Title: Bloodlines

Rating: K+

Warnings: None.

Notes: This was written for iyissekiwa on LJ. The theme was "Link".

- -

From the first taste of his master's blood, Myoga was hooked. How could he not follow a demon whose blood was so delightfully rich, powerful, and so very intoxicating? It had rushed immediately to his head, filling him to the brim with sweet, delectable wonder. It veritably thrummed with the power it contained. He barely even noticed when he was sent flying with a quick flick of his master's claws and an amused growl.

He'd braved his master's eldest son's blood only once. It held an echo of the same power as his father's, but lacked any semblance of his warmth. Sesshoumaru's blood was like the crash of a wave against the rocks; breathtakingly magnificent, yet undeniably forbidding.

After his master's death he tested the blood of his younger son. It was like tasting the blood of the Earth itself; strong, musky, yet warm, like his father. It lacked the sheer power that Myoga had once found so addicting, but had gained something indescribable, yet equally enthralling. The blood of youkai was like fine wine, something to be savoured slowly. The blood of mortals, however, was like beer – earthy and homely, something to be shared and delighted in freely. Inuyasha was both.

Each was unique, yet inexorably linked. Blood, in the end, was blood.