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It was another hard day for Lavi. School was easy for him as his intelligence was above average, but it was the life outside of school that burdened him so. He lived alone losing his parents at an early age, and so had to take care of himself. On top of that, the thing that tired him the most was his best friend, Yuu Kanda.

Yuu had problems being suicidal and could not keep his anger under control leading to much trouble.

Lavi could have abandoned him long time ago, but he couldn't leave him no matter what. He could have found other friends who had normal lives and who actually acted like friends, but he instead devoted his time to his one friend who didn't give a shit about anything.

Today after school, instead of going to his work, he had to pick up Yuu from the mental hospital. This time, Kanda had mixed and matched all the pills, chemicals, and other unsafe objects and gulped it down in one go.

Lavi sighed after much silence in the car. "They let you out earlier this time."

Kanda scowled and looked out the window. The rest of the ride remained like that. Lavi sometimes could not understand why in the world he dealt with all of this. After about thirty minutes they reached their small apartment. It wasn't much as Lavi had trouble affording anything better. Kanda also lived with him as he had nowhere to go and Lavi had to take care of him.

"Hey, glad you're back home. It's not the same without you, yeah?" Lavi talked as he opened the door to their apartment. Kanda once again didn't say anything which was expected. Today should have been another same day of repetition but it wasn't. If it was any other normal day, Cross would not have been sitting on his couch lounging like he owned the place.

Lavi was surprised at his uncle's unexpected visit as they rarely talked.

Kanda stalked to the bedroom and locked the door.

"You better not try anything!" Lavi shouted after him. Then he turned his attention back to Cross.

"Long time no see?" He was at loss on what to say. Cross just snorted and Lavi went to sit on the seat opposite of Cross.

Cross was...a hard person to describe. He was secretive and mysteriously disappeared without a trace whenever he felt like it. He was known for his womanizing ways, drinking, and other things that weren't the nicest things to do. He even had a mask to hide half of his face.

Lavi unconsciously tugged at his own eye-patch. A nervous habit.

He was surprised to see another person within the cramped room. A young, pale boy with white hair and a weird scar or tattoo on his face. He was sitting on the floor which explained the reason Lavi hadn't noticed him. There was a sketchbook in front of him and he was coloring in it with crayons.

Cross cleared his throat and Lavi turned back to face him. "It's been a while idiot nephew."

That was Cross's simple greeting after not seeing each other for years. Lavi just nodded.

"What do you need?" Lavi knew Cross came for a favor. He was Cross, he would never visit him for any other reason.

"I've got some matters to settle before I go away. I'm going far away the next day and I need your help." Cross stated.

"It better not be debts 'cause you know I'm broke." Lavi replied seriously.

"No, it's not debts. In fact I'll pay you for this favor." Lavi was surprised at this. Cross pay him? Heck, he needed the money.

"What is it?" Lavi was curious.

"I need you to look after this kid over here." Cross pointed towards the boy on the floor who still was absorbed in his drawing.

"Cross...You know I can't take care of someone right now. I already have my hands full with Kanda and trying to pay off rents. Plus we don't have any space in here for another." Lavi knew he could not take care of him. Who was this boy anyway?

"I told you I would pay you. I can't find someone else to take care of him in time. He doesn't require much. Look he barely takes up space right now. All you need to do is make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. All he needs is his stupid sketchbook and some crayons. I think he already likes this place." Cross looked exasperated.

Lavi adjusted his headband, a sign of annoyance. He sighed, "Who is he anyways? Don't tell me he's your son." He groaned.

Cross chuckled at Lavi's obvious pain. "Found him in a graveyard a year ago. He was half dead so I took care of him. He's stupid."

Lavi gaped at Cross. Cross actually took care of someone else? "Doesn't he have a family or something? Any news about missing kids?" Lavi was still against taking care of him.

"Hmph. Probably doesn't. Looked around and found none. I'm guessing the one who took care of him died which explains why he was on the graveyard. I already told you, he's stupid. He doesn't need anything. Just please." That was probably the farthest Cross would go in begging. He looked like he wanted to get out of the shabby apartment.

"How much?" Lavi sighed in defeat.

Cross smirked."How about a thousand for now? I'll send you more later on."

A thousand sounded good to Lavi. He really needed all the money he could get. "Alright then."

Cross threw him a white envelope and grabbed his coat.

"Wait!" Lavi called at him before Cross left.

"What? You can't change your mind." Cross said annoyed.

"It's not that. What's his name?" Lavi asked.

Cross snorted. "A stupid thing like him doesn't need a name." With that he left the apartment.

Lavi just stared at the boy. The poor thing was unaware of what was going around him stuck in his own world of his drawings.

"Welcome to your new home." Lavi muttered and lied on the couch knowing Kanda locked the

door to the bedroom. He covered his eyes with his hand and fell asleep.

end chapter 1


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