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"With this potion I am invincible! No one will be able to stop me!" Atsushi exclaimed as he started to cackle madly his little body changing into something far beyond their imagination. His suit ripped into pieces as his body mutated his skin bubbling as it took form of something huge his rings mutating along with him. His hair growing as well going down to his shoulder. One of his eyes was smaller than the other as the other was huge his muscles were now expanded showing his ripped body. He was like a giant compared to the three of them as they stayed on guard Satoshi his blade out as in a defensive position as he held it in reverse grip the pink chakra like veins spreading out all over his cloak once more. Cira her bo staff in hand tuck underneath her hand ready to use at any moment the kanji's on her staff glowing wildly and Naruto with both hands on his on the uchigatana gripping it as the kanji's on his blade were glowing brightly as well. With a roar the now transformed Atsushi slammed his hands onto the ground causing a shockwave before he ran at them.

Naruto grinned as he stood on the defense. "Let's get this party started!"

Chapter 9: Tyrants, Secrets, and Risings

Naruto stood there tense gripping his blade tightly both hands on the smooth handle of the blade. He glanced to his side catching a glimpse of his brunette and raven hair companion who stood there weapon in hand. He studied Satoshi's cloak it seemed as if this cloak was different than the others seeing as how the cloak had chakra like vein sprouting all out around him covering nearly most of his body. His blade also seemed to be glowing a dim pink as the chakra life like vein seeped into the handle of the blade growing like a plant that has just been given water and sunlight. Given his stance he has seemed to be calm even in this dire situation his eyes analyzing the weak points of the charging bull known as Atsushi. Cira seemed to be eager unlike Satoshi and himself. She may have seen calm but if you looked in her eye you could see a glint of glee and bloodlust which was very unlike her in the time that he knew her. She had her weapon tucked under her arm like Sarutobi the kanji's on the end of her weapon glowing brightly. As soon as the raging approached Satoshi gave them a nod.

"Split." Were the words that left the young teens mouth as the beast known as Atsushi slammed his fist down upon their last known position. Rock and debris flew everywhere along with the shinobi's Naruto who slid back as he didn't have time to react to the attack which in advance made him take a blow only using his blade to block it. He grunted as he continued to slide back before stabbing his blade into the ground gritting his teeth as he tried to stop him from progressing back. He looked up to find the form of Atsushi above him arms raised fist clenched nearly bringing it down on Naruto once more who dived out of the way rolling on his back landing on his feet once more. He looked around to find the mutated crime lord to find Satoshi and Cira upon him.

The raven haired teen ducked under the fist that was meant for him and jumped on the arm before he ran up upon his arm blade in arm nearly reaching the small mutated head of the once obese crime lord only to him to get slung off to which he preformed a flip in mid air landing on the ground gracefully. He then looked over to the blond and nodded as they both ran at the hulk like creature that was being distracted by Cira whose staff glowed brightly blinding all of them before her staff took form of a spear. She then flipped in mid air spear in a red kanji appearing on the head of the spear which went unnoticed. As soon as the two came before Atsushi stabbing their respective weapons into him. Satoshi's blade in his abdomen where as Naruto's blade stabbed into back off his leg causing him on his knees. He roared out in pain trying to grab the weapon's out of him only for them to pull their blades out of him.

He looked at two confused at their action before they pointed behind him causing him to turn around a wave of heat was sent slamming into his face which caused him to scream even more as he was forced on his knee's once more grabbing his face in pain. Naruto turned to the brunette as well as Satoshi only to notice her hardened glare on the kunoichi's face as she closed in on the mutant her spear in hand. As soon as she neared him Atsushi's eyes opened wide showing how red they were along with his multitude of many veins that popped out of his head. He tried to grab her only for her to flip over him deliver a slash to the back of his left knee causing him to wince in pain before he tried to swipe at her once more before feeling the sharp material slash right across his back causing him to let out a silent scream. He then tried to grab her once more only for her to jump off his hand before delivering a sharp blow to the jugular causing him to grab his neck in pain before pulling at the spear with a shaky hand pulling it out before blood gushed from neck spraying the brunette in the face as she just stood there with a small chaotic smile as she felt this warm blood wash upon her flesh. Slowly picking up her spear placing it on her back as she walked back to her two friends.

Satoshi and Naruto just stood there mouth's dropped in shock as they watched the girl single handedly take down the giant with ease. Satoshi shook off the shock seeing as how he could've done the same thing as well. He was about to congratulate her when he saw Atsushi looming over her his eyes rolled in the back of head black wisps of smoke rising of off his wounds that he had just sustained. Satoshi pushed chakra into his limbs rushing forth blade in hand shocking not only Naruto but the bloodied Cira as well. Satoshi gritted his teeth as he parried the pair of hands away from the bloody Cira before quickly pivoted on his left foot placing his blade in reverse grip quickly but gracefully stabbing the blade into lower abdomen once more before he jumped into the air delivering a chakra enhanced round house to Atsushi causing him to stumble giving Satoshi enough time to grab Cira and return to Naruto just in time before Atsushi recovered slamming his fist into the ground in blind fury missing them once more.

Naruto watched in surprised before taking action himself forming twenty clones as Satoshi placed Cira on the ground surprisingly he didn't get any blood on his cloak. Satoshi gazed soften upon the brunette as he wiped the blood away from her eyes revealing her beautiful eyes that had many conflicting emotions. He slowly turned his back towards her as he looked towards Naruto who along with his clones were holding off the brute who kept bashing the clones causing them to disperse. He slowly glanced back at her his eyes diverted towards the battle before he let a small smile slip upon his face.

"I don't know what's going on with you Cira, but me and the kid are here for you. Not just as comrades but friends as well" he said he blade pulsating with each word before he leapt into the battle to help our blonde companion leaving the blood covered brunette who clenched her hard tightly her nails digging into her palm. She then got up obviously lost in madness grabbing her spear once more before leaping into the fray.

With Naruto

He was watching his clones get battered and ripped to shreds waiting for the right moment to strike. He watched as the brute swung his fist in a sweeping motion knocking the clones all off balance sending them into the air before he slammed his steroid filled fist onto all the clones causing a large plume of smoke to cover the battlefield. Naruto cautioned himself as he slowly placed his foot in front of his sliding it side ways before he slid his left food behind him blade in front of him. An amateur defensive stance filled with many openings. He stood still eyes darting trying to see through the clouded area that blackened his visions. He then felt a hand on his shoulder causing his shinobi reactions to kick in kicking the person in the chest only for them to dodge and grab his wrist pulling it back hurting the blondes arm causing him to grit his teeth in pain.

"Now, now cowboy. Hold your horses, do I look like a monster on steroids to you?" said Satoshi with his usual smartass self.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now how do we get rid of this guy? Cira just demolished him and killed him and he came back in one piece not a scratch on him." said Naruto as the smoked still blocked their vision.

"Well seeing as the potion seemed to give him not only a boost of everything but regeneration skills as well. My guess is the heart." Said Satoshi as he stroked his chin as he thought it over. He saw Naruto glance over at Cira with concern in his eyes.

"She'll be fine Naruto she'll join us when she's ready we just have to keep this bitch off of her or kill it before it can do any harm to her." Said Satoshi as he slide into a loose stance hand on his ninjato once more as he nodded towards his blond comrade who simply nodded standing in a tense posture.

"The plan?" Naruto asked gripping his blade as he looked over to Satoshi with an unsure gaze as he watched the beast wear off the confusion looking up to see them once more rushing with a mighty roar globs of saliva dripping from his mouth charging at them like a mindless beast.

"Don't have one. Improvise!" He said as he pulled his blade out ripping it right across the mindless Atsushi's face who blocked it with his bare hands gripping it causing Satoshi to grunt softly as he tried to pull it back only to the business monster's grip to hardened. Naruto saw this and summoned forth clones who circled around the beast causing his eyes to dart back and forth letting his grip slip causing Satoshi to pull the blade from his grasp leaving a small cut on his inner palm which seemed unfazed him. Naruto then took this moment and rushed forth as his clones who circled around him moving at a faster pace causing a small tornado to form which only seemed to affect the hulk by a bit. He gripped the ground as his veins bulged out the torrent of wind raging more and more causing the beast to grunt in annoyance.

On the outside of the tornado Naruto smirked as Satoshi who ran along side him sword in hand as well looked mildly impressed by the use of the technique as well as the use of clones. The raven hair then nodded causing Naruto to motion the clones to stop before they quickly slipped under his defense they kicked him in the chest one by one causing him to lift off the ground losing his breath. As soon as he was airborne Naruto jumped up into the fray delivering multiple gashes to the beast before he sent him sailing with another round house kick to the face. The beast had landed making an impact on the ground even more black wisp circling around him curing his wounds as the smoked covered his vision. As soon as it vanished he looked in front to see a clone concentrating chakra into the blonde's palm chakra slowly building and whirring to life into a small orb. He growled pushing all his weight into his legs vanishing as the clone dispersed. Naruto looked around for the beast only for him to find the beast in front of him fist cocked back ready to slam it into his face.

'Shit! That's too close! I wouldn't even be able to dodge if I tried.' Naruto said as the fist reeled closer. All of a sudden the white cloaked teen blocked the attack pushing chakra into his legs to keep him from being pushed back. He gritted his teeth as he tried to push him off only to no avail. He looked to the blond and noticed the jutsu. He then forced more chakra into this arms his vision started to blur from the major use of chakra before he blinked even more pushing the transmuted businessman off which caused him to lose his balance for a mere second. Naruto saw this opening and took the chance running towards beast the orb spinning rapidly as he pumped more chakra into before slamming the blue orb into the stomach of the abomination causing him to screech in pain once more stunning him once more Naruto looked over to Satoshi and noticed the teen was panting slightly. He then turned around to find Cira with a spear through his heart causing him to cough up black blobs of blood which fell to the ground eating away at the ground as he kept coughing up the blood. Naruto then watched pull the weapon out slowly her eyes filled with glee and madness causing him to shake a bit.

"Cira…?" Naruto asked as he reached forth towards her. She then turned around her lavender eyes were now a dark royal purple. Unlike Cira he had known who had a shy and timid look in her eyes along with genuine care and love this Cira… this wasn't Cira. It was like another person all in the less. The look in her eyes was the same as Sasuke's when he found Itachi at the hotel a few weeks back. Cira had a cold glare that burned instilled a small amount of fear in his heart. It was so malicious almost as malicious as the demon in his gut. Naruto then noticed Satoshi picking himself up. The blond warily reached forth the brunette only for her to whirl on her feet with such grace spear in hand kanji changing the shape of the weapon once more. The weapon chanced into a o-katana that glowed a bright yellow the kanji of lightning slowly lightly to which Naruto noticed. Now the jinchuuriki was on the move quickly pulling out his blade mirroring the move he saw Satoshi use which blocked the o-katana as she moved with more speed. Satoshi noticed the speed she was moving at and intervened before she injured Naruto maybe even killed him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Cira?" asked the teen once more Naruto blade in hand bout ready to defend against the brunette once more. "You could've killed the kid!" he snapped at her. She grunted as she pushed herself off the blade of the raven.

"My name isn't Cira…" she said as she let her bangs loose and to the point where it loomed over her eyes shadowing her eyes. She then looked up her eyes filled with animosity and hostility "My name is Aira" with that she let loose a barrage of attacks to which Naruto and Satoshi leapt back deflecting the attack's Naruto then looked to Cira with concerned eyes before he pulled out a range of weapons from his weapons pouch. If one looked closely one would've noticed the wire attached to the weapons. Naruto with a flick of his wrist launching the weapons to which the brunette parried and deflected sending them the opposite direction at Satoshi to who ducked. Naruto smirked and with a tug he brought the shuriken along with kunai back which caught the split personality to widen her eyes in surprise leaving a few gashes in arm as she twisted her body at the last second. She landed with a graceful spin before grabbing her side in pain as she winced in pain. She then noticed the wires were wrapped around her figure. She tried to move only to notice wires cut at her skin. She growled at the blonde only to cause the wires to slide against her skin even more nicking her skin causing blood to run

"Ninja Harigane Hitoya success." Naruto said as he put his blade back in his blade in its sheath. Walking up to her staring at her in her eyes to which she spit in his face.

"Lemme go before or else" she said her chakra levels rising.

"Or else what" Satoshi said as he placed a kunai against her neck. She grunted feeling the cold metal against her throat pushing herself against the kunai slowly nicking her skin blood running down her neck to her arm which glowed brightly before the strings wrapped around her snapped which caused a whiplash that cut Satoshi who barely had time to dodge where as wire shot around the black clad teen wrapping his arm ingrained in the blonde arm causing him to cry out in pain as he dropped to the ground holding his arm in pain. Satoshi then rushed over the blonde in worry observing the blond. The wire had seemed to melt into his skin. Naruto stopped twitching in pain as the metal had cooled down. He panted roughly. Before flipping himself back up from a handspring wincing slightly as he felt the metal grind against his skin. Satoshi narrowed his eyes in spite at the split personality. He was about to attack her when he noticed the hulking figure of the dead Atsushi. He seemed even more freakish than ever now.

His head was still the same small but it had bubbled up to the point where it looked as it someone blew it up like a balloon or some kind of accident in a chemistry lab. His physique had took a big change as well his once hulk like muscle were now even bigger and his veins were all bulged out as well even the ones around his head. His left arm had been deformed; it was like a handicapped person's hand where as the right arm had been enlarged it was like a huge cinder block. The skin of the shoulder blades was now torn open his shoulder blades busted from protective layer of skin. His bones took shape of wings. His face was even deformed now his mouth had looked like it had been cut open on the left side and his eyes were now pitch black instead of white. He raised his arm and with a quick motion she was knocked into the wall efficiently knocking her out.

"Cira!" Yelled the blond to which Satoshi ran to side as she slammed into the wall. The blonde and the raven haired teen watch her form shift her body physique changing slightly and they also noticed her hair retracted quite a bit as her eyes lingered to stay awake. Naruto looked at her frantically before balling his hand into a fist. The last thing the brunette heard were the screams of the blond who called her name. With that her heavy lids took full force knocking her out. Darkness was consuming her taking her back to nightmare forcing her to live it once more. The day she swore vengeance on the man before her.


It was mid day in Shokugakure. Everything was a fine and perfectly ordinary day.


This was the sounds of shinobi zori hitting the ground as the person ran faster and faster. The figure seemed to be wearing a dark crimson tank top hoodie that stopped at her midriff revealing her white shirt under the hoodie. She had a pair of dark blue jeans that had a rip at her knees revealing a bit of the bandages that had showed from the taping of the black shinobi clad shoes she had on. This was Cira at the age of nine. The young kunoichi seemed to be in a hurry as she ran past many civilian bumping into them causing them to curse and some even dropping. She didn't pay one bit to it as she kept running to the eastern side of the village. The peaceful side of the village.

Not much went on in this side of the village most people preferred living in the east side of the village mostly old people who loved the silence where as the younger people along with parents and most of the children lived in the western side of the village. The village was split into two. The gesshoku or the lunar side of the village where the elders lived among with other shinobi who respected the old traditions of the village and wanted to maintain that tradition. Where as the west side also known as the nisshoku or the solar side of the village included many of the new and younger generation. They thought the thought of such were dangerous to their future and thus they split the village.

As she was went on the young brunette caught scent of something burning. She slowed down as she rounded the corner slowly making way to her home only to notice it was set to flames. She had reached a two story home that was slowly burning just like any home set on flames was. She quickly made her way through the door looking in worry for her family members any members of her family. Her mind was racing as she took each step. Her heart beating faster and faster hoping to find her beloved. Sweat dripping from her face down to her chin as she used the sleeve of her hoodie to keep the smoke from reaching her lungs.

She had to be wary of any burning wood that had been coming down the smoke reaching her eyes causing her eyes to water wiping the tears away as the smoke found it's way into her lungs causing her to cough slightly before she placed her hoodie on covering her eyes from the smoke slightly. She found her way to the living room only to for her heart to stop for a mere second. There was a body in the middle of the room a pool of blood underneath the figure. Cira quickly made her way to the figure her purple hair all soaked in her own blood. She slowly turned the body over only to find a familiar face.

"Emi oba-san…" she whispered out barely a ghost of a whisper. Suddenly the body hacked up blood before the purple haired aunt opened her eyes weakly finding its way to the lavender eyed kunoichi graduate. With a smile the near dead aunt reached up to caress the cheek of her niece her cold pale hand against her face tears brimming to fall from her eyes. She slowly wiped them from her eyes coughing more as she did so.

"Find you mother and sister Cira they are in dire need..." she said in a weak tone as her eyes started to glossed in the fire her eyes loosing their shine her hand growing colder and colder with each second before her hand went limp slowly dropping to the ground. Cira couldn't believe it tears started to fall from her eyes as she pushed herself off before taking the words of her dead aunt running to find her sister and mother.

She slowly made her way to the stairs only for a piece of the wood block of flame to fall in from of her the sparks flying causing her to rear back before the block had fallen. Cira looked up at the ceiling only to notice the place was falling apart. It was then she had decided to make a choice to leave and never find where her family was at or live. After a mere second she decided looking for an exit only to notice the glass window across the hallway as she ran making her way for the exit. The ceiling falling down collapsing down on her trail. She pushed all of her strength before bracing herself as she ran through the window the glass shattering upon the force as she rolled once she made contact with the ground pieces of glass littering the grass.

She looked up at the place she had called home as it burned down tears freely flowing from her eyes like a river.

"Mama… Rei…" she whispered out as she choked upon her sobs as she slowly made her way back backing up only to trip upon something in the way. Confused and broken she tried to look to see what it was only for the haze of smoke blocking her view. She slowly moved her hands along the grounds feeling for the object only to feel a soft squishy thing. Her eyes widened upon contact. The brunette recognized this feel anywhere. She quickly grabbed hold of the body before dragging it out from smoke. As soon as her field of vision was cleared she was rendered into shock. Her gut had turned inside out and done a flip. She vomited.

The sight before her would haunt her for the remaining of her life. It was her family member. Her mom along with her sister Rei. They were cut up blood all over their bodies their intestine had been pulled out. Their limbs were torn open the muscles and tendons had been pulled out as if a bear or a wild animal had mauled them. Not only that but the rest of their bodies were mutilated where as the only things left bout them were as the only thing recognizable bout them were their faces. The sight was so intense and so violent. No one not even a veteran of war should've seen this kind of horror none the less a nine year old. The young graduate slowly reached for her mother slowly taking the necklace off of her placing it into her hand. She had noticed the small insignia placed upon her cheek of her mother and sister. It was circle with a cross along with an X. Cira was so shaken up her mind started to shut down. Before she had passed out she noticed three looming figures over her.

Flashback End

The comrades of the brunette set her far away from the battlefield once more as the beast stood there his abyssal eyes staring at them with a menacing grin his deformed hand pointed at them. Satoshi along with Naruto who had just arrived looked at him with a glare Satoshi pulling out both of his katanas putting the ninjato away. The first blade was a metallic white with a blue gem pink like streams of vein like chakra streaming down the blade. The handle of the blade was wrapped with a white clothe seeing as how the handle underneath was black. The tsuba of the blade was a normal one a circular one just like any normal one though unlike other blades this one had many stages of the moon from full moon to new moon. The blade was glowing a light hue. The blade itself looked brand new the design of the blade was simple yet efficient.

The other blade was an abyssal black with a red like gem in the handle where as the other blade had the gem in the middle of the blade. This also had a stream of vein like chakra in streaming all over the blade. The handle of the blade was a white clothe type of grip that was on most blades but unlike the other ones this one had a special synthetic feel to it. Ninja cloth it adapted to chakra and fed off of it. The tsuba of this blade was like wisps from solar flares flames like the sun. Satoshi had both blades in a reverse grip.

Where as his blonde companion had took off his cloak revealing the armor underneath like most ANBU gear it was light yet durable. Though unlike there was a seal inscribed all over the armor it was glowing a very dim red which went unnoticed by the blond. He had his uchigatana in a normal grip the blade in hand loose and sloppy stance like most rookie kenjutsu users. Naruto looked over at the raven haired teen those pink streams of energy were now all over him glowing brighter and brighter. With a quick nod the two sped off against the mutant. Naruto took the first blow to the beast swinging his blade against the skin of the beast only for it to bounce off. Naruto saw the steroid filled fist coming and back flipped over the fist onto his arm running up his arm delivered a kick to the beast face.

Atsushi just stood there a look of pure boredom as he shook the blond off. He blew the blond off with a flap of his wings. Satoshi who followed Naruto stabbed his blades into the ground as the gust blew everything out of sight. Naruto slid back trying to hold his ground only to hit a pillar cracking it. He groaned before pushing himself off. Atsushi then started to walk towards them slowly his wings changing its form changing into some kind of gauntlet to which he pulled out detaching from his skin. The two looked in disgust as the skin slowly regenerated as he slipped the gauntlet onto his fist. Satoshi and Naruto rushed at him once more. Naruto went low as Satoshi went high. Naruto slid right under his guard kicking him in the abdomen trying to launch him up once more only to fail. He then proceeded to kick him multiple times only for him to not budge.

Atsushi grinned his face all deformed freaking the blond out lifting up his new weapon to smash the blond to pieces. Only for Satoshi's kick to connect with his face causing him to stumble a bit before he planted his foot in his face kicking off the face pushing him back even more but before he could do a thing the shinobi stabbed his blades in his shoulder. Satoshi grinned as he pressed the button on the bottom of both of the blades sending an electric jolt to the beast. Naruto who slid out under the beast while his teammate took care of the corrupt business man. He then slowly focused chakra to his blade and took what he learned from his new jutsu and applied the principal of that jutsu to the blade. Slowly but surely wind started picking around the blade.

Satoshi then quickly pulled away from the beast flipping off of it sending devastating gashes to the once fat business man's back cutting the flesh. He then ran at him once more only for him to turn around gauntlet heading towards him his eyes slowly converting to a pale black. Satoshi tried to slowly down but couldn't so he did the only thing he could do. The shinobi placed his blade in front of him the flat side of the blade taking the blow pushing him back before he pushed off the gauntlet seeing as how he couldn't push him back and pivoted causing the mutated man to nearly fall. Time slowed down as he neared the beast's vital organ. He then noted the wings had reformed and were closing in on him causing him to pull back.

Naruto taking enough time to charge tried his new blade seeing Satoshi jump back he sprinted at the beast who still hasn't recovered yet. Naruto quickly thrusted his blade out the world slowed down once more. Naruto's blade connected with the chest of the beast but it didn't pierce the hard skin. It left multiple cuts but other than that it did nothing. Naruto stood there hair shadowed over his eyes. The beast looked up grinning before bursting into a loud booming laughing fit. The blade still pressed against his chest. The blond let a small smirk slip upon his face before raising his head.

"Shippuu Bakuha" with that a huge force of wind was then released from the blade not just shattering the ceiling above all the combatants but it caused the beast to cough up a small glob of blood. With the ceiling gone the ray of the moon shined down upon the combatant powering the blade the raven haired teens even more streams of dark blue energy surrounding the blade before it absorbed it all changing it's form. The blades now instead of the simple dual wielding design it had morphed into one huge blade. It was now the size of the dark haired teen and seemed like a mix of both of the blades.

Naruto took a hop back just in case the enemy decided to retaliate. Satoshi placed the blade on the strap on his back.

"New jutsu?" Satoshi asked?

"Yep worked pretty well huh?" Naruto said with

"Yeah but I don't think that's gonna keep him down." Satoshi stated staring at the cloud of dust. Like Satoshi stated he wasn't down but he wasn't fairing pretty well either. His wounds slowly healed since he used the electric element from his blades and it completely stopped when Naruto used his new wind jutsu. Satoshi took this into hand and looked over at Naruto who looked ready to charge.

"I think the elemental attacks slowly down his regeneration. My raiton element in my blade fried his cells where as your new jutsu had cut his cells to the point where they can't heal anymore. I think if you hit him with your rasengan we might be able to take him down" Satoshi said as he placed his blade into his hand once more. Naruto nodded conjuring his carbon copies once more nearly fifty of them before he send them out. Satoshi and Naruto headed out along with the wave of clones. The beast growled in pain and anger as he lashed out his wings cutting the few clones that couldn't dodge. Naruto then grinned as the diversion worked out. He had a clone stay back and help him gather chakra as Satoshi helped his clones hold back the freak of nature.

Satoshi glanced over his shoulder and notice Naruto starting the process making the famed jutsu of the fourth once more. Satoshi pulled out his blade preparing the plan to hold him down as he went through the clones like they were nothing. His blade then slowly split into something like a trident and he grinned as he looked at the winged creature. He ran forward letting the chakra run through the blade the pink streams coating the teen protecting him like armor before stabbing the beast in his upper back his blade sliding through him like butter.

"Now Naruto!" Satoshi said as he tried to hold the beast at back. His wings flapping wildly. Naruto then nodded before the clone dispersed in a cloud of smoke the blue orb whirring loudly in his hand as he rushed forth. Naruto was closing in on the beast before he flew off the ground into the air above into the sky of the broken roof causing Naruto to stumble forcing the orb of concentrated energy to make contact with the ground creating a small crater. Satoshi let out a scream.

"FUCK!" Satoshi said as he was launched into the sky on the back of the beast. Naruto cursed as well finding no way to reach his companion. He then bit his thumb before running through a flash of hand seals slamming his palm into the ground a large plume of smoke taking place. There was a huge red amphibian who wore a short blue kimono that had the kanji for Gama on his back. He seemed to have a tattoo on his frog like chest and upon his right eye was a long scar. He had a long wooden sheath by his side which seemed to cover his blade.

"I see your doing pretty good kid" the gruff voice of the toad said to the young blond as he took a huff from his pipe.

"Now is not the time Gamabunta! I need your help!" he yelled to the toad. The toad slowly turned its amphibian eyes on the boy and grunted nodding.

"But understand this will be the last time you summon me. The toad clan is loyal to those of Konoha and seeing as how you're banished it would nullify the contract." Stated the toad in a neutral tone. Naruto groaned loudly gritting his teeth in annoyance wanting to rip his hair out. He then took a look at his new mentor who was hanging on for his dear life as the beast zipped through the air trying to shake him off.

"Fine! Just help me out Bunta!" he said before hopping onto of the huge toad who put his pipe up pulling his blade out. Gamabunta nodded and gripped his tanto tightly and noticed the huge flying mutant in the air along with Satoshi on his back as he held on to his life. Gamabunta's eyes widened before nodding.

"Let's do it brat." He said before launching into the sky at the beast.

Satoshi was hanging onto this life if he shocked the beast not only would they both go down but he would mostly die from such a height even if he reinforced his body with chakra. He would still be crippled for life. He groaned loudly gripping his blade as the beast went faster and faster. His gripped started to slip causing him to grit his teeth as he pushed chakra to the handle of the blade holding on tightly. He then noticed a huge plume of smoke before noticing a large toad with the jinchuuriki on top causing him to smirk. The smirk faltered as the banished shinobi and the summon were launched coming at them at high speeds. The raven haired teen noticed the timing and pushed himself off pulling his tri-edged blade out causing the beast to roar in pain as he kicked himself off landing on the head of the toad.

Gamabunta grunted as the teen made his way onto his head.

"Easy now gaki" warned the boss and he took a huff of his pipe slowly inhaling the stuff. He narrowed his eyes at the hulk like mutated human.

"I can't help you with this battle much longer gaki. If I do I will not only cause destruction amongst the town but there could be some civilian death. I could launch you but that's about it." Naruto nodded along with Satoshi.

"Exactly how are you gonna launch me?" asked the demon container as he saw the beast floating there with a smug look on his face. Satoshi ran through the exact same hand seals Naruto had ran through before slamming his palm down onto the back of the toad boss a mildly large plume of smoke taking place. Once the smoke cleared there was a majestic bird that seemed to be caught on flame. It was the size of a small building. Its flames were a dark red with a tint of orange. Its eyes were slitted like a reptile. It let out a large squawk before turning his head to its summoner bowing its head before the teen nodded petting the bird in acknowledgement.

"I got it Bunta-san. Just make sure he reaches the target" Satoshi said getting a grunt from the famed summon. He turned towards Naruto and slowly reached into the pocket of his trench coat pulling out a seal that had the emblem on the back of his trench coat before slapping it onto the palm of the blond who looked at him with a confused look before looking down at the paper and noticed it had sank into his skin.

"Just do everything like you normally would that will take care of the rest." Satoshi said pointing at the kanji upon his hand before hopping on the back of the bird before heading towards the tyrant. The bird let a mighty squawk before flying at high speeds at the beast that flapped his wings blowing out blades of wind at the summoner and his summon who dodged with minimum effort. Naruto summoned a clone to preform the rasengan once more. The exile then noticed something different in the famed jutsu as he continued to process the attack. He looked down at his palm and noticed the pink energy that surrounded the cloak of his comrade was now in the sphere of chakra. It had a warm feeling to it. Bunta slowly wrapped his tongue around the boy carefully not to touch the orb of energy. With a quick flick of his tongue he launched the boy sending a small amount of nature chakra along with the orb causing the orb to grow large which didn't go unnoticed by the prankster. He grinned as he went soaring towards the corrupt individual. As soon as he was launched from the toad the dispersed dismissing itself for the last time.

Satoshi was keeping the thing at bay. Closing in on him sending a barrage of kicks and punches as he jumped off his summon. The man blocked with minimal effort before lashing back out at him. Satoshi quickly pulled out his tri-edged blade blocking it before pushing himself off landing on the summon once more. His summon sped at the man once more who thrusted his arm out causing the bird to turn on it's side nearly knocking the blade wielder off if it wasn't for the chakra that he placed to stay upon the bird. They then turned right side up once more the teen with a small pant wiping the sweat off his brow.

"That was close wasn't it girl?" he asked as he sat upon the bird criss cross apple sauce style. The bird let out a squawk of confirmation causing the summoner to laugh.

"Our job is done. Now he's just gotta finish it." Satoshi said as he pointed behind the deformed man. The beast's eyes open wide as possible as it turned around only for the blue and pink orb to be slammed into his abdomen once more. The attack grinding into the hard flesh tearing it open slowly like a grinder going at it with meat. The beast let loose a silent scream unable to scream to due so much pain. The pink streams of energy slowly crawled all over his body before the hue of the streams changed to a dark red. The beast slowly descended down to the earth sliding across the earth's surface as the energy slowly steamed changing his form once more as he collided against the hard surface.

Naruto was falling down as well barely holding himself up as well due to the amount of chakra he placed into the attack. The remaining of the strange chakra from his ex boss summon was the only thing keeping his body from shutting down. He slowly closed his eyes a small smile slipping upon his face as gravity pulled him down. Satoshi ordered the majestic bird to save him quick as possible. They honed in on the blond as he slowly made his way to the ground landing in the arms of the phoenix summoner. Naruto slowly opened his eyes and grinned slightly.

"Kansen Rasengan success." With that he slowly fell unconscious in the teen's hand. He smiled before dropping him causing him to groan and the bird to squawk. The demon container growling before glaring at him.

"Sorry kinda looked gay." Stated Satoshi. They gave each other a blank stare before bursting out laughing. As soon as they calmed down the two hopped off the bird who turned its head at the summoner who gave her a blank stare before reaching into his pocket

"Geez you birds and your damn obsessions." He said before tossing the majestic bird a clear kunai that seemed to be made of crystals. The bird rubbed his head against the summoner cawing indicating its happiness before it took the kunai and dispersing.

"Let's go check out the baddie now blondie" Satoshi said as they made their way to the business that seemed to be smoking all over his body. They made their way over there and noticed he was reverted back to his human form. But unlike his normal self he was now skinny and old. He was all bones and sag all over. Naruto stared in disgust barely holding himself up as he leaned against the pillar. The red streams were still over his body they slowly gathered at the focal point which seemed to be on the back of his neck. A small insignia which seemed to be the same as the one from the cloak of Satoshi's and the one on Naruto's palm. It glew a bright red before it stopped.

"Who knew so much trouble could be caused by a civilian?" questioned Naruto as he looked on observing the now aged man. He was about to make his towards the wrinkly old adversary of theirs before a pair of blades decapitated the man on the floor causing the two to go on guard. Pulling both of their weapons out. The blood was gushing out of the corpse like a fountain spraying it all over grounds along with their shoes. Naruto and Satoshi watched in curiosity as a pair of children stepped out causing Satoshi to groan.

"Fuck…I forgot bout these two." Satoshi said to himself.

"What do you mean you forgot? How the hell do you forget two tiny killers that could've killed us at any moment?" retorted the blond.

Satoshi shrugged. "Guess it slipped my mind?"

"Guess my blade is gonna slip into your face!" said the blond in annoyance. The twins let out a hearty chuckle as they sealed the head into a seal storage containment. They noticed the two were still arguing and sweat dropped. The then threw the blade down right in front of both of them causing them to get back on guard.

"Calm down. Both of you. We're not here to kill you. " stated Mi as she stared at them hand on her hips her goldenrod eyes striking into daze. Satoshi shook off his stupor along with Naruto.

"Geez kids growing up way too early now a days" mumbled Satoshi who had a light blush among his face as he stared away.

"How do we know your not lying?" asked Naruto as he looked upon the young female with narrowed eyes.

"This is how" stated the green haired warrior as he pulled out a scroll throwing it too the taller male who caught it. Satoshi unsealed the scroll and proceeded to read the scroll his eyes widening slightly as he read on. He slowly sealed the scroll back before tossing it to the female twin who strapped it to her scroll carrier. Naruto pouted wanting to read the scroll to which caused the ANBU to giggle slightly.

"I wanted to read that!" he said with a pout on his face

"Too bad." Said Satoshi not paying him any mind.

"So Ebony and Ivory are just undercover under the orders of the Mizukage to capture this crime lord huh?" stated the summoner who got two nods in return.

"I guess our job here is done" stated Satoshi.

"Done? That's it?" asked the fox container. Satoshi nodded before turning back towards the twin ANBU as he nodded to the twin who vanished in a second.

"I have a feeling that won't be last time we will see them."Satoshi said as he walked towards the town. He didn't have the chance since his partner fell unconscious. Satoshi quickly ran to him catching him before he hit the ground. He checked his temperate and noticed he had been exhausted of all of his chakra. The only thing he could do now was rest. The last thing the blond saw was the teen placing him on his back carrying him out of the temple.

Two Hours Later

It had been two hours since the fall of the deranged crime lord and the city was once more celebrating and thanking the shinobi who helped them and their original hero who had once yet showed them that heroes did exist. They were now in Tsunami's empty manor as she seemed to be helping the town repair along with her father and child. Cira seemed to have been quiet ever since the attack. Her eyes on the form of the young blond.

"Cira… what happened back there?" asked the cloaking wearing teen concerned about his new comrade and friend. She stared in silence her knee curled up her arms wrapped around her knees. She continued to stare in silence as the blonde's chest heaved up and down slowly. Satoshi sighed before looking at the blond as well who groggily made his way up the two making their way near his side. He slowly pulled his way up using their shoulders. They both stared at him as he made his way to the bathroom closing the door behind him. They nearly face planted when they heard his piss making contact with the water. As soon as he made his way into the room Satoshi looked upon the two and slowly preformed the silencing seal to which four kanji's appeared on each wall of the room keeping sound from entering and leaving the room.

"It's time we learn about each other" Stated Satoshi with a serious tone to which the two looked at each other. Cira fidgeted a bit as she looked at her feet uncomfortably. Satoshi sighed running his hand through his hair Naruto looking at the girl with unease as well.

"We may be comrades but the fact that we don't know anything about each other may cause the death of us in the future." Satoshi said once more staring at the girl. She looked up at them before letting out a soft sigh.

"I guess your right." She said as she hugged her knees tighter.

"Don't worry. Everyone will tell their story" Satoshi reassured her. To which Naruto looked at Satoshi with wide eyes.

"So we finally get to know bout your past too huh?" he said to which Satoshi nodded bitterly.

"I guess I'll go first and break the ice" stated the blond and so he began telling his story about how he was born unto the night of the mighty demon Kyuubi and how the Yondaime didn't kill it and sealed it into him causing the boy nothing but pain and sorrow for his entire life. He explained how he tried to become Hokage to gain the respects of the civilians. He told them from the genin exams to his banishments. He then slowly took a deep breath before sitting down.

"And that's me." Said the blonde his eyes darting over the girl who had her bang over her eyes before she looked up tears nearly pouring out of her eyes as she tackled the blonde hugging him tightly. Satoshi nodded before giving the girl some time to recover from the sob story. She slowly wiped her tears away before looking up at the young teen. No child should've have endured the harsh childhood like his. She caressed her cheek before delivering a peck amongst his whiskered cheek causing the teen to turn a rosy color.

"I'm sorry you had to endure that alone." She said before fixing her clothes.

"My name is Cira and I'm from the village of Eclipse and I will tell you about my past." With a big sigh she started


Cira slowly made her way into conscious. She looked around and noticed four white walls and sighed looking over to her side noticed needles and such by her side. It was clear to her. She was in the hospital. God how did she end up here. She slowly made her way up and felt a small pain in her head flashes of her home along with her dead aunt along with her mom and sister on the ground. She gripped her head in pain before tears started forming in her eyes once more.

"Kaa-san… Onee-chan…" she whispered out before tear slowly flowed freely from her eyes. She sniffled slightly before slowly becoming stiff as she felt a rough pair of hands on her shoulder pulling her closer to her embracing her into hug before he pulled away wiping her tears away from her tears. She looked up at the figure and noticed they were wearing a white robe along with a dark orange square cap a small portion of the hat being white. In the white space was the kanji for Eclipse. Cira stared at the figure before her under the robe seemed to be a male. From the way he looked he seemed in his mid thirties. He slowly reached for his cap taking it off revealing his aquatic blue mess that people called hair. He had amber eyes and stood at 6'1. This was the Shokukage.

He slowly wiped her tears away once more before smiling softly.

"I'm sorry for your lost…"he said in a soft voice. She sniffled once more.

"Your mother and sister wouldn't want you to cry." He said causing her to stiffen slightly. She knew this was true. Her mom and sister would've frowned upon her if they saw her in this condition. The Shokukage smirked seeing her reaction and ruffled her hair.

"Doctor's said you would be ok once you got some rest. You got a mind evaluation do go to later to see if your ok." Stated the aquatic haired kage. The teen nodded and stared out the window to her clan compound once more. She clenched her fist in anger.

"I swear I will find out who did this and I will make them pay" she stated to herself. The kage sighed before sitting next to her grasping her hand in his. He looked at her straight in her eyes a look of seriousness. His eyes showed pain, uncertainty, and so many other conflicting emotions that ninja were told to conceal.

"I know who did it." Her heart stopped. She looked at him as he paused for a moment. She jumped out of bed and grabbed him by the shoulders shaking him.

"Who did it?" she practically screamed. He grabbed her by the wrist stopping her from shaking him and sighed.

"Apparently news of your special condition has reached word in the black market." Stated the kage looking back at the girl once more who eyes widened in fear. "Atsushi a crime lord wanted that power in his grasp and apparently went a far way to get it. He somehow slipped into the village due to a traitor who is now being interrogated as we speak. Atsushi has a cruel method of getting information from people." Said the kage before he closed his eyes. The memory of the mother and child burned in his memory.

"He wanted your power. He wanted you under his control. Though that isn't going to happen." He told her in a strong tone making her look up at him.

"They protected you and I will do the same. It's all I can do for her anyways…after all you are my niece" He said with a bitter smile trying to cover up the tears with the robed cap shielding his eyes away from her. She smiled brightly even though he wasn't looking he knew. He walked toward the door before stopping at the exit looking over his shoulder.

"Get some sleep after your evaluation your going to get some serious training. After all we can't have all these people try and claim my only living family member now can I?" he said with a grin upon his face. She grinned as well before waving at him.

"Bye oji-san!" she smiled brightly clenching her fist staring out the window the sun shining brightly she slowly raised her hand up to the sun before clenching it.

"I swear I will avenge the both of you. If it's the last thing I do." She said in determination. Outside the door her uncle smiled once more as he walked away.

Flashback End

"After receiving years of training I was determined and knew I could take him down or so I thought" she said with a small smile. The two male shinobi looked on in sorrow.

"Even though I didn't kill him I knew I had teammates I could rely on. I'm sure my mom and sister are in peace now that thing is gone. Even though you took the kill" she said brightly emphasizing the last sentence at the blond who sweated a bit before backing away from her. The two shinobi looked at the remaining shinobi who hasn't shared his story yet. His eyes were glazed as he stared at the wooden floor memories resurfacing. The ex-Konoha nin slowly placed his hands on the shoulder his comrade shaking him out of his thoughts.

"Are you ok?" asked Cira looking concerned.

"Yeah I'm going to be fine. Just thinking of the past." He said in a low tone.

"You don't have to tell us about your past if you don't want" Naruto said voicing his concern.

Satoshi shook his head. "No I will."

"Good cause I wanted to hear about your past" Naruto grinning sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. Satoshi sighed as he laid down how back on the wooden floor staring up at the ceiling.

"It all started like this…"


It was a dark and gloomy day in Kagegakure as the young teen made his way back from the mission. It was another retrieval mission and there was nothing out of the ordinary just the usual boring day. His two teammates were beside him doing the same thing they did everyday. Nozomi the purple haired kunoichi was ogling and trying to seduce Takashi the ninja samurai who ignored her playing around with his blade. He looked behind himself a bit and noticed his blue haired sensei listening to his music as usual rocking his head back and forth slowly. He sighed softly looking up at the grey clouds and thought back. To think it had been a year since they have formed. So much had happened in the year. He let a small smile slip onto his face before tripping over a rock. Stumbling slightly bumping into random civilian who cursed at him.

"Sorry" he said sheepishly helping them pick up the remaining of their groceries. He turned to his teammates and noticed Nozomi scowling slightly along with the samurai who had his blade upon his shoulder. He stared up at his sensei who was using his hand to cover his mouth to keep him from laughing. Satoshi gave his two teammates a deadpanned stare before looking at his sensei an annoyed look.

"What you guys haven't seen a person trip before?" with that the two comrades turned away and went back to the usual mumbling stuff about him from here to there.

"And don't make me tell your girlfriend about that." Satoshi said as he reared up behind the jounin who stopped nearly tripping before walking forward at a faster pace. Satoshi smirked and continued forward right behind his team. He stared at samurai wannabe and frowned slightly. They haven't cooperated once bit during the year. Sure he may have been the guy's teammate but it didn't mean he had to like him. All he did was try to take the glory. Though they haven't cooperated and still hated each other's guts they learned to stand each other more and try not to get in each others way unless necessary.

There was his sensei as well. They hit if off real good after the real test. He took him to a restaurant where the jounin had introduced the raven haired teen his current favorite food. They had a bond none could break. Unless you counted Kichiro's girlfriend but that was a story for another time. They were like brothers. Not only was he a good sensei but he was a good role model as well. He has taught Satoshi many things that he had not known.

Then last but not least was Nozomi. He despised her the most. At first she was a nice girl till her got to know her. She was a major flirt and played with many hearts of the village including his. She was madly obsessed with the self proclaimed greatest samurai. Though in all perspectives Satoshi thought the Miyahara was gay from the start seeing as how he turned down all the girls that asked him out. Satoshi placed a hand on his chin.

"Could be…" he mumbled to himself as they reached the center of the village.

Kichiro turned towards them and motioned them forward. "Since we're done with this mission I plan on turning in this report. You guys can take it easy now. Go have some fun. Get laid. Something." He said getting a blush from Takashi and a scream from Nozomi who called him a pervert.

"Coming from a girl who hits on every guy she sees." Said Satoshi to which Nozomi turned around glaring at him.

"What was that?" she said in a sickly sweet tone.

"You know… I think Kichi-sensei is calling me!" he said before speeding off trying to catch up to Kichiro. During that time Takashi took this moment to walk away from his teammates and shook his head.

"Fools." He said as he made his way to the training grounds. Satoshi slowly made his way behind Kichiro who had one headphone in his ear while the other was hanging from his neck. He slowly crept up upon the jounin or tried.

"Stop trying" Kichiro said with a smirk marred upon his features. Satoshi groaned as he made his way in front of the jounin walking backwards talking to the older male.

"I can never get you can I?" said Satoshi who grinned Kichiro who shook his head returning the grin.

"I'll meet you there." Satoshi said before sprinting off towards the kage's office. The navy haired jounin nodded and placed the headphones back on slowly taking his time as he made his way to the kage's office. Satoshi sped up the stairway making his way to the kage's office making sure not to hit anyone as he made his way. He slowly crept passed the secretary who was busy with a chunnin. He smirked.

'We all know who's getting laid tonight' he thought to himself. He was about to go inside until he noticed the kage was talking with a chunnin who was supposedly ran the border control slowly decreasing his chakra levels he placed his ears against the door ease dropping on in the conversation.

"Sir there has been a report of a female from Hoshigakure." Stated the chunnin as he bowed in the presence of the village leader. The leader motion his head and the chunnin stood before filling in the report.

"It seems that kunoichi has been reported deceased. We have a team of shinobi out there along with a medic who is working their hardest to keep her alive." The kage took in a breathe of air and looked at the chunnin with no emotions in his eyes.

"Confirmation of Identity and location?" asked the shadow.

"Hai. It seems it is the sixteen year old ambassador. Matsuki Miharu. Near the border of fire country." this caught the attention of young shinobi who's breath hitched hearing this his heart seemed to stop. He slowly back up against the wall his hands shaking before he ran out of the building making his way to the border of Konoha. As he made his way there he ran into Kichiro paying him no mind as he made his way to the girl. Kichiro looked on in confusion making his way to the kage. As soon as he arrived he noticed the man pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Send out a retrieval team and retrieve the body of the Matsuki Miharu as well as genin Kazama Satoshi." Kichiro nodded throwing his file report onto the desk trying to catch up with his student. By the time he had reached the village Satoshi was far from his sight. Satoshi had summon his personal summon to help him reach his destination quicker. He reached his point in half an hour finding the team and medic the chunnin was talking about he hopped off startling the group of shinobi.

"Who are you and why are you here" they asked. He ignored them and went straight for the girl. There was Matsuki Miharu on the ground her long blonde hair all over the ground along with parts of her white kimono her dull silver eyes barely open. On the kimono of the ambassador was a yellow ribbon tied at the waist of the kunoichi. To summarize it she had the features of an angel. It would've helped if there hadn't been a small trail of blood on the dripping down. The med nin seeing the pain in the eyes of young boy stepped away letting him have her time with her.

"She only has a few moments son…" replied the medic as he stood up.

Satoshi nodded slowly holding her in his arms. She seemed so at peace. She slowly turned her head towards the raven haired teen squinting slightly with a smile. That only pained the boy more as she slowly reached up her cold hand slowly against the cheek of the boy. His spiky hair was now matted down due to the rain that had started to pour not to long ago. He slowly placed his hand on her other hand.

"Is that you Satoshi…?" she asked in a weak voice her life slowly fading.

"Hai. Mi-chan its me." he said trying to smile trying to keep his tears at bay. She continued to smile and slowly brushed a piece of his dampened hair out of his eyes.

"Satoshi-kun… it seems like it's my time…" she said her eyes slowly closing Satoshi who couldn't hold in his tears anymore let it flow freely mixing in with the rain. The remaining shinobi looked at the couple with sorrow and pain hanging their head low. She let the smile slowly stay upon her face as she slowly traced her fingers over his lips and her other hand weakly entwined with his.

"I will always be there for you Sato-kun… I love you…" she said slowly as the light from her eyes slowly faded the smile remaining on her face. Satoshi sobbed even harder as he heard those words escape from her lips. He slowly placed her down shutting her eye lids before her slowly pulled his hand away from hers slowly kissing her upon her forehead his tears still flowing.

"I love you too Miharu" he whispered as he slowly got up. Just as he finished a four pair of shinobi landed in front of them. They seemed to be rogue ninja's cornered the group. Apparently the shinobi of Kagegakure were calm as possible. If only Satoshi had been the same.

"Hand us the girl." Stated the leader in a monotone. Satoshi had snapped hearing those words come from their mouth. It had seemed that these people were the ones that had attacked the shinobi's lover. With that a huge amount of white chakra exploded from the boy blowing away his comrades and blinded the rogue ninja's. If only he had seen the hiate with a star symbol that was strapped to their waist.

Flashback End

"Apparently I don't remember anything that happened after that. I woke up two days later cuffed in a cell and was told I was gonna be banished. Seems like I killed those guys except they were the bad guys like I thought they were. They were just a retrieval team sent to pick up her body." He said laughing bitterly as he sat up looking at them. They stared at him with multiple expressions.

Naruto seemed to be staring at him in awe, shock, and was that jealously? He shook it off and looked over at Cira she seemed to be sporting a look of sadness, sorrow, guilt, and so many other expressions. Satoshi just laughed it and took out another scroll unsealing a bottle of sake in a bucket of cold ice.

"Sealing is good for so many things. No matter what you seal it will stay as fresh as the same day you seal them." Satoshi stated as a matter of fact as he poured them in their respective cups.

"Enough of this sad shit it's not us. We just won a battle against some freak, saved a town, and kicked ass and took names! Hell the whole town is partying I say we should too!" he said grinning.

"Damn straight! But…" said Naruto who closed his eyes and played with his fingers in the same way Hinata did.

"But what?" asked Satoshi.

"I'm under aged." He said which caused everyone in the room to stop what they were doing. Before the other two burst out laughing causing confusion to the jinchuuriki.

"What's so funny?" he said as he stood up pointing his fingers at the two. The two were still laughing hard tears forming holding there sides causing the blonde to fume more before they slowly stopped laughing. Satoshi wiped a tear from his eyes where as Cira held her side as it hurt from her laughing.

"If your shinobi rules don't matter to you. As shinobi's we break rules kid we don't follow them. Get it?" Satoshi said chuckling. Cira giggled at the young shinobi who flushed. Naruto picked up the glass of sake and slowly raised it to the air like he saw in movies.

"To world peace!" he exclaimed with a small grin on his face. Satoshi smirked and complied raising his glass as well. Cira following their suit rose her glass as well.

"To world peace." They said before they downed their drinks. Naruto being the first time drinking it felt the burning sensation in the back of his throat. As soon as he swallowed it he started coughing violently tears forming.

"Whoa that shit burns!" he exclaimed. With that they continued to drink on through the night. Cira being the light weight she was got tipsy and sat in Naruto's lap trying to kiss him only for him to pull away blushing heavily as Satoshi watched in amusement. Satoshi stared out the window and noticed the town partying as well before he turned his attention to the other two only to find them falling on top of him. Drinks flying in the air before it fell upon his head the three of them looking at each other before bursting out laughing.

The Next Day

The blond groggily woke up a small headache as he looked around. He noticed the place was trashed. Drinks were all over the floor. Pillows were ripped up and feathers seemed to be in every spot of the room. He noticed Satoshi was sleeping on the couch with his arm dangling from the couch face down in shorts and a white t-shirt that seemed to have stains of sake all over them. He slowly tried to get up only to notice a weight upon his chest and noticed it was Cira. He blushed heavily and slowly looked for an item to replace him with so she would wake up. As soon as he replaced himself with the human sized pillow he smelled himself and noticed he smelled like booze.

"Shit I need to take a shower." With that the blond made his way to the bathroom taking his clothes off as he did so. He slowly closed the door forgetting to lock it.

Satoshi slowly made his way up groaning loudly rubbing his head.

"Damn hangover… feels like my head is gonna be fucking split open." He slowly fell off the couch lazily pushing himself up eyes still closed as he made his way to the bathroom. He opened the door and grabbed his toothbrush brushing his teeth before he turned around and noticed the blond naked before turning around brushing his teeth once more before his eyes opened wide Naruto screaming out as Satoshi made his way out the room stumbling. Naruto slammed the door closed and locked it mumbling bout gay people. Satoshi turned towards Cira and noticed the brunette was still asleep through all that.

"Geez she's a heavy sleeper." And with that she woke up. Satoshi groaned and noticed she was in nothing but her shirt and panties and she screamed out pervert before smacking him across his face.

"Not a good way to start your morning." He said as he held his cheek.

Twenty Minutes Later

After restocking on supplies and eating they were now headed towards the exit. The entire town had followed them wanting to send them off. Most of the children were talking and playing with Cira who was smiling and telling them stuff that the blonde couldn't hear. Naruto turned his head and noticed Satoshi talking to a few females around his age and some other male civilians who were questioning his attire. Naruto chuckled and then turned around noticing a swarm of girls with shirts with his face and signs all around him. He paled slightly before backing up running away as the horde of fan girls chased him. The males had to keep the horde under control as they reached the bridge.

"Well it's seems like were off." Stated Satoshi as he fixed his cloak. He smiled at the town.

"Are you sure you have to leave so soon?" asked Inari who stepped out from the crowd saying what many of the villagers wanted to say. Naruto nodded telling them if they stayed not only would they put the city at risk once more but they wouldn't be able to help any other countries and other people in need of their help. Cira smiled and bent down hugging many of the children of the village they were pouting and crying begging her not to leave.

"Well next time were near this place we promise we'll stop by" Naruto said with a foxy grinning causing most of the females in the general area of all ages to blush. With that he and his teammates slowly walked away leaving the town once more. Naruto and Cira were turned waving at the crowd where as Satoshi just raised his hand indicating his wave. As the town watched in the distance Tazuna stepped out from the crowd.

"That gaki not only saved us once but twice along with his new friends. I say they seem destined for great things especially the gaki." He said with a grin many of them nodding in agreement.

"Tomorrow we will build a monument in their name!" Tazuna exclaimed which brought a roar of cheers. Naruto and the gang had a grin upon their face as they walked down the boulevard of tree's leaves falling from the tree littering the dirt road.

Down the Street

There was a female sitting upon the branch of a tree. Her long brown hair flowing with the wind as a small gust of wind blew in her direction. She wore a short black kimono style dress which was shoulder less revealing some of her cleavage showing off her c cup breast. She also had a blue ribbon tied around her waist. She was also apparently wearing fish net tights that come down to her knees, along with long ninja zori. The sexy kunoichi had piercing blue eyes that seemed as if she was staring straight through your soul. If closely inspected she had the kanji for spirit on her right hand.

Then below her stood another shinobi. He also had brown hair that covers both of his eyes. He wore a black leather jacket with no shirt underneath revealing his well toned body but upon his body seemed to be a long and deep scar that end across his left shoulder down to right hip. His had a pair of black pant that seemed to go all the way down at his shin stopping there as the bandages covered the remaining down the rest of the bandages covered by black ninja zori. He wore a long scar that hung from his left shoulder to his right hip slowly swaying in the wind.

"Come on Kagura, this is boring. I don't see why the hell we have to stand out here anyway..." complained the scarf wearing teen.

The now named Kagura looked out into the road with a cold empty stare her voice just as cold as her eyes. "Father commands it Makoto. You heard him yourself."

"Yea but what I don't get is why he commands it." Said Makoto before glancing upwards at the beautiful kunoichi.

"Hey! Nice panties! Your wearing the black ones! My favorite." Commented the scarf wearer as he grinned supporting a small blush. The female brunette hopped down from the branch she was sitting upon glaring daggers at the teen before she walked and left him.

"Damn, what's up with her?" He said to himself as he leaned his back against the tree before he heard a group of people heading in his direction. He noticed the female and smirks throwing a kunai in the direction of the people. The kunai knicked against the skin of Cira causing her to yelp in pain. Naruto and Satoshi stopped and turned their attention towards her noticing the cut on her arm.

Satoshi groaned before running his hand through his hair "Man… an attack on us all ready… I'm still hung over from last night"

Makoto slowly focused his chakra into the soles of his feet running up the tree as quick and silent as possible before kicking off the tree. He reached into his pouch and pulled out a paper tag. He slowly soared over the group before dropping the piece of paper as it slowly floated on down. Makoto slowly landing in the other tree across from the one where he was before. He smirked as the three failed to notice the paper made it's way to the ground.

"This makes up for you three being so lame" he said slowly forming the ram seal.

"What the hell do you think is going on? One of Atsushi's guards after us?" asked Naruto as he pulled out his kunai in a defense position.

"Hell if I know but I'm sure as hell it ain't Atsushi's men. We slaughtered them." Replied Satoshi as he got into a defense position as well. Makoto then sent a pulse of chakra activating the seal causing the exploding tag to go off sending the group flying. The scarf wearer now leapt from his position noticing the damage he had done and turned his attention to the group. It appeared they were all battered and bruised. Satoshi slowly pushed himself off the ground dizzily. His head was spinning. He slowly turned around to find a foot heading in his direction. He couldn't dodge there was no time. So he did the only thing he could do. He stood his ground. Makoto slammed his foot into the raven haired shinobi's face sending him flying once more.

"Fucking weak." He said with a sneer. In a gust of wind Kagura appeared next to the rash shinobi.

The fishnet wearing kunoichi scolded at Makoto. "What have you done this time? I thought father told you to stay-" she stopped her speech as she saw Satoshi and the blood leaking down his face as he slowly made his way up once more along with Naruto and Cira.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. You want me to go back." He said already full knowing what she was going to say smacking her ass before walking ahead of her. Kagura caught glance at Satoshi for a split second before she followed her comrade. Satoshi slowly made his way up helping Naruto and Cira up.

"Who were those guys" asked Cira.

"I don't know…" said Satoshi as he stared of into the distance at there they once were. Trying to clean off the remaining of the blood on his face.

"…but we're going to find out" Naruto said finished the sentence for the phoenix summoner as they sprinted to catch up with the two shinobi they had just encountered. As they ran to catch up with the rest Satoshi grabbed his head the bleeding stopped.

"You know what?" Satoshi asked them both.

"What?" they both replied.

"My hangover is gone" with that they laughed a bit. Just as they caught up with two they noticed they were heading in the direction of Ame. Satoshi frowned at this picking up his speed leaving them behind.

"Catch up with me I'll stall them" with that he disappeared in a burst of speed appearing right in front of the shinobi.

"I guess the weakling does have some talent after all." Said Makoto impressed at the speed. Satoshi ignored him and tried to stall them.

"Who are you and why did you attack us?" Satoshi demanded.

"Wouldn't you like to know" Makoto replied smartly as Kagura stood there staring at the raven haired teen. Just as the other two shinobi caught up Kagura looked over her shoulder with an empty stare.

"I guess it's only fair if we tell you since your coming with us."

"Coming with you? Wha-" the jinchuuriki was interrupted as she held up her hand silencing him.

"Father demanded to see that you three make it to Ame safely. He would like to meet with you" the blue eyed brunette pointed at the blonde.

Ninja Harigane Hitoya – Ninja Wire Prison - Self Explanatory

Shokugakure – Village Hidden by the Eclipse – A really rough translation since I couldn't find anything but solar and lunar eclipse.

Shippuu Bakuha – Hurricane Blast. - Focus chakra and wind into the blade at a focal point before sending out a wave of gust hitting the opponent up close sending them flying the winds cutting a your tissues and muscles.

Kansen Rasengan – Infectious Spiraling Ball. - Like the name states the jutsu like the original jutsu has the contents of Satoshi's cloak that seems to not only drain the user of all their chakra but their life force as well.

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