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Teddy Lupin opened the book that lay on his bed and read the first couple words scribbled in farmiliar handwritting.

'Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. That's our family for sure. I don't always feel like we're as close as we could be, so thats why I've decided to start this. The Weasley, Potter and Lupin Book. Or the WPL Book for short. The first thing you'll do is write down 10 facts about yourself that you feel would let everybody know more about you. After you're done with that, send it to the next person in line by age. For example, Teddy will have this first because he's the oldest. After him, it'll be me. The last person to have it will be Lily(sorry!). After your done Lily, make sure you send it back to me for more instructions. None of what is written shall be discussed outside these pages. Have fun.'

Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Teddy Lupin Age:20

Well let's start off by saying that this was all Victoire's idea. She thinks it'll make all of us 'kids' closer. I guess she hasn't realized some of us are over 17.

1. I first realized I fancied Victoire when I was 16. It took me quite a bit, and I wish I would've realized it sooner.

2. I hate the fact that I'm more like my mum than my dad. Gran always tells me I'm both of them, but I have a hard time seeing it.

3. My boggart turns into myself with no brightly coloured hair or obnoxious muggle clothes. I'm afraid of being normal. I like being able to stick out in a crowd.

4. I currently hold the Marauder's Map. Yes James, your dad gave it to me, not you. If you're not a prat maybe you'll get it.

5. Honestly, I have no idea what I want to do in life. I don't want to work in George's shop my whole life, as much as I enjoy it. I feel like I'm running out of time.

6. Bill Weasley scares me.

7. I'm not much of a prankster, but I was the one who set off 3 dungbombs and fireworks in the 5th story boy's bathroom a couple of 3 years ago. It was my last year, I had to go out with a bang. Literally.

8. When Victoire and I went to see The Weird Sisters reunion tour this past summer, the guitarist kicked me in the face. It was one of the best moments of my life.

9. I can beat Victoire's arse in Quidditch any day, any place, any time.

10. Ron Weasley is my favorite Weasley. Besides Victoire, that is. He can make a joke about anything. And he didn't care when I was about 1 and teething and bit him.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Victoire Weasley Age:19

Yes Teddy, this is a good idea. Also, why are you afraid of Daddy? He likes you, I promise.

1. Unlike Teddy, I came to realize my feelings earlier. I was 14.

2. I 'm quite jealous that I didn't get the Weasley red hair. I'm the only one that got Maman's Veela hair colour. Luckily, I got the Weasley freckles.

3. When I cast a Patronus charm, I think about the first time Teddy kissed me. It also takes the shape of a wolf. Does that tell you anything?

4. I want to be a Healer. I know thats not what Maman wants me to do, but it's what I'm going to do.

5. I feel like I have so much to live up to. My dad is one of the greatest curse breakers of all time, and my maman is 1/4 Veela and competed in the Triwizard Tournament. Sometimes I feel like I dissapoint them.

6. I'm part Veela, but I can't even dance.

7. Daddy wanted a boy, but he got me instead. I'm a total Daddy's girl at that.

8. I connect to Grandmum more than anyone else in the family.

9. Teddy cannot beat me in Qudditch. Remember when Ravenclaw beat Hufflepuff? Ha!

10. I wish I could've met Teddy's parents. But part of me thinks they would've hated me.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Molly Weasley Age:17

1. I hate that I feel like I have to make up for the mistakes my dad's made. I feel like I have something to prove to everybody.

2. The Sorting Hat told me it was going to put me into Slytherin. I told it I wanted to be in Gryffindor. The truth? I think I would've done better in Slytherin, but Dad would've flipped.

3. Grandmum Weasley never looks me directly in the eye.

4. The only boy I ever loved turned out to like my sister instead. Thanks, Lucy.

5. My boggart is my dad being dissapointed.

6. Coming from a family of Quidditch players, I truely suck.

7. I'm jealous of Victoire. At least she didn't get boring brown eyes and boring brown hair.

8. I try to be happy, I honestly do.

9. I sometimes cheated on exams. THERE. Let's just hope Dad never finds this.

10. I wish I was closer to my parents.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Dominique Weasley Age:16

1. I have no idea what you're talking about Victoire. The Weasley red hair can suck.

2. Maman makes me feel like I have to be really girly. Sorry, I'm not.

3. I don't know a lick of French.

4. My name is also a boy's name in French. I have no idea what my parents were thinking.

5. I'm closest to Roxanne. We enjoy ruling the Gryffindor common room.

6. I love flying.

7. Uncle Charlie is my favorite. It always seems like he doesn't have a care in the world.

8. My Patronus takes the shape of a seal.

9. It made me laugh when I read that Teddy's afraid of Daddy.

10. I want to be either a Curse Breaker or an Auror when I get older.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Fred Weasley (the second) Age:16

1. I wish I knew uncle fred. I was named after him and all, and I don't think it's fair that we didn't get a chance to meet.

2. I'm actually close to Roxanne. Dad said him and Uncle Fred were close too. I guess it runs in the blood.

3. I got the Weasley genes, except the freckles.

4. My boggart is my mum, dad and Roxy dead.

5. Teddy could beat you in quidditch, Victoire.

6. I think Mum was upset when I made beater instead of chaser. Sorry.

7. I want to work in the shop when I'm out. I already have my mind set.

8. Despite what Dominique said, I actually rule the common room. Not her and Roxy.

9. Alyssa wood will be mine. Mark my words.

10. I think I get along with James the best.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Roxanne Weasley Age:16

1. Almost everybody was named after somebody or something important. My parents said they named me Roxanne because they liked it. I wish it had a meaning.

2. I sort of look up to Molly. She tries her hardest to make people happy.

3. I got both my mum and dad's genes. I have a darker shade of skin, but with auburn hair and some freckles here and there.

4. My boyfriend happens to be Neal Thomas.

5. I chase for Gryffindor.

6. It seems like everybody in the family tells me their secrets. I know more about some people than they know about themselves.

7. I think Roxanne sounds like a scarlet woman's name.

8. Okay Fred- you, Dominique and I all rule the common room. There.

9. I like to visit Uncle Fred's grave.

10. I want to write for the Daily Prophet. Maybe turn it around and make most of the stories true.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Lucy Weasley Age:15

1. I didn't mean to take him from you, Molly. I'm sorry.

2. Go Ravenclaw! I was the second to be sorted into the fabulous house.

3. I want to be either a fashion designer or a Professor when I grow up. I can't decide.

4. Like Molly, I feel like I always have to prove myself to the rest of the family for Dad's mistakes.

5. I tend to hurt people when I don't mean to. I'm sorry if you've been one of those people.

6. Quidditch is stupid. I don't care what anybody else says.

7. I look up to Aunt Hermione. She's so smart, it seems like she knows everything.

8. I'll argue with somebody untill I'm blue in the face.

9. I hate Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and Cauldron Cakes.

10. I'm named after my Mum's mum.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Louis Weasley Age:15

1. I wish I had an older brother. Don't get me wrong, Victoire and Dominique can be great, but their not blokes.

2. I look up to Teddy as well as Uncle Charlie. They both seem so laid back.

3. Tante Gabrielle drives me mad.

4. Gryffindor will always be the best house.

5. I get on pretty well with James. We both have a thing for pranks.

6. I can't stand stuck up girls. Get over yourself.

7. I think I want to be an Auror.

8. I knew about Victoire and Teddy before anybody else. I caught them snogging by the pond at The Burrow. So HA! In your faces, everybody.

9. Quidditch is not stupid, it's an art form. And I'm sure I can have a couple cousin's back me up on this one.

10. My boggart is my Mum yelling. By the way, I'm the only one out of my sisters and I that call her 'Mum'.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

James Potter, THE SECOND Age:14

1. I will get the Marauder's Map if it kills me.

2. I enjoy a good laugh, and I live for pranks.

3. Even if I do get a riot out of picking on any member of the family, I would do anything to defend any of them. And yes Albus, that goes for you too.

4. Allie Longbottom is my girlfriend. I have no idea why she's with me.

5. My patronus is a stag. I heard it runs in the family.

6. I've got Mum's temper.

7. I count Teddy as my older brother I never had.

8. And he could so beat yoru arse in Quidditch, Victoire. I say we settle this once and for all!

9. My boggart is all my family member with their backs towards me. Doesn't sound usual does it? It's because it's not. I'm afraid of my family disowning me and never talking to me again.

10. I happily wear a gold and red scarf when it's cold.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Rose Weasley Age:13

1. My parents are my heroes. They went through alot to be happy.

2. I'm a Gryffindor, like most of the family.

3. I'm keeper for the house team. And I finally got Mum to enjoy a good Chudley Cannons game.

4. I'm 100 Weasley. Except my hair is curly, and a dark shade of red. Auburn. I also got my Dad's eyes.

5. Despite what everyone says, I do not have a thing for Scorpius Malfoy. I actually think he's a bloody prat.

6. I tend to curse alot. Oops.

7. Albus and I like to take trips to see Hagrid. He's honestly one of the nicest people I think I've ever met.

8. Dad's been calling me Rosie ever since I can remember. It makes me sound like I'm 5, but I enjoy it.

9. My boggart is me, homeless. Victoire explained that it probably meant that I'm afraid of not making something out of myself. It's a scary thought, and I think she guessed right.

10. I taught Hugo how to fly.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Albus Potter Age:13

1. Quidditch is not stupid, Lucy. I just had to clear that up.

2. I'm the only Potter kid with green eyes and black hair.

3. Rose is my best friend.

4. I wish I looked like more of a Weasley. The only thing I've got that makes me look like my mum is some freckles.

5. My boggart is both of my parents ignoring me. I was later told that this means I'm afraid of them not loving me.

6. Teddy would whoop Victoire in Quidditch.

7. I fancy the Dark Arts. Not the bad kind, mind you. The kind that teaches you how to defend yourself. Kind of like Defense Against The Dark Arts. I think thats what I want to be when I grow up. A professor for that class.

8. I take a fancy to Gabrielle Finnigan. Too bad she ignores me.

9. I'm a nerd and I'll be the first to admit it.

10. Despite the worry that I'd be in Slytherin, I made it to Gryffindor. The hat didn't even think twice about it.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Hugo Weasley Age:12

1. I cannot believe Lucy called Quidditch stupid.

2. The Cannons are my favorite Quidditch team, even though they haven't won in almost 50 years.

3. My boggart turns into a spider. I told Mum and Dad this after Uncle Harry and I found one upstairs, Dad turned red and Mum laughed.

4. You could say I'm more of a Granger than a Weasley, appearance wise. I have straight auburn hair and brown eyes. But I'm actually quite tall for my age. I guess I got that from my dad.

5. I want to either be a professional Quidditch player or a Auror.

6. Go go Gryffindor!

7. I think Teddy could take Victoire.

8. Alot of people make fun of me for my name. I actually like it, it's different.

9. I cannot stand Scorpius Malfoy.

10. I look up to my Dad.


Ten Facts You Didn't Know About..

Lily Potter Age:12

1. I'm a total Daddy's girl.

2. 100 Weasley. Red hair, freckles and brown eyes.

3. Also a proud Gryffindor. All three Potters in one house!

4. I can either be really girly or a total tomboy. Depends on my mood, really.

5. I want to make my way onto a Chocolate Frog card.

6. I hate how people treat James, Albus and I differently because our last name.

7. My boggart would be a snake. Theres no way I could've been in Slytherin.

8. We haven't learned Patronus' yet, but I think mines either going to be a doe or a swan.

9. I think Muggle objects are amazingly interesting. Thats why I like to spend alot of time with Grandad Weasley.

10. I'm afraid I don't look enough like a Potter. I just hope it doesn't upset my Dad.

And that's the summer it started. The summer of The Weasley, Potter and Lupin book. The WPL Book.

Author's Note: The kids are older than the Epilogue. This is how I see them in age, house and grade that they'll be going into the upcoming school year.

Teddy- 20, Hufflepuff, graduated 3 years ago.

Victoire- 19, Ravenclaw, graduated 2 years ago.

Molly- 17, Gryffindor, graduated that June.

Dominique- 16, Gryffindor, will be starting 7th year.

Fred & Roxanne- 16, Gryffindor, will be starting 7th year.

Lucy- 15, Ravenclaw, will be starting 6th year.

Louis- 15, Gryffindor, will be starting 6th year.

James- 14, Gryffindor, will be starting 5th year.

Rose- 13, Gryffindor, will be staring 4th year.

Albus- 13, Gryffindor(I couldn't make myself put him in Slytherin!), will be starting 4th year.

Hugo- 12, Gryffindor, will be starting 2nd year.

Lily- 12, Gryffindor, will be starting 2nd year.

Hope that clears things up a bit! (: