Chapter 6

--- James POV ---

I woke up feeling delirious. I wasn't in my own bedroom and that freaked me out a little bit. My auror instincts kicked in when the door opened but they calmed when I heard giggling and felt two small bodies curl up beside me.

"Morning daddy." Rhea said as she poked my nose. I laughed before gently grabbing her finger between my teeth. Her angel like laughter filled the room and Harry's joined soon after when I started tickling him.

"Morning kids. What are you doing up here?" I asked my kids.

"Mummy sent us up to get you. Bweakfast is weady." Rhea said. Harry and Rhea jumped out of the bed and I followed them. I put my glasses on and grabbed my son and daughter, lifting them onto my hips. They giggled as I carried them down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Morning." Lily said. She looked so beautiful. She was dressed in a black turtleneck jumper, a pair of khaki pants and some boots. Her red hair fell down her back in slight waves and she had on some light make up. I realised how much I loved this woman and how much I loved our children. I have to do it today. I'm going to break up with Holly today.

"Daddy, will you take us to the park today?" Harry asked. I looked at my son's face and realised that he was giving me puppy dog eyes that could rival Padfoot's.

"Of course I will kiddo. Then how about after the park we go out for ice-cream?" I asked.

Harry and Rhea nodded and dug into the breakfast that Lily had placed in front of them.

I watched as Lily moved fluently around the kitchen. She hummed softly under her breath and kissed Rhea's head as she walked past her. I watched as she moved to the fridge and had trouble moving my eyes when she bent down to get out a bottle of juice. When she turned around she smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Mummy, finished." Harry said. Rhea put the last bit of toast in her mouth and smiled at Lily. It was the same smile that Lily had when she was extremely happy.

"Come one kids. Let's get you dressed for the park." Lily said. Harry and Rhea jumped out of their seats and started to follow Lily out of the kitchen. Rhea stopped and turned to me.

"Daddy?" She asked as she walked back over to me.

"Yes princess?" I asked as I picked her up and placed her on my lap.

"Can you come with us?" Rhea said. I smiled and placed her on the ground. She grabbed my hand and led me out to the lounge room where Lily and Harry were. Lily smiled at Rhea and walked with Harry up to his room. Rhea led me to her room and I sat on her freshly made bed.

"Daddy, help me pick." Rhea said. I walked over to her white chest of drawers and kneeled. I opened the first drawer and found shirts.

"How about this one?" I asked. I held up a yellow shirt that had short sleeves with lots of little butterflies on it. She nodded and took the shirt off me and placed it on her bed. I then opened the next drawer and found pants. I held up a pair of blue jeans and she smiled. She put them on the bed and opened the top drawer. She pulled out a pair of underwear and moved to her bed.

I followed her over and she lifted her arms in the air, indicating for me to help get her nightgown off. I lifted it up and laughed when it got caught around her head. I dropped it so it was covering her head and said "Now where has Rhea gone?"

"I'm here daddy." Her voice was muffled by the nightgown as I pretended to look all around her room for her. I walked up to her and started to tickle her bare stomach. Her beautiful laughter filled the air as she squirmed in my arms. I pulled the nightgown fully off and looked into her eyes that were the exact replica of mine.

"There you are." I said as I hugged her.

"You're silly daddy." Rhea said as she put her hands on her hips and glared at me. Her glare soon turned to a grin as I poked her nose.

She got dressed whilst I sat on the bed and looked at her. She was so beautiful. She was having trouble pulling her jeans up so I knelt down and helped her. I put the top over her head and kissed her forehead.

"Go and find some shoes honey." I said. She walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of white slip on sandals with a big pink butterfly on the top. She sat on the bed and handed them to me. I slipped them on and did the Velcro up. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She was laughing hard as I walked her over to her dressing table.

"I'll go and get your mum and get her to do your hair." I said. Rhea smiled and started pulling her hair out of the braids.

I walked down the hall to Harry's room and opened the door. Harry was running towards the door and as he was about to run past me, I grabbed him around the waist and started tickling him. His laughter filled the air as Lils walked over to us.

"I'll finish here. Rhea wants you to do her hair." I said to Lily. She smiled at me and kissed Harry's forehead. She looked like she was deciding something when she leaned up and kissed my cheek. I was stunned as she raced down the hall to Rhea's room.

"Daddy, help me wif my shoes." Harry said. He squirmed out of my grasp and walked over to the bed. I grabbed the pair of brown sandals in his hand and slid them onto his feet. I did them up and he walked over to the bathroom. I followed him and grabbed a comb. I quickly combed his black hair and realised that like mine it never stayed flat. I wet the comb and did it again before giving up and letting him rub his hand through it like I did. He smiled up at me and started to clean his teeth. Rhea walked into the bathroom and started to clean her teeth as well.

I walked out of the bathroom and heard sobbing coming from the master bedroom. I quietly opened the door and walked into the room. Lily was lying face down on the bed sobbing. I walked over to the bed and sat down gently. Lily stopped crying for a little bit and looked up at me. Her beautiful emerald eyes were red rimmed and her cheeks were wet.

"You ok?" I asked. Lily looked me in the eyes before surprisingly launching herself at me. I wrapped my arms around her as she cried into my chest. I smoothed her hair and whispered words of comfort into her ear. Her tears began to subside but she stayed curled up into my chest.

The door opened and I looked up as the twins slipped into the room. They hopped on the bed and Harry curled into Lily's side and Rhea hopped onto my lap.

"Mummy, are you ok?" Harry asked. I smiled as he pushed her hair away from her face gently.

"Yes baby. Mummy's fine. Aren't you guys and daddy supposed to be going to the park?" Lily said. I smiled as both kids jumped off the bed and started bouncing around on the ground.

"How about you guys go downstairs and wait in the kitchen for me? Your mum and I need to talk." I said. Harry and Rhea nodded and raced downstairs.

I looked down at Lily and said "Why don't you go and visit Tazz, Alice, Meg and Molly. Have a girl's day out. Tell Frank, Arthur, Rem and Siri to bring the kids to the park and they can all play. You deserve to spend a day with the friends that you haven't seen. I'll give you Siri, Frank and Rem's floo addresses so that you can go and get the girls."

Lily smiled up at me and I was surprised when she lifted her head up and her lips met mine. I felt the same shock that occurred whenever I kissed her 5 years ago return. This never happened when I kissed Holly. I pressed my lips to hers harder and when I was sure she wasn't going to flee, I licked her lip, asking for permission. She opened her mouth and I felt like I was in heaven. I pulled her closer (if that was possible) and shivered when I felt one of her hands make its way to my scalp. Her nails scraped lightly on my skull and her other hand traced the muscles on my chest. I ran my hand down her side and felt her shiver as I ran my hand over her hip.

She pulled back and smiled. Her eyes were half-lidded and we were both panting. I lay her back down on the bed, kissed her forehead and said "I'd better go. Have fun today."

I started for the door when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned only to be met by Lily's lips being pushed onto mine. I kissed her back and lifted her up. I turned us and rested her against the wall. Her ankles locked around my waist and my grip on her waist tightened. I had slipped my hands under her shirt and was rubbing her stomach when I heard Harry and Rhea yell "DADDY!!! HURRY UP!!"

I put Lily down, kissed her quickly and whispered "Later." I walked out of the room and downstairs. Harry and Rhea were sitting in the lounge room watching T.V. I picked them both up and said "Come on kiddos. Let's go to the park. Some of daddy's friends might bring their kids for you guys to play with." I wrote the addresses for Meg, Tazz and Alice down before I apparated Harry and Rhea over to the Wizarding park that was down the road from Remus and Meg's place and watched as they raced off to the swings.

I pulled my mirror out of my pocket and said "Padfoot."

"Prongs old buddy. How can I be of service to you?" Padfoot said as his face appeared in the mirror.

"Bring the kids over to the park down the road from Moony's place. I've got Harry and Rhea with me. Tell Tazz that Lils is gunna pop over for a girl's day out." I said.

"Sure thing Prongs. Be there soon." Padfoot said. He 'hung up' and I called Moony.

"Prongs, what can I do for you?" He asked. I heard Mya and Matt in the background giggling and I saw Mya's face appear in the mirror.

"Hey Uncle Prongs." She said.

"Hey Mya." I said.

"Mya, go and play with your brother, daddy has to talk to Uncle James for a minute then I will take you both down to the park." Moony said. Mya waved at me and I watched as she disappeared.

"Now what were you saying Prongs?" Moony asked.

"I was going to say that you should bring the kids down to the park. I'm down here with Harry and Rhea but you already had that in mind. Can you contact Frank and get him to bring Nev? Get Meg and Alice to visit with Lily. She was going to get them and go out for a girl's day." I said.

"Sure Prongs. See you soon." Moony said. I put the mirror away and watched Harry and Rhea play.

I heard apparating before I felt two bodies grab onto me. I looked down and noticed Ty and Kelsi holding onto my legs.

"Hey Uncle Prongs." The chorused.

I ruffled Ty's hair which he started to flatten as he glared at me. I kissed Kelsi's head and said "Harry and Rhea are over on the swings. Why don't you guys go and play with them."

Ty and Kelsi ran over to the swing. Harry hopped off and let Kelsi on. Ty began to push Kelsi and Harry pushed Rhea.

"Hey Prongs." Padfoot said. He gave me a manly hug and we sat down on one of the park benches.

"So, how's Lily?" Sirius asked.

"She's good. She hasn't changed a bit." I replied.

"Harry looks a hell of a lot like you. He has Lil's eyes though. Rhea has your eyes." Sirius said.

I was about to reply when 5 people appeared before us. Nev, Mya and Matt hugged me and Pads before they headed off towards the other kids. Moony and Frank sat down with us and we started to talk.

"How was it spending time with your kids?" Moony asked.

"It was great. I can't believe that I have kids. It just seems surreal. What if I don't do a good job?" I said.

"You will be fine James." A voice from behind me said.

I turned and saw Arthur and all the kids except Bill and Charlie standing there.

"Everyone go and play. Percy, if you can keep an eye on all the kids for us, I'll let you get out of doing your chores for a week." Arthur said as the kids ran off. Percy smiled and walked over to the swings.

Arthur sat down at the bench with us and said to me "James, you will be fine. It's a natural instinct to feel worried but you will be fine."

I was still unsure but son the topics of conversation turned away from kids and onto Quidditch as we watched the kids play.

--- Lily POV ---

I fell back onto my bed after James left. I ran my hands over my lips. I could still feel them tingle. I jumped out of bed and fixed up m hair and make up.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen where I found a piece of parchment resting on the table. I picked it up and smiled.

Dear Lils

Here are the floo addresses for Alice, Meg and Tazz. I assume you know that Molly's address is the Burrow. Have fun today. I'll see you later.

Love James

Tazz – Black Manor

Meg – Lupin Manor

Alice – Helga's Den

I carried the parchment out to the living room where I picked up the floo powder and knelt down at the fireplace.

I picked up a pinch of floo powder and tossed it in whilst calling out "Black Manor."

"Tazz?" I called out.

I heard footsteps before Tazz knelt down carefully. I smiled when she said "Hey there Lils. How can I be of service?"

"Wanna spend the day with me? Just you, me, Meg, Molly and Alice." I asked.

"Hell yea. Give me your address and I'll be there soon." Tazz said. I told her my address and promised to see her soon.

After I left the conversation with Tazz, I flooed Meg, Molly and Alice. Soon my living room contained four amazing women who kept firing questions at me.

"Hey Lily. So, what are we going to do today?" Mol asked.

"How about I give you a tour of the house first and then we can go out shopping?" I said.

"That sounds like a plan." Meg said.

I gave my friends a tour of the house before leading them back downstairs. I pulled out my photo albums from under the coffee table and handed them to the girls.

"Here are photos of the kids growing up." I said.

They flicked open the albums and began looking. They cooed over the baby pictures and laughed at others.

"Harry looks so much like James. It's quite frightening." Meg said as she looked at a photo of Harry after a soccer game. His hair was windswept and he had this grin that always reminded me of James.

I smiled and said "Well, shall we head off?"

The girls put the albums down and stood up. They linked arms with me and we apparated to Diagon Alley to begin a full day of shopping.

--- That Afternoon ---

The girls and I went back to my house where I found a note on the dining room table.

Hey Lils

I have dropped the kids off with Sirius. I have some business to attend to. Arthur invited us over for dinner again. Hope to see you then.

Love James

"Wonder what business he has? I don't think he had anything to do at the office?" Tazz said.

"Did James become an auror like he wanted? What about Siri and Rem?" I asked.

"Yep. James and Sirius became aurors and Remus works in the Accidental Magic Reversal department." Meg said.

"What about you guys?" I asked.

"I work in the auror's office with the boys, Alice and Meg are healers and Mol is a stay at home mum." Tazz said.

I smiled and said "so when you guys are working, what do you do with your kids?"

"They all come to my house. I may as well open a daycare centre in my home." Mol said with a laugh.

"You're a doctor aren't you Lils?" Ali asked.

I nodded and said "I guess now that I have been found I might apply for a job at St. Mungos."

"You so should. We could all work together and be the best damn healers this country has ever seen." Meg said with a huge grin on her face.

"That would be awesome. I'm gunna go up and get changed. You guys can wait down here or I can meet you at yours Mol." I said.

We agreed to all meet at Molly's place. The girls apparated (or in Tazz's case flooed because of the baby) home to get ready.

I walked upstairs to my bedroom and got dressed. All I could think about was my earlier kiss with James and wonder where that left us.

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