When Harry Met Susan

When Harry Met Susan

Chapter Two:

Harry Potter walked to school with Grace and Ellen. He already knew that Ellen and Nanase were an item, and Nanase was to be his cousin like Tedd. Harry liked Ellen. She was a really good person. The transgender expects of her origin were creepy but it was just him.

Grace was something he could handle being a wizard. He liked Grace and she liked him but as siblings like Ron and Hermione. Harry had gotten a letter from the American Department of Magic. These American wizards had 50 schools of magic, meaning one school for each state. The California one named Nutsandfruits School of Magic for Magic Children had asked them to contact him. (A.N.: The name is supposed to be funny.)

He now had to study magic in his room which he shared with Tedd. Tedd wasn't allergic to Hedwig, so Harry and Hedwig could be together. Tedd had made a crack about Harry's pet owl and Hedwig hooted in an angry tone. Harry made Tedd say that he was sorry to Hedwig. Hedwig hooted one and flew to sit on Tedd's head and she left a poop on his purple hair. (A.N: Bwahahahahahahaha!!)

Lucky for Harry these American schools allowed him to live with his new family and study at home, using Tedd's computer and for once Petunia was good to him. She had followed her former husband's feelings about 'abnormal' people. Now she was free of the walrus she was a very likeable person. Harry could never love her because of the way she treated him in the past, but she understood his feelings and accepted them.

They arrived at the school and Harry saw Justin, Grace and Ellen's gay male friend. He had met Justin the day he moved in with Uncle Dan and Tedd. Justin smiled and said, "Hey, Grace and Ellen! Hi, Harry!"

Harry looked up at the tall Justin who was rather tall for his age. Justin stood at six feet and two inches. Ellen stood five feet and six inches and Grace had the same height as Ellen. Harry stood at five feet and two inches tall thanks to his ex-uncle's starving him.

He smiled and said, "Hi, Justin!"

Then Nanase came up and the redhead lesbian smiled at her new cousin and said, "Hi, Harry!"

Ellen batted at Nanase's ponytail and Harry hid a smile at the two lovers' byplay. He shook hands with Justin and gave Nanase a wink and said, "Hi, my new cousin!"

Nanase smiled as she realized what he was doing. He was telling the school that he was a part of Nanase's family.

"That was smooth, Harry." Ellen whispered.

"Thanks, Ellen."

"I wish we did something like that," Grace whispered.

"Why? What happened?"

"Have you ever seen that movie American Pie?" Justin asked.

"No. Why?"

"The student body here had thought that I was trying to convert Grace to play for the other team," Ellen said.

Harry couldn't help it, he had to laugh and he did. "Bwahahahahahahaha snort. Sorry about that, Ellen. I couldn't help myself."

"Yeah, I got that reaction from Elliott."

They went to their first classes and Harry followed Grace and Ellen.