He's Like An Angel, Goten-A Tale of Dragon Ball Z

He's Like An Angel, Goten-A Tale of Dragon Ball Z

Disclaimer: As usual, Dragon Ball Z and related characters are property of Akira Toriyama.

Authors note: This story is based upon the English Dubbed episode "I'll Fight Too".  I prefer the Japanese versions, but I thought the climax of this episode was sweet.

Gohan turned off the lamp in the room he shared with his little brother Goten.  It had been a long day for them and there would be even longer days as they prepared for the upcoming tournament.

"Gohan," Goten called as they settled down in their beds.

The elder turned to the other and asked, "Hmm?"  He game the younger his full attention.

"What's our dad like?" Goten asked him.  Inside he was very anxious to meet his father at the World Martial Arts tournament almost a month away.

Gohan smiled at the seven year-old in the feint moonlight.  "He's like an angel, Goten," he replied.

"What's an angel like?" the younger half-saiyan enquired.

The elder half-saiyan reached over to ruffle through the spiky tufts of his little brother's black hair.  "I don't know for sure," he murmured, "but they make you feel all happy inside when you're around them."  For several moments he sat up in a deep silence.

 "You miss our dad, don't you?" Goten asked, after observing how his brother had become so quiet after answering his last question.  He scooted next to Gohan and gave him a brotherly hug.

Gohan nodded.  "I do miss him a lot," he whispered.  He then smiled a little bit as Goten embraced his chibi arms about his waist.  "How about we sneak out for a night ride on kinto'un, Squirt?"

"Yeah!" Goten beamed as he tumbled into his brother's lap, "I'm not tired anyway."

And so they rode together on the small yellow nimbus cloud until they came over a field of green grass and yellow wildflowers.  Here they landed and sat down amongst the blossoms and gazed up at the starry diamonds of the night sky.

"Can you tell me how daddy died?" Goten asked, looking over to Gohan, "Mom never would tell me whenever I asked her. I have to know, Gohan. Please..."

Gohan studied the seriousness on the little saiya-jin's face.  He knew that their mother didn't want to hurt Goten, but he did have a right to know the truth.  "I'll tell you, Goten," he answered, "but you have to promise to keep it just between us."

"Deal then," Goten said as he lay back into the soft grass. It nearly covered him.

"Several months before you were born there was an evil android named Cell," Gohan began, "he killed many people for their energy because the more energy he consumed, the stronger he would become.  Cell even challenged the Earth's most powerful fighters to a tournament-our father was one of them.  He faught so valiantly against Cell, but he knew that it was up to me to destroy his wickedness.  But I was very afraid you see, and Cell tried to kill me.  Dad knew this and sacrificed his own life to save me, but Cell came back.  I was still afraid, but dad spoke to me from Heaven and gave me the strength and encouragement I needed to save the world.  Our father gave up everything he had because he loved all of us."

Goten brushed tears away and hugged his big brother.  "Dad's not like an angel then, Gohan," he said, "he is an angel.  I bet he even has wings too!"

"I think you're right, squirt," Gohan replied, gazing up at the stars as they danced like white jewels against the black sky.  Both brothers sat there for about an hour before summoning kinto'un to carry them back home to their beds.  Goten himself felt more proud of his father now that he knew why he had died.  Both brothers went to rest for their training.

As they drifted off to sleep, a figure in Heaven too went to rest.  As he removed his orange gi and blue undershirt, shimmering white plumage unfolded into two majestic wings that wavered gently in a breeze.