A/N: And here's the second half, seeing as it was well received on the kink meme.


After being thrown out of court and 'commiserating' the failure of the first day of the trial over a beer or five, they caught a taxi back to Wrights place. After a few desperate minutes of molestation against the front door, Miles' convinced the other man to let them in. No sooner than the door was closed, he had been dragged to the bedroom and was now in his current position.

Miles found himself shoved roughly onto Phoenix's bed and promptly sat upon by the other man. Wright leaned over him, his jacket thrown across the room and was now draped over an upturned lamp. He swayed on the spot as he tried to undo his belt, but seemed to be stuck, now that he was just aimlessly tugging at his belt.

"I'm stuck. I'll never get my pants off. I'll never have sex again." He said as he let go of the belt and leaned forward to plant a rough and wet kiss on Edgeworth's nose. "Poor Edgy. Doomed to be a virgin for the rest of his frilly life."

"I will have you know that I am not a virgin. I went to boarding school after all." Miles said as he began his own attempt at ridding Phoenix of the belt.

The other man started to kiss his jaw line and neck as the belt was finally freed and the trousers were unbuttoned. Phoenix's face lit up as he scrambled up and tried to take off all his clothes. He gave up on his trousers when one leg wouldn't come free and left his shirt on. He and climbed back onto Edgeworth none too elegantly and began to remove the wine red trousers and suit jacket.

"Besides, you retard, you did me yesterday morning." Miles replied as he sat up and pulled Phoenix close.

"Oh yeah, I cross examined that fine piece of arse all over the shower!" Miles brutally pressed his lips against Phoenix's and pulled the other man on top of him in the dirtiest, sloppiest kiss he had ever had. Phoenix began to grind his groin against Miles still clothed cock and buried his hands in Miles hair.

They broke the kiss and began to frantically groping each other. The heavy panting and rocking of the two bodies on the bed filled the quiet room and surely next door as well. They were both hard and drunk and the musky smell of his partner went to Miles' head and he groaned louder than ever. His vest and shirt were unbuttoned but no attempt to remove them was made.

"Are you ready to testify? I'm gonna push hard for a contradiction! Yeah baby!" Phoenix shouted as he pulled the Miles' trousers off and threw them away. He positioned himself 

between the gorgeous thighs of Miles as the prone man laughed between the breathy moans escaping from his throat.

Edgeworth reached onto the nightstand and took one of the condoms thrown on the side. He ripped it open and began to roll it down the other mans shaft. He stroked the sheathed cock a couple of times before laying back and pulling Phoenix over him.

"You... you're going to have to present some evidence... some hard evidence... if you're up to it." Miles moaned as the desperate frotting continued. Even through the haze of alcohol and the cheesy lines and giggling, they both knew it was probably going to be the hottest sex anyone had ever had.

"I got your evidence right here. Now, let's here you scream that testimony." Phoenix muttered as he slapped Miles' arse and pressed his dick against the warm crevice. Miles moaned as the member pushed forward and filled him. The uncomfortable ache was dulled by the alcohol and he began panting and begging for Phoenix to begin.

"I'mma screw you harder that Gant screwed Meekins." Phoenix declared, roaring with laughter and throwing his head back, slowing up the thrusts.

"What is your obsession with Gant raping people?" Miles shouted over the laughing. His breathing was already laboured and he didn't enjoy the fact that Phoenix had stopped thrusting.

"He's a sex machine. And evil sex machine, and he won't work for nobody but you." Phoenix slurred as he leaned down to kiss Miles.

"That's a love machine dolt."

"I'm the love machine, I make Edgeworth's come. Factory standard!" Both of them descended into guffaws and snorting and completely forgot about sex for a couple of minutes.

"C'mon then love machine, or am I going to have to return you as faulty goods?"

Phoenix complied with enthusiasm and began to pump into the other man, jerking out and lunging forward with no grace at all. The large hard member filled Miles' up and he felt like he could come at that very second.

"Why won't the bed stop spinning!" Phoenix shouted as his arm buckled and he fell forward, head butting his partners chest. He managed to right himself and continue thrusting into Miles.

"Shut up before I penalise... penalise you for wasting... ah... wasting court time." Miles ground out as he grinded against Phoenix. The frantic rocking quickened and soon Phoenix was slamming against Miles.

"I'mma gonna make you scream for a guilty verdict, bitch." Phoenix shouted again, laughing as he continued to rock. The moans that ripped forth from Miles' throat turned into groans that matched Phoenix's in volume.

"You couldn't even get an acquittal." He breathed against Phoenix's cheek as he arched off the bad for better penetration. Phoenix went in deeper and gasped as he continued to pump away inside his lover.

"Plead guilty!"

"Make me!"

The orgasm that followed racked Miles' body as he groaned the word 'Guilty' into Phoenix's mouth. He felt the other mans strokes become erratic and thrust a few more times before he came inside him, pushing forward with each release. He finally collapsed onto Miles as he slide out of the warm gap.

They both lay there, breathing heavy. Miles could not get rid of the stupid grin on his face as he lay there.

"Factory standard. Comes complete with afterglow." Phoenix mumbled before giggling again. He shifted so that he sat next to Miles. He managed to remove his trousers and underwear from his leg and his still half buttoned shirt.

"How was that for a cross examination eh? Mr Prosecutor?" Phoenix asked as he swayed slightly before collapsing next to Edgeworth and throwing an arm over him.

"The prosecution rests, Mr Defence Attorney."