Carlton woke up the next morning to an empty bed.

He noticed that there was a paper on Shawn's pillow. He rolled onto his stomach and read it.

Maybe it's you eyes

because I'm always drowning in them.

Or maybe it's your sweet Irish hairline

that makes every man jealous.

Maybe it's the way you grab my shirt

when you threaten me.

Or maybe it's the way you growl in my ear

when you're frustrated with me.

Maybe it's they way my knees nearly gave out

when you finally smiled at me.

Or maybe it's the way you grabbed by waist

to keep me from falling.

Maybe it's they way you tackled me

after I kissed you.

Or maybe it's the way that you said it first

and I was the one to say "I love you too."

Morning Lassy-face!

Breakfast is just about ready.



"Come and get it!" Shawn yelled from the kitchen.

Carlton grinned and slid out of bed. He padded quickly towards the kitchen.

But he wasn't after breakfast.

-The End-