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Sweet, Hasty Dreams


Chapter 10

"Howl, be careful with those plants."

"Growth." I giggled, watching Howl gather small plants from the rack and walk inside while balancing a small Pecha berry plant on his head. My orange orbs shined in the dying sun's rays, my hair loose from their usual hairties. With a hose, I washed off the pavement of dirt. The water was ice cold, sending a nice shiver through my bare feet as I paced through the small puddles of water that made the pavement a darker grey. Howl came back out, his arms free of potted plants. He collected the last of the plants in his arms and returned inside. We're almost done here… I turned off the water and wrapped up the hose before wiping my feet, putting on my grey canvas shoes, and standing in front of our little bakery. I gazed up at the upper levels, the window of my room darkened and ghostly empty. My gaze traveled down to the large display windows of the bakery, no light emitting from inside, all the shelves bare and spotless. To think, this will be the last time I'll be gazing upon the house I was born and raised, grew up and learned. I took a deep breath of the sunset air, imagining the sweet smells of fresh Poffin. My eyes were closed and I was lost in the memory of my every day life.

Thud. I groaned in pain, being knocked over by someone I knew so well. I landed on my stomach and he landed across my back. I just smiled and greeted him.

"Hi Barry."

"Hi Cyan." We laughed and stood, the blond before me rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry about that…"

"I've grown to enjoy it more than to feel annoyed…" Barry's cheeks flashed a light pink as he removed his hand from the back of his head.

"Anyways, I was wondering if you were busy…" I tilted my head.

"Hmm…? Well not really I guess…" There was a jingle and I turned my head back to the entrance of the bakery. Howl stood there with his threatening glare, Barry hiding behind me immediately. "Oh Howl, you don't have to put the rack away; just leave it out here. Dad needs to disassemble it." Howl nodded as I held out his pokeball. Recalling him and kissing the surface of his capsule as a sign of my graditude, I turned to the blond that stepped from behind me.

"Is your family doing something special?"

"No, not really. Why do you ask?"

"Well, since your dad is back in town… I'd figure you'd be doing something." I chuckled and shook my head.

"Oh no, we already had a special dinner. That's celebration enough…"
"Well… it just seems weird… The bakery isn't open and it looks pretty empty…"

"Oh, that. We're moving."

"…WHAT?!" I tilted my head in confusion.

"It's not that big of a deal…" Barry looked down, his bangs covering his eyes. "Since dad came home, we saved enough money to get a bigger place for our family—" Barry suddenly looked up and grabbed my shoulders.

"Cyan! There's somewhere I want to take you!"

"W-what? Oh, but it's starting to—" Barry grabbed my hand, my eyes widening. "B-Barry—" He led us into a jog, an aspirated expression on my face. I won't see the end of this, will I?

"B-Barry, where are you taking me…?"

"You'll see when we get there!" With another aspirated sign, I just let the boy drag me along with no struggle. I wonder where he is taking me… The sun was going down… I stared into the folds of Barry's back, a frown etched into my face. I just want to know… I forced my gaze away form Barry's back, finding it tiring me out, and gazed out into the bushes that framed the mountain path. Hmm… This is where one of our berry patches is located. The path branches off to the small clearing around here somewhere… Ah. There it is. I smiled at the sight of the colored berries on trees that stood at the height of an average human through the foliage and trees. It's so comforting to see them…

However, I stopped suddenly, my grip on Barry causing him to slow into a resisted stop. There's… something moving among the trees… Peach colored… like a person dressed in black… No, there's another… right behind the Starf tree… These are thieves…!

"Cyan?" Barry's call went in one ear and out the other. They're stealing our berries… My hand pulled away form Barry's grasp and my instincts just possessed my being to take a step forward in the direction of the berry patch. The sudden movement caused the men to take cover in the foliage, but I knew better. At the foot of a poor stripped tree laid a deep basket overflowing with most of the berries in the patch.

"What are you thieves doing here?" The men came out, their black masked faces glittering with relief.

"`Ey, it's just a little girl."

"Haha, you're right. Hey girly, the grown ups are busy. We'll play with you some other time."

"This berry patch is property of the Little Bakery in Hearthrome. By law, I claim ownership of anything grown on these lands. I will have you arrested for trespassing on private property and attempted theft." The men laughed.

"Hey Joe, let's teach the little girly a lesson she won't forget." With a wicked snicker, the other nodded in agreement. The two began to inch their way towards me, a look of perversion in the gloss of their beady eyes. I didn't flinch though. I wasn't afraid. An arm wrapped around my waist protectively and I looked to my left. Barry stood next to me, an angry glare in his surging orange eyes.

"You won't touch a single hair on her head…" Menace dripped from Barry's voice like venom, but I smiled. Barry…

"Tsk… She has a boyfriend…"

"I guess we have to beat them up, go Ariados!" The one named Joe called out his pokemon in a flash of light, his red and purple hued spider baring his fangs at us threateningly.

"Go Drapion!" The other called out his pokemon, the dark scorpion roaring a sheering thunder into our ears. Barry and I didn't falter through as Barry took out two pokeballs.

"Go Heracross and—"

"Howl let's go!" Barry's Heracross was called out and appeared next to Howl. Barry gave me a look of confusion.


"Let me protect the things I care about, okay?" Barry smiled and muttered something under his breath. I heard the words loud and true although.

"Let me protect the only thing I care about…"

Battle Situation

Barry's Heracross and Cyan's Tangrowth, Howl vs. Thieves' Drapion and Ariados

Battle Begin

"Drapion use—"

"How start with Vine Whip to constrict Drapion." Howl shot out vines immediately, squeezing the dark scorpion in a vicegrip.

"Ariados use Poison Sting!" The red and purple spider shot out a flurry of white poisonous needles.

"Heracross kick up dirt to void those needles!" Heracross stood before Howl and kicked up the earth to create a wall of dirt, absorbing the impact of the poisonous needles.

"Drapion use Fire Fang!" I looked to Barry quickly.

"Order Heracross to prepare for a Megahorn."


"Do you trust me?" Barry hesitated.

"Heracross, get ready to do Megahorn!"

"Howl get Heracross out of there with your vines and hurl him into Drapion!" The wall of dirt created a fog of dust, but Heracross lowered his head, his horn beginning to glow. Howl swept him off his feet with his vines, allowing him to evade Drapion's sudden fiery crunch. With a gush of gale from Howl's rounding throw, the dust cleared and he let go of Heracross' feet, hurling the Megahorn attacking bug straight into Drapion.

"Ariados use Spider Web on her blasted Tangrowth!"

"Howl use Ancient Power to destroy it!" A thick web was shot at Howl as he concentrated on the power deep inside him. With the force of his mind, rocks shot at the web, rending it too heavy to continue its straight path to him.

"Drapion use Cross Poison on Heracross!"

"Ariados use Toxic on it!"

"Heracross, dodge it!"

"Howl step in between Heracross and toxic with Light Screen!" Drapion rushed in front of Heracross, trying to strike him with an X-cut of poison. Heracross scooted back in his evasion as Howl dropped in front of him, building a glass mirror with his vines. The toxic glob that Ariados launched rolled off the screen of light, leaving our companions unscathed.

"Use Dig and Sleep Powder Howl!"

"Back away Heracross!" Quickly, Howl spiraled into the ground, releasing sleep powder in the foe's direction, Heracross scooting further away from Howl's hole.

"Drapion use Whirlwind!" The intimidating scorpion fanned the dust vigoriously in Heracross' direction.

"Heracross hold your breath and cut through with Megahorn." Heracross reacted, covering his face as he cut through Howl's sleeping powder, ramming into Drapion with his horn.

"Ariados use String Shot!"

"Howl aim toward the sky under Ariados with Energy Ball!" As Ariados motioned to shoot out sticky thread, a pulsing light green energy ball knocked it off its feet from below, Heracross and Drapion in a head lock.

"Drapion use Earthquake!"

"Fly Heracross!"

"Evasive manuvers Howl using Power Whip and Drapion as an anchor." Heracross backed away from Drapion who motioned his head in a whipping motion. Suddenly, vines rose up from the ground, wrapping around Drapion's midsection and violently pulling and pinning him to the ground. The earth shook and boke, Howl flying out of therubble and into the air.

"Ariados use Spider Web!"

"Howl use Sludge Bomb as a smokescreen." From the deepest regions of Howl's vine incased body, a wad of black andpurple sludge was projected at the stationary Ariados as Howl decended upon the earth next to Heracross.

"Drapion, get up and use Dark Pulse!"

"Howl, protect Heracross."

"Heracross finish it off with Close Combat after!" The shaking purple scorpion roared, a pulse of dark energy shooting in Heracross' direction. Howl skid to put up a green barrier before him, the impact of the strike sending shockwaves of dust around their ankles. Heracross leapt over Howl's grand mass, a flurry of closed fist punches showered on Drapion's weakened form. He didn't last long.

"Ariados use—"

"Howl Solarbeam." Ariados came next to the unconscious Drapion, preparing for his next command, but Howl unleashed a white hot beam at the spider. He fell just as fast as his partner.

"Grr… return…" The men returned their pokemon and turned to escape.

"Howl Power Whip. Come on out Starf and give them a Body Slam."

"Licky!" Starf came out of his pokeball and Howl quickly knocked the thieves to the ground, pulling them by the feet. Starf leapt on top of them, knocking both out. With a relieved sigh, I came to Howl's side and began to write a note.

"Howl?" Take this note and these thieves to Officer Jenny. Make sure they get the punishment they deserve."


"And Starf? Take the baskets of berries they picked. I guess we can take them with us…"

"Lickylicky!" With a salute, Starf ran to the unattended berry baskets. Howl entangled the thieves in his vines and when they were both ready, they began their descent back to Hearthrome. I gave a small smile, my figure lingering toward my battle partner who recalled his Heracross.



"You're… so good at battling! Why do you never battle?! Oh my god! You need to battle me sometime!" I shrugged.

"Dad taught me so I could protect myself. Howl, Starf and Charti are his childhood pokemon and left them with Mom and me… so… I guess they're super powered…"


"Anyways… It's getting late… do you still want to do what you wanted to do?"

"Of course!" Barry grabbed my hand and broke into a run.


"Just a little farther!" I pouted, letting the boy drag me to a path overlooking the mountain range. This feels familiar…

"There! We're here." We stood before a rain-washed path that started the warmth in my heart, the comfort of another.

"This is… where we first met…"

"Yup!" Barry looked proud of himself and I smiled. My legs led me to the tree I gazed upon the boy with curious eyes, shading me from the waning sun.

"So… why are we here?" Barry instantly appeared nervous.

"Well, you see…" I tilted my head in his anxiety. "I'm sorry for knocking you off the cliff that day…"

"It's alright. If we didn't meet that day, we wouldn't be here now…"

"Well… what I'm trying to say is… um…" He's nervous. "It's just that… you're really nice and you're always smiling… It makes me happy." I didn't make a comment and continued to listen. "And when Darkrai put you to sleep, I thought I lost you forever… I can't imagine a day without your smile now… It really does mean a lot to me."

"You're irreplaceable yourself Barry; always crashing into me and keeping me on my toes…" My smile pulled at the corners of my lips.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is… that…" Barry's face was beat red. "t-that… um… you know… uh…" He stopped. I sneaked into his arms, squeezing him lightly. I know exactly what he's trying to say… I've known for a while…



"Do you know the real reason why I'm slow?"

"No… I don't think—"

"It's because I want to savor every single moment I have with you." My ear was pressed against Barry's chest and I heart his heart stop just for a beat. He then squeezed my small frame tight.

"Cyan… I love you…"

"I love you too Barry." I looked up to stare into his calm orange eyes, the loving beam that caused a light blush radiate to my cheeks. With his hand, he gently traced the strands of my hair that framed my face before lingering his gaze on my lips. They were lightly curved into a warm smile. He leaned down, his hands cupping my left cheek, and placed his lips on mine. My heart fluttered, my stomach gave birth to Butterfree, my lungs left breathless and my mind absolutely blank except for one thing. Barry… I pressed my lips against Barry's soft ones, amerced in our first, clumsy, yet heavenly kiss. After a moment, we pulled away, staring into each others' orange eyes. His were a chaotic orange. Mine were a subdued orange. I hid my face in the crook of his neck, nuzzling closer to his body.

"Cyan… I guess this is goodbye…" I suddenly looked up with confusion. The sun was at the end of his chariot ride. Orange and yellow succumbed to purple and blues.


"I just… wanted you to know how I felt about you before…" Yellow was extinguished, orange and red beginning to fall at the hands of the purple and midnight blue armies. Sheer white dots populated the blue canvas, creating the mural of the night sky.


"You know. Before you moved." The orange and red flames went out along with the light of the sun, the sky swallowed up by the stars, the midnight blue and the sole moon.

"Huh? What do you mean? You say it as if I'm moving away forever… I'm just moving to the other side of the city." Silence.


"Yeah, Dad came home with a paycheck that could get us a better shop and home. We can pay for employees too."

"So, why did you look so sad before?" I touched my cheek. I was… sad? I shook my head and stared up at Barry.

"I was just thinking about the life I was going to leave behind…"


"With the new staff, I don't have a reason to work at the bakery anymore… We'll be shipped the berries from our patches now, so there's no need for me to go place to place picking berries… I'll finally be able to have the freedom I never wanted… What am I going to do with it…" Barry thought for a minute.

"Cyan, you can come with me if you'd like." I tilted my head. "We could train together and stuff! I could show you all the cool places I've been and you can teach me how to cook, I guess." I giggled.

"You really mean that Barry? I can go with you?"

"Sure! You always have a place in my hear— I mean, with me." I smiled wide.



"Let's go home…" Barry gave me a squeeze, kissing my forehead. I took his hand into mine and gave it a squeeze. We began to walk down the dirt path we were once thrown off, hand in hand, under the watchful eye of the moon, as lovers in a sweet, hasty dream.

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