The lyrics that sparked inspiration for my story. I give all credit to these boys. They are amazing songwriters and performers. I love them. See if you can catch on to how each verse or line sparked inspiration for each chapter. :)

xox. j.

KELSEY By Metro Station

So take one word you said
You put it in you're bed
You rest you're tiny head on you're pillow
You wonder where you're going next
You got your head pushed to my chest
And now you're hoping that someone let's you in
Well I sure'll let you in
You know I'll let you in
Oh Kelsey, you

So don't let anyone scare you
You know that I'll protect you
Always, all through the thick and thin,
Until the end
You better watch it
You know you don't cross it because
I'm always here for you,
And I'll be here for you
(I know x3) I know how it feels, believe me,
I've been there, and
(I know x3) I know what it feels like
Tell me, Kelsey

And I'd swim the ocean for you
The ocean for you,
Whoa oh, Kelsey
And I'd swim the ocean for you
The ocean for you
Whoa oh, Kelsey
Oh you, darling

Now it's gonna get harder
And it's gonna burn brighter
And it's gonna feel tougher, each and every day,
So let me say that I love you,
You're all that I've ever wanted,
All that I've ever dreamed of to come
And yes you did come
I want you so bad (so bad)
Can you feel it too? (it too)
You know I'm so, I'm so in love you
I want you so much
I need you so much
I need your, I need your, your touch

And I'd swim the ocean for you,
The ocean for you,
Whoa oh, Kelsey x4

And you never, ever let me in (let me in)