I already forgot you: SASUHINA part 1

I thought about doing this story because i love this paring... HOPE YOU TOO AND ENJOY!! X33

Rated M because it contains some Lemon in future parts... X33


Part 1

It has passed many years. She's sitting near a tree in the forest thinking about her friends. She knows she missed them but she had to run away to forget Naruto. Yeah, she loved him but he was in love with Sakura. She knew he never belonged to her. Now he belongs to Sakura and she even heard that they have a family together with two children. The oldest is a boy, holding the name 'Naruto the second'; so it's up to him to pass the name, and the youngest who is a girl with the name 'Sakura'; like her mom.

Hinata was happy for both of them. She knows Naruto is happy now with Sakura. She knows she forgot him and that she doesn't need him anymore. She thought about those days when she made sushi for Naruto and he told her, "You will be a good wife for somebody one day!!" In those days she thought she was going to be his wife but she was wrong.

Now she's lonely and sad. She tries to put up a big smile but she can't. It's always hard for her. Even to think she doesn't have a family to take care and a husband to love her and give him love, makes her sad. Every night, she cries and wishes somebody will hear her and tell her everything will be alright.

Even though she's hurt, she wants to go back to the leaf village. She wants to go see Neji and the rest of her friends. She wants to know if they have a family or one of them is feeling her pain, but she hopes all of them has a family.

She stands up from the ground. She looks at her hand and a tear fall from her check. She looks at the sky and closes her eyes to feel the fresh wind drying her tear. She opens her eyes and stares at the sky. She sees birds passing by and a little butterfly lands on her face. She smiles and feels relaxed. Finally I stopped crying.

She moves her head and the butterfly starts flying away, she smiles again and looks at the path the butterfly left.

"I hope you have a nice life… not like mines!!" She smiles and starts walking. She's determine now. She will go to the Leaf Village. She doesn't have a problem. Why does she have to be sad if she already forgot Naruto?! She might even find somebody else to share their life with her.

She keep walking, enjoying nature. She looked around to see the same butterfly flying around near a bush. She walks to it and looked at the butterfly.

"So kawaii." She said to herself. She smiles and picks up a flower from the ground. She looks at it and smells it. Mmmm……so good. She looks at it again and points it to the butterfly. The butterfly happily lands in it and rest for a while. She giggles to herself and keeps walking as she holds the flower with the butterfly.

Hours pass and its already getting late. The forest is getting dark and it looks like it's going to rain. She saw near by cave and she runs to it. she sees the butterfly lying away and she stops in front of the cave.

"Bye!" she says to the butterfly and gets inside the cave.

She takes off her backpack and gets out all her stuff. She gets her sleeping bag, pajamas. She sets her sleeping bag; before it gets dark inside and puts on her pajamas. She gets her backpack again and gets her hair brush. She starts combing her now long hair and puts it up in a bun. She then puts the hair brush inside her backpack and gets inside her sleeping bag.

"Hopefully tomorrow I make it to the leaf village…." She said to herself. She felt exhausted. She just wanted to get there as soon as possible. She sets her head in her pillow and goes to sleep.


She wakes up. As her eyes are wide open, she sees a black silhouette going inside the cave. She stays there, motionless, without knowing what to do. She notices that it's dark and raining outside than notices that the silhouette has the figure of a man. She tries to scream for help but she can't. She's scare to dead. What if he's a thief or wants to rape me?! She was thinking way out of line. She just looked at the figure getting inside the cave.

"Awww" he says in relieve. "This is more like it!" he says happy with a chuckle. "Now I can get out of that miserable rain!" she laughs to himself.

Hinata just listens to his talk. She loved the way his voice sounded. He must be close to my age. She thought but even though, she wants to tell him to get out but she still can't. She sees he grabs something from his back and notices it's a backpack. She stares and sees he opens it. He grabs something from inside that has a figure like a flash light. She closes her eyes quickly and acts like she's sleeping. He lights her ways.

"Ohhh… it's already occupied!!" he says in shock. "I must find somewhere else then…" he says in a sad way.

She hears the click of the flash light as it turned off and hears splashes fading from the cave. She stands up and stays sited in her sleeping bag as she smiles in relieve. At least he was not a thief and all…… she felt foolish as she remembered what she thought. She looks outside the cave and starts feeling bad for him. He's in the cold rain and I'm inside here in the warm……she gets up, gets her sweeter and runs outside the cave. She stops and looks around and sees the silhouette of the same man like three yard away and goes to catch it. She gets next to him and he looks at her. She can't see his face but she still tells him.

"If you want….. We can share the cave…" she shyly looks down and turns pinkish. She can't believe she's doing this. After all this time, she's finally talking to a man.

"I'll be happy…." He says with a chuckle and they turn the other way to get to walk to the cave. They get to the cave and get inside, he removes his backpack and she goes up to her sleeping bag.

"I'll get this side…." He says and sets his sleeping bag at the floor.

"Ok..." she responds shyly and gets inside her sleeping bag.

"Can I put up a fire place?" he asks, "After all that rain, I'm so cold and it's dark in here…"

"Yeah…." She responds "After all… I don't even have a flash light or something…." She says. She was really eager to see his face. She wanted to see how he looks like, after all, he sound sexy.

She sees he gets in the middle between them and puts some long stuff together. They must be wood sticks……she thought as she looked at what he was doing. He started clapping some stuff together and sparks starts flying everywhere between the wood. As he amuse, the wood started burning as the place started to light up. She focus her vision as she closed her eyes and open them, all over again. She started wiping them with her hands and finally looked around. She looked at him and at her amuse…. He was HOT!!

He had black- spiked hair and the leaf village head band around his forehead. He was wearing a blue shirt and white pants, black eyes and a bandage around his left arm. He just looked at her.

"What's your name?!" she was eager to know. He just looked at her confuse and responded her question.

"Sasuke…. Sasuke Uchiha…. Why?!" he asked, still confuse but with a smile on his face.

"I just wanted to know…. You come from the leaf village, right?!" she asked.

"Yeah… but I want to get away and forget all those who hurt me." His expression suddenly turns cold but she noticed sadness in his eyes and she felt she wanted to cry. The room suddenly turns quiet and she looked at the ground.

"So… what's your name?!" he asked, breaking the silence and she looked at him.

"Ohhh… I'm Hinata… Hinata Hyuga…" she looks at the ground shyly and turned a little pink.

"Sounds familiar," He said and she looked at him curious.

"Yeah…" she asked, still curious.

"Yeah," he stops and does 'the thinking' look. "Ohhh yeah, Neji!!" he says surprise, and looks at her. "Are you related to him?" she looks at him in surprise.

"Yeah… he's my cousin…." She responds happy but sad at the same time. He looks at her.

"Yeah… how is he?" he asks and she looks at him in disappointment.

"I haven't seen him for years….."

"Wow…" he responds and stands up from the fire place to sit next to her.

"I must know how you feel…. you must miss him a lot." He says and she looks at him with sadness in her eyes.

"Tell me about it…." She says and looks at the fire place.

"My parents died when I was little… actually my brother killed them!!" he said and looks at the fire place. She turns to him and sees the sadness on his eyes.

"Wow… that's sad… so what did you do?" she asked in a low voice and he looked at her.

"I tried to get revenge but I couldn't so….. I gave up…. Now I'm trying to escape…" he looks at the fire place, again and stays quiet. She still kept staring at him. That's really sad……she can't do anything except hug him. She gently wraps her hands around him and he just turns to her in shock. He can't believe she's hugging him and she's really pretty. He has never been hugged by a girl, except the time Sakura hugged him because she liked him but now Sakura is with Naruto and she doesn't like him anymore.

He looks at her in the eyes and she stares at him too and without hesitation, he kisses her pale pink gentle lips.

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