Author's Note: 3rd Story to date! - What a feat...! I've been working on this ever since I finished my second story... I hope people just find it. Oh yeah, Damion is the rival in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You can name him anything, but the official names are Barry, Jun, and Damion. I just happen to like Damion better. Call him anything you want. I have a fetish with him. T-T Enjoy Chapter 1 of Sweet, Hasty Dreams! (Edit): Due to circumstances, I'll be changing Damion's name to Barry. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own any Pokemon characters, places, or plot lines. I just love Pokemon. This is where I put something whitty and smart that makes readers laugh, but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to tell you where the title comes from. Let's just say, it's the name of my Porygon-Z. That little thing is just so... funny looking so I thought about it being the comic relief of my team. Too bad the maximum letter count in DP is 10. So I thought about it being the sorrows of Defense Walls unable to guard against Special Attacks. And thus, ComicGrief was born...

Sweet, Hasty Dreams

Chapter 1


"I'm sorry for making you trudge through the rain, Howl…" The taller vine monster just chuckled humbly with his deep, deep voice, raising the umbrella held in his hand higher above my hat wrapped head. I smiled, taking the plain colored parasol into my hand, glancing at the blue tarp that protected the vine monster from the pelting icy downpour and at the innocent woven basket in his other hand, overloaded with multicolored fruit, large to small.

"I can take the basket so you don't have to escort me through the rain." The plant shook his head and begun to urge me to continue on the path. Hopping ahead, I gave him a frown before smiling and walking down the path towards home. Reaching a hand out into the downpour, a frigid sensation pulsed through my arm, prompting me to withdraw and wipe the icy water off my paled hand. Poor Howl… I shouldn't let him to be out here, but if I bring up the subject again he'll just shoo me off… With my heavy thoughts, I concentrated on the road before me, the loose black burlap backpack making small clatters and clicks with the help of the various pins and key chains. Click, pap, click, pap… the rhythm of the metal and the rain grinded against my brain, soothing it from the sludge that made my thoughts.

"When we get home, let's make Mato Soup…" I halted and looked at the vine pile of a monster waddling behind me. Widening my eyes, I felt a harsh strike and the icy current of the gale. So fast… a flash of yellow… I felt my body plummet down into some abyss, the icy downpour drenching my clothes and face.

"Howl!" I drowned my eyesight in darkness and braced myself for the worse. It never came. Something long and firm wrapped around my waist, the whiplash causing me to opening my eyes. Howl was ever so high above, pulling me back up the mountain path. Mountain path…! I fell into a shell-shocked, bewildered state, realizing what had just happened. Hey, why does Howl have two vines extended…? Looking to the side, I saw an unconscious boy tangled in the frame of a bike. Widening my eyes, I grabbed Howl's vine, urging him to make haste. We were hoisted up to the path after a grand pull from the obedient Howl, my frame darting towards the abandoned basket.

"Howl, over here." My fingers wrapped around the basket's handle while my figure darted to the shelter of the nearest tree. The vine monster cradled the unconscious boy and his bike to the tree's shelter, dropping him before my kneeling form. Peeling my backpack off, I shifted through the damp items for a first aid kit, buried under the pokemon medicine and miscellaneous items. Looking at the trainer for the first time, I tilted my head. Howl set the boy's bike against the tree and strolled to the berry basket, proceeding to dry off the berries while I scanned the trainer for any injuries. His choppy blond hair distracted me from my task, pleading me to make a glance that could develop into a gaze at his innocent, calm face. However, I ignored the painful impulses and found a long twisting cut on his forearm. Opening the first aid kit and unraveling the dry bandages, I cleaned the blood seeping wound and wrapped it tightly. Sitting back, I replaced the bandages into the kit and tossed it into my damp bag. Now… All to do now is to wait… Glancing at Howl, I smiled at his antics, watching him dry berries with a towel. He smiled back as I turned to the unconscious boy laid by my knees. The soaking downpour darkened his orange and white striped zip up shirt; his green scarf clung to the shirt while his grayish brown slacks clung to his legs. A Poketch was wrapped around his left wrist, a messenger bag clinging to his waist. Looking at his face, I smiled warmly. So innocent… So calm… Jumping in surprise, I stared at the boy who suddenly sat up hastily.

"Whoa, what happened?" A question flew out of his mouth while I blinked for a moment before answering.

"You ran into me and we fell off the path…" The boy snapped his head towards me, a confused expression spreading across his childish face. Those orange eyes…

"Oh, sorry about that!" The boy's apology passed through his lips, and arm reaching back and scratching the back of his head bashfully.

"It's ok… As long as you're alright…" I watched him nod and look around the rainy scenery.

"I should really go n-" The boy was cut off by the low roar of his stomach. A blush of mortification appeared on his face while I chuckled and shifted through my bag.

"You can have some of my jelly buns…" A few pale ivory pastries rested in my offering hands, the boy taking one into his palm. After taking a hesitant sniff, he took a bite of the dun filled with vibrant red jelly. Haban flavored…

"Whoa, this is awesome!" I giggled and dumped the rest of the buns on his lap. No sooner did I abandoned the buns did he start on the next one, dark violet pink. Kasib flavored… It was gone in three bites… He picked up the last bun and quickly ripped off a piece, blue green teal jelly seeping out. Coba and Micle flavored… My favorite… It disappeared before my eyes…

"Thanks! That was really good!" I blinked before answering, the boy leaping to his feet.

"No problem… I made them anyway…" The boy stared at me intently with those wide childish eyes before reclaiming his bike.

"Got to go! Thanks for everything!" I stood and watched the boy zip off into the rain on his bike on the mountain path, my hand reaching out to maybe call him back.

"Wait… I never got… your name…" My voice was drowned out by my own uncertainty. The boy with the choppy blonde hair and innocent orange eyes was too far away to hear my soft, slow voice over the patters of the rain. I frowned, tilting my head before shrugging my uncertainty away and collecting my bag.

"Oh well… Howl, let's go home…" The vine monster that stood nearby nodded obediently as I strapped on my backpack and taking the basket of dry berries.

"Can you keep me dry? Finding that umbrella would be cumbersome…" Howl nodded happily, following me into the rain, shielding the two of us with his blue tarp. A moment of silence swept our voices clean as we walked down the drenched, muddy path, but something popped back into my mind.

"What kind of Mato Soup should we make for dinner? Sour or spicy?"


The Bakery was nice and warm compared to the icy rain… Howl and I stood at the front door, peeling off tarp and shoes respectively. I walked down one of the isles to the front counter, entering the back room behind the register.

"Mom, I'm back." My mother, tall and thin poked her head out from the oven, a wide smile coming to her face.

"Sweetie, welcome home. I'm sorry for making you harvest those berries on such a nasty day." I gave my mother a warm smile, placing the basket of berries on the counter.

"It's ok, as long as I can make Mato Soup for Howl and myself…"

"Of course, honey. But change into new clothes before you do so. You're drenched!" I blinked before pulling at the uncomfortable, stuffy dampness of the sleeves of my purple and yellow striped shirt. Looking down, I spotted mud on the knees my skirt failed to conceal. I gave my mother a nod of acknowledgement and dashed out of the back room.

"Excuse me young lass, can I get this ringed up?" I looked at the old woman standing at the front counter, patiently waiting for someone to attend to her needs.

"Yes, of course. I'm very sorry for not attending to you…" I rushed to the register and examined the baked goods placed on the counter. "Two loaves of bittersweet Nanab Poffin, one loaf of spicy sour Apicot Poffin, and one case of random Pokeblocks; will this be all?"

"Can I make an order for the next day? It's my Purugly's birthday next Thursday."

"Of course. What would you like?"

"Three loaves of Cornn and Magost flavored Poffin, if there's not any trouble."

"Three loaves of Cornn and Magost flavored Poffin for next Thursday comes to fifteen Poke dollars. Thank you for your patronage.

"Oh, you're such a doll!"

"The total comes to eighteen Poke dollars. You can pay your order on the spot like always."

"Ten… thirteen… eighteen! Here lassie!"

"Thank you; Charti will come with your order next Thursday." I carefully placed the products into a plastic bag, holding out the parcel to the elderly woman. She took the bag and said her farewells before disappearing into the rainy night under a red-checkered umbrella. Sighing, I walked through the counter entrance, gliding past the pie and turnover isle, retrieving the muddy grey canvas shoes that sat on the doormat. Retreating to behind the front counter, I opened the door to the stairs leading to our home, quickly proceeding to climb them. Skipping steps, I climbed the ramped staircase, entering the dark hallway of the second floor. My hand reached out into the abyss and flicked on the lights.

"Tangrowth…" I rushed past the first doors on my thin, short legs and winged open the second door on my right. Entering the room, I giggled at the sight before me. Howl was napping on the floor of my room, his body making a puddle in my carpet. Oh, Howl… Laying my shoes down on the doormat, I stepped in front of the vanity mirror on the north side of the room. Removing the red beanie that covered the top of my head and the hair ties keeping my low pigtails together, I shifted my hand in my freed, damp chestnut brown hair. Stroking the damp strands of hair, I frowned at the black collared vest that was zipped over my purple and yellow striped shirt and the green scarf with black ends that clung to my neck. Peeling off the articles of clothing and replacing them with a fresh white tank top, I picked at my red skirt, adorned with buttons and safety pins, peeling it off and jumping in a pair of yellow pajama bottoms. Wiping off the mud from my arms and legs, I pulled at Howl playfully. The large plant woke with a start, a giggle leaving my lips.

"Still want that soup?" I offered a pokeball to the celebrating vine monster. Recalling him to his portable home and tossing the pokeball into my pocket along with the two others, I dashed out of the room and down the staircase, swinging the door open. The aroma of tangy creaminess filled my nose, my figure passing through the front counter. Taking the closed sign that was hidden away at the front door, I hanged it on the transparent door, skipping to the front counter afterwards. Flicking off the lights in the store, I hopped into the back room.

"Hello sweetie. I went ahead and started cooking." A playful pout played on my lips while I raided the pantry in the corner, shifting through baskets of berries and jars of flour and sugar. "So, what kind should we make tonight?"

"Howl wants spicy. I would like to have a hint of sourness. Charti and Starf will eat anything we make for them…" My mother giggled, dipping a ladle into the pot of simmering soup, tasting the red confection.

"Maybe a little more kick, but definitely need some sour." I nodded, poking my head further into the storage cabinet. Hmm… Something mildly sour… Reaching in, I pulled out an Aspear berry from a hidden basket in the middle shelf. Gazing at the hard-skinned berry, I pondered a berry that could give our dinner a kick. Spicy, yet sour… Kneeling to my knees, I plucked a Tanga berry from a nearby basket. Spicy, a little sour, and soft. Smiling I closed the pantry and grabbed the cutting board from behind the sink faucet. I reached into a drawer and pulled out a small cutting knife, placing the cutlery next to the two berries. After washing the berries clean, I took the knife and started peeling the Aspear berry. Gritting my teeth, I used the small tool to make a crack in the peel that started to make the protective barrier crumble. Before long, the flesh of the berry was left unprotected, oozing juice from the pores.

"Oh! We don't want any of that flesh in the soup!" My mother plucked the flesh from the cutting board, squeezing the mildly sour juice from the berry like a lemon. Turning back to the cutting board with knife in hand, I severed the long stem of the Tanga berry. Dicing the flesh and stem, I pushed them to the side so my mother could pop them into the pot. My mother did so after draining the Aspear berry of all juice, stirring before taking a taste.

"Mmm… it's ready. Go set the table." I nodded, placing the cutting board into the sink. Reaching for the cabinets above the stove on the tips of my toes, I pulled open the wooden door, revealing plates and bowls. Pulling out two large bowls and placing them on the counter. I closed the cabinet. Kneeling to my knees, I crawled to reach the cabinet under the sink. Opening the storage space, I pulled out three pokemon bowls and set them next to the two bowls on the counter. I watched my mother pour the Mato Soup into the bowls, taking the two full regular bowls to the table on the western kitchen table. Grabbing two spoons from the drawer, I placed them next to the bowls. My mother set the three pokemon bowls on the floor, my hands digging into my pockets for three pokeballs.

"Ok guys, dinner time." I released the three confined pokemon, two taller monsters and one fluttering insect appearing before me. Howl cheered amongst himself, taking a seat in front of a bowl. Charti hovered to his bowl, his wings making a loud buzzing sound. Starf just leisurely sat before the final bowl, his long tongue starting to drop with drool.

"May we begin?" I nodded in response to my mother's question. My mother and I sat at the table and picked up our spoons, my pokemon beginning to eat hungrily. Dipping my spoon into the bowl, I popped the utensil into my mouth, savoring the tangy, spicy flavor. Mmm… Mato Soup… I hummed a pleasant note, my mother chuckling.

"You never fail to bore me, you know that right?" A confused expression fell upon my face, prompting my mother to laugh some more. "Your father would look at me with that kind of look whenever I pointed out his good traits…"

"Where's dad now? The last I've heard of him was last month…"

"Oh, you know how his work is. The last place he was in was Hoenn, but for all we know he could be in Kanto." I smiled, watching my mother pop a spoonful of soup into her mouth. "I was considering sending a letter to the office so they can track him down…"

"Can you tell him Howl, Charti, Starf, and I miss him and want him to come home?"

"I always do." I popped another spoonful of creamy delicious Mato Soup into my mouth, nodding. I felt a tug at my pajama bottoms, looking down to see Charti motion to his empty bowl. Smiling, I got up, taking his bowl from the floor and headed towards the stove. The giant dragonfly followed with a low buzz as I filled his bowl with more soup. Setting the bowl on the floor, Charti gave a buzz of gratefulness and licked at the creamy confection.

"Lick…" Shifting my gaze to the tall, pink monster, I smiled and took Starf's bowl as well. Filling the pokemon bowl with the ladle, I placed the full bowl in front of the hungry tongue monster. Starf gave me a cheer of thanks and started to gobble down the soup. Too bad the bowl got in the way… Smiling that cheerful smile that always adorned my face, I returned to my seat, shoveling my food slowly into my mouth. It was becoming late and the next day will dawn upon us. There will be Poffin to bake, deliveries to make, and nothing else to make my world shake. I popped my spoon into my mouth, surprised to find nothing coming with it. Looking down into my bowl, I tilted my head with disbelief. It was empty, to my woe. Glancing at my pokemon, their bowls were all but clean. Even Howl's, who eats like a gentleman and as slow and in small quantities as I do…

"May I be excused?" My mother gave me a warm smile.

"Of course dear. Don't worry about the dishes. Think of it as a reward." Nodding, I took my bowl and spoon to the half-full sink. My pokemon handed me their bowls as I put them into the sink. One by one, they left the kitchen to retire to my bedroom, my figure trailing behind, looking back at my mother.

"Night, mom"

"Sweet dreams angel." I gave my mom a final smile before following Starf up the stairs, closing the "front door" behind me. I followed the pink monster into my room, spying Charti steal a pillow off my bed. Not that I minded anyway. Howl curled up in the corner with his blue blanket, finding the corner warm and comforting. Starf sat in the other corner, planning to sleep against the wall, afraid that his tongue and drool may damage any upholstery. Charti was just resting upon the top of the bookcase, snuggling close to the pillow. Releasing a deep sigh, I collapsed onto my bed, savoring the feathery comfort of the cot. The soft pitter-patters of the rain whispered into my ears. I wonder if that boy made it out of the rain all right… Opening my surprisingly closed eyes (How could it get so dark already…?), I looked at my reflection in the vanity across the room. My orange eyes looked dull in the darkness, but striking nevertheless. Those orange eyes…

"Good night guys…" My friends murmured their good nights as I fell upon my bed, my pillow supporting the odd shape that was my head. With my eyes closed and breathing even, I listened to the soft murmurs of the weather. That choppy blonde hair… I can't get him out of my head… He just… stands out… I doubt I'll see him again… So why bother…? But… Burying my face into my pillow, I breathed in the familiar scent of hair products. Those orange eyes seem so much more vibrant and chaotic than mine do… and I never got a name…

Author's Note: There. And you don't even know the main character's name... yet. Don't yell at me for not telling you who's saying what. I've put a lot of clues considering that person talks the same every time words fly out of their mouth. Let's see if anyone can point something odd about the main character and her proneness to look upon life in the point of view of a snail. I hope you enjoyed Chapter 1. Look forward to Chapter 2 of Sweet, Hasty Dreams!

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