His head snapped up at the voice.

"What do you want Spencer?"

Shawn grinned. "Nothing that can't wait."

Carlton gritted his teeth. "Then what are you doing here?"

"Gus is gone for the week. In New Jersey."

Carlton sighed. "You got bored."

Shawn grinned. "You know me so well."

Carlton rolled his eyes while Shawn pulled a chair over from a nearby desk and sat across from him.

Carlton glared at Shawn while Shawn stared back with a dazed, almost dreamy expression. It took a moment before Carlton realized Shawn wasn't breathing.


Shawn blinked and his expression became more alert.

"Spencer, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Shawn stood up. "I was just drowning."

Shawn paused, looking confused for a moment, before he abruptly turned and walked away.