This is my story about Squirrelflight, who's realizing all the trouble she's unintentionally done. R&R!

Squirrely's POV:

I've realized by now all the trouble I've caused. I've ruined many cat's lives. I decide to ponder it.

I start with a cat on our journey to Midnight.

I'm glad Stormfur found Brook. If he hadn't… I shudder, thinking of a Graystripe and Silverstream scenario, only Graystripe doesn't love back.

Next, I move onto a cat who died in the old forest. Shrewpaw. He loved me, he told me so before he shoved me out of the way of the monster and met his death. If he hadn't, then Dustpelt and Ferncloud wouldn't have been upset, Thornclaw wouldn't have lost his apprentice, and the Clan would have been stronger. I've always felt I killed Shrewpaw, in a way. The guilt will never leave me.

Next comes Sootfur. He fell for me, though he never told me until after he died. He told me in a dream that he always cared for me, and I always had wondered….

Now, the part I've desperately skipped. Ashfur. I was with him, but I really loved another…

I shattered his heart into uncountable pieces. Now, he hates me, but underneath, his heart has never repaired. He hates my mate, and my kits. And I don't blame him, not in the least. I also broke Whitewing's heart. She loved him, but he was wrapped up in me, and then he was too upset to notice her. Then Birchfall, he loved her too, but she still loved Ashfur. She couldn't decide, and that made her more upset. Birchfall thought she just didn't love him, so he was sad too.

The last cat who loved me. My mate. I didn't trust him, but I do now. Really, it was the fact that I chose him that broke Ashfur's heart. Brambleclaw. I don't know if other cats loved me, but their chance is gone now. I've hurt at least 9 cats, maybe more.

I settle into guilt. Then I hear a meow. Brambleclaw. He invites me to go hunting. I see Ashfur, Whitewing, and Birchfall all looking at me. I'm sure I see two starry shapes with them. I take a thick breathe, then say yes. When we reach the tunnel, I turn back. All those cats hold grief in their eyes. The grief of ruined lives.

I whisper one word that barely escapes my lips. "goodbye."

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