Marcus and Caius glanced at the messenger before them before looking back at Aro. For once, he was silent and thoughtful, and perhaps even a bit angry. Rarely did Marcus and Caius ever see Aro angry, but every couple centuries, a problem arose that made even Aro think twice. Of course, the problems they were coming across were becoming more frequent, and much more important. The Volturi brothers were each lost in their own thoughts, going over everything they knew about the situation, and how it applied to what they had already come across.

They often found vampires that refused to live by their rules, that tried to recruit others to break the rules as well. The selfish, greedy, vampires that were completely addicted to blood, and chanced the fury of the Volturi for their bloodlust. Yet the Volturi had always dealt with the problems, and kept the vampires safe. But never had they dealt with vampire wars in almost every city in the world, without stop. It was becoming more then chaotic, and quite a handful for the powerful vampire leaders. They all knew a decision had to be made, and quickly, before it become so hard to handle that the humans would learn of their existence. The one problem all three brothers had agreed must never arise was finally falling upon them.

The messenger looked around the dark room nervously, taking in the three incredibly old vampires, with their long dark cloaks and menacing bodyguards, "It is getting quite out of hand, Aro." he said in a quiet voice, so quiet that no human would have heard him, "The Volturi are loosing guards, and loosing power. Perhaps you could change the laws to accomodate the change."

Caius suddenly glared at the vampire, and spoke in a furious voice, "You doubt the Volturi? You think that some newborns can force us to change the rules that we have followed for so long? That we are not strong enough to hold back change?"

The young vampire, who couldn't meet Caius' eyes but instead stared at his white hair, looked terrified until Aro stepped in, "It is a sad truth, Caius, but a truth nontheless. The time when we controlled the vampire world is seemingly coming to an end. Unless you have some suggestions to solve the problem, it would be best if you focused your anger elsewhere." he sighed.

The young vampire before them bowed, and left the room as swiftly as possible. Even though whole vampires armies might not fear the brothers, a single vampire certainly did. All three brothers turned to look at each other, waiting for one of them to think of something. Normally they didn't feel pressured by time, as they had all the time they could possibly need, but time was running out. The problems grew with each passing moment, as newborns were being made every second, and trained to fight for their creator.

Their silence was broken when the door opened and Laurent, a powerful member of the Volturi guard, stepped in. He bowed to the brothers, and talked in a rush, "Carlisle and Esme have arrived," he imformed them.

Aro finally broke into a smile, and clasped his hands together as the young-looking couple entered. Carlisle and Esme were not apart of the Volturi, but they still upheld the laws, and were what the vampires called 'vegitarians'. They didn't drink human blood, which was a source of humor to the Volturi until they had more important things to think about. However, Carlisle and Esme were both respected by vampires.

Esme and Carlisle smiled back the the Volturi, Caius nodded in acknowledgement, and Marcus raised a hand to the couple, "It has been to long," Esme pondered, speaking mostly to Aro, "And I hear you have quite the source of conflict these days." she chuckled.

Aro's grin slipped, "It certainly is not a laughing matter, my dear Esme. All these newborns are causing quite a stir that we aren't quite sure how to contain." he shrugged at Carlisle.

Carlisle smiled back, "I'm sure that you will think of something, Aro. You also manage. But I admit that your guard is looking worse for wear these days. Perhaps you should consider taking a vacation?" he joked.

Aro nodded, "How I would love to go to a beach these days, but alas, I cannot. Tell me, are you two still avoiding feeding?"

The couple nodded, and Esme added, "You really should try it, Aro. If all vampires would convert to our method of feeding, you wouldn't have such problems. You could train newborns to give up human blood." she laughed along with Carlisle.

Everyone gazed at Aro as his face suddenly lit up with excitement, "Teach newborns?" he repeated, "Why my dear Esme, that is genious! We shall simply create our own army of newborns, trained to work for the Volturi! Why, I am ever so glad you two came for a visit."

Marcus actually appeared slightly interested for once, "A Volturi army? Perhaps you could explain this, Aro?"

Caius nodded, and once again all the attention was on Aro, "We simply find humans with potential, and turn them into vampires. Then we train them to control their powers and bloodlust, and help us fix the problem. Will you help us, Carlisle? Esme?"

They exchanged a look before turning back to the Volturi brothers, "We would be delighted to help you, Aro."