The walk was silent. Of course it was, though. Kakuzu didn't understand what he was doing, and Hidan was too shocked to be a dumbass like normal, despite the fact that he was still bleeding. He followed slowly behind the elder male, stepping in his large footprints as they just left the school, stepping off school ground into the street. And somehow, no one saw them. No teacher ran outside to yell at them, no student turned and stared or ratted them out. But that of course could have had to do with the fact that both of the males were just as likely to rip their innards out as a mother bear was if you were near her cubs.

So they walked. And Hidan, idiotic as he was, still managed to memorize the turns and twists and random streets they took, and Kakuzu knew that the zealot would, so he didn't even try to make it complicated, he just took the route he normally took home, which was, admittedly, slightly complex just in case someone was trying to figure out where he lived.

After almost ten minutes of walking later, Kakuzu was stopping in the middle of an empty street, turning around to face Hidan. "I don't want to hear anything from you, got it?" He threatened in a dark tone, but all Hidan could think of was the contrast. Kakuzu stood, tall and serious, in the middle of the street, in front of a house just as white as the falling snow, which made him and his dark complexion, dark hair, dark clothes, that much more attractive… and how the house looked like it was going to just fall apart, but Kakuzu looked so strong compared to it… there were so many opposites here that it didn't make sense, and all Hidan could do was nod his head.

Turning, the stitched male walked up to that snowy white house and produced a flat silver key that clicked in the lock almost immediately. He paused, his fist curled and resting on the door, his forehead leaning against it as well. Why was this so hard? To just let Hidan in? Hidan… Hidan, the senior that had been with him for years. Hidan, the senior Kakuzu had seen in his worst moments. Hidan, the senior that had always stood up for him, in his own peculiar, insulting way. Hidan, the senior that was always at his side, even though he didn't have to be.

Hidan, the senior who stood uncharacteristically patiently just behind him, staring down at his bleeding wrist, the snow falling in his face. After sneaking a glance at him, Kakuzu swallowed and pushed the door open, closing his eyes as he stepped in. The sound of the door and the movement caused Hidan to look up, and he too paused before stepping forward to look in, step in, finally see the most private part of his friend, something no one else had ever seen.

And almost immediately, as Kakuzu closed the door and turned on a light switch, Hidan heard a sound like thunder coming from above him, and he looked around confusedly. "What the fu--" As soon as he started speaking, Kakuzu had given him a dirty look and one of his hands reached up to cover his mouth.

"I said, no talking. None at all, Hidan."

Hidan growled behind the hand before the thunder was explained, and three small children ran out from behind… well, from wherever the hell they came from.



"Kakuzu-sama! You're home!"

They all clung to him almost immediately, and as Hidan took a step back, he noticed they all looked the same. Sort of. Well, the tallest one was a girl, and she had the exact same hair as Kakuzu, black and slightly stringy, and when she looked over at him, she also had the exact same eyes. Bright, vivid, piercing, unsettling green. The next two were the same height, and their hair was black, too, with one having it's hair in a ponytail, the other's hair shaggy like Kakuzu's. The one with the ponytail, it's eyes were a pure black colour, and the other had two different colours; one pure black, one pale green. Hidan couldn't tell their genders, but he had the idea that the one with the ponytail was a girl, and the other was a guy.

"K…Kakuzu, wh-" He started to speak again, pointing at them, but the harsh glare he was given shut him up almost immediately and he just stared at them.

"Asura, Lee, Mori, this is Hidan… he'll be here a lot more, okay? He's a good person, but don't talk to him very much. You won't like the words you hear." Kakuzu murmured to them, receiving an insulting look from Hidan, but a hesitant nod from each of the three children. Turning back to Hidan, Kakuzu sighed heavily. "Guys… back upstairs." Confused, the three nodded again and turned to go back, the oldest girl pausing at the stairs as she shepherded the other two upstairs. "I love you, Oniisan," She said quietly before turning back up the stairs.

Now, Hidan pointed at her, then to Kakuzu, then threw his hands up in the hair. "Oniisan? Kakuzu, the fuck? You have fucking siblings?" He spoke in a low, hurried hiss, lavender eyes shocked.

He nodded, one hand to his head, leaning against the wall behind him. "Asura, the oldest girl. Thirteen. Lee and Mori, boy and girl. Eight." He spoke like he was a dictionary or something, but also in a strained tone, closing his eyes. "You knew I was abused, Hidan, I wasn't going to let them share the same fate. Everyone thinks I'm heartless, and all I live for is money, but goddammit, I'm not, and I don't."

Hidan shook his head, turning around to stare at the other wall. "You are fucking heartless, Kakuzu." He muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

"We're runaways, Hidan." He continued, choosing to ignore the near albino's statement, straightening and walking closer. "That's why you've never been here, nor Pein or anyone. No one can find them. I'm already an adult, so it doesn't matter, but Lee and Mori have a decade yet. Asura, half that. I have to keep them a secret that much longer."

Now, Hidan shook his head, turning around to face the black haired male. "No you don't, Kakuzu. You have a fucking shitload of money; adopt them for fucking Jashin's sake! You could do it! I know you fucking could! You have your ways like that, and then they wouldn't have to be a secret. You could be normal, dammit. And… And then I wouldn't have to worry about coming over, coming to see you… or anything like that."

But Kakuzu shook his head. "My parents won't give up claim to them, I know that. This is the only option I have. I teach them, I have textbooks for every grade. They learn, and they're smart. And this is working, and I don't need you to fucking screw it up, okay? You're here now because of your goddamned wrist, so follow me and shut up." He growled, walking quickly towards the bathroom, straight to the mirror, popping it open and producing a box of Band-Aids, a roll of gauze and a washcloth, which he promptly wetted.

As Hidan came in, Kakuzu shoved him onto the toilet where he sat while the stitched male pressed a washcloth to his bleeding wrist, pushing down probably too hard, but it didn't matter, because Hidan's breath caught in his throat. It felt fucking good.

The zealot leaned back, curling his right hand into a fist, fingernails digging into his palm at the pressure being placed on his left wrist. While Kakuzu leaned over him, his black hair a dark curtain to cover his face, wrapping his hand around the wound, then wiping it with the cloth, Hidan couldn't stop staring. His gaze was stuck on the male, and he could do nothing about it. He was itching to just… to just have him now, ravish him in the goddamned bathroom, but what would Kakuzu do…? There were little kids upstairs after all.

His chance was over when Kakuzu stood up and unrolled the gauze, biting off a long strip of it and turning back to his patient, reaching out for his wrist, wrapping the white bandage around it tightly as he could.

And his chance was back.

Not hesitating whatsoever, Hidan suddenly leaned up, both hands moving to Kakuzu's shoulders as he stood, straightening the other at the same time and lifted his head, crashing his lips against the other senior's. Kakuzu, although taken by surprise, managed to reach out and kick the door closed, turning around to shove Hidan against the wall, breaking the rough, unexpected kiss. He looked down at the zealot, who was breathing heavily, a cocky smirk on his face, and then without further thinking, Kakuzu rushed forward, pinning the smaller male to the wall, their lips pressed violently together.

"You…" he started, taking a breath as his hands ran down to rest on Hidan's waistband, "will be here…" he paused, leaning in for another kiss, in which he bit Hidan's lip hard enough for it to bleed, but of course the masochist only grinned when he pulled back, licking his lips, "… after school tomorrow…" Finished, Kakuzu's first two fingers slipped under Hidan's waistband, fingernails running against his smooth skin, and the younger male gasped.

"Wouldn't dream of it any other way."

He answered breathily before Kakuzu moved even closer, their bodies smashed together as another aggressive kiss took place, and the rest of Kakuzu's hand followed into Hidan's pants, his other hand sliding up underneath his shirt.

And both were locked together, in a place where the secrets didn't matter, and things were just…

Things were just fucking peachy.


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