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Pokémon: Haruhi Version

Chapter Seven

The Cascade Badge

The red headed gym leader of Cerulean City narrowed her eyes at Haruhi in a threatening manner. Her mouth turned into a sneer, and I began to panic. Haruhi had made a natural enemy just by existing. It seems that this girls' very existence would always affect everyone one way or another. I was worried that the Cerulean Gym Leader would refuse a battle. To be honest, it was more hope than a worry. I was still Haruhi Suzumiya's only Pokémon, so battling a gym leader wasn't my idea of fun. Then again, if I did battle and win, it would get her off my back.

From the spectator seats (for the Cerulean Gym was laid out like a theatre of a sort) I heard that mysterious boy Koizumi give out a cheer. Mikuru followed suit, since it was her role as the adorable mascot and slight rival to help motivate Haruhi. I was quite surprised to find that Mikuru wasn't dressed up as a cheerleader – I'm sure it must have crossed Haruhi's mind at some point.

"Kyon." Oh yes, Yuki the demonic project Clefairy called out in her troublesome tones, "Remember to win." I wonder if Haruhi really could not hear her, or at least pretended she couldn't.

Misty the Gym Leader's glare suddenly turned into a huge smile. Her cold attitude must have been some sort of test. "Haruhi Suzumiya! You've got guts! I guess challenging a gym leader with only one Pokémon is your way of showing off, but I like your style! You remind me of the current champion!" With this, the girl launched one of those red and white spheres at us, and smiled. With a red light, Starmie was released – a star shaped water type with a jewel in it's middle.

At the presence of a strange Pokémon, any normal trainer would check their Pokédex. Haruhi didn't. Nor did she check that expensive laptop that she stole. I mean, borrowed of course.

The girl that everyone seemed to take an interest in was about to throw me head first into battle. Not literally, of course, but I wouldn't put it past her. Instead, she pointed to the battlefield and ordered, "Kyon! Go!" Real motivational.

Before I did 'go', I surveyed the battlefield. It was a rectangular stretch of water with some floating mats for platforms. How was I supposed to fight in that? Nevertheless, I obeyed my trainer – out of fear, not respect – and jumped to the nearest float. I would have to try anyway. Even if I began to loose, Koizumi had told me not to worry about not winning.

"Miss Yuki, ah ha, the Clefairy, will ensure that you always perform to please Miss Suzumiya."

Those words rang in my head. I could not remember our entire conversation clearly – I was still shocked from surviving the mad Spearow attack. But, I remembered the important bits. "Haruhi Suzumiya has the same power as one of the legendary Pokémon – perhaps more power. Numerous groups have noticed, and, are trying to make sure this power doesn't erupt." Of course, he had said that with that charming little smile on his face.

I had switched off concentration, and only realised when I heard Haruhi's shouts, "Kyon! Move! MOVE!" Thinking quickly, I lazily turned to the left. Bingo.

I narrowly missed a Rapid Spin attack from the Starmie. If it had eyes, I know it would be staring at me in disbelief. I couldn't blame it. Even I was a little unsure of that dodge. Of course, my concern was unnecessary. It was obviously possible by the help of a strange Clefairy – one that wasn't a normal Pokémon. "Miss Yuki was created by humans as an experiment. She is a normal type Pokémon – in body. In spirit, she has the mind of a human. In power, she has the same ability of a powerful psychic."

So, I was going to win this battle with the help of a project. Not just a project. A project interested in my trainer.

The dodge gave me time to think up an attack, so I launched a leech seed at the Starmie. It was a direct hit, the seed sprouted over the purple star's body, making it difficult for it to move. I could hear Misty gasp in amazement, probably at the tremendous strength of a lowly Bulbasaur. Somehow it felt like I was cheating at this battle.

Cheating or not, however, it meant I would not get injured.

A small thunder of applause came from the direction of Haruhi's fans. I could tell it was Mikuru. "Go Kyon!" Her happy voice encouraged me, and I could feel myself letting loose with a wild attack of Razor Leaf.

"Miss Mikuru Asahina, as you probably already know, is a Pokémorph. Despite the fact she cannot show it to you, she will be able to aide you in some battles, with an attack known as 'Helping Hand'. I'm sure it will benefit you." That smug Koizumi seemed to know a lot.

Sadly, when asked, he told me he didn't know what type of Pokémon Mikuru had in her D.N.A. Somehow I doubted him.

The Starmie cringed in pain, and I felt quite bad about it. Then again, I'd rather it was him, than me. To tie things up, I launched myself in a tackle attack. The force sent the Starmie back, and Misty returned it to it's Pokéball, looking slightly stunned. The stunned look disappeared, replacing it with a huge smile.

"Well done, Haruhi Suzumiya! You've gained the Cascade Badge for defeating me in a one on one battle!"

Haruhi's crowd cheered, and she grinned wildly. With a look like that, she could almost have passed as a normal trainer. And, as a pretty trainer. There was something that ruined that image for me.

After Koizumi had told me what Yuki and Mikuru could do, I had asked him about himself. "Me? I close the spaces that crop up that could cause trouble." Of course, this had not been the least bit helpful. Instead of prying I asked why they were interested in Haruhi Suzumiya. For once, Koizumi had given me a truthful answer.

"If Haruhi Suzumiya gets bored or angry enough, she could destroy everything. The groups who keep an eye on her – they're scared. I'm scared. For the future, we have to protect her emotions. Kyon, don't let me down."