Title: Finding Freedom

Rating: T, just in case.

Category: Romance

Pairing: Hermione/Draco

Summary: It began as a release: Muggle women were so much easier to seduce into his world. Then, as everything tends to do, things changed.

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Author's Note: I've never written Harry Potter fanfiction before, even though I've been a fan of the books for about eight years. I wouldn't even touch the freaking stuff with a ten-foot cyber pole. But I watched a fan video by accident and now...now my obsession has returned in force. So this is my first attempt and I have a couple things to say about it. I was never a fan of Draco/Hermione until watching a video. My friend says that this sudden love for the couple can be attributed to my strange choice of boyfriend. I think that that makes perfect sense but I'm not going to tell her she's right, so keep that quiet. Also, I am not exclusive to Dramione. Hermione/Ron is amazing and I've even taking a small liking to Hermione/Harry. But Hermione/Ron is the best in the book world. In fanfiction world, Hermione and Draco are wonderful.

Author's Note 2 For My Past Readers: I know, I know. Haven't done anything lately. Part can be thanks to my busy schedual. The other part can be chalked up to my frequent panic attacks and depression. So don't be too harsh, please. This was typed in a record time of an hour after recieving inspiration from "Please Don't Stop The Music" by Rhianna. Lots of editing occured but THANK YOU to Clarissa for that one. :)

Author's Note 3: I am still working on my other stuff, just FYI. It's gonna take a while to get out of this funk, though. :(

Hope you enjoy!!

Sweaty bodies pressing together in a roiling sea.

Music pulsing through the bloodstream, more powerful than any heartbeat.

Heated touches, meaningless yet tantalizing promises of possibilities.

Partner after partner, he never lingers long with one woman; sampling the wares that are so eager for more.

He doesn't want more, though.

He just wants the thump-thump-thump of the music leading his body into a sensual land inhabited only by the most primitive senses.

No more stigmas.

No more hating stares.

Just this world of ecstasy and anonymity.

It began as a release: Muggle women were so much easier to seduce into his world. But soon it began a metamorphosis into something more; something deeper than a desire for contact with another, willing human body. Instead, it was an escape. Among the unwitting Muggles, he could be someone else entirely. Instead of one of "Voldemort's Children," as the children of the Dark Lord's followers had come to be known, he was just another guy in a sea of people just like him.

There was no critical eye from those who knew his history.

There was no ominous and looming shadow of the past.

There was just him, the music, the sweat, and the undulating bodies that swept him into a world free of magic.

Just one


After the other.

Each was nameless.

None came with any baggage or any story.

They only craved the beautiful exhileration of freedom, just as he did.

They moved against him, voicing without words their yearning to fly away.

In this club, everyone was the same.

And he was free.




He went to the clubs periodically to lose himself within the crowd. He would make his way around the building, slipping his presence into peoples' lives for a few instants - he no longer bothered to bring company home - before escaping forever back to his own land of darkness.

And this night was no different than any of the others. The moment he stepped into the club, he allowed himself to be swept into the ocean of revelers and potential companions.

One woman



Countless others moving with him, some more desperate than others.

As a dance ended, he would extricate himself and find another partner.




He was not partial to any in particular as long as they were willing to free him for the duration of his stay.

Sometimes, though, there was a face among them more alluring than the rest.

Once in a while, he would see the body and movements of someone that reminded him so acutely of his own search that he was drawn forward to embrace her with his desperate arms



To Let


Trying to pull her in with him, suddenly desperate for even more than the freedom that he knew that he wanted.

The feeling awakened in these moments went unnamed in an attempt to preserve self and face.

But whenever he saw a kindred soul, he couldn't escape the pull.

Tonight was one of those nights.

He didn't see her face; only saw her hands moving through her hair that cascaded in a brown waterfall that fell from her tipped head.

She flowed like water

Danced like fire

Called to him with the voice of the land.

A new song began and the thrill of the bass urged him forward and through the crowd.

Without turning her around, he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer until they moved as one. She accepted him, drawing into her own quest for release.

Her hands reached back

Entwined in his hair

Pulling him closer



Closer to her tempting secrets.

Suddenly the room was once again filled with magic.

She smelled of enchantment

Her hair weaved through the most sinister spell

Her skin smelled of the most exotic of mysteries

Her touch sent a thrill through his body, reminding him of the thrill of the feel of a wand in his hand or the moment of takeoff on a broom.

And the way she moved against him gave him that powerful feeling of the freedom that he had been searching for so long.

They moved together, touching and leading each other away from their lives until he was lost in the unknown mystery of this woman who so tempted him.

The surrounding dancers - those who bothered to watch - found themselves gravitating towards the couple. He, who seemed to change hue in the multi-colored lights, augmented by the paleness of both skin and hair and she, a dark, sinuous woman who seemed to ground him in her alluring and dark beauty.

He was silver, she was gold.

She was fire and earth, he was wind and water.

Together, the seemed to form a ring of space that thrummed with power and unspoken emotions.

No one broke in

No one interrupted

No one intruded on their escape

No one could.

No one dared.

They were free

And when she turned around to face him, he found that he didn't care.

He didn't care that she had suddenly come with a face.

He didn't care that the woman he'd been dancing with was the woman that he'd spent the better part of his life hating.

He just let himself be pulled down



To those tantalizing lips

And as they touched, finally knowing who they were,

They both realized that they had found what they had been looking for in the least likely of places.




And as they pulled away from the crushing mass of people, they suddenly knew that those things didn't need to be found on a dance floor.

They were right in front of their eyes.

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