I was bored and this plot-bunnie wouldn't leave me alone.


As Obi-Wan walked into the cafeteria, he noticed that it was rather empty, though that could be put down to the Initiates having an excursion. Ode to be that young again, he thought idly. Picking up a tray, he gathered his lunch and glanced around for a spot to sit. Eventually he caught sight of Reeft sitting in the corner by himself, and he set off.

Walking over, Obi-Wan passed a table with a large group of Knights, that were making quite a bit of noise. One of the Knights, obviously the leader of the group, a childish thing if ever there was one, called out as he passed, "Hey! Oafey-Wan, mind you don't trip!" Corresponding to this, he stuck out his foot in hopes of making Obi-Wan trip.

However, Obi-Wan side-stepped the foot and said, "Aalto, that is so old, it's ancient. And you didn't even come up with that anyway. Don't you think you could come up with something new!" As he had been talking, he had kept walking and turned around. Not seeing where he was going, Obi-Wan tripped, and food went everywhere. Well, mostly on himself and Aalto.

Looking up through a layer of food, Obi-Wan caught sight of Aalto and burst out laughing. He kept laughing, until Aalto retorted, to his earlier statements, "Why bother coming up with something new, when the old is still relevant!"

Well, that evil plot bunnie will finally leave me alone! Yay! Even though it was poorly written... sigh

I hope you enjoyed this little... thing...