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Pokémon: Haruhi Version

Chapter One

A Starter and a Dream

When I was released from that red and white sphere, the world blurred into focus. Of course, I had been out in the open before, but I knew this time was different. This time, some troublesome child was going to claim me as their partner and travel with me by their side, going about their own quest.

I was right.

Blearily, I opened my eyes to stare into those of that child whom I would be spending an eternity with. But it wasn't the eyes of a child that glared back. They were the eyes of something scary. The deep brown colour analysed my red eyes, and my green, plant like appearance. "Boring." The voice of the eyes muttered. The eyes grew distant, and I could take in the figure of the child. A girl, average height, I guess. I'm not an expert, I had not seen many kids. I'd spent my life in a ball for goodness sake. She had brown hair with a ribbon in it. A yellow ribbon. Maybe she was one of those scary lolita girls? "Professor Oak, this one is boring too." Her voice... Was annoying. And trouble. I could feel her over critical aura seep out from her, pulling me down and thinking negative thoughts about me.

Professor Oak, someone I recognised, clumsily shuffled over, "This Bulbasaur is the only Pokémon I have now. Please, Haruhi, pick one." His voice sounded tired, as if he had been here all day. For all I know, he could have. My awareness of time was not perfect. No clocks in a Pokéball.

I turned my head from left to right, and saw a terrified Squirtle on one side, a blue turtle like creature, and a defiant Charmander on the other, a red lizard. Either of these two creatures would have suited her more than a couldn't-care-less Bulbasaur. After all, both would offer a great adventure, where I would offer nothing.

She choose me.

Reluctantly, she picked me up and held me like some model from a magazine. Her stance was like something she had practise, although it seemed alien to her "Kyon." She muttered. Professor Oak gave an applaud, as if this nicknaming was a special ceremony.

I could have argued that it wasn't my name. I could have argued that my life was meant to be else where. I could have argued that, as a Bulbasaur, I did not have to give in to this treatment. I could have put up a fight. I could have, but I knew that all they would hear is "Bulbasaur." Words best left unsaid.

"Now Haruhi," the old man was saying, "You'll be entering the Kanto League, right?"

"I guess. But Professor, what I really want is to find something not normal!" The girl dropped me on to the floor, and took a striking pose. "I want to find the extraordinary! Human created experimental Pokémon! Spawn of the Legendary! Pokémorphs!" Her fist was clenched in a triumphant pose, as if this goal was something all girls dreamed of.

This girl was truely out of her mind. Those things were all fictional. My trainer was not filling me with secure confidence. "Bulba." I grunted as I wondered what kind of life I was getting myself into.

She looked down at me, "Oh? Kyon, you won't travel in your Pokéball. You will walk beside me."

Beside her? My face fell, and my heart died. Walking. Not the life for a short and dumpy Pokémon with a bulb on its back. Not the life for anything to be brutally honest.

Professor Oak smiled encouragingly at the two of us. It was time to leave. The girl, Haruhi – my trainer – seemed to take the hint, turning and heading towards the door. A boy crashed into her as she was leaving, very dramatically, if I do say so my self.

"Ah Koizumi, please do be careful." Oak muttered. His response seemed automatic. I guess Haruhi had been here for a while. I had only spent a few minutes with her, and I myself could feel my energy being drained.

The boy called Koizumi gave a salute, and faced my trainer. "Sorry! It's Miss Suzumiya, right? I'm one of Old Man Oak's Aide's, I just started yesterday. I'm sure we will be seeing each other more in the future."

A dull smile crossed Haruhi's lips. I knew what she was thinking. A mysterious transfer Aide. Something strange. I looked up at this girl with amazement. She really was insane.

"Ah, Haruhi, you and Kyon seem to be really attached to one another."

Haruhi spun around and faced Oak, "Maybe he's special?" She pouted, "But he's probably not."

Kick a Bulbasaur when he's down, thanks.

The Aide named Koizumi coughed politely trying not to disturb this beautiful (ha) atmosphere of a Pokémon and trainer bonding, "Your granddaughter has arrived Professor. That's why I'm here."

"Ah, excellent, Koizumi, please, send her in." Oak picked up a paper, while sitting. "Haruhi, please wait and meet my granddaughter, since you're here. I might have a task for you."

A quick flicker of anxiety flashed across Haruhi's face. Again, it was as if I could read her mind. Rival.

Sorry, I'm introducing the characters differently from the anime and manga... The story is set around Pokémon Red/Blue/Green, just so you'll know what's happening! -'

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