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Lavi hadn't been to many funerals in his life but this was the worst one he had ever been to. The weather was cloudy and gloomy, fitting his felt cold and empty as the coffin was slowly swallowed by the earth. He couldn't, didn't want to believe Daisya was the one lying in there.

Kanda was silently standing away from the crowd. He hated seeing all the sniffling and crying faces of the people surrounding Daisya's grave. This was stupid. Tiedoll and Marie's sobbing was stupid. He hated this. He didn't even want to come to the funeral. Only one thing came into his mind. He wanted revenge for the bastard who did this. He would make them pay.

Allen leaned against the headstone staring at the cloudy sky. He was alone again. The man and the girl had brought him along to the cemetery where a crowd of people with grim faces were gathered. This place was familiar to him so he had left the crowd of unfamiliar faces and went to the one place he remembered. It was a small grave marker with the name 'Mana' carved into its marble stone. He was confused on why he had been away from Mana but was glad he was back with him again. Allen noticed the name was dirtied so he blew fog onto it and wiped it with his sleeve. He leaned his back on the gravestone again and stared at the sky.


People started to leave as the funeral was over. Lavi stood and waited. He glanced at Kanda in the back and looked at the grave filled with flowers again.

In front of the grave, a tall man with curly hair was laying a single red rose on the grave.

Lavi recognized him from the bar the other night and went up to him. "Hey, I didn't know you knew Daisya."

The man turned towards him and raised an eyebrow in recognition, "Oh, you're the bartender from the other night. Daisya and I were acquaintances." Lavi couldn't help but notice the malicious glint in his eye.

"It's nice to see you again. I'm Tyki Mikk." Tyki held out an arm. The evil aura was gone like it never existed.

Lavi shook his hand, "I'm Lavi. Nice to see you too". He put on a fake smile.

"Well, I should be going now. Maybe I'll see you again." Tyki said looking at his watch and walked off.

Lavi watched him go and turned back towards Kanda.

"Hey Kanda, wanna head back home?" It felt awkward as he hadn't spoken to him since the incident.

Kanda grunted and walked ahead. Lavi sighed and put his hands in his pocket, trailing after him.

"Kanda! Lavi!" Lavi heard Lenalee shout after them and turned around to wait for her. Kanda merely slowed his pace.

"Hey Lenalee." Lavi said softly. He really wasn't in the mood to talk.

Lenalee smiled gently then hugged him. "I hope you're alright."

Lavi hugged her back and nodded. "Thanks. I'll be fine."

Lenalee let go of him and smiled again. "Oh, that's right, Komui and I brought Allen too. He seems to have gone off somewhere and Komui went to look for him." She looked around to see any signs of her brother.

Lavi grimaced at the mention of Allen. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry he's had to stay with you guys for awhile." Truthfully he had completely forgotten about him in the past few days.

"No, I was glad he stayed with us for awhile. I know things are tough for you guys right now." Lenalee said softly.

Lavi smiled at her. "Thanks, you guys are always there to look out for us."

Lenalee shrugged. "It's what people who care about each other do."

Komui appeared from the distant and ran towards them. He stopped in front of them and nodded towards Lavi in acknowledgement. "Lenalee can you help me? I can't find Allen."

"Oh no, did you look everywhere?" Lenalee asked worry in her tone.

"Don't worry about it you guys, I'll go look for him. He has a tendency to run off by himself. You guys should go home, it's getting chilly now." Lavi told them. He had delayed facing Allen long enough and he had a promise to keep.

"Are you sure? This place is huge. We'll help you look for him." Lenalee said.

"Nah, we've troubled you guys long enough. I'll be fine." Lavi put on a false grin and pushed them towards the direction of their car.

"Call me if you need anything." Komui said sternly looking at Lavi. Lavi smiled a little and nodded.


Lavi found Allen leaning against a gray tombstone. It read 'Mana' and nothing else. No year or epitaph.

Lavi kneeled down in front of Allen and ruffled his hair. "Hey Allen, how've you been?" He asked gently. There was no response from the boy as he had expected. His eyes were distant and unfocused.

"I've come to pick you up. Let's go home." Lavi held Allen's hand and started to pull him up. The boy pulled back a little.

"You don't wanna leave? Come on Allen, Kanda's waiting at home." Lavi gently urged him.

Allen slowly shook his head. Lavi sighed and sat down. He knew this was going to take a long time. He looked at the tombstone again. Mana? Who was that?

"Did you know Mana Allen?" Allen looked towards him and nodded.

Lavi felt encouraged as he got a response. "Who was he?" He held Allen's hands and gently rubbed them to give them warmth. Allen's eyes seemed to light up a little.

After a moment of silence, Allen grabbed Lavi's hand. Tears were slowly leaking out of his eyes.

Lavi reached up to wipe his tears. "Hey don't cry."

"Home" Allen said in a barely audible voice.

"Home? You wanna go home?" Lavi asked. Allen nodded. Lavi stood up and pulled Allen to his feet.

"Let's go home together." Lavi held onto Allen's hand again and led him towards their apartment.

--End chapter 7-----

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