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Kyoko winced as another contraction raged through her. She was hot, sweaty, pissed and in PAIN! AND WHERE THE HELL WAS KUON?

"AH!" She cried out, wrapping her arms about her waist and tears rolled down her cheeks. Damn she was stressed. And the fact that she was starting to get a head ache when that random shouting started outside five minutes ago didn't help at all.

"Kyoko, are you okay?" Ren's voice drew her to look at the door way. He was dressed in blue scrubs and his hair wasn't as tidy as it was a few minutes ago. Following him was the good doctor. Now that Kyoko thought about it, she was too dazed in pain to even remember the woman's name.

Before Kyoko could answer, a contraction shot over her and it was three times worse than the last six she'd had. She yelped and groaned, squeezing her eys shut.

"Kyoko?" Ren called, placing one hand on her cheek and taking her own hand in his other. She took her open window of stress relief and practically crushed his hand. She felt him flinch at her sudden strength and fight back a groan.

"Do I SOUND okay, Kuon?" Kyoko growled. She didn't mean to sound so mean, but damn it! If she didn't get some pain killers in her system she was gonna release all kinds of hell!

"I'll take that as a no- Ow..." Ren flinched again. Kyoko felt a little bad for squeasing the life out of his hand. But only a little.

The doctor laughed sarcasticaly in a rather nice way. "Please, Mrs. Tsuruga, don't break his hand."

Ren coughed at that. "I think it's a little to late."

The doctor laughed at his remark and patted his back. "Mrs. Tsuruga, I think it will please you to know that it is time to place you on the pain killers now." The good doctor told her, weilding a syringe.

"Oh, thank God!" Kyoko gasped as another wave hit her and she tightened her murderous grip on Ren's hand. And the man, bless his heart, took the pain without a single complaint. Kyoko made a mental note to thank him for it later. When Kyoko was first placed in this room, they stuck a clear tube in her arm that was attatched to a clear bag that was half full of a clear liquid. Damn it, she was too roweled up to remember what any of the medical stuff was called. She wanted the drugs and she wanted them now. The merciful doctor smiled at Kyoko as she walked over and stuck the tip of the needle through the tube, pushed down the plunger and placed a little piece of tape over the itty-bitty-needle-made hole.

"There, you should be feeling MUCH better very soon." The Doc assured her, reajusting her glasses before leaving the room.

Kyoko nodded and sighed with reliefe. She didn't expect the wonderful goop pumping into her blood stream would act so quickly. Already she was feeling a little light headed and probably had a stupid smile on her face. Apparently her iron grip on Ren's hand had eased up some because he took it back and shook it out. Kyoko laughed and she felt her head loll from from side to side.

"What?" Ren said, giving her a crooked smile.

"I don't know." She replied...what she said came out as "I uhnn...know..."

Ren chuckled and walked around the bed to inspect the clear bag. "They really gave you the good stuff, didn't they?" He asked, gently flicking the baggie, Kyoko giggled madly. She had no idea what her husband just said, all she could focus on was the duck wadling it's way into the room. The animal looked at her and started to dance.

Ren stared at Kyoko with amusment. She had suddenly started laughing at something just as the doctor came back in.

"Uhm...I don't know what she finds so funny." He said when the woman gave Kyoko a funny look.

"She could be hallucinating. It's a pretty common side affect to this drug." She said non-chalantly. Ren frowned and looked back over at Kyoko. She was giggling to herself and inspecting the back of her hand.

"Is she going to be alright?" He asked, raising a brow as his beloved lolled her head slightly and laughed again. "I thought the pain killers were only going to numb the feeling below her waist." He mentioned.

"Yes, that was the intention, but it would seem that her pain was a bit too great. Her contractions are extremely close together and simple pain killers that we usually use for births would not take effect fast enough." the doctor replied, checking over a chart.

"Are you serious? Is her pain really that bad?" Ren asked, worry flooding his eyes.

The good doctor glanced up from her chart and smiled softly. "Mr. Tsuruguga, all is well. This is not unusual, so you can calm down."

Ren simply nodded, then glanced back at Kyoko. Her lovely face was flushed, and she seemed so calm now. Which, obviously was a great thing, because that woman had one of a grip. His hand was still a little sore...

Ren pased around the room for what seemed like forever, when in reality it was just five minutes before the doctor returned, dressed in fresh scrubs and snapping on new gloves. Behind her were two nurses who immediately flashed grins his way when they laid eyes on him. When he met the doctor's eyes, the usually cheerful gleam was gone, replaced by utter control, seriousness and proffesionalism.

As the good doctor tied her hair back into a tight bun, she began to bark orders like a military officer. "Mimi, I need you to place her legs in the holsters, Nana, stand by."

The nurses darted around the room, quickly performing their tasks, never issing a beat when the doctor had new orders.

The only thing that Ren could do was stand out of the way until he was told to do something useful. It didn't take long for the nurses to prep Kyoko up for the birth or set up a table that was covered in towls.

Ren ran his fingers through his hair and gave a shakey sigh. His adrenilin was starting to run again. For the love of God, he was going to be a father before the day is gone!

Father. Dad. Daddy.

If he was scared nine months ago about being called either of those names, then he was beyond scared now. But it wasn't the kind of scared that made him want to leave the room ane never look back. No, this kind of scared was the scared a person got before riding a rolor coaster they've been dying to get on. The kind of scared that said "Holy SHIT! I can't wait!"

Ren laughed to himself then remembered he wasn't alone. The nurses didn't seem to hear his sudden outburst, but the doctor gave him a funnny look, then she smiled knowingly. "Excited?"

"Uhm, yeah. I really am." He replied. The doctor nidded and laughed. "Well, you don't have to wait much longer, Mr. Tsuruga, we are ready to begin."

Ren's heart nearly stopped. "Oh, Uh, where do you want me?"

"Right there, the best help you can give now is to stay by your wife's side and don't leave."

"I can do that." Ren said, taking Kyoko's hand. She stirred in her daze and looked up at him. Her eyes were no longer confused due to the painkillers, but knowing.

The good doctor placed a surgical mask over the bottom half of her face. "Alright, Mrs. Mogami. Push."

Ren kissed the back of Kyoko's hand and the roller coaster began.


Yukihito Yashiro slouched in his uncomfortable chair. He was tired, but he couldn't close his eyes. He didn't want to rest until he heard the news. He checked his watched for the thirtieth time. It was getting late. Three hours have passed since he took his seat in the pale, boring waiting room. There was a little TV in the upper corner of the room. Children's cartoons flashed across the screen. Sadly, he was able to recognize some of the cartoons as Dexter from "Dexter's Lab". Old BOOMERANG cartoons were a guilty pleasure of his, but he'd seen this re-run too many times to care that it was on. It was the one were DEE-DEE begged her brother to turn her into a unicorn...

Yashiro pinched the area between his eyes just as Ren emerged from the room he had disapeared into hours ago. His scrubs were a little bloody and he looked worn out and in a daze. He slugged his way over and fell back into the chair next to Yashiro.

The two men were silent for a moment before Yashiro broke the spell. "Well? Is it a boy or a girl?" Yashiro asked, getting desperate.

A subtle smile pulled at Ren's lips. "Girls."

Yashiro clapped with a laugh. "OH, WOW! A little Gir-...Wait.." He froze, snapping his attention back at Ren, searching the man's face. "Did you just say 'girls'?"

Ren's smile grew into a wide grin and he laughed. "Twins, Yashiro. Twins! Twin girls! Oh,God!" He laughed again, rubbing his face with both hands and letting his head fall back.

Yashiro's jaw fell slack with shock. "Twins, wow...! Wait, how could you two not have known? What with the ultrasounds and all?"

Ren scratched the back of his head and chuckled. "Kyoko knew all along. She found out months ago, and asked her doctor to keep it a secret. She wanted to surprise me. Hell of a surprise, huh?" Ren grinned again.

Yashiro, nodded in wonder. Both men sighed and mutterred "Twins" at the same time. They were silent again for a few moments before Yashiro clapped Ren on the back. "Congratulations, Ren. You're a father of two."

"Heh, Thank you." Ren said. He rubbed his hands together for a second then looked at Yashiro. "Do you want to see them?"
Yashiro grinned. "I thought you were never going to ask." Both men chuckeled as they stood from their chairs and walked into the birthing room. Kyoko was propped up against four big pillows, with a small, sleeping infant cradeled in each arm. Kyoko smiled weakly when she saw Yashiro.

Yashiro awed at the sight. Both of the slumbering little girls where wrapped in soft pink blankets that were decorated in teddy bears, and wore different snug beanies on their heads. One wore a purple beanie that had a star on it, the other, light blue with a moon. Kyoko's hair was a wreck and her cheeks were tinted pink. The sight was something beautiful. "oooh, congratulations, Kyoko!" He whispered, admiring the small girls. "Thank you, Mr. Yashiro, it means so much to us to have you here."

Yashiro smiled boldly and bowed. "I wouldn't rather be anywhere else." Kyoko thanked him again as Ren walked around to the other side of the bed and soflty stroked the heads of his daughters. "Would you like to hold one of them?" Kyoko asked. Yashiro nearly yelped in excitement. "Of course I would! How can anyone pass this up?" Kyoko giggled nodded to a space on the bed for Yashiro to sit. He sat down slowly, so he wouldn't wake the angels and carefully took the one with the blue beanie into his arms. The little one whimpered in her sleep and wriggled a little in his arms. A small hand emerged from the pink blankie and snagged his tie.

"AWWWWWWW" Yashrio gushed. "Hello there..." He looked up from her tiny face. "What are their names?" He asked as the sweet creature in his arms hiccuped.

"You're holding Ai." Ren told him, pulling a small chair over to the side of the bed, so he could wrap on arm around his wife's shoulders and stroke his forefinger against his other daughter's cheek. "Ai is the oldest by about nine minutes." Kyoko added, stifling a yawn. "And this one," She said, glancing down at the girl she was hiolding, "This one is Kisa."

"What gorgeous names." Yashiro said. "Thanks." Kyoko replied. "OH! Ren, have you called your parents?" Ren frowned. "Uh, no. That slipped my mind. I'll do that now." Ren stood up and reached into his scrubs pocket to fish out his phone. He left the room as he was dialing. He wasn't even gone for a full minute before Kisa started to shift and whine. Yashiro looked over with worry. "Is she alright?" He asked. Kyoko nodded. "I think she knows when her daddy leaves the room. It's strange, isn't it? She is barely an hour old and already, she's a real Daddy's girl. She started to cry a little when he left to get you." But she stopped as soon as he came back in."

Yashiro nodded. "That is strange, but wonderful. Kind of amazing actually." Kyoko 'mhmed' as Ren came back into the room. As if on cue, Kisa stopped her whimpering. "I think she wants you to hold her for a bit." Kyoko told Ren. He smiled that kind smile of his and strode over to take little Kisa. She immediately snuggled against him and fell fast asleep.

"So, what did your parents say?" Kyoko asked, stretching her arms. "Well, they're upset I didn't call them ealier." Ren said, easing back into his chair. "They are on their way, aren't they?" Kyoko asked. "Oh, yeah, they'll be here tomorrow night."

At the same time, both Ren and Kyoko yawned heavily. Yashiro nodded to himself. "You two are exauhsted. I think I'll head out and let you relax." He told them handing Ai back to Kyoko. "Thank you for letting me hold her." He said, standing from the bed and bowing low. "Aw, thank you, Mr. Yashiro." Kyoko said, grining at him. Ren got up from his seat and eased Kisa on his shoulder and shook his manager's hand. "We'll see you later."

"Good night, Tsuruga family." Yashiro gushed with a grin before leaving.


"DAAAAAAAAAAAAADDYYYYYYYYYYY!" Two high pitched screams echoed down the hall. Ren and Kyoko glanced at eachother and rolled out of bed. In 15 steps, they were out of their bed room, down the hall and opeing the door to the girl's room.

The two five year olds were huddled together on the top bunk of the lime green bunkbed with horrified expressions. "What's wrong, girls?" Their mother asked. They both wailed and pointed to the middle of the floor. Their, skittering across the carpet was an itsy-bitsy spider.
"WAAAAHHH! KILL IT, DADDY!" Ai cried out. Kisa shook her head wildly. "NOOOOO! Don't kill it! DON'T KILL IT!" Kisa screamed, wiggling out of her sisters hold. Ren raised his eye brows at the spider. He let the arachnid scuttle around for a few seconds until it got too close for comfort to Waffle, Ai's favorite stuffed tiger. Ai let out a banshee worthy scream of terror. "NOOO! KILL IT BEFORE IT EATS WAFFLE!" She balled. "HURRY, DADDY!"

Kisa lightly shoved Ai, screaming just as loudly. "NO! Don't kill it! Set it free!" (The word 'free' came out as 'fwee') Ai squealed again in anxiety. "Duh-ah-ddy! SAVE WAFFLE, HURRY!"

Ren laughed and nodded, side stepping the spider to grap a piece of blank paper and an empty cup off the little table in the corner. "Daddy to the rescue." He assured them. Armed with his paper and cup, he knelt down and scooped the eight legged thing off the floor and covered it with the cup. "Better?" He asked. Ai nodded with a pout and climbed off the top bunk of the bed to grab her waffle. She hugged it so tight Ren was a little surprised the eyes didn't pop out. Ren smiled and was about to leave to get rid of the spider when Kisa scrambled off the bed and tagged along. Her short, brownish hair was a shaggy mess and her purple PJ's had a random stain on the front from dinner. She clutched the leg of his pants as they walked down the hall and out onto the balcony.

"So, is this a good place to let him go?" He asked. Kisa looked up at him with her big brown eyes and nodded. Her chubby little cheeks were rosey from the scare. Just as Ren was about to dump the bug, she tugged on his pants again. "I wanna see, I wanna see!" She begged. Ren laughed and obliged, letting her check out the creepy-crawly for a minute. "Coo-ool" She mumbled. She certainly had a facination with bugs and animals, which explained her argument to keep the thing alive, as opposed to killing it like her sister demanded.

"Ready?" He asked. "On thwee!" She shouted with a grin. "One..two...three" They counted together and Ren dumped the spider off paper over the balcony.

They watched it fall until they couldn't see it any more. Kisa yawned. It was well past her bed time. "Alright, young lady. It's time for bed." Kisa shook her head. "I'm not sleep-(she yawns again)-Sleepy." Ren picked her up and she immediately let her dead fall against his shoulder. "Oh, yes you are." He told her. "No, I'm not." She muttered. Ren carried her back to her bedroom and found Kyoko tucking Ai in on the top bunk. She was curled around Waffle and fast asleep. Kyoko tucked a lock of Ai's hair behing her ear and kissed her forhead. The toddler murmerd soflty without budging.

"Goodnight, sweetheart." Kyoko whispered. She turned around and sighed with a radient smile when she met Ren's eyes. "Want me to tuck in Kisa, or do you want to?" She asked. Ren shook his head. "I got it. You head back to bed." He told her, rearanging Kisa so she was cradled in his arms bridal style. He layed her on the bottom bunk and pulled the over her little body, tucking her in nice and snug. He leaned in and kissed her head then stood to his full hight to do the same for Ai. As he placed a kiss on Ai's cheek, she looked up and him.

"Thank you for saving Waffle, Daddy." She muttered. "Of course, princess. You know I wouldn't let any big bad spider hurt Waffle." He told her. She grinned a charming grin that would have made even the manliest of men melt and she wiggled out of her make-shift cacoon of blankets and wrapped her little arms around his neck in a hug. Ren couldn't help but feel like he was on top of the world. He hugged her back and re-tucked her into bed.

"'Night, Daddy, I love you." She said, closing her eyes. Ren brushed her cheek. "Good night, Ai. I love you, too." He told her.

As he left the room, Ren shut off the light and looked back in the room. In the corner, a small night-light flickered on in the shape of a blue CRAYOLA cryan. The room was neat with the exception of a few stuffed animals and markers lying about and his two little girls were fast asleep. Ren smiled to himself as he closed the door and headed back to his own room.

When he walked through the door way, his brows rose at the sight. His lovely wife was sprawled in the most seductive way ontop of the covers, wearing that red silk nighty. Ren ran his eyes over every inch of her, like a predator eyes it's prey.

"What's the occation?" He asked, holding back the urge to charge like a wild animal. She sinmply shrugged her shoulders. "I just thought that the brave hero of the night deserved a worthy thank you." She told him, letting her hand rest on her curved him and slide slowly down her thigh. Ren lightly bit the inside of chis cheek and a smile played on his lips. With out saying anything, he closed the door and locked it.


Ah, after 2 years...it's finished...Done. I had so much fun writing this simple fanfic. And the finally was worth it. I want to thank EVERYONE who has been so supportive of my work, even though I took so long just to complete it. I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed this story. And now, I bid you good night. I'll see you next time...