Angela POV

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"Lauren we cant do this to her, it's wrong on so many levels. Bella is one of us." I spoke up, from my point in our circle. She glanced at me briefly malice written all over her face.

"No she's not, she never went threw the ceremony of purification, hell she doesn't even know what she's suppose to be a part of. Now shut up and perform your incantation, or I swear to the goddess were going to have a problem here."

As she spoke I began to realize I had no choice or say in the whole matter. As the coven leader Lauren had final say in all our spells. I just prayed the karma would some how come back on her for commandeering the whole thing, and not me. My other two sisters of the coven watched in complete silence. I figured they would, they were as mean hearted as Lauren were Bella was concerned. I liked Bella a lot she wasn't like my other friends. Yeah, she wasn't a homicidal maniac. I couldn't do this spell, it would destroy her life. It wasn't anything I was going to be proud of.

"No, Lauren I wont do it, I can't it's not right." I began to back away from my spot, that is until my feet stopped working. Damn Lauren, she was using her powers against me, I couldn't move another muscle.

"Yes, you can Angela, and you will, Bella Swan is not and I repeat NOT one of us. She's not part of this coven, and in a couple of weeks, she wont even be human, so therefore it's part of our job to destroy her. Now I command you to do this or else I'll strip you of your powers and we all know what will happen then."

My eyes grew wide in fear. Yes, I knew very well what would happen to me. Without my powers, my body would begin to rapidly grow weak, it would age, wrinkle as if I was 80 years old, my hair would begin to fall out, my eye sight would diminish to nothing. I would just become like a lion at the zoo. The ones that were old, but hanging onto life by a hair. They pace back and forth begging for a release that never seemed to arrive. Which in my case it wouldn't. I would stay in that state until the coven leader decided the punishment was over, usually about 100 years later. Then the current coven leader would find you and kill you with the black dagger of death. Which was rumored to send you directly to the gates of hell. Goddess everyone knew that.

The tears began to fall freely. I had no choice, this had to be done. "Okay I'll do it. But when Edward figures this all out, I'm not stopping him when he kills you all."

Lauren grinned over to Jessica and Tina. "It is time then, Angela I will deal with your insubordination later, you will do well to rember in the future that I am the boss around here."

The evil glint in her eyes told me I was in for a world of hurt, but I didn't care. After all, Bella had done no harm to any of us, she was an innocent in my book. Which was what we were suppose to protect. Which was reason I had spoken up in her defense really out of character for me. I preferred to stick to the background scenery, a wallflower I guess.

I positioned myself in my original positioned, as Lauren chanted.

"Goddess in the fade, I pray you make me stronger to destroy my enemy. I offer the sacrifice of my blood and that of my enemy Bella Swan."

She pulled out the napkin in her pocket, the one she had picked out of the garbage the other day when Bella had a nose bleed from walking into the door at Newton's hardware store. Despite myself, I smiled thinking about my friend and her extreme klutziness. Not that her getting hurt was funny, it was just so Bella. The girl could get hurt just by bending down to tie her shoes. I was brought out of my thoughts when Lauren threw the napkin in the fire she had conjured up, and watched as she slit her right wrist. I hoped she slit her vein and bleed to death, but quickly doused that thought, even if she deserved it. Jessica and Tina added their own blood to the mix, then handed me the dagger of Ceremony.

"Goddess in the fadeā€¦.." tears began to fall down my face. My hands shook. "Take our offers and destroy our enemy." Then instead of silting my right wrist, I slit my left on purpose. I had chosen my fate on a wim. Bella wouldn't die by my hands. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't, anyways. Lauren howled in outrage, her hair began to whip around as a violent force swirled about us.

"That is it Angela, I banish you from sisterhood. I strip you of all your powers. You will age, you will suffer, so mote it be."

Laurens eyes grew black as Jessica and Tina repeated her words. Then their eyes went black also. Lighting began inside the building, it struck me hard. Pain began to sear my whole body, I was vaguely aware of the power surging out of me, strangely I noticed it was purple, funny what you noticed when you felt like you were about to die. Finally the light show stopped, I sunk to the ground, watching my ex sisters leave. It dawned on me then Lauren hadn't finished the ceremony she hadn't closed the circle. Dear goddess what would happen now to Bella. The pain kicked back in and I succumbed to the darkness.