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I already forgot you (One-shot)

Okay… so here's the one-shot! X3 I'm like so happy here! So yeah… I'm so glad everyone liked my story! I thought it was not going to be that good and all…. XD it's just funny since I think I did a bad job but I might change the first 4 chapters since I noticed I stay in the present and then I change it to the passed… It's weird to explain! XDD

So… yeah! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

NOTE: The kids are going to have a 'II' next to it! –sigh- I really should have changed their names! XD but yeah (For example) so when I say 'Neji II' that's Tenten and Neji's kid but when I say 'Neji' and it doesn't have the 'II' next to it, that's the dad and Hina's cousin! XD… I feel like I'm teaching little kids! XD I really should stop since I know all you guys aren't little kids! XD

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Epilogue- Days passed

"I'm so sorry Hinata…" The blond said as he hung his head in humiliation.

Sasuke and Hinata didn't do or say anything, they just left the blond all alone in the alley.


It has passed many days since the day of the 'accident'. Sasuke never trusted Naruto anymore but Hinata did forgive him. She didn't hold a grudge against Naruto because he was the one that inspired her to become stronger when she was young. She did felt bad though for what happen but somehow she started getting closer to him.

"Yee Hinata! You are growing!" The blond practically screamed as he pointed to Hinata's belly. She just turned to where the blond was pointing and blushed. Right now Hinata was on the Uchiha residence and she was in the gardens with Naruto. She thought she was alone with him but Sasuke was far away keeping an eye on her. Naruto's kids where with the Hyugas but they were going to come by later.

She turns to look at him and giggles, "I'm pregnant Naruto…" he just looks at her in shock and then blushes as he turns the other way and he puts his hand on his back.

"Sorry Hinata…" he tells her, "I didn't even do anything to you and now you are pregnant!" he snapped. He really is an idiot.

She blush a deep red and that's when all of a sudden Sasuke appeared next to Hinata. Hinata quickly turns to the raven haired and blushes even more, "I-it's n-not w-what y-you t-think!" she quickly snapped as she turned to the blond and black to the raven haired. Naruto was more confused.

"You dobe!" Sasuke smirked as he saw Naruto's expression.

"You mean…" he started pointing to Hinata's belly and back to Sasuke, "You have a teme in there!?" he quickly snapped like he was a crazy scientist gone mad.

Sasuke just glared at him and Hinata shyly nodded.

"HEY!" Hinata, Sasuke and Naruto quickly turned to were they heard the 'hey' coming from and that's when they spotted Neji, Tenten, Neji II, Naruto II, and Sakura II.

The three kids quickly run to Hinata to hug her. She hugged them back but Neji II let her go and hugged Sasuke. Sasuke got startle by Neji II's sudden moves. He then let Sasuke go and looked at him with bright white eyes.

"I'm so happy that I have an aunt and now an uncle!" Neji II hugged him back and then went up to Hinata to kiss her in the cheeks. Hinata and Sasuke quickly smile as they saw how sweet their little nephew is. Then Hinata turned to Tenten and Neji and smile at them as they saw their little kid being like that.

She sure remembers what her cousin told her that day she finally went to see him

"Ohhh Hinata! I'm so glad to see you!" Neji told her as he went to hug her tightly and then raise her up to spin her around.

That's when Tenten walked in and laughed real hard, "You two look like a happy couple!" and she started to laugh even more. Sasuke on the other hand was standing in a corner looking at the three of them with a smirk.

Neji finally puts her down and glares at her, "I really missed you Hina…" he hugs her again and she blushes.

"I missed you too Neji… but you really changed!" She finally snaps and lets him go.

"I know…" Tenten interrupts and grabs Neji by the shoulders and starts teasing him, "It had passed ten years and now he looked like an old man crying that his granddaughter died!" and she pokes him in the stomach.

"Hey, this is way different! Hinata left and then Hanabi left and I thought Neji (II) was not going to meet them but I preferred Hinata than Hanabi because I never exactly missed Hanabi!" Neji instantly responds.

"Right…" Tenten says and then walks up to Sasuke, "Do you believe him?" Tenten asks him. Sasuke just looks at her.

"Hn… I think he went gay…" Sasuke says and grins. Tenten just laughs but hated that Sasuke made fun of Neji. Neji just glares at Sasuke and was about to attack him but Hinata catch him with a hug.

"I'm glad I'm back… big brother…" this really shocked Neji. Hinata never even told him big brother before and Neji loved the sound of that.

"…Little sister…" and a warms smile appeared on both Hyugas.

"Hinata… how many months and that kid out?" Tenten asked as she went to sit in front of Hinata while Neji sat next to her.

"I really don't know…" Hinata said while blushing. She turned to Sasuke and smiled as she saw him smile.

"Sir…" Hinata and Sasuke instantly turned as they saw their butler standing in back of Neji and Tenten.

"Yes?" Sasuke curiously asked.

"There's a lady and a little boy asking of you, should I bring them here?" the Butler asked.

"No… I'll go…" As Sasuke said that he started standing up from were he was as Hinata eyed him curiously.

Sasuke turned to Hinata to tell her he will be back but since he saw her looking at him curiously, "Want to go with me?" he decided to ask her that instead.

"Yes…" She happily responds him and she turns to Neji and the rest of her guest, "We will be back…" and Neji just nodded.

Sasuke and Hinata followed their butler and Hinata couldn't stop staring at Sasuke. Sasuke looked calmed like he didn't care but she was scared. What about if it's one of his long ago girlfriends that want to be back with him? Or even worst, what if that mention kid is Sasuke's!?

"Hinata… I have to be honest with you…" Sasuke sighed as he closed his eyes and then glared at Hinata. Hinata was scared; she just looked at him like asking 'what is going on?' She was feeling so confused and she couldn't stop asking herself 'He wants to leave me!?' "Remember that night that we…" Hinata nodded because she knew what he was talking about but Sasuke looked like he was waiting for her to say it not show it.

"Y-yes…" She finally answered.

"Well… how can I say this?" He asked himself and Hinata just stared at him, "You… you were not my first…" Hinata started at him with wide eyes. He remembers Sasuke's words clearly that day 'I have never been like this with a girl because I was so busy training for my revenge. Everybody thought Sakura was my girlfriend…so I never exactly had a girlfriend.' So he was lying? He did have a girlfriend.

"Ohhh…" She said as she put her head down in sadness.

"Let me explain this to you Hinata!" He quickly snapped. Hinata turn to look at him and Sasuke felt bad as he saw her beautiful eyes staring back at his with sadness. "You were not my first but it was wonderful… I never thought I would feel this bad for doing this to you… I really like you Hinata…" Hinata stared at him and then she nodded. He went up to her and gave her a hug. "Don't leave me please…" he whispered in her ear and kissed her collar bone and she giggled.

"I wont…" She responds.

"Promised?" He said as he started to kiss her up to her lips but he stops in the corner of her lips so she can answer.

"Promise…" And he kissed her.

"Here we are sir…" Hinata looked at the butler who was pointing in front of him and she wanted to laugh as she saw his eyes slightly open and his weird British accent. She just thought he was so funny plus his penguin outfit, more hilarious.

"Temari?" Sasuke quickly asked. Hinata quickly fallowed Sasuke's gaze and where the butler pointed. Hinata gasped as she saw the beautiful Raven haired with a kid that looks exactly like Sasuke. So I was right… she's one of Sasuke's old girlfriends! This was the time for Hinata to cry and faint but she tried to hold it.

"Call me if you need me…" The butler said with his weird accent and left them alone.

"Hello Sasuke…" She responds as she grabbed the kid's little hand and looked at the couple with sadness.

"W-who is s-she Sasuke?" Hinata manage to ask as she felt a little dizzy. Sasuke glared at her to answer her question but Temari beat him to that.

"I'm a widow…" She sadly said, "I was married with his big brother…" A tear felt from her check and the kid started looking at Hinata.

"Ohhh…" Hinata just felt so dumb for thinking earlier that the little kid was Sasuke's. She was so glad it wasn't true.

"What are you doing here Temari?" Sasuke was trying to keep his calm tone but he sounded a bit aggressive.

"Sasuke…." Temari said as she gazed at her kid and back at Sasuke, "We came here to say sorry…" Hinata worried gazed at Sasuke and back at Temari, "He comes to say sorry…" Temari corrected and gazed at her kid to give his a little push while the kid looked at Hinata and Sasuke shyly.

"I ummm sorry…" The kid said as he stood in front of Temari. "I didn't mean to kill my dad… I just-"

"It's okay…" Sasuke said as he cut down the kid and then he gazed at the floor and back at the kid, "You can stay here… anyways you and your mom are Uchiha… you two are family…"

Temari smiled and rushed up to Sasuke to thankfully hug him and decided to just give Hinata one too. Then the kid shyly walks up to Sasuke and looks at him.

"Thanks…" The kid cheerfully said but with a sad tone and he hugged Sasuke.

Sasuke just couldn't stay mad at the little kid since he know knows why he killed Itachi so he couldn't resist the hug so he hugged him back. Since he now knows why Itachi killed the clan, he knows he can't stay mad forever.

Hinata just couldn't stop clinging up to Sasuke. After what happen with Naruto, she was just so scared. She couldn't stop crying and Sasuke held her tight for support and comfort.

"Sasuke… I'm so scared…" Hinata said as tears were falling from her light lavender eyes.

"It's okay… it's now over…" He reached up to her and kissed her gently. Hinata smile and they kept walking to the Uchiha mansion.

"I want to take you somewhere first…" He said as he eyed her.

"Where?" She curiously asked. She already stopped crying but her eyes were still wet.

"You'll see…" He said as they got to his mansion and they walked over to where they put the corpses and the tombs of his past ancestors.

"They told me…" He said as they got near Itachi's tomb and his parents' tomb.

"What did they told you?" She curiously asked.

"They told me that you're pregnant…" He looked at her with bright eyes and she looked at him in shock.

"What?" She asked in caution. 'The ghost!?' She was totally crept out.

"My parents and Itachi… even Sakura…" He said as he noticed that she was getting scared.

"Sakura?" Hinata asked because she didn't know what Sakura had to do with this.

"She told me how the kid is going to look like…" Sasuke smirked as he saw Hinata's expression which she was starring with wide eyes, "Want to know?" He asked.

"No…" She quickly waved her hands in front of Sasuke, "I want it to be a surprise…" Sasuke smiled and agreed with her.

"Better a surprise…" He smirked again and kissed her, "They even told me to go save you…" He said as he stopped kissing her and she quickly turned to the tombs.

"Thank you…" She said and she smiled. She then felt a blow of wind pass through her face and hair as a warm scent passes through her nose. She now felt great and she knew that she has to forgive Naruto for what he did.

"Forgive him…" Was the last thing she heard before the scent left without a trace.

"Now they can rest in peace…" Sasuke quickly turned to his right side and saw Itachi right besides Hinata, "She can't see me but you can tell her…"

Sasuke nodded and turned to Hinata, "Itachi is right beside you…" Hinata quickly turned to her empty side and saw nothing and she turned to Sasuke confused.

"I don't see him…" She said in caution.

"It's because he's dead…" As Sasuke told her that she quickly gasped and was about to faint but Sasuke held her tighter against him.

"He won't do anything to you…" He assured her and Hinata nodded. Sasuke then turned to Itachi and Hinata followed his gaze.

"I'm happy you came here right away after you saved her…" Itachi then said and Sasuke nodded. Sasuke then turned to Hinata and told her what Itachi said.

"He said that he's happy that I came here right away after I saved you." And Hinata nodded.

"Thanks Itachi…" Hinata looked like she was about to cry. She was thanking him because she knew he was one of the ones that said that she was about to be in trouble.

"Sasuke… tell her that our parents can rest in peace now because they now know you have found your true love." Itachi said as he looked at Sasuke but eyed slightly at Hinata saw he was saying that. Sasuke just nodded and gazed back at Hinata.

"My parents and Itachi's can rest in peace now because they now know I have found my true love…" Hinata shyly turned to Sasuke and gave him a small gentle kiss.

"I have found mines too…" As she whispered that, Sasuke smiled and turned back to Itachi.

"Sasuke… I still can't rest in peace until I tell you something important…" Itachi took a deep breath and then gazed at Hinata and back at Sasuke, "You don't have to tell her if you want to…" Sasuke nodded and gazed back at Hinata.

"This is between me and my brother…" Hinata nodded and hugged Sasuke tighter.

"It's okay… you don't have to tell me anything!" She smiled warmly at him and he just nodded.

"Little brother… I didn't mean to kill the whole clan…" Itachi technically screamed and Sasuke's eyes turned wide, "I didn't want to…" Itachi was sad now and he looked like he didn't want to talk. "I was forced to kill them…"

"Why?" Sasuke looked at Itachi like he wanted to cry and he was actually begging for Itachi to answer.

"I had to kill them to save Konoha… If I didn't kill them, they would've destroyed Konoha…"

Sasuke didn't answer. He tightened his hug to Hinata and Hinata was about to passed out for not breathing well. He bends his head down up to her cheeks and started to cry as hard as he can. Hinata didn't ask him what's happening since she told him he doesn't have to tell her anything. She kissed his fore head and a smile appears in Sasuke's face since he knows he's going to have her next to him to love her and trust her.

"She can't breathe…" Itachi instantly said as he saw Sasuke's smile and Sasuke let go off Hinata a little bit. He still wanted to hold her close. "Will you forgive me…?" Itachi asked and Sasuke just nodded.

"I forgive you…" Sasuke looked at Itachi and smile at him and Itachi respond his smile.

"Sasuke… when my kid comes and says sorry just forgive him… he killed me by accident and it wasn't his fault." Sasuke nodded and Itachi went on, "And if he does… teach him to use Shiringan." Sasuke nodded again.

"Okay…" Sasuke said and Itachi smile back at Sasuke.

"I can rest in peace now…" Itachi said and eyed the couple, "Wish you the best of luck and we'll be there when you two get married… we can't wait for what's going to happen!" Sasuke was about to ask him what but Itachi disappeared.

"Better a surprise…right little brother?" Was the last thing that Itachi said as the scent pass to Sasuke and Hinata and left without a trace.

Sasuke gazed at Hinata and Hinata nodded. They left the place and Hinata kept looking at Sasuke. Sasuke turned to her and Then smile.

"So when are we getting married…?" Hinata gasped as she heard that and she jumped at Sasuke.

"I don't know…" Hinata was happy and just couldn't stop kissing Sasuke all over his face, "Let's think about it later… okay?" Sasuke nodded and once inside his mansion, Hinata turn to the outside door worried thinking about what had Sasuke crying back then… What did Itachi told him exactly? And Sasuke noticed that.

"He killed my parents because he was forced…" Sasuke sighed and was really sad again and hugged Hinata tightly, "He killed the clan to protect Konoha… he's really a hero…" Sasuke gazed at Hinata and Hinata wanted to cry. They share a soft kiss and then they went to Sasuke's parent's room since it's now his.

"I do…" She happily said as she gazed at Sasuke and Sasuke just happily smile.

"You can kiss the bride…" The priest said as he looked at Sasuke. Sasuke nodded and kissed Hinata. It had passed 8 months now and they finally got married. Sasuke just couldn't wait to marry her and Hinata was so happy that she finally married Sasuke. She was still pregnant so her white dress was big and fit for a chubby woman…wait… when is the baby going to be born?

"URGH!" Hinata screamed as she broke Sasuke's kiss right in the altar and grabbed her stomach since she felt pain.

"What's the matter Hinata!?" Naruto quickly gasped and everybody in the church stared at Hinata in fright since they don't want her to die after she finally married Sasuke.

"N-Naru-URGH!!" She was trying to reach out a hand to Naruto –who was her best man- but she just couldn't. She quickly gazed on a frighten Sasuke and Sasuke gasped.

"Hinata!?" He quickly snapped.

"The BABY!!" When she said baby she felt the pain worsen and she felt water coming out of her private area.

"THE BABY!?" Sasuke asked and just stared in wide eyes.

"The baby is going to be born!" The priest quickly snapped at Sasuke.

"WHAT!?" Sasuke just didn't want to admit it.

"Quickly take her to the hospital you dobe!" Naruto quickly snapped at Sasuke and Sasuke reached out to Hinata but glared at Naruto since the really dobe in here was Naruto. Sasuke carried her bride style –since she is- and everybody in the church run outside, some where freaking out and other were trying to reach an ambulance. Tenten run to Sasuke and Neji run outside to calm the ones that were freaking out.

"Breath…" Tenten quickly said to Hinata while doing weird breathing faces. Sasuke run out of the church and there were already five ambulances -guess a lot of people called desperately. Sasuke quickly run to the near one and Tenten tried to keep up with him and screaming 'breath' along with it.

"Tenten wait for me!" Neji quickly said as he tried to catch up with Tenten and Sasuke.

"Hurry!" Tenten didn't even stop or slow down her pace up Neji quickly catch her. The kids? They are in the Uchiha residence and the butler is taking care of them.

Two medics approached Sasuke because they wanted to help carrying Hinata but Sasuke didn't let them and he slam the door and put Hinata in the mobile bed that the ambulances carry around. Tenten and Neji got in and Tenten approached Hinata and she was still making those weird breathing faces but Hinata didn't even copy her. Hinata was still in so much pain and she just couldn't stop grabbing her stomach and crunching down to stop the pain but there was no use.

"BREATH HINATA!!" Tenten this time screamed and stopped doing those weird breathing faces and Hinata this time listen. She tried to relax and breathing while doing the same breathing faces Tenten was doing before and the hurting did calm down.

"Like that Hinata!" Neji calmly said and he approached Hinata and gazed at Tenten and Tenten started to do the same breathing faces.

While Hinata was pale and sweating a lot Sasuke on the other hand was paler. He untied his bow tie and removed his suit while laying down on his seat like a drag. He didn't want to go in the front since he wanted to be with Hinata. He didn't believe Hinata was having the baby since it was too soon but he just stayed with her anyways. How many months have pass by already? He asked himself.

The ambulance stop and two medics open the door of the ambulance. Sasuke was about to grab Hinata but Neji stopped him. The medics grabbed the mobile bed with Hinata in it and rush in the hospital with Tenten, Neji, and Sasuke behind. The three of them hurried behind the medics but when they entered a room Sasuke was kicked out.

"Let me in!" He demanded but the nurses didn't let him.

"Sir… you can't go in, you have to wait outside!" One of the nurses snapped.

"Dammit!" Sasuke harshly cursed and then Neji approached him.

"Sasuke just wait…" Neji told him.

"Sir… you can go in after we find out when the baby is going to born if you want to see…" The nurse quickly said and Sasuke clamed down a little while they walked over to Tenten.

"She'll be alright…" Tenten said as she walked over to Neji and Sasuke and the three of them went to sit down in the waiting area.

"How many months have passed by since the day that Hinata and I came back to Konoha?" Sasuke asked Neji and Tenten worried.

"Eight months and a couple of days…" Tenten respond his question.

"Almost like nine months… why?" Neji curiously asked.

"I thought it was to early… that's why…" Sasuke was now calmed. Now he knew that nothing is going to happen to Hinata since he thought she was going to loose the baby.

It's now three hours later and Sasuke, Tenten and Neji haven't even heard anything about Hinata.

"They are taking to long!" Sasuke practically screamed. He was desperate and mad at the same time.

"Relax Sasuke…" Neji eyed him and Tenten stared at both of them.

"She'll be fine…" Tenten remind him and Sasuke sighed.

"You are Hinata's husband…?" Sasuke, Neji and Tenten quickly turned and gasped as they saw an old man dressed as a doctor gazing at Sasuke. He must have figured that Neji is her brother or relative since he has the same eyes as her.

"YES!" Sasuke quickly snapped.

"Want to see your baby?" The doctor nicely asked.

"YES!" Sasuke snapped again as he practically got out of his chair and walked fast up to the doctor. Neji, Tenten and the doctor wanted to laugh but the managed. The doctor slightly pulled his hand as he showed Sasuke the way and they headed up the door the medics took Sasuke.

"You think the baby is born already?" Tenten asked curiously.

"Nope… but I think he's going to get a surprise real soon…" Neji evilly grin and Tenten looked at him confused.

"What surprise…?" Tenten asked confused.

"You'll see… since they did that to me… remember?" Neji this time eyed Tenten.

"When Neji was born?" Tenten curiously asked.

"YES!" Neji snapped and Tenten started to laugh.

"That sure was hilarious!" This time Neji evilly eyed Tenten and they shared their gaze with a kiss.

"How is the baby, doctor?" Sasuke asked.

"He's all right…" The doctor responded.

"And Hinata?" Sasuke added.

"She's alright too…" The doctor said and then eyed Sasuke, "I'm a medic by the way…"

"Ohhh…" Sasuke actually didn't care.

They stopped talking and they walked to a hall filled with a lot of doors. The only things that were breaking the silence between them were their steps, coughing and crying while others vomit. Sasuke turned around and gazed on some rooms that were filled with patience and visitors. The medic turned to another hall and Sasuke walked behind him this time and stared at some other stuff that the hospital had outside the rooms.

"This way…" The medic said as he saw Sasuke walking to another way and Sasuke quickly turned and walked behind him again but then got next to him.

"Are we there yet?" He was definitely bored looking around.

"Yes…" The medic said and then they walked inside a room filled with doctors and some nurses. What he saw just made his dizzy. He saw Hinata with her legs apart while one doctor stared at her private area and something was coming out then everything to Sasuke went blank.

Sasuke opened his eyes but the light that came to his view was too bright it hurt his eyes. He quickly rubbed them and open his eyes again as he tried to focus them to the view.

"What happen?" He asked as he saw Tenten and Neji next with him.

"While Hinata was having the baby you fainted!" Tenten practically wanted to laugh but she didn't have energy to laugh. She has been to long in this hospital that she's already falling asleep.

"Told you!" Neji told Tenten and he did laugh. He wasn't even falling asleep since he had coffee earlier and Tenten didn't.

"Told you want?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"Neji fainted too when I was about to have junior Neji…" Tenten responded as soon as possible and Neji stared at her like rolling his eyes.

"Ohhh…" Sasuke didn't have time to laugh or make sarcastic comments, "So how is Hinata?" Sasuke quickly added.

"She's fine… she already had the kid but she told us to keep you company since Naruto stayed with her." Tenten responded his question.

"The dobe is here and with her!?" Sasuke quickly snapped at the mention of that name.

"Yes…" Neji responded and Sasuke quickly got out of the bed and rushed up to were he remembers he saw Hinata. He runs faster and faster and Neji quickly tried to catch him to tell him she's not there anymore.

"Sasuke wait! She's not there anymore…" Sasuke stopped as Neji said that and quickly rushed up to Neji.

"Where is she!?" He practically screamed as he grasp Neji by his shoulders and shake him a little bit.

"I'll take you but first calm down!" Neji snapped back and slightly pushed Sasuke away from him. They were about to fight but Tenten got in-between.

"Calm down you two!" She quickly snapped as she held one hand to Sasuke and one to Neji. Sasuke gazed at Tenten and Neji still stared at Sasuke.

"You are right… take me to Hinata…" He demanded in a calm tone and Tenten nodded and they walked over to Hinata's room. It was funny when they got over to Hinata's since Sasuke noticed it was next to the room eh woke up. He walked in her room with his eyes slightly open like he was saying that he's a complete idiot.

"Sasuke!" Hinata cheerfully said as she tried to reach one arm up to him. Sasuke's face brighten as he saw that the other arm was busy holding the small baby. Sasuke walked over to her and gave her a kiss.

"You want to hug him?" Hinata said and Sasuke gazed at her and nodded. Hinata was paler than ever and she wasn't wearing her wedding dress. Her hair was messed up but Sasuke saw her beautiful than ever. She was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in his life and he's happier that she married her.

Hinata gave him the baby and Sasuke carefully received him. He looked at the baby and smiled as he saw the baby sound asleep. He was so adorable and Sasuke just wanted to squeeze him tight but he knows he could easily kill the baby if he does that. The baby had tiny raven hair in his scalp and he was covered in a blanket. Sasuke just decided to give him a small gently kiss in his fore head and laid down next to Hinata. Hinata received the baby back but Sasuke still held half of the baby. Hinata did the same as Sasuke and gave the small baby a gently kiss in its fore head and then gazed at Sasuke.

"Sasuke…" Hinata said and Sasuke reached up to her to give her a small kiss on her fore head.

"I love you Hinata…" Sasuke slightly whispered and then went up to her lips and kissed her gently.

"I love you too Sasuke…" She whispered and she kissed him back with their baby between them. Now they know they are going to be together at least as long as they can say what's forever and they know they will be together in the after life for eternity.

Author's Note

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