A/N: i kind of wrote this a while ago, thought i should try it out.

Warren felt like he was on fire, but it would have been obvious in this lighting.

Layla's eyes fluttered shut, brushing against his cheek, but it was pointless in the blackness of the empty auditorium. She was only succeeding in blocking out the red glare of the exit signs.

He kept his eyes wide, trying to see by the red glare, hoping to take in every gasp from her smaller mouth, every wisp of her long hair, every touch from her delicate fingers. He wasn't sure the next time he would be able to take it all in.

They shouldn't have been there. Not necessarily because they were in the supposed-to-be-locked auditorium, not because they should have been catching the bus home right now, but because she technically belonged to someone else.

Someone, whose class ring hung nonchalantly about her neck as she ran her fingers through his hair, tugging lightly, accidentally. Her boy's initials—that he could only make out because he'd seen it so many times—read W. S. on each side of the blue birthstone.

He saw them together all the time. It was impossible not to: he practically paraded her around the halls, chest proud and that annoying grin on his face, as if he owned everything. Warren couldn't really blame Will for being arrogant—the rest of the school practically groveled at his feet, if only for his parentage. (Of course, that incident at homecoming last year certainly didn't damage his popularity.)

Warren's mouth found its way to her ear, a place he had discovered as her weak spot a few weeks ago. She practically melted into his arms, breathing even heavier.

He didn't know exactly when he started falling for her. Maybe it was that night in the Paper Lantern, when they sort of became friends. Or that night of homecoming, when she used her powers and kicked some ass.

But no…he had found Lauren that night. Lauren calmed him, numbed him. Put out his fire. Was his opposite and his equal. Lauren had been good for him…for a while.

Maybe it was when Layla started wearing more blue than green. When Lauren, the actress and Ice Queen, left him for Eduardo, the foreign exchange student who was telekinetic and had a much better singing voice.

When Layla cornered him at a party while Will was in the bathroom, and kissed him fiercely until she figured Will was probably looking for her. When she pretended later as if nothing happened, and he had set fire to a nearby tree in aggravation.

He kissed her harder now, using just a little more teeth than he intended. She was his, at least for right now, no questions ever asked, no explanations ever given. She clutched his body closer, deftly maneuvering her hands to shed his leather jacket.

"Warren," she gasped, as his lips moved to her neck.

He grunted. "What?"

She pushed him away, but only just barely. "We can't," she panted. "We shouldn't…"

Here she goes again. Which was it this time? She belonged to someone else, and she loved him, she really did. And Warren—he was his best friend!

"Best friends don't do things like this," she began.

His fingers clutched to her hips, and she was lifted to sit on the railing. "I guess it's a good thing I'm not your best friend," he muttered cheekily, leaning in for another kiss. She pushed him back, even if her legs remained on either side of him.

"I'm serious, Warren."

"No you're not." He was partly bluffing. After all, he couldn't really see her eyes. But if she was serious about it, she wouldn't keep finding these dark places to be with him.

"Warren, please. Don't do this to me."

"I never did anything to you," he protested. "You started it."

"But—" He refused to let her finish. He needed this, no matter how much he tried to believe otherwise. He needed her, even if it was only in dark and secret corners. At first she held back, but gave in, like always.

"Warren…" she whispered, hands in his hair.

"What now?" he groaned to her neck.

"I—I think—" She moaned softly when he began suckling her collarbone. "I—"

Then they were interrupted as lights flickered on dimly. "Fuck," he muttered. "Quick, this way."

Grabbing his jacket from the floor, he pulled her into a crevice between a fold-away wall and the real wall of the auditorium, something Lauren had shown him after one of her practices, in hopes of lighting fire between them.

He much rather preferred the tight quarters now. Lauren had always smelled of ice and cold, but Layla smelled like rain and warmth.

The janitor's whistling drifted through the auditorium, and Warren brought a finger to his lips in a shushing gesture. He led her out through the back doors, and they ran down the empty halls, laughing from the adrenaline of almost being caught.

They finally slowed down near the Mad Science lab, their laughter dying. He gently pressed her up against a locker, looking into her eyes, reading what he could from them. She still wanted him, even if it was a slight glaze. There were flickers of fear, that they would get caught like this. An afterglow of laughter. But mostly that something he couldn't name, didn't want to name.

She kissed him softly. "I should be going," she murmured.

"Wouldn't want Will to worry," he replied darkly.

She broke their gaze, looking angry? "I told him not to wait up for me."

"Doesn't mean he wouldn't." She scoffed. "I would," he added in a small voice.

Shit. He hadn't really meant to say that. But while she looked slightly surprised, she looked mostly pleased. "You would?"

He shrugged, tried to play it off nonchalantly. "Yes."

She nuzzled her head into his shoulder. "That's cute."

He rolled his eyes. Just what he always wanted: to be cute. They stood there for a minute or two, just holding each other. Warren couldn't really picture anyone who could fit as well as her.

"I'll catch you later," she said, worming out of his embrace. "See you tomorrow?"


She gave him another quick peck. "Love you." He froze, realizing what she had just implied.

But before he thought of any sort of response, she had already found her feet and was halfway down the hall. It was ironic, really, that while fire destroyed plants, it was always she who destroyed him.

He needed to find another tree to burn.