Hi there, for those of you who read my other fic, 'Just One More Thing' have no fear, the next chap will be here soon. I have decided to write another, totally AU fic, in a hope that I can jump start my brain again. I've actually wrote more of JOMT since I began writing this. Weird. Oh well, hope you enjoy it!

Coming To Salem

Chapter one

Remus Lupin opened the door of Prince Harry's bedroom, and walked through without making a sound. He was carrying a silver tray that had the young Royals morning orange juice and coffee on top. As usual Prince Harry was still sound asleep, flat on his back in a bed that was big enough to fit a family of six in.

Remus placed the tray on a table across the room, and walked over to where the prince was sleeping. Picking up the crystal jar of spray from the chest at the foot of the bed, he positioned it over the centre of the bed, and gave three spurts of the scented spray. Placing the bottle back onto the chest, Remus clasped his hands behind his back, and waited for the inevitable.

Soon enough, Prince Harry's nostrils began to twitch, and he gave a few coughs. Slowly waking up, he squinted as his eyes started to adjust to the daylight. Leaning up on his elbows, he saw Remus Lupin standing at the bottom of his bed smiling at him.

"One day old man," Harry said yawning. "I'm going to wake up before you, sneak into your room and spray Lavender scented mist all over your face, and see how you like it."

"Good morning your Majesty," Remus said happily, ignoring the Prince's threat. "I trust you slept well."

Harry snorted. He had been sleeping fine until he was sprayed with scented mist. He actually found the scent quite pleasant especially before he went to bed, the smell helped lull him to sleep. Having it sprayed on him first thing in the morning was something he wasn't very keen on, and Remus knew this. He would bet his fortune on it that Remus only did it to wind him up.

"Well, I was up until you tried to choke me," Harry said dramatically.

"My deepest apologies, your majesty," Remus said, and held out a silk robe.

"Yes, you sound really sincere," Harry scoffed, getting out of his bed and slipping his arms into his robe. "And I've asked you repeatedly to stop calling me, 'your majesty',"

Remus went over to the table he had set the tray down on earlier. "Does it bother you?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"You know it does," Harry replied.

Remus picked up the orange juice and handed it to Harry. "That's why I do it."

"Oh gee, thanks," Harry said in a sarcastic tone, before gulping down the juice.

Remus took the empty glass from Harry's hands. "Happy birthday, Harry," Remus said, handing him a small box.

Harry raised his eyebrows and took the box from Remus. "You got me a present?"

Remus nodded. "Well it's your 21st after all, don't get too excited it's not much, just something to remember the day by."

Harry was touched. He and Remus had always been close, Remus being one of his fathers best friends and closest aides, they spent a lot of time together. In fact Remus along with his godfather Sirius, was one of the very few people who knew the real Harry Potter, not just the boy who defeated Voldermort. He was famous around the wizarding world and everyone wanted a piece of him, there were very few people who he could trust, and Remus was someone he trusted with his life.

Opening the box, he found a snitch with '21' glowing in the middle.

"Like I said, it's not much," Remus repeated.

Harry looked chuffed with his gift. "I love it, thank you," he said appreciatively.

Remus felt a sudden shyness overcome him, and he walked back over to the table where he placed the empty glass on the tray, and began adding sugar to the coffee he fetched for Harry.

"You must be very excited today," Remus said.

"Why's that?" Harry asked, putting the gift from Remus into his robe pocket.

Remus turned to him, and handed Harry his coffee. "It's your 21st birthday Harry, you finally get to meet the young lady your parents have chosen to be your bride."

Harry's head slumped, something that didn't go unnoticed by Remus, and shook his head gently.

"I'll admit I'm curious Remus, but how am I suppose to be excited, at the prospect of seeing someone I've never even met before?" he said.

Remus approached him and handed Harry his coffee. "I've never seen you so, preoccupied," Remus said choosing his words carefully.

Harry shrugged and remained silent.

"She's beautiful Harry." Remus said trying to make him feel better. "Who do you think helped your parents choose her?"

Harry smiled at him. "I trust your judgement Remus, I just wish I could have had a say in deciding who I get to spend the rest of my life with."

Remus felt sorry for the young man who he considered a son. He knew that Harry had trust issues, he also knew that Harry deserved someone who would love him unconditionally, and take care of him for the rest of his life. He understood Harry wanted to find true love like his parents had, that marriage hadn't been arranged and Harry didn't understand why his had to be. Remus and King James were best friends, but he would never question his authority. He, like Harry couldn't understand the tradition, but he had no choice but to go along with it. The least he could do was find Harry a wife with some sort of brain, and great legs.

"I hate to rush you Harry, but your parents are expecting you for breakfast," Remus told him. "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

"No thanks, if you could just let my parents know that I shall be with them shortly," Harry patted his friend on the back, and disappeared into the bathroom.

King James and Queen Lily, were sat at a large table in the Gryffindor Palace great hall, waiting patiently for their son to join them.

"I can't help but be concerned about him James," Lily spoke softly. "He doesn't seem to be himself lately."

James nodded in agreement. "He certainly has become quiet in these last few weeks."

"It's almost as if he's worried about something," Lily said, hating to think of her son being in distress.

There wasn't any more time for them to discuss Harry, as the man in question had just entered the great hall, and was now approaching them.

Both King and Queen rose to their feet to welcome their son.

Harry shook his fathers hand. "Good morning, father," he said, and bowed. He then turned to his mother and kissed her cheek. "Good morning, mother."

"Good morning, my son," Lily said.

Harry waited for both his parents to be seated, before sitting down himself between them.

"So," James said smiling widely. "How is my 21 year old heir this morning?"

"Oh yes, happy birthday darling," Lily said, still not believing her baby had turned 21.

"Thank you mother," he said kindly, before turning to his father. "I'm fine thank you father, a year older is all."

King James laughed. "Harry, being 21 is not just another age to reach it's a milestone. Today is the day you are seen as an adult in the eyes of the world. It is also a wonderful day for Gryffindor, their prince finally gets his princess."

Harry tried his best to mask his inner feelings, something he was good at doing when his father was concerned. His mother however was never fooled, and she picked up on his discomfort straight away.

"Are you alright dear," Lily asked him gently.

"Of course," he replied with a smile, although he knew his mother still didn't believe him.

"Harry," his father interrupted. "We're your parents, if something is troubling you, you must tell us at once."

Harry took a deep breath. "I know that you both love me, and that you only have my best interests at heart."

"But?" James asked, furrowing his brows.

"But I really wish, that you would let me choose my own wife," Harry said, his voice full of conviction.

"I see," James nodded in realization. "You know Harry, we've gone to a great deal of trouble to select for you the finest wife available."

"She is lovely Harry," Lily said stroking her son's arm, trying to make him feel better about the situation. "I'm sure you'll like her."

Harry appreciated his mothers words, but nothing could make him feel better about this, it was a decision he felt he had the right to make by himself.

"But mother, what if I cannot love her?" he asked seriously.

"Love has nothing to do with marriage Harry, you know that," the King said, earning a glare from the Queen. "Nowadays, shall we say."

Harry would not accept that as an answer.

"Yourself, and mother didn't have an arranged marriage," Harry pointed out to his father. "Why should I?"

"That was different," James told his son, avoiding the question.

"How?" Harry asked, maybe a little more strongly than he should have. He was lucky that his mother understood his frustration.

"Harry," she said softly. "We understand that this is difficult for you but please, at least meet her, you may be surprised."

Harry smiled at his parents. He never wanted them to be disappointed in him, he knew he had responsibilities and would see them through. He decided to let it go, for now.

"Of course, mother," he said. "Very well."

Harry began to hear footsteps echo in the hall. Turning in the direction of where the sound was coming from, he saw his best friend Ron Weasley, approaching him and his parents.

"Good morning your majesty's," Ron said happily, bowing to all three royals. "Another wonderful day in Gryffindor."

"Good morning, Ron," Queen Lily said. "How are your family?"

"Oh very well, your grace." Ron answered with a smile. "They're especially looking forward to this evenings festivities."

King Kames and Queen Lily had decided to throw a celebration in order to honour their only son's birthday. Ron Weasley and his family had been extremely close friends to the Potter's for years, and were the first family they sent an invitation to. Of course the celebration was also to mark the event, that a princess had finally been chosen for the young prince of Gryffindor, an announcement that was sure to make the kingdom they ruled over very happy.

The kingdom of Gryffindor was the beautiful landscape of hills, mountains and lakes, that could be seen from the Hogwarts castle. More and more people from the wizarding world occupied the land each day, on approval by the King and Queen. It was a peaceful place where one could build a home, and raise a family in complete freedom, without fear of evil.

Today was to be a great day in the kingdoms history, their prince was to finally provide them with a future queen.

"No more than his mother and I, I assure you," James told Ron.

Ron looked at Harry, and could tell by the look in his face that he wasn't sharing the same enthusiasm. He knew the smile on his face was false, Harry could never fool him.

"Are you ready to go birthday boy?" Ron asked him with a grin.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Excuse me father, and mother," he said to his parents, getting up from his chair.

"Do try to enjoy your day Harry," his mother said softly. "And please don't worry too much about tonight."

Harry smiled and kissed his mothers forehead. "I'll do my best."

Harry gave a nod towards his parents, and started to leave the hall with Ron.

When they were out of earshot of Harry's parents, Ron spoke. "Gosh Harry, you look like your awaiting execution."

Harry kept looking straight ahead as they walked, thinking about what his friend just said. In a way that was exactly what he felt like. After getting married to some stranger, he was sure 'his' life would be over.

"In a way Ron, I am," Harry said softly.

Ron had agreed to do anything his best friend wanted to do that morning, seeing as how it was the prince's birthday. That included Harry's favourite pastime, riding a horse. Ron didn't particularly care for the activity seeing as how he never mastered it properly. No matter how hard Harry tried to teach him, he couldn't quite get it. He would either fall off after losing his balance, or be so scared, that the horse would smell his fear and throw him off.

The things you do for friends he would think.

Ron was very grateful when later in the morning, after an hour of galloping through the Gryffindor woods and meadows, Harry stopped near one of the kingdom's large lakes, so the horses could drink an rest for a while.

Harry climbed down from his horse, and couldn't help but laugh when looking back at his friend. Ron was rigidly gripping his horses reigns, and was as white as a sheet. The animal could tell it's rider was uncomfortable, and was thrashing it's neck and face around slightly.

"You alright there Ron," Harry asked still laughing.

"I'm gonna make you pay for this you git," Ron said still sounding scared.

Harry was still clearly amused as he approached Ron's horse. Calming the horse down by smoothing the front of it's long face, he looked up at Ron, and indicated to him with a nod that it was safe to get down.

Ron blew out a breath of relief when his feet touched the ground, as his friend took both horses by their reigns, and led them closer to the lake where they could quench their thirst.

Seeing them begin to drink, Harry patted the horses gently on the side, and walked back over to his friend who was now sitting on the soft green grass.

"How do you do this everyday?" Ron looked up at his friend in amazement. "My thighs are killing me!"

Harry smiled and shrugged. "You get use to it I suppose."

"Not me," Ron said shaking his head. "I sincerely hope that your wife shares the same enthusiasm for your favourite hobby Harry, that way I won't have to do it again."

Harry slowly folded his arms, and looked away.

Ron felt incredibly sympathetic toward his friend, he wasn't sure whether he would be able to go through with what Harry's parents were asking of their son.

"I can't …imagine…what this must be like for you Harry," Ron said quietly.

Harry shook his head sadly. "It's not a nice feeling, Ron."

"Look at this way," Ron said, picking some grass from the ground and twirling it around with his fingers. "You're probably gonna end up with the most gorgeous girl on this planet," Ron paused before adding, "Apart from my Luna of course."

Ron was currently in a very strong relationship with Luna Lovegod, a girl that both he and Harry went to school with. Her father was also a close aide of the Potters.

Harry smiled at his friends effort at trying to cheer him up, but there was no sugar coating this situation, so there was no use in attempting to.

"It doesn't matter how beautiful she is on the outside Ron," Harry told his friend. "The person's beauty inside can make them the most beautiful person on the outside also."

In the main hall of the Gryffindor palace, the festivities were in full swing. At the top of the room in full view of the guests, along with the king and queen, was a very unhappy looking prince. No matter what he did, Harry could not raise a smile. Ron who was by his side tried to crack a joke now and again, but to no avail. King James glanced to his left and saw the look on Harry's face.

"Do try and force a smile my son," James spoke quietly in Harry's ear. "The last thing the poor girl needs, is for you to look at her like she's Voldermort in disguise."

"Forgive me, father," Harry replied softly.

Remus Lupin appeared beside the royals, and began to address the guests in the room with a loud clear voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" Remus waited for the crowd to go silent before continuing. "On behalf of King James, and Queen Lily, it is my pleasure to welcome you to such a significant evening. We are pleased that you are able to join us, in celebrating Prince Harry's birthday. The King and Queen would also wish to take this opportunity to announce, that your future Queen has indeed been selected, for your future King."

At the sounds of joy from the royal subjects, Harry couldn't help but grimace, and felt even more sick when the King of Ravenclaw, and his daughter Cho, approach his father.

King James rose from his throne, and offered his hand to the king of Ravenclaw. "Chomin, good to see you again."

"As it is you, James," Chowmin Chang said, accepting the other kings hand. "It is with great pleasure that tonight, I offer my daughter, to your son."

At hearing this, Harry's mouth fell further to the floor. Ron nudged him in the ribs before whispering in his ear in total disbelief. "They chose your ex bitchfriend, to be your wife?"

"How could they do this to me?" Harry said to himself.

Cho Chang was Harry's first real crush, and he had dated the Ravenclaw at school for a few months. The worst few months of his life. She was needy, sefish, rude, obsessive, and loved being on the arm of prince Harry. Even though his family and friends knew of his crush, they never actually found out why the couple broke up. He made out that it was down to being to young to have a serious relationship, oh how he wished he had been more honest. His parents and Lupin probably thought they had been doing him a favour choosing Cho, when in effect, they had destroyed his life in choosing her of all people to be his bride.

He needed to buy some time, especially when he caught Cho eyeing him like a cat would a fish.

"Father?" he spoke lowly to James. "Could I speak to you alone for a moment please?"

James smiled. "Of course, Harry." Together they left for the room behind the thrones, leaving the Queen, Ron, and the guests exchanging questioning glances.

Once they were alone, James grinned and put a hand on his son's shoulder briefly. "You have no need to thank me, Harry. I knew you'd be pleased."

Harry plastered a fake smile on his face. "You certainly went all out, father."

"I'm sure a creature of such beauty, will give you enormous pleasure don't you think?" James asked winking.

Harry knew that he needed to escape, but couldn't tell his father he had no wish to marry Cho, as he would surely be made to exchange nuptials there and then. Instead, he thought of a way he could get out of this dire situation, for now anyway.

"Father, I'm not sure if I am ready," he said confidently.

Before James could reply, a servant entered the room, and bowed. "The guests are waiting your majesty."

"Let them wait!" James bellowed, angry at the interruption. "I'm talking to my son."

The servant left the room, and James put his arm around Harry's shoulders. "Come Harry, lets go for a stroll."

When outside walking the grounds, Harry decided to try again to tell the king of his idea. "Father, I know its yours and mother's greatest wish for me to get married, and continue the royal line. It's something that I want very much for myself."

"I'm glad to hear that Harry," James said proudly.

"It's just that, I'm 21 years old, and I've never left England, or Scotland. I'm yet to know what the outside world has to offer," Harry explained softly.

"Ah ha!" King James exclaimed in a happy voice. "So, that's what it is! You want to sow some royal oats!"

Harry was relieved to know that his father hadn't taken offence, but a little uneasy that his king had jumped to the wrong conclusion completely. He didn't want to leave England to shag lots of different women, it wasn't in his nature.

"It's not that…" Harry tried to explain before being interrupted.

"You're right, Harry!" James said excitedly. "Get out, see the world, enjoy yourself, fulfil every erotic desire! And in forty days, you will come home and marry your money!"

"But father…" Harry tried again to explain.

"It is settled," James ended the conversation with a grin.

When father and son returned to the main hall, king James addressed his guests. "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. The wedding shall proceed in forty days, you may go home now, goodnight."

After some soft gasps, and hushed whispering, James turned to Remus.

"Remus, prepare the royal luggage," he instructed. "My son is going on a trip."

"Yes, James," Remus said, before leaving the room.

Harry and Ron were walking in a rush towards Harry's private study, Ron talking excitedly. "This is going to be so great, Harry! 40 days of freedom, 40 days to figure out how we can get you out of this life long mind fuck sentence with Cho 'The Bitch' Chang!

Harry stopped. "Ron, I have something else in mind, please keep this to yourself."


"I intend to find my wife," Harry smiled.

Ron shook his head laughing. "You never did give up on anything Harry, did you?"

"Not when it's going to effect the rest of my life," Harry said.

"Where shall we go?" Ron asked, sitting at the desk looking at an atlas.

Harry who was standing, glanced down over his friends shoulder and pointed at something in the book. "How about here?"

Ron looked to see where Harry had suggested. "Salem," he said. "Sounds like the perfect place, to find the perfect witch."

Harry went to sit at the opposite side of the desk. "I can't go looking like this."

"Like what?" Ron asked confused.

"Ron, everyone knows who I am," Harry said softly. "I want someone to fall in love with me, not prince Harry of Gryffindor."

"You're not going to put nasty warts on your face to make yourself look ugly, are you?" Ron asked laughing.

"No, you idiot, but I am going to have to change my image," said Harry.

"Maybe Luna, can help?" Ron suggested.

It was another bright sunny day in Salem, Massachusetts. Dragon, the all witch school for advanced witchcraft, housed a familiar witch in the sparse library. When all others were out enjoying the sunshine, a hunched over figure was scribbling furiously on rolls of parchment with her quill. With her long, brown wavy locks shielding her face from everything but her parchment, she didn't see the attractive blonde girl approach her with a naughty smile on her face. Nor did she see the girl slam the books she was carrying down onto the table, causing the very few in the library to stare over at them in confusion.

The girl shrieked, and threw her head up quickly to see who interrupted her study time. "Samantha, don't you ever do that to me again, you scared the life out of me!"

"Enough is enough, Hermione," Samantha said, fed up with her friend's intense studying. "It's ninety two degrees outside. And you, like always, are cooped up in this library causing your brain, innovation overload!"


"And, if that's not bad enough, its end of term almost! So what difference does it make?" Samantha narrowed her eyes. "Don't tell me you've started next term's work already?"

"Okay, fine," Hermione shrugged. "I won't."

When Hermione went back to her parchment, Samantha started to pick up all of her friends books. "I'm no longer giving you the choice."

"Sam, what do you think you're…?"

"Hermione," Samantha smiled. "If you don't get up right this minute, I will shout at the top of my lungs, everything I did with my latest conquest at the weekend!"

"You wouldn't," Hermione said calling Samantha's bluff.

"Would you like to try me?" Sam smirked.

Hermione looked around at the few faces that were still staring at them, and gave in. "Fine, what exactly are you proposing we do?"

"Just to go out, Hermione," Sam told her rolling eyes. "No specific reason, just fresh air."

"Fine," Hermione accepted defeat. Picking up her parchment, books, and quill, she put them into her bag and threw her friend a questioning glance. "So, where are we going?"

"Anywhere but here," Sam replied smiling.

Just beyond Dragon school, was Corwinside. It was much like Hogsmede, a place for witches and wizards to meet and have fun in their spare time. Hermione and Samantha had found a café on one of the side streets of Corwinside, and were sipping ice cold soda's. A blissful experience in blazing heat.

She would never admit it, but while looking around, Hermione was quite glad she took her friend up on her offer to go out. It was a lovely day, and she did need a break. She had one more term of advanced witchcraft before she could fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher. She wanted everything to go without a hitch. Even though her friend and professors had told her countless times that she was the brightest witch of her age, she wanted to be better. It was end of term in a weeks time, and they were going to be free from education for six weeks, but Hermione still wanted to study, much to the chagrin of her best friend, Samantha Driscoll.

Both girls had attended the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, which is where they'd met and ultimately become best friends. From the outside looking in, people may have seen their friendship as strange, seeing as how the two girls couldn't have been more different. Hermione Granger always had her eyes in the books, and Samantha Driscoll, always had her eyes on the men.

Hermione was born in England, but her parents had moved to France when she was nine years old. Her name had originally been put down on the Hogwarts schooling list for witchcraft and wizardry, but had been transferred to Beauxbatons when her parents decided to open a dental practise in France. It was a move that had made her parents a substantial amount of money, and saw to it that Hermione never wanted for anything. She knew that her parents had been less fortunate than her growing up, they had come from poor backgrounds and had studied and worked very hard to get where they were now. Her parents comfortable fortune made them rich, not her. Hermione believed in working for her success, not inheriting it.

Samantha Driscoll, was different.

Samantha was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents had moved her to France when she was ten years old, much like Hermione's parents had with her. Sam's name was down for the Salem Witches Institute, but was transferred to Beauxbatons when her parents, who were both heart surgeons, moved to France to open up a surgery. Samantha had been born into money, and she believed that there was nothing wrong with making money the regular way, inheriting it. Her parents, unlike Hermione's, thought otherwise. Whereas Mr and Mrs Granger would be happy for Hermione to not work and just be a free spirit, Mr and Mrs Driscoll made it clear to Samantha that if she wanted her inheritance, she would have to learn to become responsible through academia. Fail, and her inheritance would be left to the pets! She was told to learn the value of the most important things in life, and not take anything for granted. One thing she had learned in school was the value of friendship, and that was down to Hermione Granger.

Hermione knew that Samantha was somewhat spoilt, but she had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. She had also given Hermione, a place to stay during holidays from Dragon school. Sam's parents had paid for her to have an apartment in Boston for end of terms. They were officially roommates when school was out, a title that would be bestowed on them once again in one weeks time.

Hermione looked over to her friend and shook her head, Samantha was engrossed in 'Witch Weekly' magazine.

"Oh, bummer!" Sam whined, interrupting Hermione from her thoughts.

"What?" Hermione sipped her drink.

"Prince Harry, is getting married." Samantha said with a sigh.

"Oh my god!" Hermione shrieked sarcastically. "The end of the world as we know it is officially over!"

Sam stuck her tongue out at her friend, which earned a giggle. "C'mon Hermione, even you have to admit he is a complete hottie!"

Hermione snickered. "He's pretentious."

"Hmm," Sam cocked her said to the side. "You seem so sure of your opinion, Hermione. Especially of someone who you've never even met before."

"I don't need to meet the guy to know that he is a complete and utter arse!" Hermione said strongly.

"Hermione just admit it! He's totally shaggable!" "Sam said excitedly. "He has the most amazing smile, it just makes you want to jump on him!"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "It's not even a smile Sam, it's a smirk!"

"Does it really matter?"

"Yes!" Hermione said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"How's that now?" Sam asked like Hermione was crazy.

"A smile is gentle, and welcoming," Hermione replied. "A smirk is predatory and evil!"

"You've lost your mind," Sam said shaking her head, and returning to her magazine.

"Who's he marrying?" Hermione asked taking a gulp of her drink

"Lets see," Sam said scanning the magazine. "Cho Chang!" she exclaimed in disgust.

"That sounds about right," Hermione muttered.

"But she's horrible!" Sam cried.

"Why, Samantha," Hermione said grinning. "You seem to be so sure of your opinion of her, considering you've never met her."

"We found out all we needed to know about her when we were in Beauxbatons," Sam said scathingly. "You must remember the stories Fleur and the girls told us when they returned from the Goblet Of Fire Tournament!"

"Yes," Hermione nodded. "But did you really expect anything else from him?"

"He could have had anyone he wanted," Sam said with a sigh.

"He has got what he wanted," Hermione assured her. "A fiancée with a firm backside, big boobs, and a vocabulary of two words that will form the only sentence in life that she will ever need," Hermione paused for effect. "Yes, Harry."

Sam couldn't help but laugh at her friends comment. Witches all over the world including herself, had fallen in love with the Prince Of Gryffindor. He had the most amazing smile, the most gorgeous eyes that you could easily get lost in, and a perfect body to match. And he was filthy rich. One girl who wasn't sucked in by the royal however, was Hermione Granger.

Hermione had nothing but respect for the King and Queen of Gryffindor, but had little respect for their son. Yes, he was the main reason that witches and wizards lived in peace all over the wizarding world. Yes, he was the main reason Voldermort no longer inhabited their world, but the fact that he appeared to be using this to his advantage in the arts of bed hopping, and fame seeking, made Hermione feel physically ill. Hermione believed Harry thought it gave him free reign to think of nobody but himself, that and she never read about him using his social standing for the good of others. He had such power to make a difference, instead he spent most of his time jollying it up and having his arse wiped for him. The day he and his busty bride became King and Queen, would be a sad day for Gryffindor indeed.

The two men had finally arrived at their destination, Corwinside Street. It looked very similar to Diagon Alley, with a few apartment buildings lined together at the bottom of the street. The apartment blocks were very rundown, and it was a well know fact that the poorer people in Salem, were the occupiers of said buildings.

"Merlin, Harry," Ron gasped. "This place is a real shithole!"

Harry just looked at the apartment block in wonder. "Yeah, isn't it great!"

"It's a dump, Harry," Ron complained. "We can't stay here!"

"It's exactly what I need, Ron," Harry turned to his friend. "And stop calling me, Harry. It's James, now remember?"

"Yeah," Ron locked his friend up and down. "Right."

Harry's facial appearance really didn't look that different. Luna suggested a polyjuice potion to begin with but Harry refused, saying that knowing his luck he would run out at a moment that he needed it most. He didn't want anything else to worry about except his problem at hand. So Luna had basically cut his hair short so that it looked more like their friends hairstyle, Seamus. She took away his glasses and instructed him to wear contact lenses, and suggested he grow a small amount of stubble to disguise a little of his face. Something he could manage in the morning with a simple spell she gave him.

Everything was in place, and not only now did the Prince Of Gryffindor look hot, he looked rugged hot!

Luna assured Ron, that he needn't change his image, seeing as how it wasn't his ugly mug that was on the front page of every wizarding newspaper and magazine, a comment that earned Luna, a playful swat and passionate kiss. Harry and Ron did away with their formal wear, and were now in shorts and t-shirt. Harry took Luna's last piece of advice, and told Ron that whilst they were in Salem, to call him James Evans.

Harry, or James, as it were now, walked with Ron over to the first apartment block they came to. Knocking on the transparent window in the middle of the door, they waited patiently for someone to answer. A tall, mid forties looking, big built man with a cigarette hanging from his mouth opened the door slightly. His mean face made Ron squirm, but made Harry smile even more than he was already.

"Alright, now what the fuck do you two want?!" the man asked in a deadly tone.

"We'd like an apartment," Harry said still smiling.

The man narrowed his eyes. "You better not be wasting my fucking time, you got money?"

Harry looked over to Ron, who pulled out a wad of galleons in a money clip, and showed it to the older man.

The brute's demeanour changed rapidly, his eyes lighting up at the sight of money. "C'mon in gentlemen," he said with a smile, opening the door for them to enter.

Harry and Ron scoped the lobby of their new home. Paper was peeling off of the walls, that also had holes in them. Also staining, from nicotine and smoke no doubt. The place looked like it had never been cleaned, rubbish could be seen all over the floor, it was the pits.

"Perfect," Harry said to himself.

"Sorry bout that," the older man cleared his throat. "We get people from all around this street knockin here without a penny between em' know whatta I mean? My name's Jack, I'm the Super."

"The what?" Ron asked scared.

"The super, Ron." Harry explained. "American for landlord, I thought you watched movies!"

"I run this palace," Jack said, before spitting on the floor. An action that made Ron's eyes widen in horror.

"We want the worst room you have, Sir," Harry said excitedly.

"Excuse, me," the man said removing the cigarette from his mouth in shock.

"We require a room that is very poor," Harry added.

"Right this way," the man looked at Harry like he was crazy, and lead them to the stairs.

Just as they were about to walk up, a man fell down the stairs and landed at their feet. Jack, seemed to have no sympathy, and bent down to the man on the floor.

"Scott?!" the landlord shouted into his ear. "Your rent's due motherfucker, and don't be pulling that falling down the stairs shit on me anymore, you got it." Jack poked him. "Are you conscious?!" The super stood back up, stepped over the man on the floor and indicated for Harry and Ron to do the same thing.

Harry and Ron followed Jack to the last door in a dreary corridor. "Okay, this is the one."

Harry looked hopeful, while Ron looked scared out of his wits.

"I use to lease it to a blind man," he told them puffing on his cigarette. "And it has just one window facing a brick wall."

He opened the door, letting Harry and Ron step inside first. Harry was thrilled. It had two single beds on either side of the room, with crates acting as bedside tables, and two chalk outlines on the floor of a human figure, and a bird of some sort. There was nothing else but rubbish on the floor.

"Damn shame what they did to that owl," Jack said shaking his head.

"Erm…" Ron stuttered. "Where's the bathroom?"

"Next floor up," Jake answered, taking another drag of his cigarette.

"We will take the room!" Harry said happily.

Ron narrowed his eyes when he saw movement out the corner of his eye, he grimaced when he spotted a rat run across the room. Looking at his friend with pleading eyes, he shook his head.

"Yes," Harry repeated, ignoring his friends anxiety.

"Great," Jack grinned. "I'm gonna need some cash upfront."

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