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Stars in the Sky


Written by Chaos Lord

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Chapter 1 – The Next Morning


Waking up is an odd thing. Sometimes the tiniest of sounds is enough to rouse one from their slumber. On other occasions, not even an atomic holocaust would be suitable to the task of awakening some soul or another. For Nabiki Tendo, wakefulness was usually closer to latter rather than to the former. And, when someone finally came along to wake her up, it usually took a nice long soak in the furo and several jolts of caffeinated goodness to really get her mind to a point approaching consciousness. In the last year, that comfortable routine had been disturbed by the incessant martial activities of the Saotomes. By her reckoning, such exuberance in the morning was an affront to all good, decent, sleeping, people.

Affront it may be, Nabiki had gotten used to their fighting thanks to a year of familiarity. Though the elder Saotome was a lazy bum when it came to most things, he was very punctual on matters of training. In fact, he was so regular that the middle Tendo's internal clock had come to depend on those sounds of combat as signal to wake up. Today though, there were no cries of outrage, no smacks of flesh pounding mercilessly against flesh, there was only an eerie quiet, and so Nabiki slept peacefully. Finally, after an especially long time, the bliss of unconsciousness slowly faded in the light of a new day. For a moment or two, she groaned and rolled over in a desperate attempt to regain that previous existence. Suddenly though, a feeling of unease pierced the haze of her morning battle and she found herself instantly awake and alert.

As if an air raid siren was blaring outside, she leapt from under her covers. To her horror, as her left foot met the ground it found no purchase and she began to slide wildly. It was only her constant stretching exercises that kept her from falling painfully to the floor. Still, the incident left her splayed out on the ground, her nearly naked body on display to anyone who may come in at that moment. For her dignity's sake, no one came in and she slowly stood and put on the shirt she had deposited on her desk chair the night before. With the garment in place, Nabiki looked at her floor to see what had nearly killed her not a moment earlier. Seeing a sheet of paper, she muttered, "What the hell? I thought I had cleaned up last night." For the most part, she left the cleaning to Kasumi, but for papers Nabiki ensured that she kept track of that sort of thing. One never knew when incriminating documents could be left out in the open.

That thought in mind, she bent over and retrieved the offending document. Unfolding it as she stood, Nabiki immediately knew it wasn't one of her papers. "Kasumi wrote this. The writing is so obvious."

Dearest Nabiki,

By the time you read this I will be far away from where you are. As we both feared, Ranma has finally reached his limit. He's leaving, and I don't know if he will ever return. Nabiki, I was so afraid to say good bye to him without telling him how I felt that I just flung myself at him. I know you think that I am foolish for falling for him, but when he asked me to come with him I couldn't say yes fast enough And, even if you are right, and it will never work, at least I took the step towards a life of my own like you have been telling me to do. I don't know where Ranma is going to take us, but when we get there I will send a message to your personal box. I just beg you to tell no one where we end up. I don't think he would last if the chaos of his life followed him.

Tell father that I love him, and do the same with Akane. I am sorry Nabiki, I know what terrible position I have left you in. But I have faith that you will see it through.. And, if it gets too bad, I hope that you will come and join us. The fresh start will do you good too.




In her life, Nabiki had done many terrible things, and, thanks to her impeccable memory, she could remember every one of them. She had gleefully sold out her family just to get a nicer dress or the latest pair of shoes. "And don't forget about poor Ranma," added a part of her which sounded suspiciously like Kasumi. She had treated the martial artist like crap. In the short time he had been at the dojo, she had done things to him that were beyond the pale. No one could stop her. Either they were unwilling, too stupid, or she had already found some dirt on them. So she had been allowed to run amok.

The culmination of her unceasing avarice was the total ruination of the dojo. She had only wished to earn a quick buck and pawn off the various presents. What she got was bombs and mayhem. In light of the horror that had followed her after that day, the events as they occurred only provided a source of cheap amusement. Not even the unending tide of tears was enough to crack the ice around her heart. As usual in Nerima, it was Ranma who had dealt the death blow to her spirit. And the delicious irony was that he had no clue what he had done to her.

She could still remember that moment as clearly as if it was happening right now. It had been the day after the wedding and, as usual, Ranma had been left to clean up what everyone agreed was his mess. For her part, Nabiki had been upstairs, counting the money and figuring out the worth of the remaining undamaged gifts. Just as she starting appraising one of the toasters that had been given, Ranma knocked at her door. He had found several letters in the rubble of the dojo and one had been addressed to her. With a wince, she remembered how she had made him pay her a delivery charge even though he had done all the work.

The envelope was yellow with age, but Nabiki knew instantly who had written it. Even though she had not seen it in ages, her mother's handwriting was something that was forever burned into her memory. Not a living soul, besides her, would ever know the entire contents of the letter, but Nabiki had revealed certain things to Kasumi. Her mother had seen the early makings of the woman she was to become. Though an illness, invisible until it was too late to treat, had taken her, the Tendo matriarch apologized to her young daughter for not being there to help stop the downward moral spiral Nabiki was to take. And finally, the dying woman hoped that the letter would shake something within her daughter's soul and that the good girl she had been could return to the light.

Long ago, when her mother had died, Nabiki had never cried. She just wound up all that pain and shoved it into the deepest pit of her soul. Since then, every instance of grief, every twinge of conscience, had been pushed down to join that initial mote of sorrow. But her mother's words, written out for her to see, set it all free in a torrent which continued to scar her psyche. When Kasumi had found her, Nabiki had been curled up on the floor where she had fallen. Even though she had been at it for nearly three hours, the tears continued to fall. She had always known that she was a horrible woman. Now she felt it.


Since that day, Nabiki had tried like hell to crawl herself out of the pit she had wrought for herself. It was slow going, and old habits made it even slower. But she was sincerely trying to make it so that, when she looked in the mirror, she could see herself and not the monster everyone knew her to be. Though others always doubted her intentions, she tried to do good by them. She actually began to talk to Kasumi. Her sister had been a huge help in her journey and Nabiki tried to reciprocate as much as she could. It made her feel good to know that Kasumi was placing all her faith in her. And, who knows, maybe Kasumi was right. Maybe an escape was the next step she needed to take on her road to redemption.

"Way to go sis," she mumbled with a smile. Carefully folding up the note, she placed it with the one from her mother before getting ready for the chaos which was sure to come.


Feeling that there was not enough time for a long soak that day, Nabiki settled for a quick shower. As she dried herself off, she could not help but marvel at the silence of the house. Despite the lateness of the morning, she was the only one up. "Another job Kasumi did that I never knew about," said Nabiki with a touch of awe as she climbed the stairs. With little finesse, she awoke the remaining occupants of the household before ordering each to assemble at the dining room table. Not bothering to worry about them past the initial call to get up, she headed for the kitchen to procure some much needed coffee.


One could say, with a fair degree of certainty, that Akane Tendo was not the most perceptive human evolution had ever produced. But, as she sat in her usual spot at the table, she couldn't help but feel that something was seriously wrong. Nabiki had never woken her up before, it was always Kasumi who made the rounds. And her face had been so severe, yet another oddity. Luckily, her thoughts did need to go far to find a cause for the unusual occurrences, Ranma was gone.

After a year of constantly blaming him, it was so easy to fall into the old patterns. Without missing a beat, Akane's mind rapidly began to run through every possible scenario. Some of them involved her, Ranma, and a large vat of lemon Jello. But they were sadly cast aside for the more probable ones where he touched someone other than her. This only heightened her ire, especially in light of the aforementioned Jello ones. So it was that, by the time Nabiki came out holding a steaming cup of joe, she had worked up a sizable rage.

"Alright! Just where is that pervert!"

As per the standard operating procedure established in the last year, Soun and Genma immediately began decrying Ranma. That Kasumi was missing had gone completely unnoticed by the bumbling duo. Though the antics of the fathers angered Nabiki, what really infuriated her was that no one seemed to even care that Kasumi was at the table. But, unlike Akane, she was well versed in the arts of control. With a calm to put the Soul of Ice to shame, Nabiki sat at her usual place. She gave the peanut gallery a few more moments of crying time before letting loose with a loud, piercing, whistle.

"Okay! Everyone here just shut up. Unless I speak to you directly, I will make your lives a living hell." She didn't like it, but the Ice Queen was needed here. And for Kasumi, she would play the part to the hilt. Genma and her father looked like they would have said something to rebuke her, but their protests were quelled by a scathing glare. "Now, I am sure that none of you have noticed, what with the schools on the line and all, but Kasumi is gone." Gasps of shock echoed through the room, but Nabiki did not halt in her monologue. "That's right, she left last night, along with Ranma. It seems as if both of them have gotten fed up with life here. I don't know when or if either of them will be back. But cheer up," she said rosily, "at least if they do come home there is a good chance that the schools will have been joined." By then, the fathers could no longer contain their ire and began shouting at her.

No one in the room cared about the upside that Nabiki had painted. In the case of Akane, she hadn't heard anything since her sister had revealed that Kasumi left with Ranma. For as long as she could remember, that had been her deepest fear. Kasumi was so good, and beautiful, what guy wouldn't want her. Especially compared to her, the martial artist tomboy. She had been afraid of it when she had a crush on Doctor Tofu, and now it appeared as if she should have feared the same about Ranma. To her mind, it was as if the entire universe had suddenly cracked wide open beneath her. Fleeing its yawning maw with all of her might, Akane ran upstairs at lightning speed. Gone unnoticed the entire time were the tears silently pouring down her face.

Even as she was bombarded on both sides by the father's angry retorts, Nabiki focused on Akane's retreating form. It hurt her to do that to the younger girl, but she really needed to get a sense of perspective. Hopefully, this most recent heartbreak would provide just the catalyst she needed. "I am so sorry sis." Once Akane had disappeared up the stairs, Nabiki's soft expression grew hard once more. "Listen up you two. Things are going to change around here. I am not Kasumi, and I will not coddle you all like she did. That means chores. And you damn well better do them, otherwise I'll disappear into the night and you will be screwed. Got me."

"Tendo, are you going to let your daughter talk to us like that?" Genma was furious. His meal ticket had skedaddled without leaving a single trace of where he could be heading to.

"Quite right," replied the mustached man forcefully. "Nabiki, that is not the proper way to respect your elders."

"You're right. But until you do something worthy of respect that is how its going to be. Now one of you better get off your lazy butt and make some breakfast." With that, the conversation was concluded. At least it was in her mind.

"Nabiki, when will you start looking for them," asked Soun rather pitifully.

"I won't. And if I do ever find out where they are going, you two would be the last to know. Now, breakfast!" To prevent any further discussion on the matter, she got up and headed out of the room. There were calls to make, people to inform, and betting pools to start.


In room on the outer edge of Nerima, a young man stirred from a restful slumber. On a normal day, Ranma would have found himself flying through the air on an arc which would have placed him in the Tendo family pond. In such situations, an instant awakening was needed for the split-second maneuverings that allowed him to maintain his masculinity. Though, Genma was far away at the moment, his programing remained within his son's mind. So, instead of waking up slowly like most people, when consciousness intruded upon Ranma, it did so like a freight train.

Within moments, he knew something wasn't in the norm. Tightly pressed against his body, was the curvaceous form of a female. A quick opening of his eyes showed that it was not Shampoo; the mass of brown hair was enough to tell him that. It also reminded him of what had occurred last night and who was currently sharing the bed with him. His companion identified, certain other details were brought to his attention. One such item was that the soft, warm, object currently ensconced in his had was not, as he first thought, a pillow. It was, in fact, one of Kasumi's perfectly sculpted breasts. This fact immediately made another piece of information all the more important. Apparently, sleep had allowed a loss of control and thus Ranma was paid a visit by an embarrassing morning visitor. Currently, said body part was pressing firmly against Kasumi's shapely rear. Though he had shared some rather physical moments with her last night, there was something about the situation which triggered his Akane-honed anti-pervert reactions. With a frightened, "Eeep," he attempted to jump away from the compromising position.

For over a year he had had many a lady wrap themselves around him. Though there were others, Shampoo was the most glaring example of a woman's ability to totally confine him with nothing more than a par of arms and legs. Yet, no matter the level of skill displayed by those prior captors, they paled in comparison to the hold Kasumi had managed to conjure up. Even though she was pressed against his front, the eldest Tendo daughter somehow intertwined her legs with his. And as for the hand on her breast, well that was secured firmly by her hand on top of his own. While the majority of his mental processes were devoted to extricating himself, there was a portion which had to marvel at how strong of a hold she had on him despite her lack of prior training. Just as he was about to try again, he was stopped by the gentle words of the woman who so masterfully held him.

"Please, don't go," she asked softly, in an almost pleading fashion.

Though she woke up later than was her custom, Kasumi had awoken long before Ranma did. Where as he had freaked out with the realization of his position, she had smiled happily. Every morning of her life Kasumi had awoken without another soul in her bed. She had certainly never entered consciousness with someone else's hand firmly ensconced on her breast. Yet, it all felt perfectly natural. It was as if this was the way she always greeted the morning. After a few minutes of just laying there and enjoying his warmth, a memory intruded upon her thoughts. The information came from one of the scenes she had witnessed in the depths of Ranma's eyes. Having nothing better to do, Kasumi slowly recreated the positioning her other self had done on countless occasions. As a result, not only would it prove quite impossible for her beloved to escape, it had the delightful side benefit of forcing that firm hardness against her in a most pleasurable way.

As she heard him stir from his slumber, Kasumi surreptitiously tightened her hold on him even further. The increased activity of his hand against her chest was most unexpected, but it was certainly a welcome experience. That was especially so when she felt him grow larger. But a cold splash of water was thrown on those feelings when he tried to get away.

"But, I'm pokin' ya. Its not right," he tried to explain weakly.

"Ranma, I am going to turn around now. I want you to promise me that you won't go anywhere."

His conditioned response urged him to try and break free again, but the new feelings stirred within him last night suppressed that. "I, I promise."

With those words spoken, Kasumi began to undo her hold on him. She did so safe in the knowledge that he would not leave, no matter how terrified he may be. Even so, Kasumi went about her task with the utmost urgency. It felt cold, being apart from him. As she moved, the Tendo daughter could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Reaching out with an arm, she gently pushed him on his back before draping herself across his form. To her delight, Kasumi could tell that he was just as nervous and aroused as she was. "It wouldn't take much," she thought hotly. "Just a word, and maybe a well timed grope and you can have him in you faster than he eats a rice ball." To know just how close she was to obtaining that most ultimate of prizes made her squirm exquisitely. Operating on the hair's edge like this was a totally new situation for her, but luckily the panic in Ranma's eyes was enough to keep her from going too far.

"Ranma," though she tried to speak normally, it came out in a sensual purr. "Are you a man?"

That question pierced through the haze of fear with its unexpectedness. "Of course I am," he asserted hotly.

"And am I a woman?"

From his angle, alongside the feel of her body against his, Ranma was quite sure of the answer to that question. "Y, yeah," he stuttered around the lump which had suddenly formed in his throat.

"After last night, I am sure you know that I find you attractive." This was said as she slowly ran her hand across the tight muscles of his stomach. "But do you feel the same way about me?"

Though she had maintained the same lusty tone throughout it all, there was something about that last question which told him that there more behind it that just her proving a point. As she ran her hands across his body, Ranma moved to reciprocate. Gingerly, but building confidence as he went on, Ranma placed his had against her back and slowly began rubbing it in circles. "You're the most beautiful gal I've seen Kasumi."

"Mmm," she moaned in time with his caress, "good answer." Looking up into his eyes, she made sure she had his complete attention. "Ranma, when two people, especially a man and a woman, are attracted to one another, its proper to do things like this."

"But, but, my thing."

"Is a natural part of your body," countered Kasumi firmly. "And," she added as she reached down to softly rub his length, "its one I happen to enjoy."

"R, really?" Ranma's voice squeaked so high, it sounded almost like his girl form.

"Yes. And since we are together, its okay for us to touch each other. That is what healthy relationships do."

"But Akane always said," he moaned weakly.

"Did she ever do anything like this with you? What you did to me last night in this very room, would you have ever done that to her?"

"Hell no! She would have clobbered me into next Tuesday."

"Then why did you do it to me?"

That brought Ranma's mind to a screeching halt. Why did he do that? It was so unlike him. Yet he had just gone right ahead and touched Kasumi in places where he had never willingly touched a female before. Almost unbidden, the words began to tumble from his mouth. "I don't know, it just felt right I guess. I mean you were doing it to me and I liked it, so I guess I thought it was only fair to do the same to you."

"Exactly, you shared your pleasure with me. That's what couples do, they share."

"And we are a couple," asked Ranma with a touch of awe. In his entire time among the ladies of Nerima, relationships and sharing never entered the same conversation. To him, the entire concept was foreign, yet, after last night, it was tantalizing.

The light blush she had sported during the whole conversation had deepened until in encompassed her entire body. "If you want to be," mumbled Kasumi.

He didn't know what it was, the smallness of her voice, or the promise of things to come, but Ranma suddenly felt more like a man than he had in years. "Sure I do."

Last night had already put them together in her mind, but Kasumi had feared that the heady emotions had faded with the night for Ranma. Hearing him reaffirm his commitment to her created a massive wave of joy which crashed through her being. "Oh Ranma," she squealed happily before crawling up his body and kissing him passionately. Though it only lasted a minute or so, she made sure that the kiss was worth every second. With some reluctance, Kasumi pulled away to look her paramour in the eye. "If you don't mind, I think we would have some rules in this relationship. So that we both know what the other expects of us."

Upon hearing her suggestion, Ranma quickly nodded his head. Normally, he wasn't one for rules. They got in the way, and he loved to tweak off those who tried to enforce ones that made no sense. But right now, he was on an unsteady footing with all this relationship stuff. Any guidebook was a welcome thing, especially if it ensured that this newest romance was a lot more peaceful than his last one. And, given who he was talking to, Ranma doubted that whatever rules mentioned would be within the realms of reason.

"Okay. Rule one. We're equals. We may be boyfriend and girlfriend, but that doesn't mean one or the other is in charge. It should be a give and take situation."

Ranma nodded once more. "That makes sense." He waited a moment for her to lay down another rule. But her expectant look made him realize that he was going to be able to make some guidelines as well. "Rule two then. No jumping to conclusions. Half the stuff with Akane would've been fine if she just shut her yap and let me explain."

"Agreed. I would have said that if you hadn't," she replied with a smile. "Now my turn," said Kasumi with a giggle. "No matter where we are, if we are in the same place when we go to sleep then we do so in the same bed."

A dark blush suddenly erupted across Ranma's entire face. "Y, ya want to do this again?"

"Why wouldn't I? You make such a wonderful heater. Besides, just thinking about sleeping alone again makes me feel ill."

He had to agree with her there. Now that she mentioned not being together, the thought did to same thing to him. "Okay, I'll give ya that. Its makin' me sick too. But what if my grandparents don't approve?"

"When's that ever stopped you," she asked with a wicked smile.

Ranma barked out a laugh, "Ya got that right."

"But seriously, if they have a problem we can tell them we are engaged."

"No," he replied seriously.

"What," she asked as if she had been shot. "Why not?"

"I've already had more fiances than I can count and they all ended up crazy. I don't want that with ya. Besides," he added with a smile, "when I was engaged I could never do stuff like this."

To her surprise, Ranma gently pressed a nerve cluster on her rear. The feeling sent waves of pleasure straight between her legs. "Oh god Ranma," she moaned. "I take it back, we're not engaged."

"That's what I thought. Now, anymore rules?"

"Not at the moment."

"Oh good, because I think I'm about to burst here ina sec."

The couple stared at one another for a moment before both started climbing out of the bed with frantic speed. Though he was the faster of the two, Ranma only reached the bathroom after Kasumi had closed the door in his face. When asked about this day, he would say with the utmost modesty that he let her win, what with her smaller bladder and all. In reality though, Kasumi just needed to pee more than him and thus , for a brief moment, actually became faster than the wild horse. So, with Kasumi in the bathroom, Ranma was stuck preforming the age old dance to keep the urination gods at bay.

When she had finally finished her activities, the Tendo opened up the bathroom door. Ranma, in an example of desperation, pushed past his newfound girlfriend and slammed the door behind him. Had he gone a tad slower, he may have noticed the white towel draped around Kasumi's right arm. As it was though, all of Ranma's thoughts were dedicated to the task of keeping his bladder from releasing its contents prematurely and reaching that porcelain mecca. Standing before the altar, he found himself in a position many a man had been in before. Though he had to go more than ever, Ranma found himself stuck standing there with zero results. After several agonizing seconds, all the muscles started working properly and he could not help but sigh with relief.

Bladder empty, and order restored, Ranma quickly washed his hands; making sure to use warm water to ensure he retained his masculinity. As he opened the bathroom door, Ranma thought to himself, "I think I'll Kasumi take the first shower." Any further thoughts were cast into a sea of hormones as he turned the corner and saw what she was wearing. While he had been occupied, Kasumi had shucked the clothes she wore to bed and now stood with only a towel to protect her modesty. "Wha? Mmm. Wow!"

A soft giggle escaped her in response to her love's antics. "I was thinking we could take a shower together."

"T, together?"

Kasumi nodded, a blush firmly emplaced upon her features. "Well its late, and I thought that it would speed things up."

"But I boy, girl, you," he babbled with panic.

"Remember, you can also be a girl, Ranma. And I doubt very much that a naked female is much of a mystery to you."

"Its different though."

"I know. But remember what I said, I like you no matter the form. So while you will be enjoying me, I'll be doing the same."

Ranma sighed in defeat. She had a point, "Besides," he thought, "its not like we can do anything, what with us both bein' girls and all." "Ok," he said softly. "Let's give it a try." As he turned to go back and splash himself, Ranma said, "Just give me a sec to get changed."

"Wait," she said as she took a step towards him.

Her tone was one of pleading, so Ranma quickly turned to face her. "What?"

"There's something I want to do before that." After one halting step, Kasumi stilled the mild tremble which was working its way through her. Feeling no further impediments, she walked up to Ranma and took his arm to pull him into the bathroom with her.

Looking him in the eyes, she said, "Will you please take off your shirt."

Though his doubts were plainly visible upon his face, Ranma did as she asked. "Okay," he said as he tossed the undershirt out into the main hotel room. "What now."

Slowly, and while maintaining her gaze into his eyes, Kasumi reached out with a hand and placed it flat against one of Ranma's rock-hard pecs. "If you don't mind. I'd like to feel you change."

Though the hand against his skin was warm, Ranma couldn't suppress a shiver. What she was asking was terribly intimate, both in the mere act and the implications behind it. "I don't want you to become a man for me."

Kasumi smiled gently and nodded. "I know. But its just such a large part of you, I would like to know what its like. At least as much as I can."

"She wants to know me," he thought with awe. Though others had fiddled with the curse in the past, it was always for their own amusement. Not one had asked how it felt to change in any way other than whether or not it hurt. He suddenly felt a lot closer to her than he had a few moments ago. "I would like that too."

Reaching out, Ranma turned on the cold faucet. As the sounds of water rushing filled the room, he never stopped looking at Kasumi. "Now don't blink," he said as he moved his hand towards the stream of frigid liquid. When dealing with his curse, most people assumed that a massive amount of water was needed to perform the change. That was why so many splashed him with bucketfuls of the stuff. But he had found that only a small amount needed to be applied to any part of him to trigger the change. Putting his hand into the stream, he could not help but feel the signs of the rarer slow change. "Oh good, I was hoping that would happen," he thought happily.

Almost as soon as the change started, Kasumi knew it. She had been expecting Ranma to just pop into his girl form like he had done on so many other occasions. This time though, he actually shifted, like out of some movie. It still happened rapidly, but she could actually discern individual changes. For this exploration, she had focused all her senses on Ranma's chest. As far as she could tell, the first thing to change were his nipples. These grew quickly in both length and width. Kasumi could actually feel the mass of nerves and ducts swell under her hand as she watched its twin do the same on the opposite side of Ranma's chest. Following those protrusions were the large round breasts which so marked Ranma as a girl. They grew uniformly, and to her it was as if she was seeing a time lapsed series of photos of her own breast development. Within moments of Ranma putting his hand under the water, Kasumi found her own appendage filled with the soft flesh she had caressed the night before. "Oh wow. That was . . . amazing," she gasped as she looked into his eyes.

Though his eyes here pointing at Kasumi, they were no longer seeing her. The sensations he had just felt were unlike any he had ever encountered. Though they lacked the raw pleasure of an orgasm, what he experienced was on that same level. "I felt . . . everything," he gasped in awe.

"Don't you always?"

He heard her words, and a part of him even processed them, but the bulk of Ranma's mind was desperately trying to grasp what had just happened to him. "Not like that," his voice was distant and filled with wonder.

Kasumi grabbed hold of his smooth face. Lines of worry were etched deeply upon her face. "Are you okay?"

Finally, Ranma was able to get past what had just transpired and focused on her. "Yeah," he said with a slight nod of his head. "I'm fine."

"Want to tell me about it?"

"S, sure. I just need to sit down first."

With a nod, Kasumi helped the shaky young woman to the floor. "Better?"

"Yeah. Thanks." Though he was somewhat there, his thoughts were still a jumble. Slowly though, his words began to pour out. "Normally, the change happens before I can notice it. Sometimes, I don't even realize that I've changed until I look down and see my boobs or something. Other times though," he said with swallow, "its not so fast. It's still quick, but like when Toma attacked, it wasn't justa poof. If I am thinking about it, I can feel something more than just a tingle."

"Was this one of those times?" This whole think fascinated her to no end, especially now that she had felt it.

"Hell no. When a slow one hits I might feel a part of me change. I actually felt my hair go red once."

If it was someone other that Ranma, she may not have believed that. Hair normally had no feeling to it. But since it was him, there was nothing Kasumi could discount. "So, you felt it all?"

He nodded absently, "Yeah. It was like everything just slowed down. I could feel every inch of it."

Kasumi cast her eyes down to his boxer covered crotch. A few minutes ago, the fabric there had been tented out by his erection. Now, thanks to a combination of his bountiful curves and the way he was siting, there was no doubt that Ranma was one hundred percent female. "Even down there," she asked with a touch of wonder.

A shudder rippled though his body at the memory. "Oh yeah, I really felt that. The damn thing shrank like it used to in cold water before the curse, but it kept going. Then I could actually feel my girl parts linking up to all the stuff inside me."

When she had come up with the idea, Kasumi never thought that it would so completely affect him. "Ranma. I am so sorry I made you go through with that."

Hearing the sadness in her voice cut through the clutter with a knife forged from his need to protect her. With fierce determination, Ranma shook his head as he brought her face in line with his own. "Don't be Kasumi. There was no way you could know. Hell, I didn't think it was possible. Besides," he added with an odd grin, "I kinda liked it."


"Well . . .yeah. I mean I coulda done without the whole thing down there," he waved at the region in question. "But the rest of it, kinda felt nice. I really liked your hand on me."

"Thank you."

"Yeah, well, I guess we should get that shower."

The sudden change of topics was sort of jarring for Kasumi, but she just put it up to Ranma's low tolerance for mushy stuff. "Okay. That sounds great." Though she had held her towel tightly when she sat down with him, the runaway Tendo made no such effort as she stood.

Watching her stand, Ranma sent a silent thanks to whomever ordered the towels. With her holding it, the short strip of cloth had barley contained her ample beauty. But, as she stood its confines were breached and all of Kasumi's glory was rendered onto him. Thanks to his long experience with the female form, Ranma considered himself an expert on its appearance. To his eye, it was as if the kami had personally shaped the goddess who stood before him. Every square inch of her body was pure perfection. He had known that with last night's viewing. Now though, Kasumi revealed the final piece of flesh which had been veiled the night before.

As she looked down at Ranma, Kasumi felt the heat return to her belly. It was all she could do to not scratch the itch which suddenly plagued her. "Like what you see," she stated huskily.

In the face of such perfection, Ranma did not trust himself to speak. All he could do was nod his head with such force his brains threatened to leak out his nose.

"Good. Now, I think a little quid pro quo is in order. You take those boxers off while I get the shower going." She didn't give Ranma time to respond before walking over him and over to the shower area.

Every movement she made was carefully tracked by Ranma's keen eye. And though his body was currently responding in a feminine way, the martial artist's thoughts were totally masculine. So consumed was he by watching her, Ranma nearly fell over backwards in a attempt to turn his head around enough. Instead of falling though, he used the momentum to flip over then jump to a standing position. The feat may have been more impressive if it hadn't sent his prodigious breasts bouncing all over the place. Ignoring his moving mammaries, Ranma slid the blue boxers over his expanded hips and rear on its way to the floor.

Though her hand was in the water testing its temperature, Kasumi watched Ranma disrobe. Just as the sight of her own naked flesh had entranced her love, so did the display he had just put on. "Thankfully, I'll be getting a shower soon. I wouldn't want to go through the day like this," she thought as she rubbed her thighs together. "Ready?"

"Yeah. Um, but, isn't that water a tad to hot? I may change."

She shook her head. "Don't worry, you've been in water this warm before and not changed. Remember the last time we did dishes together?"

"Oh yeah." Though he didn't do it often, on rare occasions Ranma helped with the dishes and a few other chores. The last time had helped, he had been on rinse duty. Both he and Kasumi were surprised when the warm water did nothing to banish his female form.

Stepping over the side of the shower's built in tub, Kasumi sighed as her feet splashed in the water. "Mmm, that feels good. Come on in Ranma."

As Kasumi fully entered the tub, Ranma slowly followed. Though he really did want this, there was a part of him screaming that he should be anywhere else. Many times in the past, various women had tried to bathe with him, and though he was usually a male at the time, the incidents had no where near the power as what was transpiring at that moment. Somehow he knew that, when he crossed that threshold, he would be walking into a new life. His panic latched onto that and began releasing every flight hormone it knew of. Change had never served him in the past. Now he was about to make the biggest change ever and who knew what shitstorm it would bring.

Just as he was about to cave in to the raw panic assailing his mind, Ranma's eyes caught hold of Kasumi's brown orbs. They were neither the wanton need of Shampoo, nor the idealistic fantasy he had seen so many times in Ukyo. Her eyes held only the promise of warmth and love. Like a laser, it cut through all the gunk clouding his thoughts. Suddenly he realized that, while change could be bad, if he had someone there with him, it could be equally as wondrous. Emboldened by such hopeful thoughts, Ranma took the final step over the edge of the tub and into the shower.


It was two very satisfied teenagers who left room 268 that morning. As they walked the corridors of the building, it was if they were one person separated by a flimsy barrier of skin and clothing. Those few who they passed on the way out could tell in an instant what the couple had been up to. Both Kasumi and Ranma were practically glowing with love and post coital euphoria, and neither of them cared who knew about it.

Looking up from his paper as the couple entered the lobby, Hiroshi Daijobi couldn't suppress a look of surprise. He had never thought that Ranma would do that. The lad seemed too shy around girls to even attempt such an act. Already Hiroshi's admiration for Ranma's girlfriend was on the rise. Any woman who got the wild horse to go to stud had to be a formidable person. "So! Ranma, my boy, checking out?"

"Yeah, thanks for the room."

"You are more than welcome. As are you my dear," added Hiroshi in the direction of Ranma's companion. "I am sorry for my rudeness last night, but I never asked you your name."

Kasumi waved off the apology. "Oh that is quite alright. You were talking to Ranma, I understand. By the way, my name is Kasumi. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Hiroshi returned the young woman's bow. "It is mine as well. It does this old innkeeper well to see a young man such as Ranma in the company of such a respectful girl as you."

A light blush worked its way across her cheeks at the compliment. "Thank you sir."

"So, Mr. Daijobi. Will ya tell Mariko bye for me."

"Oh no Ranma, you're not throwing me under that train with you. You can tell her yourself." Turning to the door behind him, Hiroshi yelled out. "Hey Mariko! You better get out here before Ranma leaves!"

From the darkened region of the door frame could be heard a loud, screeching, cry of, "RANMA!" Like a miniature missile, a small form dashed out of the darkness before vaulting over the manager's desk. Had Ranma not been there to catch it, the thing would have taken a nasty fall. As its forward momentum came to the object was revealed to be a young girl who was no more than ten years old. Clad in a bright yellow sundress placed over a pair of overalls, the girl looked up at Ranma with wide eyes.

"Hi Mariko."

"Oh Ranma," squealed the girl with glee. "Why didn't you tell me you were here?"

"Sorry Mari-chan, but Kasumi and I were tired when we arrived."

In an instant, the little girl's head turned to take in Kasumi. She had to admit, in that simple way of children, that this Kasumi was an pretty lady, if not a little old for her Ranma. Squirming out of her love's grasp, Mariko walked over to what she accurately perceived as the competition.

As was her nature, Kasumi smiled down at the oddly dressed girl. "Hello Mariko."

"You one of the fiances," demanded the girl as if she were in the superior position.

"Oh heavens no."

"Yeah, that's right Mari-chan. Kasumi here is my girlfriend." That he said the last part without stuttering was a source of pride for the ex-Saotome male.

Mariko looked to her knight with wide, tear-filled eyes. "Girlfriend?"

Ranma had known that the young girl had something of a crush on him. And now, seeing her tear up like that, he wanted to retract that last comment; if only to spare Mariko some pain. "I'm sorry Mari-chan. I'm just too old for ya."

Though her heart was breaking, Mariko put up a brave front for her idol. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she stared up at the strumpet who had stolen her man. "Listen you. You may have his heart now, but if you hurt Ranma I'll kick you in the shins so hard your grandkids will feel it."

Kasumi knew a broken heart when she saw one and nodded her head solemnly. "And I will let you. I am sorry for hurting you."

"Just make him happy and we'll call it even."

"I swear it."

"And you," roared the young girl at Ranma. "Come here."

Without hesitation, Ranma bent down so he was eye level with Mariko. "Yeah?"

The young girl grabbed her love by the face and planted what was, for her at least, a deep kiss on his cheek. "You come back and see me if she hurts you, okay."

Without realizing it, Ranma flashed the same kind of smile that made so many girls fall head over heels for him. "I promise."

"Well good," she mumbled in a bout of sudden shyness. "Bye." With that, she ran back from whence she came to properly deal with her pain.

When Mariko was gone, Ranma smiled sadly at the girl's father. "Sorry about that Mr. Daijobi."

"Don't be Ranma. It was bound to happen eventually. At least she won't be pining for you while you are gone."

"I guess that's something to be thankful for," replied Ranma as he handed over the keys his room.

"Well Ranma," said Hiroshi as he took the keys. "It's been a pleasure knowing you. If you ever come back this way, make sure to stop for a visit."

"Don't worry. I will." Knowing that the conversation was over with. Ranma took hold of his love's hand and walk out of the hotel.


Author's Notes: Ok, I think this is a good a stopping place as any. This chapter has been hard for several reasons. One is that I don't want to mess this up. Another is the speed with which it was written. And finally there is the naughty area. I had never really done one of those before and I have no idea how it turned out. Don't look for such things often, most of what the pair do will be rather benign. But if this goes over well then I will probably do a work up of when they get together as man and woman. Also, I would like to say that, in my mind, I had intended the naughty section to be maybe a page, not the nearly seven page beast it became.

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