Ch. 9 Foolish

He woke up to an empty bed, which meant an empty apartment once again. He would forever be upset with himself, even if Kagome forgave him, which he doubt that will happen. It's been almost a year since that incident and he haven't heard from her since. Sesshomaru came by a week after the incident and pummeled the living shit out of him and he stood there and took it like a man.


Inuyasha laid on the ground, blood dripping from his broken nose and busted lip as he tried to regain his breath. He felt something lift him up by his neck and lift him in the air and soon was eye to eye with his brother. Sesshomaru growled at him but said nothing as he dropped the hanyou on the ground. He was spent, he had claw marks all over his body and the places where he wasn't clawed was bruised. He was glad that Sesshomaru let him choose where he wanted his beating, he rather bleed on the dirt than on his floor at home. He had come in the apartment ever so calmly that morning too, which gave the hint that this meeting would not be a peaceful one.

He choose the park being that there was few people around and soon the two were off in one of Sesshomaru's cars, silence surrounding them. When they reached the park, the peace was broken and the elder youkai unleashed his punishment.

Sesshomaru kicked Inuyasha surprisingly gently to allow him to turn on his back and once Inuyasha was laying face up, he just sighed and started walking off back to his car to wait on him. His rage was taken care of for now but he was sure that it could have been worse. He knew that Kagome begged him to go easy on him despite how badly he treated her.

Once Sesshomaru had bought him back to the apartment, he gathered some of her clothing, things that she could use before he bought her a new wardrobe, and turned to leave. Before he was gone, he heard Inuyasha say,

"Tell her that even though that she may never forgive me, I'm sorry." His head was hung low and his words were softly spoken but Sesshomaru heard him.

The taiyoukai sighed, running a hand threw his hair before saying, "I don't understand it but she has forgiven you."

Inuyasha's eyes widened at that, she forgave him?

"Also, stop by my office on Monday, I believe it's time that you received some help. She wanted me to set appointments for you. Receiving help from a professional is life changing she is the prime example. I know you are unsure but think about it and call the office tomorrow." With that, Sesshomaru left out the door after leaving a card for him.

-End Flashback-

He did as instructed, it was a rough start being that he and Sesshomaru almost got into a fight on the first day but they somehow got along and he was already seeing life threw a different view. It still hurt to be alone but he accepted that, besides, with his long life, he had plenty of time to find that perfect girl to fill the void.

He still couldn't believe that she forgave him, he still haven't forgiven himself. He wanted to hear it from her mouth but there was no way that he could contact her. Her cell phone was turned off, a good possibility that she got a new one, Sango wouldn't get her for him and she practically beat him as well. He wouldn't even dare call Sesshomaru knowing it would result in a growl, a dirty insult, and him hanging the phone up on him.

He worried that entire time until…

The phone ringing startled him from trying to get into some show on TV. His phone haven't rang in ages and he grumbled out loud thinking that it was some telemarketer wanting to take a survey or whatever those annoying people want from him.

"Yea, whadaya want." He muttered into the phone. A beautiful sound of giggles filled his ears and he almost dropped the phone thinking that it was some kind of joke.

"I see you're still the same in some aspects."

He almost dropped the phone again, there was no way that she would be calling him but just in case… "K-Kagome?"

"I'm glad that you remembered me."

"Kagome, hey what's going on?" He couldn't contain his excitement at being able to hear her voice again.

"Nothing much, I was just wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight. We could talk, and you know, just catch up with things."

He had to pinch himself to make sure that this wasn't some twisted dream that his mind played on him like the countless dozens of times. Realizing that this was reality, he wasn't going to let this chance pass him by.

"Yea, sure."

"Good then, meet me at RJ's Nightclub then at 7:00."

'A night club?' He wondered why would she pick a club, however, it didn't matter. He had to see her again. "Alright then, see ya later."

He hung up the phone after she said 'goodbye' and sighed. He felt nervous and scared but he had to see her again, he couldn't rest until he got the truth from her. Whither she really did accept him or reject him, he would feel better about it no matter what.


Inuyasha stepped one foot inside of the jazz club. It was empty with the exception of the employees there cleaning and getting things ready for a busy night. He didn't hear a lot about the place but the things that he heard were remarkable. Many of his co-workers speak of a woman with the voice of an angel known as Raven the Song Bird. He never went to go see for himself knowing that his brother worked there. He will think about that later, he spotted Kagome talking to one of the men in the band who was helping to set the stage up.

"Miroku, you really need to stop groping Sango or you're going to find yourself without any hands." Kagome said to the perverted man who was polishing his sax.

Miroku sighs and smiles at her. "I can't find it in myself to do so, besides, I'm only softening her up, it won't be long now."

He stairs off dreamingly, thoughts of touching more than just the woman of his desire's bum. She just shook her head and turned seeing Inuyasha come in.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said as she waved happily at him.

He stood still, she was beautiful. She had got her hair cut so that it rest just above her shoulders but it only made her look sexier. Her blue eyes were like lightening and paralyzed him in place. Her skin looked like she was glowing, no, the air around her was glowing. She was happy, she never looked that way around him and for a slight moment, he felt a pain in his heart but it went away when she came over to him and hugged him. He hugged back amazed that she would ever touch him. She pulled away, took his hand in order to lead him to a table to sit, and ordered something to eat.

"Kagome, you look amazing." He said, as he looked her over especially at what she was wearing. A long white satin halter dress tied around her neck and showed a great deal of her back. It hugged around her in all the right places. She had a white flower placed behind her right ear and she wore silver hoop earrings and a chain with a diamond-studded flower on it.

"Thanks, I see you're fairing well too." She said as she grabbed his hand.

"I was hoping to have to rescue you from lord ice prick but it seems like he's treating you well." He seemed hopeful that Sesshomaru wasn't just so he could sweep in and take her away. He missed her so and now that he was in her presence, he wanted to love her the way she deserved.

"That won't be necessary, he attempts to spoil me a lot but I'm not so easily won over by expensive things."

Inuyasha smiled, she was still the same old Kagome. That was the one thing that attracted him to her in the first place other than her resemblance to his first love. They got their meals and both started eating while trying to bring up a conversation.

"I missed you." He said as he squeezed her hand.

"I missed you too, I have to say, it took me a while to work up the courage to talk to you again but here I am."

He turned away feeling a little guilty but she squeezed his hand and said, "Please don't turn from me, I'm okay really."

He turned to her with sorrowful eyes and said, "Kagome, I'm sorry, about everything…"

"Shush silly puppy, I know. I've forgiven you a long time ago although I couldn't say it in front of you until now."

So she really did forgive him. He felt a large weight lift from his shoulders and his shoulders dropped in relief.

"Is there anything I could do for you?"

"No, I'm alright, I just felt like we needed to have this little talk is all."

"But why him, if you forgive me then why not come back to me."

Kagome sighed and looked away for a moment before saying, "Inu, you know why. Besides what I told you in the past, neither of us were really in love with each other. Sure, we liked each other and had tolerance with each other but our feelings just weren't that strong. I was desperate for affection and you are still in love with Kikyo. We can't live like that."

"But Kagome…"

She quiet him down with a finger against his lips. "Look me in the eye and tell me that you've moved on from her."

He looked at her seriously for a moment before considering her words, he looked away when he realized that he couldn't. She grabbed both of his hands to make him look at her and said, "We helped each other suppress the pain at loosing someone close to us but that was all there was to it."

"Fine, I understand but anyone but him." Inuyasha all of a sudden, had an urge to try to steer her away from his half-brother. It was unfair how Sesshomaru got everything.

"Kagome, I know I hurt you enough but I'm only looking out for you when I say this. Please don't stay with Sesshomaru, he seems reasonable now but you don't know the true him. He sells himself Kagome, he's a whore."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Trust me, we had a long talk about that. I almost didn't talk to him for a month when he told me. I even moved out and stayed at Sango's but he told me that he stopped doing that for me."

"And you trust him?" He couldn't believe that. No woman in her right minds would want to stay with some gigolo.

"Yes, I do. I trust him with all of my being as he does me, something that you've never really had too much of."

Inuyasha looked away once more and mumbled out another apology.

"It's okay, let's just start fresh and be friends." She said with a hopeful smile as she stretched out a hand for him to shake.

He took the hand and shook it, "Friends then."

"Kagome, are you done talking?" They heard from behind them. Sesshomaru had came in threw the back room after bringing in some of the equipment for tonight's show. He stood behind Kagome and helped her up, bringing one of her hands to his mouth to kiss, the other he held protectively around her waist, fingers spread across her belly.

Inuyasha observed them, Sesshomaru nipped at her neck and collarbone while she giggled and smiled. He watched on, as Sesshomaru's other hand rested on her belly as well and started rubbing it. It was then that he noticed it, it was a very small bulge but it was there. Kagome was pregnant. It was official, he didn't care if Sesshomaru had her, he was just glad that she was happy, she really did deserve someone better. He couldn't be happier for her, not the emotion he was expecting, which was jealousy but pure happiness. He could recall her wishing to have children but he didn't think that he could raise a child being that he never had a father to raise him, that and he didn't like children. At least his brother could grant her that wish.

"Come, we have a show to put on my little bird." Sesshomaru purred as he turned Kagome to walk with him to the stage.

Inuyasha looked at the two wide-eyed, she was the singer? He knew that she had a lovely voice but he never heard her sing.

He didn't plan on staying, no, he planned on either taking her back with him if she chose to do so or just walking away without a word but he felt like he owed this to her. He closed his eyes as her voice wrapped around and soothed him of all his troubles. When he locked eyes with her, he knew that things were truly alright.

Soon the song ended and Inuyasha stood up and applauded with everyone else. Kagome just nodded to him and with that, he finished drinking his drink and sat down to listen to the rest of their performances. Yea, he regretted many things in his life when it came to his relationship with Kagome but from this day forward, he would right all wrongs and be there for her as he should have been. He had been foolish but never again.

Well, that's the end. I couldn't think of any other way to end it but I feel quite alright with it. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sorry for how it turned out. I know that most of you would probably be expecting more, I know I was. School is just ruining my creativity and had taken to try and kill it. Right now it has it's hands around my muse's throat and is strangling the life out of it. I just hope that you can forgive me for my lack of content.

The good news about this is that I can try to post something new up but you probably won't be able to see what I'm working on for a while, like next month while. Once again, i'm sorry but i hoped that you liked it.