sleeping.

"BAKA! YOU SLEPT THROUGH MY DRAMATIC SPEECH!"Naruto screeched at Satoshi who just started to laugh.

"Let's get you some new clothes kid." Satoshi said grinning while he ruffled Naruto's hair as he walked into the cave

"Stop calling me kid you can't be older than me" Naruto said completely annoyed as Satoshi ruffled his hair. But underneath his collar he let a true smile slip on his face.

With that Satoshi went to pack up all of his things. He took off some scrolls from his waist at a speed Naruto has never seen anyone use before.

'Whoa that was faster than bushy brow!' Naruto eyes widened as the whole cave was cleaned up in seconds. There before him stood Satoshi with his cloak on. He also had a sakkat making him look like one of those Akatsuki guys he fought earlier before the left the village, though more badass.

"Oi Naruto lets go we ain't got all day" said Satoshi who was masking his voice by coating chakra in the voice box. Naruto nodded and start to sprint ahead and a few moment later he came back.

"Whoops hehe which way is the nearest town?" asked Naruto who grinned sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

"Baka what would you do without me?" Satoshi asked in a deep voice as he led the way to the town. They were jumping tree to tree as Satoshi looked back at Naruto who seemed to be gaining on his tail. He narrowed his eyes and look at him closely. Noticing the air change around him around him. Satoshi turned his head back before Naruto could notice he was looking.

'He's using wind manipulation to help him speed up but it is unintentionally, incredible I haven't seen a wind user in years' Satoshi mentally noted to himself. Satoshi then stopped. Naruto being who he was didn't look where he was going and bumped into Satoshi who didn't budge a one bit. Naruto just grinned sheepishly and muttered a sorry. Satoshi then formed a ram seal and went up in smoke. As the smoke dispersed there stood a man with blue hair covering one of his right eye, he had on a flashy black and white hoody, a black jean, a black and red fingerless glove on his left hand, and he also had on a black and red beanie cap with a logo that had a big stylish F on it. He had a scar underneath his left eye and his face look handsome as some women would say. It would give Sasuke a run for his money. He had one a pair of black and red air forces. One word to say to describe his transformation was badass.

"Dude you look so badass" Naruto stated with awe and he checked out his transformation.

"Yeah let's get going before someone catches us, also we'll be walking now" Satoshi said as he got down and started to walk towards the village. Naruto nodded jumping down while unzipping his upper proportion of his jumpsuit and tied it around his waist leaving him in his black t-shirt. Satoshi looked back and grinned at Naruto who grinned back at him and gave him a peace sign. With that they continued to stroll towards the path of the village.

They then stopped arrived in front of a huge entrance bigger than Konoha as Naruto had said. They stared at the beauty of the village. The place was packed people everywhere. From Old couples or couples at all to children. Naruto was in so much of a daze he didn't know that Satoshi left him until Satoshi called out to him

"Hey Naruto hurry up the festival is about to start I wanna get out of here when it starts I don't want to bring anymore attention than I have to." Satoshi uttered to the young blonde who stared back at him in confusion. Satoshi just gave him a look that said I don't want to talk about and walked up to the nearest weapon store. He looked up at the sign to observe the sign seeing the flashing light. The sign read "Suzaku's Weaponry". Naruto and Satoshi walked in observing the shop. It seemed like a normal weapon shop, weapons on racks, kunais and shurikens on shelf, clothing on for ninja, bucket filled with candy. Yep, normal weapon shop.

"Oi Naruto go check out what you want and hurry up" Satoshi imposed. Naruto gave him a mock salute with a quick "Hai" before he marched off to find his new ninja gear. Satoshi then browsed around the racks of weapons looking for Naruto's new weapon that might fit him. Satoshi then sighed as Naruto came over to him with a load of black cargo's just like his but more suit for combat. He had a pair of black t-shirts and he also got an armor plate that was designed for Anbu. Satoshi raised a brow at that but didn't question him as he set it on the counter asking for the man to wait a few more moments before they paid for the stuff.

"Naruto" Satoshi said in a stern voice making Naruto flinch slightly as he appeared right in front of Naruto bowing on his knees. The store owner chuckled at the sight while Satoshi just face palmed himself. Satoshi yawned letting loose a sigh as well.

'Meh…. Tired already?' Satoshi inwardly asked himself. He then shook himself free from those thoughts as he looked at Naruto who was still bowing on the ground in front of him. Satoshi managed to repress himself from sweat dropping as he looked down at Naruto once again before speaking.

"Naruto I want you to choose a sword." With that Naruto got up and grinned as he looked at all the swords and went to grab a random cool looking sword before Satoshi grabbed him by the collar.

"I wasn't finished yet" Satoshi said in the same stern voice he used before. "I want you to choose a sword that is connected with you soul." With that the store owner and Naruto raised a brow their complete attention on Satoshi who loosened his stance putting his hands in his pockets and let loose another yawn.

"Just close your eyes, clear your mind, and feel the blade call out to you." Naruto nodded eagerly before he close his eyes. After 10 minutes Naruto opened his eyes and walked in the back section of the store and grabbed an uchigatana. The saya (sheath) was plain solid black but as Naruto performed a Koiguchi-o kiru (1) skillfully which surprised Satoshi and the owner, Satoshi seeing as how Naruto never had used a blade or at least in front of him, the owner seeing how someone as young as him imitate a samurai flawlessly. The habaki (2) was different than all the rest as well instead or a regular one it was in the shape of a fox's mouth it had described Naruto sly and unpredictable so far. With that Naruto fully unsheathed it showing the find work of the blade. The blade was a smooth metallic silver color like most blades but this had kanji's inscribed in it. The blade was a fine work of art.

"That's a nice blade ya got there kid" Satoshi commented Naruto who grin sheepishly. Naruto then walked up to the counter and laid the blade down carefully as if it was a new born baby. The man chuckled at his antics. Naruto gave him one of his famous foxy grins.

"So how much for all this stuff old man?" Naruto questioned the old man who eyes twitched in annoyance.

"I'm only 23…" he growled out making Naruto laugh nervously. Satoshi who was laughing his ass off came into the scene before things got messy.

"So uumm… Suzaku-san how much you want for all this?" Satoshi asked as he read the name tag on the store owner's shirt. Kaito who looked down at his name tag gave out another laugh.

"Hahaha Suzaku-san hahahaha that's a hahahaha good one" the now name Kaito said while laughing his ass off. Satoshi and Naruto just stared at each other.

"No, really Kaito how much?" Naruto asked the store owner.

Kaito then turned towards them with a warm smile. "It's on the house" with that Naruto and Satoshi eyes widened. "I have a feeling you guys are going to be big later" with that Satoshi and Naruto looked at each other with shit eating grins.

"But I want one favor from you boys…." Naruto looked at him with a questioning gaze while Satoshi a wary one. "…just remember to mention my shop when you guys become famous that would help me out a lot and plus I haven't seen such talent as that kid over there in a while and you look pretty good with a blade yourself." the brown haired man said grinning.

"Will do old man" Said Naruto as he grabbed a pair of his clothing going into the back room to change.

"Got it" Satoshi said as waited for Naruto to come out of the dressing room or back room or whatever. He waited patiently as Naruto was changing. A few moments later Naruto came out grabbing a black cloak along the way he looked more like a shinobi than before. He was wearing a black cloak that covered his bright blonde hair, and the shinobi gear under it. From what Satoshi remembered from the clothing Naruto had got, he probably had on a long black top that covered most of his upper body along with the anbu gear over it and some black and red arm greaves shinobi style of course, black jounin pants, and unlike his other shinobi sandals he had on black ones to match his outfit. His blade was now strapped on his back like a true shinobi. Naruto turned towards both of the occupants in the room.

"Soooo…. How do I look?" he asked as he did a 360 for them to see the front and back of his outfit making sure he didn't look bad. They grinned and both giving him a thumbs up. Naruto then turned back towards them again.

"So Satoshi when will we leave?" Naruto questioned his black haired comrade who switched his stance again showing how uncomfortable he was. Satoshi opened his mouth to answer the question only to have the brunette interrupt him.

"Wait you guys aren't staying for the festival?" He asked with a serious gaze. Satoshi answered him back with a gaze that equaled the intensity of his.

"Sorry but I don't to drag attention to ourselves that much."

"I see…" Kaito curtly replied. "Well then enjoy your evening and come back anytime ok?" he was answered with a two fingered wave from Satoshi and a nod from Naruto. As they left the shop Satoshi inhaled a vast amount of air and then exhaled. Naruto just smiled at him and started walking back to the gate where they came from with Satoshi behind him. As they both walked down the street they noticed it was empty unlike before where it was all crowded. Just as they were about to leave the town an ear piercing reached their ear. They quickly glance at each other.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Satoshi. He was answered with a grin.

"You better know it" answered Naruto. With that the two shinobi rushed towards the source of the scream. What they didn't know was they there was a certain figure in the tree behind them stalking them all that time. Just as the wind blew the anonymous person vanished as well.


1. Koiguchi-o kiru: - pushing the Tsuba with the thumb revealing the habaki

2. Habaki- a piece of metal encircling the base of the blade of a Japanese bladed weapon. It has the double purpose of locking the tsuba (guard) in place, and to maintain the weapon in its scabbard (saya).

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