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Kane jumped, shit, what had happened? He ran to the man's side, kneeling next to him he shook him lightly, "oy! Kiu! shit man, wake up!"

A voice was echoing and time seemed to freeze. A voice first only talking to Kiu in his head spoke. Telling who she was...his Zanpakutou, and how to awaken her. She didn't tell why now. It was an elderly woman who spoke. The second part was spoken to Kane. "Kane...Kane Koyatsu....Watch over him..." That was all she said before the voice was gone, the time unfroze again. The glow coming from Kiu's sword was gone but he still was out cold.

Kane was startled as he heard the voice. Who were they, and how did they know his name? Watch over Kiu? How was he supposed to do that? The other man was still unconscious, and Kane was worried about him. Should he take him somewhere safe?

Kiu's eyes twitched, they were still closed. A soft moan left his lips as he shifted a bit before groaning. He slowly opened his eyes a bit. "Why am I laying on the floor...what did you do to me?!" He demanded to know.

Kane laughed as he stood up. "Wouldn't you like to know? Still, it's good to see you're awake again, you were freaking me out. Why the hell did you just faint like that?"

Kiu glared. "I...It's none of your business." he figured Kane wouldn't have heard anything of what happened. He was still processing what had happened in his mind.

Kane didn't know why he was asking Kiu this, but he figured he might know, "er, do you know who that voice belonged to? Or why they were talking to me?" he ran a hand through his hair, he felt a little on edge, and he didn't know why. The woman's words still echoed through his head.

Kiu sighed. So his Zanpakutou decided to talk to the ryoka; a complete stranger....Damn. "Probably my Zanpakutou..." He held the still unsheathed blade in his right hand and looked at it.

Kane's eyes widened, his sword spoke to him? What the fuck?! Okay...that was either a very good thing, or a very bad thing. Zanpakutou were only supposed to be heard by their partners, not anyone else. Kane's eyes also fell onto the sword, wondering why she had spoken to him. "Er, right..." he blinked, shaking his head. He had to leave, or he would never get where he was aiming for.

"This should work..." Kiu mumbled, standing up slowly. He held the blade in front of him as he collected his reiatsu and send it to the blade. "Hanasaku! Gaia." (Bloom, Mother Earth) Directly after Kiu said that the blade changed while a green glow came from it again. The sword became long, as long as Kiu's leg, and it had a two handed hilt. The blade was small at the top but grew broader going

down to the tip. There also was an inscription. kaia, in katakana at the tip. He stared at his Zanpakutou." Shit, that's cool!" He said, smiling, flicking his hair out of his face again as the cap had fallen off when he had fallen.

Kane watched him, eyes wide as he released his zanpakutou. "Oh man, that's way awesome." he grinned, noticing that Kiu's hair was out again.

"I know." Kiu grinned like a maniac, letting his fingers glide along the sharp blade and tracing the inscriptions.

Kane eyed him warily, he was looking kinda crazy, and Kane was worried that he would want to fight him. Oh well, if he did he would just have to bring out his own zanpakutou, but he really didn't feel like it. He turned to leave, "yo, I gotta go, or I'll never get anywhere..."

"And leave the fun? I don't think so." Kiu quickly moved to Kane's back and held his now released Zanpakutou against Kane's neck, resting it a bit onto his shoulder.

Kane grinned, "you gunna cut me shinigami? cuz if you do, I'd look down first if I were you." Kane's zanpakutou was normally hidden in his pocket. in its closed form it was simply a small dagger, but when released it turned into a wickedly curved black blade, which he now held, point facing up, benieth Kiu's neck. Kane laughed, "I believe this is what you'd call a tie. Kiu, meet my zanpakutou, Meiwangetsu." (crescent moon)

Kiu knew he wasn't a great swordsman. That he wasn't good with him yet."Yes but I ain't done yet..." He grinned, his free hand moving up to Kane's shoulder and his forefinger was pressed against it. "Byakurai!" (white lightning, Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger)

Kane covered his shoulder in Reiatsu just in time to stop the blast from cutting right through his shoulder. He whispered "kuro kaze semai" (black wind small) and his zanpakutou released a small beam of black reiatsu toward Kiu's shoulder.

Kiu dodged, but not fast enough. He was faster now with his sword in shikai form but the attack was from too close up to fully dodge. His shoulder wasn't pierced but it left a small gash on his upper arm. "You fucker!" He growled, letting his sword lash out towards Kane's chest.

Kane blocked the blow easily with the inside of the crescent of his sword, flicking his wrist around quickly he flicked Kiu's sword hard to the right. It would probably hurt his wrist. Kane could have flicked his sword out of his hand completely, after all, that was one of the perks of having a crescent shaped sword, but then the fight would be over.

"Shut up, Ass!!!" He jumped backwards after the block of his sword, ignoring the pain in his wrist. He held his Zanpakutou against his chest, horizontal; reiatsu firmly under control. He closed his eyes, sending his reiatsu towards his hands and blade. He closed his eyes, which were burning with a green light as he said. "Bishin." (small earthquake) while swinging it from its horizontal position. The attack causeing a small earthquake after which Kiu shunpoed to once again swing his sword at Kane.

Kane ducked the sword passing over his head. he sidestepped quickly, turning to stand behind Kiu as he wrapped an arm around his chest, bringing Meiwangetsu to Kiu's neck, and letting the inside curve of it sit against the soft skin of his throat. "I would kill you right now, except I'm going to follow the old woman's orders. So just lower the sword and give up."

Kane had almost been knocked off of his feet by the earthquake, but he had concentrated and not been harmed, he was amazed at the attack, he'd never seen anything like it before. "What kinda attack was that?" he asked.

"Why should I tell you?!" He spat at Kane, struggling against the arm around his chest. "Which old woman?!" All his struggling caused Meiwangetsu's inside curve to cut his throat a bit. He hissed, directly pushing his head back to get away from the blade. He still held his zanpakutou not planning to give up even if he knew he couldn't win. He was tired, just having been able to release his sword he

used one of its attacks which had on that point drained his reiatsu.

Kane hissed, "stop struggling! you're gunna get yourself killed! You're damn sword you idiot. She's the one I'm talking about." he held Kiu tighter, stilling his struggles a little. He didn't want his sword to cut the man's throat too deeply.

"Yer lying that's impossible!" He didn't stop struggling and only tried harder. "Lemme go!" He let his reiatsu go and it flared around widely out of control since Kiu didn't try to control it.

Kane quickly blanketed Kiu's wild reiatsu with his own. "Baka! Do you want everyone to know we're here!? And you're the one who said it was her. She spoke to me when you were out cold idiot, remember?! Now for fucks sake calm down!"

"LET. ME. GO!!!" He screamed, not caring that his throat was going to be cut as he first moved it back against Kane's blade then he slammed his head back against Kane's jaw, since the other was a bit taller than him.

Kane growled, releasing the other man as he shook his head to clear it. "Shit, that hurt you ass!"

"I wanted it to hurt, piss head!" He said as he got away from him, freeing his reiatsu from him and controlling it again.

Kane growled, "whatever. I should have just ignored that old bat and killed you." he didn't mean it, but right now his mind was clouded in anger. Kiu didn't believe he had heard her. He didn't know what made him more pissed off, her order to him, or Kiu's disbelief.

"Don't call her like that!" Kiu angrily and not controlled ran at thetother again, sword above his head he swung it down towards Kane again.

Kane sidestepped easily, flicking his arm backwards as the man ran past him to hit him on the back off the head, "idiot, if you fight me like that I'll kill you for real. Your anger blinds you. And anyway, does this mean you believe me?"

"She said she talked to you yes...." He looked at his blade before attacking again. He used shunpo to get next to Kane then pretended to do a simple slice up to his chest. He disappeared again to attack from behind, wanting to pierce Kane. He didn't know where all this blood lust came from but he just couldn't stop...not that he wanted to.

Kane sidestepped again, he used shunpo to get away from Kiu. He had learnt it himself by accident one day, and trained himself to use it well. he turned to look at Kiu, flicking his hair out of his eyes as he dropped into a half crouch fighting stance, Meiwangetsu held before him so the dim light flashed from it. His black reiatsu clouded around him, making the air darker. "You really meant to cut me that time, it seems you have become more serious. Obviously she has given you a different order to me. But if you wish to fight, know that I will wound you terribly."

Kiu smirked. "Tss like I'll let you." He held up a hand, fingers spread. "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! Binding kido 9 geki!" (Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralysing them.) He put a large amount of reiatsu in this one kido spell so he hoped it really would work.

Kane felt the kido start to take hold. He threw out an arm, fighting with all his might to put his reiatsu into it fully. slowly and painfully he moved his arm so it was in front of him, it was the only part of him that could move now. He splayed his fingers, holding the hand in front of his face as he started chanting "tsukimono dorani tada mikomi aijou" he muttered it over and over again, as he felt the kido start to lift from him. It was a simple chant he had made up himself, but it was very powerful. He like to think he had made his own kido. It was just a string of words tied together 'curse, spell, free, hope, love' that's all it was, yet it always worked.

Kiu felt the kido being lifted away. What a strange chant, curse spell free hope love....He knew he had to begin his attack now before the kido would be gone completely. First he pushed some more reiatsu in the kido. His pushed the tip of his sword in the ground. "Bukutasu!" His green reiatsu coming from the inscriptions. "Aasu!" (splitting up the earth) a large gape came into the ground and it shot

at Kane. Kiu lend onto his Zanpakutou, this all costing him much reiatsu. His eyes were dim and the green shine that came from it before was weaker.

Kane's eyes widened, he could see the attack coming straight for him. He pushed all of his reiatsu into the chant, adding the final word as he said it, crying it out loud. "tsukimono dorani tada mikomi aijou AKUMABARAI!" he felt himself snap free of the kido, just in time to throw himself sideways, out of the path of Kiu's attack. He rolled, flipping to his feet he growled. the last word had sapped a lot of his reiatsu, but he still had plenty left. Exorcism, it was the breaking word, the final one. And it had never worked before.

He sighed with relief as he stood straight. He turned his gaze on Kiu, his eyes dark with reiatsu, "that was a dirty move you little rat"

he grimaced to himself, thinking over the words of his chant. aijou…it meant love or affection, but it also meant sadness. Was that how his life would always be? He was angry now, and he stared at Kiu with loathing. If Kiu had killed him, he would never have been able to find out if the two were the same, or different.

"Ya deserve to be fought like that!" He growled, pulling himself together and straightening his back, pulling out his Zanpakutou from the ground. He stumbled a bit before breathing deep and gathering his strength again. Raising his sword again.

"Whatever ya give me I'll counter it!"

Kane looked the other man over, forcing himself to calm down. "You're in no fit state to fight me, you've used too much energy already." Kane knew he had used a lot of his own as well.

"Don't talk bullshit!" Kiu ran at Kane again, not as fast as he had liked and not so easy but he managed, when he wanted to swing his sword at him though, he couldn't. Kiu fell against Kane, his Zanpakutou falling to the ground.

Kane caught Kiu as he fell, "what the hell?" he said out loud, "I thought you'd become weak, but not that weak. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine when you've let me go." He growled, pushing against the other and stumbling away. He reached for his sword, sealed it and sheathed it before beginning to walk away, with his legs shaking a bit.

Kane ran after him. "Hey! You can't just leave. Tell me what the hell's going on!"

"Tell you what? dunno what you're talking about." He kept walking. Why was he so god damn weak?!

Kane had had enough. He hit Kiu over the head, hard. With his current energy it would probably knock him over, but at least it would stop him. "You're not going anywhere!"

Kiu fell to the ground, ignoring Kane he sat up and slowly stood up so he could walk again.

"Baka!" Kane grabbed the back of his hayori, tugging him back towards him. "You stubborn ass, I told you, you 'aint goin' anywhere. Now stop being impossible and actually TALK to me!"

"There is nothing to talk about. I've got to go so just let me go!" He had to go to the 11th if he wanted to join and he wanted away from Kane. He just wanted to get away, the guy was strong and it irritated him that HIS zanpakutou had spoken to the man.

Kane let go, his spirit dropping into a slight depression. "Fine, just go, whatever." he felt sad for some reason, and tired to the bone. He didn't have the energy to fight with him anymore.

Kiu was surprised but began to walk again. "Wouldn't fight Zaraki-Taichou like this?" He grinned as he continued his walk, slightly swaying on his feet.

Kane sighed, leaning against a wall. "Nah, I'm a little tired now. I'll rest a while and go find him tomorrow. I'll be fine by then." he fiddled with the closed form of Meiwangetsu in his pocket, it was a habit of his when he felt strained or worried.

Kiu went to the 11th squad and was greeted by Zaraki himself. He roared loudly at him, saying how beaten he looked. Kiu just said he had an accident. He then had to show the captain what he could do. He demonstrated two kido spells but Zaraki didn't want to see that. Kiu brought his Zanpakutou to its Shikai form and showed him the two attack. His reiatsu wasn't so well controlled anymore and was easily found even if not close by. Zaraki said he was accepted and Kiu left to his new room, exhausted.

Kane slumped against the wall. Man, this sucked, now that Kiu was gone he was bored, but he wasn't yet ready to face Zaraki. he closed his eye's concentrating on the reiatsu he could feel. All of the shinigami he could sense were weak, because the more powerful ones were able to hide their reiatsu. He thought he could feel Kiu's reiatsu, but that couldn't be right. Kiu had an impressive ability over his reiatsu, so why could he sense him? And if it wasn't him, then who was it? Kane concentrated harder, no, it must be him. Was he that weak that he couldn't hide his reiatsu anymore?


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