Set pre-GOF.

Ginny was shopping for clothes with her mother, and Mr. Weasley was at work.

And Hermione Jane Granger was mad. Correction: She was furious.

Bill Weasley was an arrogant prat. Not two minutes ago he'd been laughing at her. "You're a bossy swot, you know that. That's why Ron hasn't asked you out yet," Bill said laughing. Of course, he'd had a lot of firewhiskey by then.

The worst part of it all was that Ron, Fred, George, and even Percy had laughed with him. Charlie just shook his head and got himself another butterbeer.

Hermione wasn't the smartest witch of her age for no reason, however. "Well, as you all seem to think that you're amusing…Let me explain to you why none of you have girlfriends."

She turned to Ron. "You have the emotional range of a teaspoon."

"George, you are the boring twin."

"You are immature and foolish," she said to Fred.

She was now glaring at Percy. "You are - simply put - a prat."

"And you, Bill Weasley, are shallow and vain!"

She turned to walk away. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

"So what's Charlie, then?" Bill asked, just like she knew he would.

"Oh…Charlie…Why...he's the sexy one!" she stated matter-of-factly. With that, she marched over to Charlie pecked him on the cheek, and calmly went upstairs.

"B-but I'm the sexy one," Bill said.

"And it's comments like that that are why you'll never get a girlfriend!" Hermione yelled from upstairs.

Charlie took a long swig from his butterbeer, and grinned goofily. He always knew that someday a girl would look at him, the quiet one, and think that his brothers paled in comparison. 'Two and a half years,' he thought. He could wait. After all, he had the patience to go with his quiet nature.

As he stood to go upstairs, he looked down at Bill, who was pouting.

"You do realize that you proved her point for her. And you know what…just 'cause she's unattainable doesn't mean that she's unwanted. She may not flaunt herself like the birds that throw themselves at you, but she out-classes every last girl in the Tower. Mark my words, she's the Gryffindor Princess, and she doesn't need to do a damn thing to prove it. She. Just. Is."

That said, Charlie went upstairs to warn Hermione. "Two and a half years, Princess. Then I'll be knocking on your door and you'd better be ready, 'cause I won't stop chasing 'til I catch you. I am, after all, a Seeker." He pecked her on the cheek, and went into his room whistling softly.

She smiled, touching her cheek. She could wait. She always knew that someday someone would look at her and think that she was worth more than the girls that threw themselves at any male that breathed.

"Definitely the sexy one," she murmured, thinking about a pair of blue eyes and a broad grin.