"Now Beth, you wouldn't want me to kiss and tell, would you?" No. Not at all. Not this, never.

Josef knows. It's just an exercise, my telling him "Mick's always protected me..." I can't meet his eyes, not yet. He'll see right through it, pierce that sorry excuse. I need this, to be tied to him. I want it.

Josef knows. I know Mick thinks of me as "his". Thinks he loves all I am. Couldn't conceive that I'd ask what I have. Wouldn't believe I'd want blood on my hands.

Yet I do. On my hands. In my throat. I want to be turned. I ache for that power.

" I don't want Mick to know." I can feel his sardonic smile.

"I can keep a secret." I raise my eyes to meet his, helpless. Eyes for hundreds of years read my soul. They never tell, Josef's eyes, under his complete control. I see nothing but his acquiescence, know there will be death before sunrise.

Josef knows. Everything around him. Knows both my fear and unspoken desire.

Smiles again, as he shows me to the door.

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