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Kyoko stood in the middle of her bathroom, staring down at the pregnancy test she held carefully in between her two index fingers, waiting for the result. Kyokowasnow the age of twenty-one. With a four year age difference, that made her husband, Ren, twenty-five. Five years ago, she stumbled in to Ren Tsuruga's life for the second time. It took some time for him to realize that she was the same little girl that he had fallen in love with ten years before that, but as soon as he picked up the old stone that he had given her, and herd her call out the name Corn for the dropped stone, slowly, he fell in love with her all over again.Though it was a nasty shock for Kyoko when she found out that Ren Tsuruga, Japan's most famous actor, was truly her "Fairy Prince" all along. In other words, Kuon.

Kyokosatdown on the edge of the bathtub, and bounced her leg impatiently while she continued to wait on the result. Her heart raced in excitement and panic. Thinking the "quality time" she had with Ren the week before, her eyes stayed glued to the pregnancy test that subtly shook in her hands.

Flash Back OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

It was nearing 8:45pm on that Friday night. Ren was on his way home from work. He would havebeenhome earlier, but the woman that was co-staring with him kept eyeing him from head to toe instead of memorizing her lines, so there were multiple re-takes. Ren was just happy that it was finally the weekend. Kyoko, however, had today off. Two hours ahead of time, Ren called her from his cell phone saying that he was going to be late coming home...again. Kyokosighed to her self has she walked through the door-way into their bed room. opening up the closet doors to pick out a pair of pajamas, she spotted a red, spaghetti strapped, silk night-gown. It wasn't often that she wore that one, because she wanted to keep it nice. Since it had been a long week and the night-gown was comfortable, she pulled it off it's hanger and stripped down out of her jeans and white tank-top, tossing them in the laundry bin.

She pulled on the night-gown and looked at her self in the mirror that was attached to the closet door. It hugged her body like a second skin, complimenting her curvs, and bringing out her breasts. Giggling to herself, she reached up and ruffled her hair, striking poses.

Ren unlocked the front door to their apartment and walked in. Shutting the door, he took off his coat, and tossed it over the arm of the couch that sat in the living room. He tossed the keys on the coffee table and headed down the hall way to his bed room, half wondering where Kyoko was. He stopped dead in his tracks, standing in the middle of the door way. His question on Kyoko was solved.

He leand against the door frame trying to refrain from laughing as he wacthed his wife make different poses in front of the mirror like she were doing it for some dirty magazine. Kyokoput her right hand on her hip, and ruffled her hair some more with her left, puckering her lips at her reflection. She turned around to see if her back side looked as good as her front.

A smirk formed on Ren's face and an eye-brow raised. "If I didn't know any better, I would think that I have just walked into the Play-Boy mansion." Kyoko whippedaround with a quick scream. Her face went many shades of red. "H-How long haveyoubeen standing there!?" Her voice was a little shaky with embarrassment. Ren scanned her body. The strap on her right shoulder slid down a bit. The silk dress barely reached her knees, exposing her long, creamy legs. "Long enough to enjoy the show, but please, don't stop on my account" He chuckeld.

Kyoko's face wasn't as red anymore, but a light shade of pink. "Oh, very funny..." Sarcasm flowed in her voice. Walking past him to get through the door and away from the embarrassing moment, Ren reached back after her without looking and pinched her on the butt, making her jump. He got a light slap to the shoulder in return for his playful pinch.

She made her way into the kitchen and pulled the tea kettle out of a shelf. She filled it with water and put it on the burner to boil. Ren appeard around the corner and walked over to the woman in red silk. Kyoko reached out across the counter and pulled two coffee mugs off of their little mug-tree. The second she set them down on the counter, Ren snaked his arms around her waist, and kissed her lightly on the neck. "Hmm...What are you doing?" She asked. Ren moved his kisses up her neck and nibbled softly on her ear. "I didn't say you had to end the show." He answerd, refering to the little poses she performed in front of the mirror.

"Oh? You want an encore?" She asked, turning off the burner, leaving the kettle to be forgotten. Ren's arms moved from around her waist to have is his hands rest on her hips. "That would be nice." He replied, returning to leave small kisses on her neck. Kyoko placed her hands over his, and swayed her hips from side to side slowly against his pelvis.

A moment passed and she began swaying her hips a little faster, giving Ren a growing erection. Keeping her hands on his, she dragged them up her body to her breasts. Once his hands were where she wanted them to be, she reached up behind his neck while he was still kissing at her's and pulled him down, locking her lips with his. Their tongues battled for dominance and danced with passion, moaning into one another's mouth.

Ren squeezed both her breasts, pulling her body closer to his own. Moving her hips over his, his cock stood fully erect for attention. Kyoko, with her hands still behind his neck, raked her fingers through his hair, deepeing the kiss that she was engulfed in. In return, Ren memorized the inside of her mouth as he has done many times before.

They moved form the kitchen, with out breaking the bond of their lips, and made their way to the bed room. Ren playfully pushed Kyoko back on to the bed. He climbed ontop of her with only one knee on the bed at her side and the other leg still planted on the ground. (Can ya'll picture that?) Claiming her mouth, he massaged her left breast through the silky material. Kyoko unbuttond his shirt and dragged her hands up and down his torso, neglecting to take it off.

With his free hand, Ren slid his hand along her leg, and licked her neck, making her shutter. Kyoko rubbed his shoulders, begining to find the shirt bothersom. Ren leaned up, keeping his balance on the bed with one knee, and pulled off the shirt. He had even abs. He wasn't overly musceld, but just right. Seeing him, Kyoko sat up and yanked him into a fiery kiss. (They didn't lay back down yet ok? just letting you all know.) Ren reached under the skirt of her night-dress, and cupped his hand over her womanhood, the damping panties blocking his way.

He rubbed her clit through the thin cloth. She shutterd and let out a quiet moan. He could tell from the feel of it, the panties were laced. Pushing back the very thing that was blocking his goal to the side, he attacked her mouth, and slid his middle finger past the wet folds of her opening. Kyoko stiffend a bit, and tilted her head back a little, breaking the kiss. She took a slight breath of air, preparing her self for what was to come.

Normally, when Ren did this he would push his fingers in and out, gradually getting faster. Which franqly, Kyoko liked very much. But instead of doing so, slowly, her rubbed the iner walls of her cunt, and made circular motions, making her gasp out for more. He layed her back down on the bed, and rubbed her on the inside harder, while running his thumb roughly over her clit, making Kyoko even wetter than she already was.

Kyoko bucked her hips against his hand, loving the torting pleasure he was bestowing on her. She let out a slow moan. Ren removed his hand, making her whimper in protest. He parted her legs and replaced his fingers with his tongue. Kyoko screamed out, bucking her hips. He swirled his tongue around while reached up with his free hand and cupped her breast. She moand again louder. His hard on throbbed painfully.

Ren then removed his tongue as well and placed the head of his shaft into her wet folds. Claiming her lips, he pushed in with a heavy thrust. "NYAAHAA!!" Kyoko yelped, digging her nails into his back. His thrusts began slow,making her whine in sweet torture. When she begged for him to go faster or harder, her obliged happily. Their bodys glistend in sweat as they moved in rythem together. Kyoko raked her fingers through his hair as he kissed her neck, keeping his speed.

He thrust into her faster and faster until...Beeep-Beeeep-Beeeep...


Kyoko was no longer watching the pregnancy test, but was gazing off into nothingness. Beeeep-Beeeep-beeep-beeeeeeeeep... She looked back down at the test in her hands. The box said that one blue line ment negative, and two pink lines ment positive. Glaring at the little thermomiter shaped test, her eyes widend...

"Oh God..."


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