Doing the Deed by WeasleyForMe

Hermione, an employee at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, finds herself in a most pleasant position. Fred/Hermione/George smut! This is part two of this story/challenge. Please see the first chapter for the challenge details.

Hermione followed Fred and George into the stock room, bouncing and giggling the entire way. When she saw the twins, she took her belt off and slowly pulled her shirt over her head. Both men were staring at her every move as she smirked and walked slowly over to them.

"Gonna give her the high hard one," George was muttering as he licked his lips. Hermione tangled one of her hands in Fred's ginger hair while the other ran down George's bare chest. George moaned in happiness at the intensified feeling of her small fingers as he reached to unclasp her bra.

Fred however looked somewhat hesitant. "Hermione, perhaps this isn't such a good idea. You're our employee after all," he muttered. "I don't want things to get awkward." Hermione pouted slightly, but Fred's attention was no longer focused on her face. George had pulled her bra off her and slid the straps down her arms, and Fred felt his cock harden further at the sight of her firm, perky breasts.

George came to stand behind Hermione and glared at his twin. "Shut up Fred; this is a great idea. Relax and enjoy the sight of perfection." George ran his palms lightly over her hardened nipples and his hands came to rest just below her breasts, where he massaged her delectable flesh. Hermione's head rolled back onto his shoulder.

"George," she hissed. "That feels fantastic," she moaned as his hands trailed down her stomach. He drew little circles on her sides with his calloused fingers.

"Well, I suppose we could stop if you really wanted to," George told Fred as he kissed the side of Hermione's neck.

The sight of his twin with such a sexy, topless woman had Fred rethinking his words. "You know, it probably wouldn't even get awkward, actually. And, and, oh hell, I want to fuck you right now!" Fred told her as his lust filled eyes met hers. She reached for him and within seconds, his lips came crashing against hers. Fred let his hands tangle in her hair as they snogged. George continued to tease her neck with his mouth, and Hermione teased him back by grinding her lower back into his enormous manhood. Hermione felt her heart rate increase as George's hands found their way back to her nipples and lightly squeezed them. Fred's tongue had started a slow, sensual dance with hers, and Hermione could no longer deny that she was completely hot for both of these men.

"Take off my pants," Hermione demanded. Fred released her lips and dropped to his knees in front of her. He quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her creamy, smooth legs until she stepped out of them. He picked up the pants and threw them back behind him where they landed on a chair. Fred looped his fingers inside the waistband of her cute flowery knickers and quickly yanked them off. She stepped out of her underwear, and Fred threw them next to her pants. From his spot on the floor, he gazed up into her eyes as he leaned toward her and kissed her tummy.

"Oh shit!" Hermione squeaked. As Fred's lips made contact with her stomach, George sucked her small earlobe into his mouth and began to play roughly with her nipples. "It's, oh gods! It's so much better with two of you!"

"How do you think I feel?" George whispered. "I've got this bloody potion in me, and I could explode at any moment!" Hermione saucily ground her bum into her erection causing him to moan loudly.

"Now, Hermione, that wasn't nice," Fred said as he flicked out his tongue against her clit. Hermione squealed as Fred sucked and licked her soaking wet folds. He trailed his tongue down between her lips as he inserted a finger inside of her. Hermione moaned and writhed against George, who was leaning over her to watch his brother fingering her core. If he weren't standing behind her, she would have surely fallen to the floor in pleasure.

"Fred!" she screamed as his tongue worked her into a state of passion. "Put me on the bench top!" Fred stopped his ministrations and stood to put her on top of their work space. "What are you doing?" she asked, eyes wide. "Where did your tongue and fingers go?"

He cocked his head as he looked at her. "But you said you wanted me to-"

"I didn't say to stop what you were doing!" she scolded as he set her bum down on the wooden surface. Fred stood in front of her and George stood next to him. Hermione took a moment to enjoy the sight of their identically fit bodies, complete with two erections which were standing at full attention just for her pleasure.

"What Hermione wants, Hermione gets," George announced from his spot next to Fred. She noted their wicked smirks and decided she would take all she could get.

"I want you both inside of me, right now," she told them from her perch, causing two identical jaws to drop open. She smiled slyly as she crooked her finger at George and lay back on the wooden counter. She took his outstretched hand and guided him onto the table as well. She motioned for Fred to join them, much to his delight. George knelt down next to her and ran his hands along her ribs while Fred positioned himself between her legs.

"You got it, hot stuff," Fred said, thrusting his cock deep inside her. She screamed in pleasure and closed her eyes tightly. George leaned down and drew circles around her left nipple with his tongue as she reached for his hair. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and pleasured her while Fred pumped into her intimate folds with gusto. Hermione reveled in the feel of Fred's hands grasping her hips tightly and the desperation of George's tongue on her nipples.

Fred grunted as he pumped in and out. "This- is- the- best- lunch- break- ever-" he managed to tell them, speaking each time his erection was buried completely within Hermione. Each time he withdrew, Hermione moaned until she loudly demanded more.

"I said I wanted you both inside me!" she yelled. George turned to wink at Fred before he knelt on either side of Hermione's narrow shoulders. He grinned down at her, and she grasped his buttocks, successfully lunging his aroused penis into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck!" George shouted as his extra sensitive flesh was once again pleasured by Hermione's willing tongue and lips. He began to thrust in and out, keeping time with Fred who had slowed to a more sensual pace. George couldn't manage to contain himself for more than a minute of being inside her wet, hot mouth, since she had her lusty gazed fixed intensely on his. "Oh! Oh!" he shouted as he came into her mouth, pumping and pumping until all of his seed was spilled. After he withdrew himself, she swallowed and daintily licked her lips. As George climbed off of her and moved to stand on the floor, Fred leaned down lower, placing a hand on either side of her head, until his forehead was nearly touching Hermione's.

"Tell me how you want it," he whispered, causing Hermione to moan and thrust up to meet him.

"I want it harder!" she demanded, and Fred deepened his thrusts. "I want it rougher!" she begged. Fred gripped her waist as he twisted his hips against her. George watched at a loss for words as Fred pounded into Hermione. Her pleasured moans and squeals echoed off the stock room walls, and Fred's head dropped down, his hair tickling Hermione's breasts.

"I'm so close," he grunted, running his fingers down to Hermione clit. After a few circles of his thumb, she was screaming through an orgasm. Fred came inside her with a shout of, "Fuck! Oh Fuck!" Her inner walls clamping down on his cock caused his legs to shake slightly. Hermione panted as her orgasm began to dissipate, and Fred pulled himself out of her slick passage.

Hermione and Fred looked at each other, and then they both turned to look at George who was clapping and whistling. "Encore!" he cheered, causing the three of them to chuckle.

"I think that could be arranged," Hermione said with a smile.

Just then, they heard an owl tapping on the window at the far end of the room. George walked over to let the creature in, and it flew over to Hermione. She sat up on the bench and pulled a letter out of its beak. The bird took flight once more and soared past George and out the window.

"It's from Erik," Hermione mumbled as she read the letter.

Fred grimaced. "Who's Erik?" George asked.

"Some meathead customer who was eyeing up our Hermione earlier," Fred muttered unhappily from his spot next to her. "What does he want?"

Hermione refolded the note. "He wants to take me to dinner tomorrow night." She stood and called for her owl, and it came swooping into the backroom. It then proceeded to shit onto Hermione's hair. "Damn bird!" she yelled as her new owl perched happily next to Fred. The twins laughed up a storm at the sight of Hermione searching her clothing for her wand. "He thinks it's a really cute greeting each time he sees me," she growled as she made the poo vanish. She reached for a clean piece of parchment and a quill, and she scribbled a response. She sent the letter out the window on her owl's leg.

"So, I suppose you'll want to leave work early tomorrow," George muttered quietly.

"Right, so you can get ready for your date with Erik," Fred said with a sneer.

Hermione put her hands on her naked hips. "Actually, I told him I've already got plans. I was hoping some sexy redheaded twins would be free tomorrow for some shagging."

Fred and George shared a look of glee causing Hermione to giggle. "What do you mean by 'tomorrow'?" Fred asked.

"We're free right now!" George exclaimed as he scooped Hermione into his arms. "Besides, this crazy Infatuation Draught still hasn't worn off completely, and I want to continue to enjoy it!"

Hermione sighed happily as the naked twins carried her upstairs to their flat and ravished her well into the evening. After she demanded that they make her dinner, she made sure that they all had their fill of pleasure.

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