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"Ouch, Alice!" I protested, as she poked me in the eye with the mascara wand.

"It didn't hurt, Bella – you're indestructible!"

"Sure, sure," I argued back. "You're just lucky my venom didn't incinerate your precious mascara wand!"

Alice chuckled. "It would take longer than the sixteenth of a second to melt my wand!"

"Do you want to find out?" I threatened jokingly.

"No, ma'am!" She giggled, lining my eyes with a dark brown eye-liner.

Rosalie flew into the room holding the curling tongs. "Ready for your hair done, Bella?"

I nodded.

"Are you guys recreating the entire look from my wedding day?" I asked.

"Just about!" Rose giggled.

Rosalie and Alice fluttered around my hair and face for a while, before standing back to admire their work.

She looks almost human.

Edward will love it.

I looked human? I spun around to examine myself in the mirror.

There was a light blush in my cheeks – false, of course, but beautiful nonetheless. My eyes stood out, bewitchingly dark against my alabaster skin. I looked like an enchantress.

"I look gorgeous!" I exclaimed. "Thanks girls!"

"No problemo. Go get into your dress, we need to get ready." Rose ushered me out of the room.

And so, that was how I was sitting in Alice and Jasper's room in my old wedding lingerie – a silk corset, done up so tight that it was lucky I didn't need to breathe, and stockings. And heels. And I was sitting there, wondering where on earth my dress was, and when I found it, how on earth I would get into it, when Jasper walked in.

"Alice- Oh. Bella!"

"Hey. You don't happen to know where my wedding dress is, do you?"

"Er..er, no, sorry." He looked a little awkward, wanting to flit from one side of the room to the other.

"You look nice," I acknowledged. "Very suave!"

He laughed. "Thanks. You look beautiful."

"Of course you would say that," I laughed. "I'm the naked girl sitting on your bed!"

"Not completely naked..." he countered, eyeing me up and down.

"Jasper, when you talk to Alice, please ask her where my wedding dress is. She's not listening to me."

He nodded. "Sure thing."

He came out of the bathroom two minutes later.

"It's in our wardrobe. I'll get it for you."

He opened Alice's expansive wardrobe, and stepped into the room that was bigger than Emmett's Jeep. Right at the back, there was an empty rack. Jasper sauntered over to it.

"It's empty." I protested.

Jasper put his hand to the side panel, and slid it back. Out came my wedding dress.

"Wow." I breathed. "It's beautiful." I eyed the ribbons at the back. "And complicated."

"That's what I said first time round," Jasper laughed. "I'll help you in."

"Oh, would you? Thank you so much Jasper!"

He shrugged. "No sweat."

Jasper undid the corset back carefully, and lifted the dress over my head. Once it was over my head, he began tightening the ribbons.

"You looked fabulous on your wedding day, did you know that?"

"I've been told," I smiled, turning as he tied the bow at the bottom of my back. "How do I look?" I spun around.

"Ravishing. Edward won't be able to keep his eyes off you."

"I guess that sucks for you, huh?" I laughed. Jasper'd be dying from those emotions!

"Pretty much." I felt his emotions sinking a little.

"Jasper..." I began. I knew he wasn't one to let his emotions out, but I needed to know. "Are you going to be alright? With Alice, and everything?"

"Bella. I'm going to live forever. I think Alice and I will sort out our quarrels by then."

He was putting on a brave face, I could tell. But, he would eventually sort everything out with her.

At least, while we took the pictures.

"Bella?" I heard Rose trill, as Alice called for Jasper.

"In here." I said, keeping my voice at a normal level.

"Oh Bella, you look fantastic!" Rose exclaimed.

What are they doing in here together? I heard Alice thinking.

"Jasper helped me find and put on my dress – because you guys were too busy!" I laughed, clearing things up. "Ready to go downstairs?"

"Yup!" Alice put her arm in Jasper's, and I gave Jasper a cheeky smile that said, 'See, everything will be fine!'

Rose put her arm around mine in the same fashion and we walked downstairs together.

"Okay now Bella," Alice said from in front of us, "the corridor is your aisle. Work that wedding march!"

I burst out laughing – so much so that Rosalie got bored and carried me down the stairs.

"Good Lord! Is she alright? Did she black out again?" Carlisle's frantic voice was right by my ear.

"No, I'm fine Carlisle. Alice was just unintentionally funny."

"Oh, good." He smiled.

"Are we ready, then?" Edward was at the top of the stairs. Rosalie set me down and I turned around to face him.

And I was lost for words. Never had I seen a vision like him, his skin alabaster against the dark of his suit, his bronze hair in it's usual disarray, stepping down the stairs with eyes of liquid gold. "Wow," I breathed.

"I could say the same for you." He smiled, floating down toward me and engulfing me in his embrace, his sweet scent filling my head as he pressed his lips to mine.


"Sorry," Esme giggled as we looked up. "It looked a little too cute not to be caught on film. Irina's ready in the back yard. Coming?"

We nodded, but neither of us moved.

Edward nuzzled at my neck. "I can see why Rose and Emmett have so many weddings, now,"

"And why is that?" I was breathless, I sounded like an awestruck teen after her favourite rock star had just accidentally stood on her foot.

"Nothing compares to you in that outfit..." He rested his forehead against mine. "Apart from you out of it."

I felt myself go weak at the knees. "Let's get out of here, or we'll never get these pictures taken."

"Say cheese!" Emmett called from behind the Denali coven.

I laughed; Irina pressed the shutter button.

"Oh, that's my favourite of us, definitely!" Alice squealed.

And I had to agree, it was fabulous. I was laughing and looking down, Rose was looking at me and Alice was smiling gently, her eyes a little unfocused. Obviously having the vision that would show her the outcome of the picture.

"Do you want one with the best men, now, Bella?" Irina asked.

She doesn't remember, for God's sake Irina, keep it together! She hissed at herself.

"Erm, yes, please."

"Hey, wait a second," Emmett interrupted. "I was the vicar!"

"Emmett, just stand with Bella," Edward laughed.

Jasper and Emmett took one of my arms each on Irina's command.

"Can I say cheese?" Emmett asked.

"No, Emmett. Just smile." Jasper was a little tense.

We smiled.

"Just me and the Jelly Belly if you don't mind, Jazz. You can have her next." Emmett boomed.

Jasper moved lithely out of frame, and Emmett wrapped his arms around me. "Smile like you mean it!"

I smiled, and Emmett hoisted me up in to the air.

"Emmett!" I protested, waving my arms as the camera flashed continuously. "Put me down!"

"Okay, okay," he relented, setting me on my feet, and posing for a nice picture. I was wary of his arms tightening around me, though.

"Okay? Done?" He asked Irina slyly. She nodded. "GOLD! Thank you so much, Irina. I owe you one."

"Why?" I asked cautiously. Curiosity killed the Bella, I guess.

"He wanted pictures of you waving your hands in the air in your wedding dress so he can put them in his 'Funny Photos of Bella' Album." Irina answered, embarrassed. "It actually exists, by the way." She saw my eyebrow raising. "I've seen it."

"God dammit Emmett!" I screeched.

"Sorry sista'!" He winked. The Cullens stayed silent as the Denali coven laughed; they knew I would have their heads if they did so.

Jasper came to my side. "Don't worry about the pictures," he whispered in my ear. "We'll burn them."

I smiled. "Emmett, you can keep them." And I would get them later.

Emmett grinned and shuffled out of the frame so that it was just Jasper and I, standing in front of the almost-unreal looking trees. Jasper stood stoic next to me.

"Put some kind of an effort in, Jasper. Can you wrap your arms around her?" Irina asked kindly.

Oh Good Lord. Jasper swore in his mind as he wrapped his arms around me.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "You 'kay?"

"Sure, Bella. Now smile." I turned to the camera and smiled.

"Okay, Carlisle, Esme, do you want one with Bella and the boys?"

"I want one of the entire family!" Rose said, enthusiastic for once.

"Sure, sure," I smiled. "Everyone get in then."

Each Cullen clamoured into the picture, Jasper and I in the middle, flanked by Edward, Carlisle and Emmett, and Rosalie, Esme and Alice on the other side. It was beautiful.

"Irina, has that thing got a self timer?" I asked curiously.

"Of course!" She answered, as though it'd be an insult if there weren't.

"Get in, then." I smiled at them all.

And with that, the Cullens and their extended family had a group wedding shot. Thankfully, the Denali girls dressed anything but casual - hats and all.

It was mine and Edward's turn last. Carlisle and Esme took a picture with us first, and then it was our turn.

Edward wrapped his arms around me from behind, and I leaned into his embrace.

Suddenly, after waiting all day, the clouds left a break in the sky for the sun to come through.

And we sparkled.

I had never seen anything like it. My skin looked like there were diamonds embedded in it. I raised my left arm to the sunlight, and the facets of the heart Edward had given me glistened.

But it paled in comparison to us.

"Smile, Bella!" Alice trilled, from beside Irina.

I smiled.

I felt Edward's lips press into my hair, and the camera flashed.

Our family watched on as the last picture was taken, and one emotion out of the bundle that assaulted me now rang true for myself.

I was happy.

And I may not remember what had happened in my human life, and truthfully, this life was far from perfect. But I knew, with Edward, my love, by my side, I could accomplish anything; I could do anything I wished.

And I would.

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