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"Alice! For the millionth time: NO!"

Alice's angelic face crumpled into a tragic expression. "But Bella...don't you love me?" She sighed, wiping away impossibly-created tears and I felt a spark of irritation underneath a wave of guilt.

"Alice..." I sighed, and she clapped her hands in joy. She knew she'd defeated me and was already seeing visions of our fateful shopping trip in Seattle. With a realization of what I had succumbed to, I panicked.

"AGH! I do NOT want to do this!-"

"Don't want to do what?" Interrupted a glorious, melodious, saviour of a voice.

"Edward!" I exclaimed, more than overjoyed to see him, gliding into the abandoned class room as if he were floating. I wrapped my arms around him in an iron grip (relatively speaking, of course.) I felt him chuckle beneath my desperate cries. He stroked my hair in response.

"Hey there." I felt him breathe him my strawberry smelling hair that I knew drove him crazy (perhaps a little too literally.)

"What are you making her do, Alice?" Edward asked warily, shifting me to the side to get a clearer view of the petite, diabolical vampire. Her grin mirrored her insanity.

"Just a little shopping trip, Edward." She shrugged innocently, "Nothing too risque."

Edward moaned.

"Alice, you know Bella doesn't like shopping, can't you just go mini-golfing or something?"

Alice gasped in offense. "Edward!" She cried, "Why don't you just strap on a penis and call me Emmett!"

Edward laughed again as I slumped more loosely in his arms and he gripped my body to his granite-strone core.

"May I suggest a compromise?" He proposed diplomatically. Alice grumbled, frustrated, apparently already aware of the compromise. She stamped her little ballet flat-covered foot and stormed out of the room, maintaing her perfect movement despite the tangible anger radiating from her black spikey head. Clearly, she was already in on it.

I glared at Edward from underneath my plain brown lashes.

"What's the compromise?" I wondered, still somewhat mesmerized by his sparkling gold eyes. He chucked a lopsided smile my way, before scooping me up in his arms, bridal style.

"We," he started, clambering out into the busy hall of Forks highschool, and I blushed from the eyes that followed us, "are turning this into a family thing. I thought you might feel better if Emmett, Jasper, and I were there to beg for a break once in awhile and radiate some testosterone."

I sighed a breath of relief and uncharacteristically pressed my lips gratefully to his. He stiffened, and effortlessly broke away from me. His sudden posture made me sigh. How I longed to jump him and have him not be overwhelmed by the desperate, irrational urge to consume my blood.

He set me down gently, and we walked to lunch together, hand in hand, a significant gesture.

I could not smile. I was so deeply unhappy about my two-day long shopping extravaganza that my mind could not stray away from anything else but the thought of mindless stripping on and off of ill-fitting clothes with price tags way out of affordability factors. The thought of Edward and his brothers being there perked me up, if only slightly. There was still only so far true, head-over-heels love could persuade you.

I couldn't even relinquish any excuses involving Charlie's dire need for a hot meal prepared, as Alice had already worked out all the details, knowing that that would be my natural justification for bowing out. "I've already talked to Charlie, Bella. He thinks that it would be a good chance for you to soak up some 'girl time' before graduation rolls around." She'd told me sternly before kneeling on the floor and begging.

Too soon, the concluding chime of the bell sirened and we were dismissed too generously by Mr. Barker in Photography (which was somewhat pointless considering we used film and the sun rarely showed it's lovely face) and I drove home, considerably grudgingly with Edward in the passenger seat, smirking but firmly holding my hand.

"Pack your things..." He muttered velvetty smooth, trying to calm my palpable anger. I threw him a glare and began to throw my most average clothes in a duffel bag. His face remained smooth and apologetic. He moved lithely towards where I stood, throwing things vigorously into the sportschek bag.

"You're quite adorable when you're angry..." He made a soft noise in the back of his throat and began to graze my nose with his and I was once again faced with a brick wall when trying to remember how to absorb oxygen. His golden eyes flashed and I felt an electric jolt spark in the pit of my stomach and work it's way down to my toes and up to my brain, still oxygen deprived. As quickly as he started his pain-numbing techniques, he pulled back, with a concerned crease in his forehead.

"Charlie?" I guessed, and laid my head on his concrete chest. He smoothed my hair.

"Yes. I'll meet you downstairs." And he threw himself out the window and I heard the door bell ring.

I jogged clumsily down the stairs, and swung my bag over my shoulder, unbalanced as I skid into the kitchen, full throttle. It was amazing what his little gift could do to my logical sense. Charlie came out of nowhere and he steadied me.

"Slow down, kid...how was your day?"

"Fine, dad. How was yours?" I asked, still making my way to the front door. He mumbled something unintelligible and I flung the wooden, cracked paint, door open to reveal my angel. He grinned at me and my fairly enthusiastic response but still managed to greet Charlie respectfully as a good boyfriend should.

"Evening, Chief Swan. I understand you're alright with letting Bella go to Seattle for the weekend?" He asked, in a flawlessly appropriate. Charlie, however, did not seem to appreciate it.

"I thought it was just Alice, Rosalie and Esme!" He exclaimed, not trying to cover up his distaste for my vampire boyfriend.

"Well, considering us boys won't be doing much shopping, spending our time hiking, a few towns out of Seattle, it mostly is." Flawless.

Charlie couldn't argue there. "Well-...fine. Bye Bells'." He waved me his ever so affectionate goodbye and we dashed out of the house before I could dread what was coming up anymore thoroughly. Of course, Alice was already leaning stoically against her vibrantly yellow Porsche, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie all tucked comfortably inside.

I blanched.

"Esme?" I asked weakly. Edward shook his head. "Just to ease his mind. Esme and Carlisle have already jetted off to L.A. for the weekend."

Hmmm. Lovely.

We were approaching Alice by now. Her grin was hard to discourage.

"What about appropriate seating!?" I gasped, knowing that my weak excuse would affect nothing.

"We want to make good time, Bella." Alice squeaked, "Someone will have to double-buckle."

And I wonder who that someone would end up being, I wondered sarcastically, throwing Edward a dirty look.

He winked and threw me my favourite grin.

"Don't mind using my lap as a seat, do you, Isabella?" He smiled again, this time with a wicked glint in his eyes. I gulped.

"I guess not..." I muttered and stepped over to the side of the car, blushing deeply. He followed me, grabbing me by the wrist.

We tucked ourselves beside Rosalie and Emmett, while Alice and Jasper occupied the front seats. Edward wrapped his arms lovingly around my waist while Alice bolted maniacally down the tiny Forks street. I shivered, delighted, but somewhat embarassed that Jasper was probably reading every emotion in the car right now. My cheeks painted a delicate burgundy shade.

The road trip was long despite the excellent time we made. Alice insisted on getting me stereotypical road trip snacks including a Big Gulp and Krispy Kreme anytime a Shell Gas Station came into view. I was royally pissed as it was, and this trip was taking much longer than need be. Anything to postpone shopping, I suppose.

Complaints were another thing, in spite of me being the only one who could claim true discomfort, Rosalie moaned the entire time about her deflating hair and Emmett groaned about the 'slow' speed.

"This is taking FOREVER, Alice!" He cried beside me, "PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL!"

Jasper growled.

"Emmett!" Alice squeaked, "I can't go as fast as I like because of the four car PILE UP ahead, you fool!" Her irritation was almost comical coming from her high soprano voice. Emmett snarled.

Edward breathed out evenly.

"This was a bad idea."

He was not even slightly aware of how right he was.

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