Title: Obsessed

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I'm obsessed…

I've been noticing I've been staring at her a lot lately. I have no explanation, no reason for the activity but it simply is. Even here at the lunchroom of the hi-Skool where all the other worm-babies mull about like overgrown mutant hamsters in a zoo. With the cafeteria drones that everyday shovel out, that diseased excrement they call food. The preppy larva beasts each of them with the shared intelligence of molding paste, that always seem to yak and gush over who is on their myspace page or what nuance of idiocy they witnessed last night on Youtube. Through the horribleness that is teenage skool life I see her.

She stands out among rest, mocking me Zim, with her presence. With her lavish violet hair that wraps around a little below her face, shortly cut that it always seems to accentuate that beautiful pale skin that is her neck. It makes it appear to be soft, delicate, as if a single point of pressure applied and it would shatter into a thousand pieces.

Her golden-brown eyes take a sharp glance to her right and then returned to her regular passive expression. Most likely there were still some vampire piggies that had yet to be annihilated. I've noticed she rarely looks at anyone, rather hardly anyone can gather her attention. Most people just seem to be lesser beings in her eyes so her attention to them is minimal. For a moment I wonder would it be like to attain her full focus. Would I be swallowed up whole in the darkness that she seems to be able to call forth at will or would some crueler fate be in store for me.

My gaze falls further down from her eyes to her parted lips. They were full, lightly coated with some sort of black cosmetic that matched the dark lining around her eyes. It's a contrast from the whiteness of her pale skin to the dark colors of her full lips. The full succulent flesh slide and press together pouting ever so slightly, ever so delectably, as some tense part of her piggy crusade was being waged, its in that tender second do I notice a little more how tempting they actually look.

Some people call her ghoulish or morose. But I doubt very few of them, knew the true evil that lied behind those dark lashes. The darkness she could invoke on all that dared to oppose her. I can vouch first hand on the destruction that she's capable of. Sometimes I wonder if I was a masochist or some type of pain liking person, because I still have no problem with openly defying her.

But maybe it is that pain or the threat of pain that keeps me rooted here. That keeps me from wading through the currents of teenage idiocy to her side and demanding to know what device her or her wretched brother launched at me that have been causing this dementia, this stupid obsession. But I cannot…whenever I form the courage to take that first step my limbs fail me. The pump rate of my squeedily-spooch skyrockets and I simply remain where I'm seated.

When did I become so weak?

It disgusts me so much that I've fallen this far, that my amazing mind could betray me so thoroughly in this. That some mere earth-beast could render all the awesomeness that is Zim to nothing. What has happened to me? What has this human done to me?


Damn, the bell.

Like a swarm of ill-bred cattle the teenage worm-beasts stampede out of the filth-hall so they can proceed to their next classes. Through the haze of stinky-teen bodies, I spare a look after her diminutive form as she retreats through one of the lunchroom doors.

She is a little one. Lithe, light, nimble…Not much over five feet in height yet she effortlessly topples over a jersey-clad sport's slave who dared to be in her way. Height is something of attractiveness among my people. In fact the Tallest, our leaders are considered to be the most charismatic amongst us, some would even call perfect. But yet she stands almost a half a foot shorter than my generous five and half feet, but yet I cannot take my eyes away from her. Not until she turns the corner away from my sights.


I release another curse after the warning bell rings. Taking a glance to one of the hallway clocks, I start to hurry down the hall to my own class. I was going to be late for Mr. Hollow's class.

Time seems to drift and flow in and out as the breath of my classes passes by me. Biology was one of my favorites. What better way was there to find out all the delicious secrets and weakness of the humans than simple biology? I usually take notes, ask questions, I was what someone would call, a 'model' student. Why wouldn't I be? I wanted to know every truth and every little dark secret so I could one day crush this filthy rock.

But I cannot concentrate.

My thoughts betray me. Even here, she is with me. Like a breath against the back of my neck, I can feel the whisper of her words, tempting me, the mild warning of the doom she could bring down upon me if I dared to cross her. But why did it have to sound more alluring by the second. I think about the softness of those lips, the sweetness. How tempting they truly are every time she spells out my doom.

The ecstasy I would feel if she were in my grasp for just a moment, when the differences between me and her mattered not, and all that was left were the feeling. That darkness that lied within our hearts, the death, the power, the lust, all raging together till we both found blissfully sweet oblivion…


A calculus book gets slammed against my desk mere millimeters away from my face, instantly waking me from my reverie. My eyes widen to their full height as I stare down my dream-awakener-person, Mr. Brutal. "Insolent belly-filth!" my full voice raised, my finger pointing to the adult with all the fury a grumpy Irken invader could muster, "No one wakes the mighty ZIM from his all-powerful mind rests! DO YOU WANT THE BRAIN WORMS?"

My rant gets cut short as the wind was knocked out from me, courtesy of a fifteen-pound calculus book being hurled to my gut. Mr. Brutal just rolls his eyes at the typical, well typical for me anyway, response, "Shut-up and stop sleeping Zim," he grumbles. It takes a minute for me to recognize the new scenery. Damn, I'm in calculus. The last I remembered, I was in Biology.

I mumble a few things to myself and settle down. The rest of the class soon follows. I rake a hand through my synthetic hair as I try to get a grip onto reality. 'I have to do something,' I think to myself, 'I can't continue like this. This is a threat to my mission and I can't…' I don't get a chance to complete the thought, because the bell sounds again.

I'm one of the first ones out of the room, desperate to seek some fresh air. The heat, the sensations these dreadfully delightful feelings bring will be the end of me. My vision starts to see stars as I bash my head against one of the lockers, trying to knock the feelings from my brain.

After a dozen or so, clunks of unsuccessful attempts and a sizable bruise, I simply brace my head against one of the locker trying to gather my thoughts. Here I remained, allowing the skool kids to pass me by, until I notice a hint of violet that floats beyond my amazing peripheral vision. I turn and to my delight and dread, it is her!

For an instant I ponder if this madness, this obsession of mine has now driven me to hallucinate, but then I remembered we just had fifth period and her class was across the hall from mine.

She slowly moved across the hall with a predator's grace as if there was no one on this planet that was her equal. 'I should say something to her,' I ponder, "I am Zim…" I whispered to myself, steeling my resolve. (Like there was anything more that needed to be said.) And in that instant I nearly did, I didn't know what I'd to do or say, but I wanted to act somehow. But that ended when she dashed into one of the classes and in a flash she was gone.

And I think that perhaps it was for the best. Regardless of these feelings, she seems to invoke from within me. She's still one of the enemy and even worst that wretched Dim-vermin's sibling. There can be nothing to gain with any interaction with her, I tell myself.

I take a breath and press away from the locker. Thoughts of that bionic squirrel-monkey experiment that I had been neglecting for weeks, started to enter my head as I walked to my class. But then she rushed back out of the room back into the hordes of pig-smelly students, only this time the most horribly tragic event occurs.

For a second through the crowd, through all the assorted chaos that orchestrated around us, our eyes met. A gaze is locked between us that I would not be the first to break, partially because I cannot lose. I, Zim, cannot appear weak to these filthy earth-stinks. I cannot allow it. Another part is because I cannot look away. The longer I look it feels as if I'm drawn into those two amber pools that held the intensity of ten dying suns. It is as if the world surrounded us fell away, that there wasn't any meat-stink children around or their horrible instructors. As if every movement, every glance, every breath was for the two of us alone to share.

All the courage I held a moment ago was lost under the piercing intensity of those chocolate colored eyes. Her glare centered on me for another second then her eyebrows pitched into a delightedly tight frown. She looked as though to take a step towards me with her one of her fists clenched, most likely to cast my body into some new form of ruin that I wouldn't be liking too much. But it seemed I was spared this time, as a warning bell rang. She merely just settled with flipping me off and continuing on her way. As I saw her fleeing from me, an understanding came to me.

I finally realized what I had to do…


A bell that signaled the start of the last period of the day rang and the hallways were once again flooded with worm-babies eager to get to the final class of the day over with so they eventually would be allowed to flee their captivity for the weekend.

I saw my target as she wandered through the hallway alone, but hardly helpless. As soon as she stopped at her locker to gather her books for her last class, I struck!

From up on the asepsis-covered titles I descended, the spidery metallic legs from my Pak soared out like tentacles capturing my prey in their grasps. Then before anyone could spot us, I dashed almost lightning fast into the nearest broom closet, broke the lock behind us and unleashed my bounty to the floor, all in less than two minutes.

A smug grin was on my face, as some of my usual egotism returned. "Victory for Zim…" I whispered, while eyeing my captive. She was reduced to a throng of dark clothing, skirts, and purple hair as it took a few moments for her get her orientation.

For a second I feared that in my haste to bring her here I might have injured her somehow. It was a calculated risk, sure but one that needed to be taken. I guess she realized where we were, one of dirt-slaves broom chambers, due to the cleaning supplies and the small space. Probably a little over two feet separated the two of us. Next her attention went to the doorknob, which was cleanly broken off. I had something in my Pak that could open the door, but I wasn't in any hurry of retrieving it anytime soon. Then in the next minute through her tendrils of bright violet hair, a single amber eye immediately locked onto me, in its depths laid more torment then all the levels of hell combined.

My smug grin dissolved into more of a determined frown. My mind racked over whether or not this again wasn't one of the more brilliant moves on my part, but at this point there wasn't any going back.

As she slowly rose to her feet, I deliberated on how I wanted to start. It's hard for me, to say all of what I'm thinking about her, without making it sound well…stupid.

Before I could speak though, we both heard telltale chime of the final bell blaring. We were now both officially late to class. I stared down at her as her eyes returned a look of pure venom. "Zim, you have exactly three seconds before your life becomes a nightmare revisited," she threatened while approaching me. Her fists clenched, her eyes opened and enflamed, her lips curled in the most carnage seeking snarl I'd ever seen and here my blood was racing. In the presence of her fury, my Tallest she was radiant!

Before there was any bloodshed, namely mine, the spider legs from my Pak came out again, surrounding her from all sides. I saw her eyes spotting my appendages advancement, she curled to retaliate but luck was on my side since there wasn't much room between us in the first place. My metallic legs caught each of her limbs and my hand shot out seizing her throat in an unearthly grip that even she was taken by surprise, her eyes widening while looking at me. I think for a second I actually scared her. Good. Maybe for once she'll actually take me seriously.

"YOU!" I shouted the word as if it's a curse, my free hand pointing to her accusative, "It is your fault my ingenious mind is broken! Everyday all hours it enters my thoughts. All blissful, all amazing, all dreadful!" she looked at me like I was out of my mind. I know I wasn't making any sense but I had to continue I had to get everything out.

Still using my free hand, I quickly removed my wig and the contacts in my eyes, so she could see all that was me. My Irken eyes openly met her's again, "You're everything beautiful and dreadful on this Tallest forsaken rock. An angel with black wings, an open flame that burns all that dared to touch but it is I, Zim that seeks to be engulfed. And I can't help it…"

"No other being realizes the greatness that you are nor are they worthy. Neither is Zim, but yet I still seek…" The earlier tension I felt from her body was gone as she continued to look at me, her eyes actually softening the longer I spoke. "The beauty of your hair, the softness of you skin, the alluring tempting flesh of your lips, I think about it always. I think about you…"

Gaz tilted her head to the side confused, "What are you saying, Zim?"

I merely laughed, "What is Zim saying? He doesn't know. He doesn't know anything anymore and it's driving him insane! These…You, drive me to madness!!" I shouted out with everything I have. My head lowered, steady breaths flowing from me, the last of my energy draining with my words as the weight of my confession finally hits me.

Then my eyes finally drew aware of our situation, locked in a broom closet, her bounded by my Pak's legs, her life literally being held in my grasp to the point where all I had to do was simply squeeze and she would be no more. "Oh my Tallest," I panicked. My legs immediately shrank back into my Pak and I released her. To my displeasure I noticed two claw size bruises on her neck that I immediately regretted. "I'm so, sorry," I whispered as an uncharacteristic amount of uncertainty hit me. I stumbled back against the closet wall. What was I thinking? Why did I think this would work?

While I wallowed in my own misgivings, I didn't realize I spoke those last two thoughts out loud. I simply shook my head and turned away. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to convince Gaz's teacher it wasn't her fault for being late. I turned to head towards the door, when I felt a small hand place on my shoulder. "Wait…" I turned to her and she simply asked, "Why did you do this Zim?" Her voice wasn't full of scorn, just honest curiosity.

I sighed as I approached her, my forehead rested against hers as she leaned back against the wall, my crimson orbs starting into her chocolate brown ones. I didn't care if I was in her personal space and was tempting oblivion at this point I would gladly embrace it. "I just…I had to know the reason for this obsession, the reason why you're constantly plaguing me…"

Then she did something I wasn't expected. Her face, it didn't return to it usually scowl or blank expression. She appeared almost thoughtful, her eyes openly draining on me. It was if her eyes possessed some immaculate awareness that seemed to be able to pierce through all the greatness that is Zim and find the small lonely Irken that lived within the Pak. I held her life in the brink of my hand and yet she seemed to have all the power here. "Do you really want to find out?" in that moment why did her lips look more appealing that all the levity that both of the Tallest could ever give me.

"Yes!" I screamed, "Tell me! Tell Zim!"

I felt the smallest sensation that drew chills up my spine as I realized she never removed her hand from my shoulder. Then time seemed to slow, as I felt her pull me towards her. The space between us was at it barest. I could see the crimson reflection of my eyes in hers. She pulled me even closer, my eyes closed as I allowed her to do what she will with me.

Then she slapped me…hard.

I let out a loud Irken curse as my ruby eyes burst open from the blaring pain to my cheek, "Demon-seed of a woman, I should…" But I never finished, because she then pulled me down so close, so hard, her lips hungry, dominating over mine. And my world instantly burst into an inferno.

A kiss…

I've read about its description from various texts. I knew the part it played in the human's mating ritual. But my Tallest, all those definitions hardly did it any justice. What at first started out small, simple, contained, burst into an avalanche of so many sensations. My lips pressed and fought against hers so many numerous times that that I'd lost count.

I lost my breath causing a break in between our exchanges and I realized I honestly didn't know what was going on or how we got to this point. But Earth be damned if I wanted to stop now. And one glance at the heated expression in her eyes confirmed her opinion.

My lips fell from hers and rained upon her neck. She moaned softly from the act, her hands balling tiny fists into my shirt. I don't know what insanity drove me, but my teeth lightly bit down on her sampling her. A moment later I felt her hands clutch the back of my head, if it was because of pain or in ecstasy, I didn't know, but the gasp then a "sigh" that sounded very pleasing followed, which gave me my answer.

I felt her warm fingers collect at the bottom of my shirt, then the sensation of her delicate fingers racing along my spine. It seemed the closer she felt to me the better. In that moment I too wanted to feel her body, to actually feel her skin with my hands.

She allowed me to touch her.

I felt her body tremble with my exploration but she didn't deny me. In all the worlds I've gone to in all my years of an Invader I've seen many things, but nothing was more beautiful than the moments she was bare before me.

I touched, caressed her…All the while I was feeling something brew inside me. Something that was buried deep beneath, before my activation day, before my Pak was assembled, probably even before the Control Brain was erected. I found a baser part of me, that burned, desired and most of all wanted…her.

When I returned to the world, I had her pressed up against the wall, her naked legs wrapped around my waist as I was driving deep inside of her with every fiber of my being. Her fingers raking deep lines into my back while she was holding me tighter and tighter. It felt so hot and wet, but yet wonderful. Her lips seeking mine as mine were seeking hers. Our breaths ran out in chants.

My Tallest, the feelings

If was as if I was racing through the universe to infinity and back, with still enough vigor to go back for more. Through her eyes I saw the answers to everything; love, trust, hope, want, FREEDOM! In that instant I felt myself unleash. Letting go of everything…An instant later I heard her scream my name, then like a flower she wilted in my arms.

We both slid down to the floor, nothing but our labor breaths echoing in the tiny room. As if the weird trance we both were in moments ago suddenly vanished and only two strangers remained.

We got dressed in silence and slipped out of the closet surprisingly unnoticed.

We gave each other a single parting glance and went our separate ways through the hallway as if nothing ever happened. A moment later the bell rang again and the hall soon filled with students fleeing from the wretched confines of their classrooms. In a moment of weakness I spared a fleeing look in her direction, but to my displeasure she was gone.

My mind tumbled over all that just happened and still I have no conclusion. I don't know what she did to me. The only thing I do know, I don't want it to stop.


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