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Chapter one.

It was dark, darker than dark there was no light in this place there was nothing. Nothing but a lone human lying in this dark empty world. It had been well over 3000 years since she first arrived here. After all those years the anger she felt had not lessened, killed by the one she once loved. After all these she still hadn't figured out how Carth had gotten off rakkitain prime not that it much mattered now he was long dead along with everyone else, even HK had probably been destroyed by now, hopefully he went down in a blaze of blaster fire, he would of wanted it that way. Even now she still had a soft spot for the homicidal droid. She sighed out loud, reminiscing about the past did eat up time but the problem with boredom still remained, one can only play pazak in their head for so long.

At the same a small boy on a small backwater planet was getting the stuffing beat out of him by his absurdly over wait cousin. Although this wasn't the first time he was abused by his cousin for some reason his emotions got the better of him and he let out an angry yell closed his eyes and tapped into an unseen force. The next thing he knew he was staring at the prone body of his cousin lying on the ground outside of his house. Staring in surprise he didn't notice the large (car sized) shadow of his uncle barrelling down on him until it was too late.

"What the hell did you do you little freak!" screamed Vernon as he grabbed harry by the collar and lifted him up to his eye level.

"I...I...I don't know. I swear I never touched him. I don't know what happened." Harry pleaded knowing full well what was going to happen now.

Just as harry finished speaking these words Vernon gave him a strong backhand splitting open harry's lip and throwing him to the ground. Harry's head was swimming, this wasn't the first time this had happened nor did he think that it would be the last but that thought didn't make it any better. Every time it happened he always asked the same question.

"Why?" he asked in a soft whisper almost too quietly for anyone to hear. Almost too quietly, however Vernon has just within hearing range.

"Why, why, WHY! I'll tell you WHY! Because you're a freak, an abnormality, a mistake, and I'll not have your freakishness rubbing off on the rest of us! That's why!" he spat this last bit with such venom that it hurt young harry like down to his vary core Braking the last bit caring he had for his adopted family. No more would he try to gain their acceptance, no more would he secretly wish that they loved him half as much as they loved their proper son, from this moment forward the only emotion he held for the 

Durslys was a raw power full hatred. These were the last thoughts he had as he was shoved rather forcefully in the cupboard under the stairs not to see the light of day for at least a week. Slowly he settled down to a fit full sleep silently chanting the mantra "I hate them, I hate them, I hate them ..."

Thinking about a new way for her to pass the time and coming up with nothing she suddenly felt a vary power full disturbance in the force.

"Odd I haven't felt anything that strongly since I died." she said to herself (who else is she going to talk to). Her curiosity piqued she focused more intently on the cause of this ripple in the force. Concentrating more intently she honed in on the source.

"Well that is interesting" she thought to herself "he obviously is power full in the force, and I can see the darkness starting to take him, truly a power full sith he could be." She idly thought to herself. Then suddenly a thought struck her, she could train the boy. It was perfect not only would this give her something new to do, but the boy could resurrect the sith to their former glory. She let out a laugh that could chill the bone.

Subconsciously harry shivered in his sleep, not from fear but anticipation, not that he was aware of any of this.


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