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This is a whole new story and in the first chapter it will have some direct quoting from Deadly Hallows but they will be written like this. Just to let you know.

Title: Accidentally Bound

Summary: Harry Potter accidentally linked his magic with Severus Snape when the man lay dying from the snake attack, creating an everlasting bond between them. Now both have survived the battle and how will Harry deal with losses, the new bond, an angry Severus Snape and all the while still knowing nothing?

Warnings: Slash

Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape

"Kill." Harry could hear the terrible scream echo in the dimly lit room and he winced. The already pale face of his former teacher lost what little colour it had as the large snake, at Voldemort's request, plunged her fangs into the tall wizard's neck.

The black eyes widened and for a moment Harry feared that they would meet his own but the crate that blocked them from view could not be moved without raising suspicion. He bit his knuckles to prevent himself from screaming as Snape fell to the floor, fingers touching his neck, trying to stop the blood from flowing.

The older wizard sank to his knees as the protective cage rolled off and Voldemort departed from the room with one last cool look at his servant.

Harry, his scar prickling could hear Hermione Granger, his best friend breathing his name behind him but before he was even aware of what he was doing, he had moved the crate that blocked the entrance from view up in the air and climbed out into the dusty room.

He didn't know why he was approaching the dying man but the moment the black eyes found his, Snape made a gesture. Harry bent over and with deceiving strength the black greasy haired, hooked nosed man reared up and caught the front of his robes in a firm grip.

"Take….it…..take….it," Snape rasped and something neither gas nor liquid poured out of his ears, eyes and mouth. Harry knew what it was but he didn't know what to do with it until somebody thrust a flask into his hand and he caught the gas.

Uneven breaths were coming past the thin bloodless lips and Harry set the flask aside. He didn't know what he was feeling. He had always hated Snape, loathed the man, especially after killing Albus Dumbledore last year but to see the man die such a death….well Harry was sure that it was not something the Potions Master deserved.

"Look….at…me," Snape whispered and as the green eyes found the black ones, something vanished with the deep fathomless eyes of Snape and the hand holding Harry's robe thundered to the floor.

Harry remained seated on the floor, even as Voldemort's voice boomed through the room. Ron and Hermione moved around him, itching to go back to the castle. The flashes of curses died around them through the window when Voldemort called a stand still. He would give Harry until midnight to appear before they would attack again.

He glanced down at Snape's face. The older wizard's shallow face was pale and his eyes had fluttered closed. The harsh lines which had made Snape appear older than he was, were standing out on the already pale face.

Despite himself Harry reached out with one hand even as he thought in a small childlike voice. Don't die. You can't leave me behind…everybody is leaving to someplace I can't follow…

There was another flash of light and Harry struggled for breath when the powerful magic travelled through his body. He gasped, trying to keep upright as his green eyes blinked strongly to struggle things into focus again.

He suddenly felt extremely tired but Hermione was already shouting at him that they had to hurry. With the flask tightly in hand, Harry turned back to stare at the dark clad body lying there before he turned back to go to the castle.


"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it isn't real?" Harry struggled back to wakefulness. His body felt extremely sore but he managed to keep a grin from his face. Now I am The Boy Who Lived Twice.

He was lying on his stomach, aware of the pounding of his heart. He should not have survived this. He could not have been brought back. He had made his choice. He had died, should have been dead.

But why he returned, he didn't know. His magic was swirling around him and Harry tried his best not to give himself away even as the gentle hands of a woman touched his chest to make sure that he was still alive. "Is Draco alive? Is he in the castle?"

"Yes," He breathed back, his voice soft as he heard the cheer commence around them. They assumed he was dead.

He felt Hagrid's strong arms lift him gently, even when the half giant was shaking with tears. He forced himself not to give himself away, just seeking for one moment of rest to allow his magic to recover and to allow his mind to drift.

He didn't wish to think of Remus Lupin, his father's friend lying dead in the hall together with his wife, Tonks. He didn't wish to know of all the people who had died because he had refused to give himself up.

He knew that he needed his strength. This was what it would boil down to. He would face Voldemort, face him and win or die trying. It would be over at last, one way or another.

He wondered where he had left the Resurrecting Stone. He had seen his parents, finally after all these years but it was strange that he would have survived this attack. He had to survive the attack.

His magic pulses strangely and a dizzy spell sends his mind spinning. It was a good thing that he was lying down in Hagrid's arms. He tried not to show that he was still alive, it would do him no good.

The noise level when they finally came out of the forest was deafening and Harry startled badly. He had not realized that so many people were fighting here, for him.

The people were cheering, shouting out to him. His name was chanted like it had never been called out before. His magic pulsed again, shooting through him as Neville ran forward and Harry changed to open his eyes.

He could see the old ragged hat that had been placed on the scarred face of his dorm mate. He wanted to shout out to Neville but kept his peace at his place in front of Voldemort's feet. The red eyes of his nemesis were fixed upon the struggling adolescent and then Neville broke free, rushing forward with the sword in his hand and with one big slash severed the neck of the great green snake.

In the commotion that followed Voldemort's inhuman scream, Harry struggled to his feet. He swayed unsteadily but forced himself to be strong. His body throbbed and his magic pulsed again, going up and down like a ship on a stormy sea.

He struggled into his invisibility cloak, wand in hand as he raced inside, dodging curses as he went. He could see his friends fighting, killing and being hurled backwards because of the sheer force of the spells.

He cried out protective spells to help those he loved. He could see Mrs. Weasley rush forward to protect Ginny as Harry turned, swayed from his goal of reaching Voldemort to protect her. Bellatrix Lestrange twirled her wand and the two women were soon duelling so fiercely that Harry could do nothing more then to step out of the way, invisible as he was.

It happened in a flash as Molly Weasley's curse flew beneath Bellatrix outstretched arm and hit her square in the chest. Her eyes widened and then she crumbled to the floor, dead.

Harry startled when Voldemort screamed and the Dark Lord's fury exploded with a bang, sending his magic flying. Harry could see him raise his wand and point it at Molly Weasley, knowing what curse would be moments away from being uttered.

He shouted, "Protego!"

The shield charm exploded with a bang and he tossed the invisibility cloak away from him. People gasped and shouted out to him, screaming that their hero was still alive. The crowd stilled as Harry walked forward, wand raised and eyes fixed upon the pale, thin figure of what passed for a man before him.

They began to circle each other, each biding their time to strike, throwing insults at each other. Harry felt his magic rise slightly, his muscles tense, waiting for him to jump and to finish it or die trying.

He felt a strange jolt shoot through him at the mentioning of Snape's name. Eyes still fixed upon the Elder Wand which was twirling between the thin long pale fingers, Harry knew when the moment arrived.

There was no movement from the crowd as each occupant of the room held their breath, knowing that the end, whatever end, was near.

He tightened the grip of his wand as the sun rose and hit the ceiling. The inhuman voice shouted towards the heavens as Harry did the same, raising the wand higher and higher. "Expelliarmus."

The blast vibrated through the room and Harry could feel himself struggling as his magic pulsed again. His magic felt strange, like it was blocked and hindered by somebody but then the block disappeared and it flooded back, stronger than ever as Harry poured all of his strength into the blast, wanting to end this once and for all.

The whole hall erupted into cheers even as Harry stood swaying, both wands falling to the floor after he had caught them. His hands were shaking, his body trembling and his magic pulsating oddly again.

People moved forward as Harry felt his mind spin, his body was so sore that he didn't know how long he could hold on again. Darkness was spreading through his mind, his body telling him something but he didn't know what.

He swayed again, more forcefully this time. Somebody shouted at him but he didn't know who or what and then with a loud gasp and a powerful surge of his magic as it lunged and finally disappeared, Harry Potter collapsed.


Ronald Weasley saw Harry collapse, the messy haired younger male hitting the floor with a loud thud as the whole hall gasped and shouts went up around them. His other best friend Hermione Granger shouted for somebody to come as the two best friends reached the fallen wizard.

Harry was trembling, lying on his stomach, his face twisted sideways as his unfocussed green eyes were half lidded and he muttered under his breath, incoherently as Ron reached Harry first, shouting for room as he quickly turned the other wizard in his arms, Harry's head pillowed on his leg, eyes searching for any hidden wounds.

"Harry, come on mate…this is not a good time and place for collapsing." He spoke softly to his friend, eyes fixed upon the green eyes as Harry blinked up at him.

The younger male and best friend for years reaching up with a hand and twisted it in Ron's robe, the grip weak as Harry struggled to regain consciousness. "Tell them to get Snape…Tell them…."

"Harry, this isn't the time to worry about that greasy git…. Look we will go and get him later…"

"No, don't understand…alive…done stupid…need….him…." Harry's eyes were pleading and Ron could hear Hermione shouting next to him. The stern voice that answered her could be recognized as their former head of house Minerva McGonagall as Ron focussed upon Harry.

He could tell that his friend was losing the battle, knowing Harry was exhausted. There would be a time to question Harry's motive later as Ron set his jaw and promised. "Sure, mate, I will go myself. I will take a few people and bring him to the hospital wing, alright? Just go to sleep now. You need rest and then we can celebrate."

Giving Ron a slightly dazed smile Harry closed his eyes, his head lolling limply to the side as strong arms lifted Harry as Professor McGonagall's voice questioned him harshly as Ron struggled to focus. "What was he speaking about, Mister Weasley?"

"He…he is worried about Snape. Harry says that Snape is still alive…I don't know but I promised him that I would go back to make sure…"

Her nostrils flared and the thin stern lips set in a firm line as her hands quivered as Professor McGonagall placed a hand on his shoulder and said. "Go and get him, Ronald, regardless of the state he is in. He needs to be brought back to the castle, dead or alive…"

Ron could only nod tightly, his eyes searching and finding those of the bushy haired female witch that stood close by, worrying, her bottom lip in between her teeth. She forced a reassuring smile to her lips when she saw him and answered. "I will stay with Harry. Go and do what you promised him. I am sure he will be fine."

Ron could only nod again and then with a last peck on her cheek, he was gone.


Hermione Granger hurried after Hagrid as the half giant moved towards the hospital wing, the precious weight in his arms the cause of their worries. Her mind was overwrought with the images that were threatened to spill to the surface but her worry for Harry kept her going.

They thrust open the doors to the Hospital Wing as Poppy Pomfrey, the mediwitch of Hogwarts preceded them towards a bed, the ward already filled with various people who were injured.

"Put him here and tell me what happened," She snapped, flicking her wand and pulling curtains around the bed as Hagrid eased Harry down. The young wizard was pale and sweat was beginning to form upon his forehead, soaking his bangs. His eyes were fluttering underneath his eyelids, moving restlessly as if he was dreaming.

"He suddenly collapsed after the fight. Ron reached him and told him that he was babbling something about Snape…Harry was trying to make Ron understand something but…." Hermione began to explain as Hagrid cut in.

"Harry died…that evil bastard killed him….I saw it happen….Harry was just lying there, cold and well dead…"

"Potter died and he came back?" Madam Pomfrey raised her wand, muttering under her breath as her large eyes found Hagrid's black ones who merely nodded, holding a bin sized hand up to his cheek which was bleeding.

"Yeah," Hagrid answered as she forced them both backwards and moved her wand in circular motions over Harry's still form, frowning at the runes that appeared above his body.

"He is suffering from magical shock that is for sure. His magic is weak, barely pulsating but with such a powerful surge of magic what can you expect?" The mediwitch was speaking to herself and Hermione bit her lip again.

He has to be okay… he simply has to be…too much has happened for him to die now… She pleaded silently with whoever was listening. Her knees buckled and she choked back a sob as Harry's already pale skin greyed even more as if he had taken a turn for the worse.

"This doesn't make any sense." The mediwitch was still talking to herself as Hermione felt a tree trunk sized arm wrap around her trembling shoulders and she hid her face in Hagrid's side, tears soaking the material.

"He will pull through, Mione, he always does." The half giant muttered softly as commotion at the door had them all turning.

Ron had thrown open the door and Professor McGonagall was moving forward only to stop dead in her tracks as she saw Ron flick his wand, his expression one of alarm as his eyes met hers across the ward, trying to give her a message but she gasped all the same when she saw the bloodied dark clothed wizard that Bill directed into the ward on a stretcher.

"Hurry, he is alive but he is barely holding on," The oldest Weasley brother shouted, as he directed the stretcher towards the bed opposite the one Harry was occupying.

"Severus?" Professor McGonagall gasped, approaching the bedside as Madam Pomfrey hurried around the curtain and approached the bedside. Her movements were weary as if she expected the pale wizard to suddenly rear up and kill them all.

"Dammit, Poppy, he isn't going to do anything….Hurry up," The stern headmistress snapped as she spotted the movement out of the corner of her eyes.

Hermione stood frozen in between the two beds as she watched as Madam Pomfrey began to move her wand in the same motions that she had seen her doing above Harry's limp body earlier.

Her expression was puzzled as the mediwitch glanced back at Harry. She gestured for one of the other healers to approach the bedside before she gave him some curt orders at which he dove into the storage room that contained the potions.

Hermione felt Ron's arm go around her. He was trembling as he too stared at Harry before turning his head back toward the Healer. Madam Pomfrey hurriedly held her wand with her right hand and with her left hand she searched the many pockets of the heavy black robes.

She finally drew forth a vial containing a colourless liquid and she uncorked it with a tip of her wand. Setting her wand aside she lifted Snape's head carefully up with her right arm behind the back of his head and then encouraged him to drink the liquid with careful strokes around his neck, mindful of the gaping holes that the fangs had made.

The moment the liquid was gone Harry released a frightened moan of pain and Madam Pomfrey gently eased Snape's head back down. His face was twisted in pain but the lines around his mouth and eyes relaxed slightly upon digesting the potion.

The mediwitch picked up her wand again and began the incantation again, instructed the healer, who had returned with his arms filled with vials of potion to set them down and perform the same incantation upon Harry, whose complexion was as pale as Snape's was.

Madam Pomfrey glanced back when the runes began to appear above Snape's still body, her eyes widening as she found those of the healer. "Oh no," She murmured, breaking the spell and gesturing to the healer to start treating Snape.

She approached Harry's bedside, staring down at the still lying figure of the hero of the wizarding world. "You foolish, foolish child," She breathed at which Professor McGonagall barked.

"What is the meaning of this, Poppy? Harry has just been through hell because of defeating Voldemort…."

The mediwitch turned back to the headmistress and they could see the determination on her face as she spoke words that chilled them all. "Harry has brought this upon himself. Severus has survived because Harry called him back, just as Harry has survived because Severus called him back. Harry, somehow, linked their magic together. For better or for worse they are linked together and if at this moment, when they are so weak, either one of them dies, so does the other…"

Gasps went up around the room as the occupants stared at the two wizards who for the moment were blissfully unaware of the bond between them.

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