Okay. So, talking to Hikari on the phone was my best idea ever. Seriously. XD;;

Actually, me being on the phone in general may be a good idea. Because phone conversation makes me funny, and my funny makes for some interesting plot points. This however, is not one of them. Really just a bit of crack inspired by my own finding of styrofoam.

"Oh, look! Styrofoam!"

Sometimes, Matt made Mello want to smack himself in the face.

"Dude, Mello, there's styrofoam on the floor!"

Sometimes, Matt did make Mello smack himself in the face.

"Hey, did you know styrofoam doesn't taste too bad?"

Hell, sometimes Mello smacked Matt in the face too. He yanked the styrofoam out of his friend's hands, giving him a flat look. "Don't eat the fucking packaging, you moron."

Matt just grinned up at him in that way of his, spitting the material onto the floor and going to dig a Red Bull out of the small fridge in the kitchen area. "It has fiber, you know," was all he said as Mello shoved the styrofoam into the garbage bin and crushed it down with a booted foot.

Sometimes, Matt was just weird.