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"Ron, she's going to kill us!" Harry whispered urgently as they climbed the stairs, "You heard about what she did to that bloke from Ravenclaw during dueling club."

"Shhhhhh!" Ron said grinning, balancing the water balloons in his arms.

They crept silently the rest of the way to Ginny's room. Opening the door with his elbow, he nodded to Harry and they both stepped inside.

Water splashed onto the floor as the two boys dropped their weapons in shock. The two people in the bed jumped, kind of, and one of them, a blonde, hit the floor. He quickly rolled up in a blanket, but not before Harry saw far more of Draco Malfoy than he ever wanted to…


"Shagging, till you came along," Draco said peevishly. Ron pulled out his wand and Draco jumped aside just in time. A sinister red curse left a burn mark on one of the bedposts. Harry stood there in shock.

"Ron!" Ginny yelled, "Knock it off and get out!"

But Ron was too busy firing spell after spell at Draco, who was dodging and rolling and trying to find his wand. Finally, he spotted it and yelled, "Protego!" just in time to deflect another curse from the youngest Weasley male.

"You better hope that doesn't wear off!" Ron yelled, "Because I'm going to kill you if it does! Corrupting my innocent sister—"

"Trust me, mate, you're about a year too late to call her anything near innocent," Draco grinned. With a sound that defies description, but for the sake of estimation could be thought of as the sound you'd get throwing a tiger into a cement mixer, Ron began throwing every curse in his repertoire at the shield.

"Ron, get OUT!" Ginny shouted.

"What the fuck is going on up here?" said a voice coming up the stairs.

Tonks, who was stationed at the Weasley's house to protect it from Death Eater retaliation, came into the room and stopped. Then she doubled over in laughter…

"Tonks! This is not funny!" Ron shouted at her as she fell over in hysterics.

"Make them leave, Tonks!" Ginny yelled.

"Ok," Tonks gasped, "Get out you two."

"What?" Ron asked, "I'm not leaving her with him!"

"Well, obviously she doesn't have too much of a problem with him," Tonks tried not to laugh, "And unless you want to see her naked, I'd suggest you stepped outside. She does have to get dressed, after all."

With murderous looks at the redeemed Death Eater, Ron and Harry exited. Before she left, Tonks looked at the blushing couple,

"Lock the door next time, you two."

"NEXT TIME??" they heard Ron bellow as Tonks closed the door to the room.

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