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The fight that began was absolutely terrifying. Not terrifying for me in the sense that I feared for myself, but Edward. I was invisible to the detection of everyone but Edward wasn't. I could see him visibly struggling with the large amount of vampires, most of them newborns, while I slashed around and added to the growing pile of bodies. My friends also began to retaliate. They were fighting the newborns as quickly as possible. The thing was, once they were attacked, the new vampires forgot that they weren't supposed to kill their captives but merely keep them captives.

My breath completely stopped when I saw tiny Alice fighting off her enemy, moving much more swiftly then anybody else could even hope to achieve. I still remembered the vision that she had had, and couldn't help but wonder if the fight would be her last. However, she seemed to be holding up well on her own.

Then a deafening noise shook the entire castle. I grinned; the Volturi were here to help. Someone began racing down the stairs but I was too occupied to tell who it was. They were obviosuly in a great hurry and didn't bother to make their footsteps quieter.

However, when I looked up at the foot of the stairs, I swore to myself. It was James, followed by Vladimir. Both were well practiced fighters with countless experience. Then the rumbling continued until the entire stairs filled with an army. Too bad it was the wrong army.

I knew that we would all die if I didn't do something. The Volturi wouldn't be able to get through the entire army in time, even if they had already arrived. So I did the first thing I could. I lifted up two newborns, and through them through a wall. They made a huge dent, and I raced over to punch it through until it was wide enough for someone to get through.

Everyone was momentarily distracted by my plan, so I decided it was the best time to become visible and yell at my friends to escape. Rosalie was the first one out, closely followed by Emmett. The rest of my friends were still struggling to fight off the newborns that now blocked the hole, so they could escape. I worked o make another escape route, and then another. Thankfully, Edward got out of one and began racing away. He knew that he didn't have to worry about me anymore; he knew my power made me basically unbeatable. Then, finally, Alice and Jasper managed to get out. They were followed by the entire army that I was still working to take out. My plan was to stay until the Volturi arrived. However, they didn't seem inclined to hurry.

I waited nearly ten minutes before they showed up with a powerful force of guards as well as all the newborns I had been trained with. They looked around for us all, and I knew I had to give them a speedy report.

"They all escaped, and are running away from the army. Most of the enemy is on the chase after them, but some of them remained." I rushed through, examining all the dead bodies the Volturi left.

Aro nodded, and motioned everyone into a full-on run. The guard managed to be stealthy and speedy, something that would have been incredibly fascinating if not for the situation. It had never really struck me about exactly how organized the Volturi actually was. Compared to the newborns, they seemed like one powerful vampire rather then a group of bloodthirsty newborns without much sense. Perhaps the world did stand a chance against the threat that James posed.

My thoughts were cut short when I saw a horrifying sight. We had caught up to my friends, who were fighting and running at the same time. The worst thing was that James was right behind Alice. My fear for her made me forget to use my gift, and I saw Edward's eyes flicker to me, before he nodded solemly.

"Jasper was wearing a blue polo shirt in her vision." Edward screamed out to me.

I glanced over to notice Jasper wearing a pair of rather worn jeans and a blue polo shirt. So this was it, I thought. Jasper started running towards Alice as James closed in on her.

"Run, Alice, run! Don't let him get you!" Jasper screamed.

I was suddenly furious at James as he lept at an unsuspecting Alice, and my rage made me more powerful then ever. My invisibility came without me even thinking about it and I ripped apart newborn vampires in my way as if they were pieces of annoying paper floating in my face.

Alice screamed in pain when I was still several feet away from her, and Jasper was right there to catch her, crying out, "I love you."

He collapsed, but all I could think of was that Alive wasn't dead yet. James hadn't managed to burn her yet, and I wasn't about to let him. As James tried to jump back on top of Alice, I yanked him back and tore him into pieces, his experience having nothing on my power and anger.

Then I looked down at my best friend, and saw her in pieces. The sight made my blood boil, so I screamed in fury and cursed the fact that I could no longer cry. I took out my emotions on the army around me, breathing heavily and not bothering to distinguish between the Volturi and the enemy. It didn't really matter anyway, the Volturi were all responsible for Alice as the enemy was.

Then, I became aware that every single newborn had been killed. Wild blue fires surrounded me yet didn't hold my attention. I collapsed on the ground just as Jasper had, and Edward came to scoop me into his arms.

"Shh." he whispered, "It will be alright, I promise. She will be fine."

I started to dry sob, "No! No, it won't! She is dead, Edward. Alice is dead. And its all my fault. I shouldn't have intervened. I should have just stayed away and-"

Edward shook his head, "Bella. Bella! Alice isn't dead. She is in pieces, its true, but nobody managed to burn her. Jasper made sure that all her pieces remained. Don't worry, Alice will be fine soon."

But I didn't listen to him; I couldn't. I just let Edward carry me back to the castle and set me down in my closet. The entire time, I kept repeating to myself that it was all my fault; not just about Alice, but all the deaths. Edward would extremely worried but I couldn't help him. I couldn't even help myself.

After hours of sitting in the closet, watching Edward's tense face, the door of the closet opened and light beamed down on me. The first thing I saw was Jasper. Why didn't he look at all sad?

Then I saw what had to be an angel; Alice. My pixie best friend danced into the room and pulled me into her arms, crying out.

"Alice!" I exclaimed, "You are alive!"

She grinned, and nodded, "But only thanks to you. If you hadn't killed off James, he would have finished me. Thank you so much, Bella."

I just hugged her back, "No, thank you. Thank you for not dying."

Alice chortled, and jumped up to ruffled Edward's hair, "Sorry I wasn't better, faster. Sorry I left you to deal with an upset Bella."

"Hey." I protested, but everyone laughed at me.

The next thing I knew, we were joined by Emmett and Rosalie, and then Carlisle and Esme, the eight of us laughing and joking together, constant hugs being thrown around.

"Thank god everyone is alive." Rosalie said, "And I'm not ready to forgive you yet, Alice."

Emmett seemed thoughtful for once, "So did everyone survive on our side?"

Carlisle thought for a minute, "No. Of course not. I regret to say that Caius, everyone's favourite Volturi member, was killed by a certain Bella Swan, after James attacked Alice. Aro and Marcus survived, however. There were a few other casualties, but I didn't bother to remember them all."

A voice from behind them made everyone groan, "I thought you were more compassionate, Carlisle?" Aro asked, "But it certainly was too bad about my brother. Now, we must move on to different matters. The war is over, and I should like to offer you all positions with the Volturi."

Rosalie pulled a face, and we all seemed to agree with her.

Carlisle offered to us all, "Or you could come live with Esme and I. Our way of live is slightly calmer then the Volturi, and we certainly don't have problems fighting over human blood." he smiled at me.

Emmett put a fist in the air, "Sounds cool. Rosalie, do you want to go try animal blood with me? Yum yum!" he laughed.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, but agreed. Alice and Jasper also decided to join Carlisle and Esme.

Aro looked desperate, "What about you two; Edward and Bella? Do you want to be part of the Volturi?"

Edward met my eyes, and we both shook our heads. Then he answered for us, "I think Bella and I have had enough excitement for now. But we aren't going to join you guys yet, either," he informed Carlisle, "I think we want some time on our own."

"Who hears wedding bells?" Emmett said.

Edward smiled, "Me." Then he got on one knee, and held out the most amazing ring I had ever seen, "Isabella Swan, would you do me the favour of marrying me?"

The End

Okay, story is over. Thanks to all the totally awesome reviewers. And by the way, I know the ending kinda stinks. I'm just have very little interest in fight scenes and I didn't feel like killing of Alice. She is my idol, after all.