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Summary: Sougo decided that Hijikata was too stressed. HijikataxOkita

"Hijikata-saaan." Sougo called out lazily as he barged into his Vice-commander's room.

"Leave me alone." Hijikata groaned. "I'm busy."

"Yeah. I can see that." The younger boy commented. Hijikata's desktop was a complete MESS. Paper were scattered everywhere, ink pots were spilt on the ground, piece of notes and sake bottles were littered on the floor…Sougo picked up a bottle and shook his head in faked disappointment.

"Hijikata-san…you're so naughty." He smirked. "Drinking on the job."

"Those were from last night." Hijikata snapped. "Leave me in peace! I've still got mountains of paperwork to finish."

"…You're stressed." Sougo noted.

"YA THINK?" Hijikata glared at him. "Now if you understand, get the hell out of my room."

"I don't want to. I like watching you suffer."

"DAMMIT SOUGO! GET OUT!" Hijikata howled in frustration.

"No." Sougo lifted one hand up – and swept everything on the table onto the floor.


Sougo bent over the clean table and pressed his lips onto Hijikata's, cutting off his sentence. After a while, he released him. "Hijikata-san is always too uptight." He said cocking his head sideways cutely. "You have to relax…"

"No I don't." Hijikata muttered childishly.

Sougo smiled (sort of) then leaned forwards and kissed him again. This time it lasted much, much longer. "We can continue this later." Hijikata gasped as they came up for air. "I need to finish the-"

"Why try when you know you're not going to meet the deadline anyway?" Sougo asked.

"…You've got a point." Hijikata grinned. He pulled Sougo on to the table and climbed on top of him. "Get back to work." He ordered.

"Yes sir…."


…I seriously love this pairing. :D