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It's time to go home now
And I've got an aching head
So I give her the car keys
She helps me to bed
And then I tell her
As I turn out the light
I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight."
"Oh, my darling, you were wonderful tonight."

You Were Wonderful

We often walk in silence, Éowyn and I. It is not through lack of topics to discuss, or unease—rather, we are comfortable in each other's presence, trusting in the warmth of our own love that has no need for superfluous words.

Tonight should be no different—save that Éowyn is well and truly perplexed by my peculiar behavior.

"Faramir, does aught trouble you?" she asks softly, as we ascend the stone staircase towards our chambers. "A strange mood seems to have taken you this evening."

I wish, with all my heart, to tell her of my discoveries this evening, but (and most uncharacteristically, I might add) I am lost for words. I have not the skill to put into speech my lovely revelations, and I turn instead to look at her, to read the wonderful concern in her eyes, to find the courage to explain.

Due to my inattention, I trip on the last stair and sprawl on the floor. To my deep and utter humiliation, Éowyn does not laugh, as she ordinarily would have, but crouches down at my side, alarm written on her face. I know full well that she does not fear any injury, but is anxious that I have stumbled at all, an occurrence that happens to no self-respecting Ranger of Ithilien, least of all its Captain and Prince.

"Oh, Faramir," she says in a frightened voice, "what is it that troubles you? What—"

I put a finger to her lips. "I am merely weary, love, but nothing extraordinary has occurred, I assure you. Shall we retire and forget this evening in slumber?"

Her eyes are wary, but she nods and allows a small smile to escape her as she assists me up and we walk towards our chambers, hand in hand. Even as I silently reflect that to forget this evening would be a great loss, she laughs. "To think of you, my lord and Captain of the Ithilien Rangers, stumbling upon your own stone steps!"

I glory in her laughter, though I am its subject, for the promise I made myself while we were dancing hangs weightily upon my heart.

As we don our night-garments, I ponder on this odd evening: On the one hand full of wondrous thoughts and realizations, and on the other a night of abject mortification at my expense. And I wonder—was this night truly worth it?

My eyes flicker towards my wife, who is quietly brushing her hair in gentle mockery of the start of the evening, and I smile. Was there not only one answer to such a question?

Now she turns to face me, and there is an expression of determination on her face, one the Witch King surely beheld as she calmly threatened to slay him. She takes a deep breath, and I watch her in trepidation.

"Faramir," her voice does not tremble, "is anything amiss? Have I acted in a way not to your liking? Am I the reason for this?"

I consider the questions carefully. There is nothing amiss; she has not nor ever acted in a way that was not to my liking; but she is indeed the reason for my strange behavior tonight. How do I explain?

My mind flashes back on the events and my thoughts of this evening, and I realize that there are many things I could tell her: That she is my sun, and that her warmth lights up a room, whether she knows it or not; that beauty is only the first of her qualities, for she is far lovelier and greater than any woman who hung as an ornament on her lord's arm; that she is a queen who has blessed me by deigning to smile; that I wish for her laughter never to vanish; that she has rendered me, the stern and wise Steward of Gondor, a happy fool.

And then I realize that my love does not require so many statements, for we walk in silence, Éowyn and I, trusting in the warmth of our own love that has no need for unnecessary words.

I smile, and draw her near, and tenderly press a kiss to her white forehead, silently assuring her that all is well, even as I say warmly, lovingly,

"My love, you were wonderful tonight."

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