The door closed behind them as they entered with vengeance set in their hearts. Crimson stayed remained in her wolf form ready to tear apart anything that she could be able to get her teeth sank into. This room was far different then what they have ever seen. It was like another room, but a full time suite with everything included. The whole inside was done in a dark blue, lights placed in varies place, but still gave it that dim grave look, in the center of where Dauragon was standing was what seemed like to be the main control settings, and in the left of that was Dominique, but what was she in? It looked like one of those cozy comfy chairs, but with a twist. There were huge buckle like pipes surrounding her. Locking her into that chair. Meanwhile Dauragon was punching in a few buttons into the main control setting.
"Let's start with that cursed church that failed you Dominique, shall we?" Sion having enough with all of this snapped, "DOMINIQUE, DON'T DO THIS! STOP!" There was a slight movement from Dominique as she settled her head back against the chair. Dauragon getting angry pounded his fists against the main control setting with frustration.
"What is wrong Dominique?!" Volt moved up in front as he replied, "I don't think that your dead sister agrees with you Dauragon." Dauragon was surprise by that comment as he began to laugh at that comment in return to a reply. Sion not seeing the point of this as being funny replied, "What is so funny?" It took Dauragon a few moments to restrain his laugh to give a reply, "Sister? This worthless puppet? She never nor could be my sister that was taken away from me. She was just a measurement for this satellite so that I could rule everything with an iron fist."
"You...created her!"
"That is correct my boy. You see with being the head of an industries I have a great amount of unlimited resources at my disposal. I can and will do whatever I want with no one holding me back like before."
"Your a monster! You'll pay for this!" Suddenly out of the blue Crimson leaped out from the back and headed straight for Dominique. Maybe...just maybe I can trash that buckle pipe surrounding her...Just maybe...
"Crimson wait! Don't do that!" It was too late because Crimson took the buckle pipes into her mouth. At first it seemed like the original plan that she had thought of was going to work, but just then an electric current came from the end of the buckle pipes sending her flying. She landed with a heavy sick thud. It sounded like she broke everything in her body. She laid there not moving or even twitching. Dauragon began to laugh again as he replied, "What a joke!" Suddenly they could hear laughing from...Crimson? She had what seemed to revert back to her normal form. They could see sparks appearing here and there as she leveled herself back up. Dauragon smiled as he replied, "See you still got the stuff that you were program for." Her eyes snapped opened, but they were different in an eerie way. They seemed like she was in a trance of destruction mode. Crimson replied in a creepy voice, "I never was going to ever listen to you in the first place. You should have least known that. But I can still be the cocky wise mouth that I molded to become. I'll wipe the floor with you!"
"I see that aggressive attitude has developed nicely."
"Haven't seen the rest of it yet."
"I see. You people don't know the years that I had to train to be the best to get away from being laughed at."
"Then stop whining and move."
"Gladly." With that settled they butted heads. It was a difficult match because Kou, Sion, and Volt Trinity Rush didn't work. Dauragon managed to slip out of their grips when they had it ready to take him down. After a good while of getting hit here and there with a few dodges they finally managed to take him down.
"How-H-How could I have lost to you people?" Blood squirted as he fell down on the cold blue floor. Sion rushed over to Dominique with Volt following right behind him. Volt reached over as he pulled apart the now free eclectic buckle pipes. Sion slowly with great care lifted Dominique out from the chair.
"Well looks like you recovered your charm Sion." Grinned Crimson.
"What made you think that I never had charm in the first place?"
"Geezs, I don't know. The fact that you snapped at every little bity thing that remotely came in distance of your radar? You tell me Mr. Genius?" Sion was about to comment back when Dominique eyes fluttered opened looking straight into Sion's eyes.
"Sion? I dreamed that I was killing people...I don't want..."
"Its all right Dominique." interrupted Sion. Suddenly Kou had a panic look on his face as he replied, "Hate to break up the happy reunion, but the fact is that this baby is set to ram right into the satellite." Volt rushed over as he tried to redirect the satellite, but ended up pounding the main control setting instead. Dominique looked around and then suddenly she replied, "This ship...It breaks into two!"
"Are you sure Dominique?" Asked Kou.
"I'm sure. In my dream I saw that the back ship split into two while the back returns to Earth. Then that dream...wasn't a dream then...right Sion?"
"I trust Dominique. You're not going to have any more dreams like that anymore."
"It's not like she been wrong before, right guys?" Chimed in Crimson.
"Crimson! I-"
"Don't need to thank me, but you do owe me a favor, right?"
"Right!" With that settle they wasted no time on getting in the back of the ship. Suddenly it began to rumble as it split off from the main part of the ship with ease. Dominique was right. Funny, even though she is like me an android, she still lives her days to her fullest. Unlike I do. I whine and complain. I am not going to do that anymore now.
"Yes Crimson?"
"Show me how to be that happy and full okay?"
"Is that the favor then?"
"Might be might not, still haven't decided yet squirt."
"What? I am older right? So therefore I can call you squirt."
"Right!." She had to admit this; able to live with the Bouncers and Dominique might prove to be a family that she always needed or could ever wish for. Might be fun. Have to make it fun. The ship finally landed as they returned back to their daily lives with a little bit of a twist included. New spread wide over the death of the newly president of Mikado Industries. They could care less, honestly. The weather was like the same night it all began, snowing light with a bit of lively sparkle.
"Sion my skills are going to waste like this." Whined Kou.
"Then the bar is doing just fine, right?"
"Yay, yay. But my skills Sion. If I don't use them then they are going to waste you know."
"Stop whining Kou. Sion your shift." Sion nodded as he got up the chair and headed down to the post. Something triggered his memory of his old master that was now dead. He remembered what he said, "Sion you are good, but you can't keep your heart closed forever. You have to open up because that will be your greatest weapon of all."
"Hey, Boy. You can't be sleeping on the job there. What you think the boss would do?"
Sion opened his eyes to see now that he was facing Dominique. Even though of what has happened to her she was still the happy cheerful self that she always was. Sion grinned as he replied, "Your still late you know. You suppose to be our mascot."
"Ahh...Don't-Your wearing."
"It's a pendant isn't it? You're meant to wear it."
"Looks like you finally did something right for a change Sion."
"What it's to you Crimson? You're late too."
"Yay whatever. I dunno, does it have to be something to me Mr.Genius?"
I am finally home, that is right Kaldea. Home. That one place that I never had before!